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IDS 144- 154 + Announcement

Hi everyone,

It’s Aran here. I know I’ve not been the most stable of translators in a while. Life, issues and a general lack of motivation has made translating difficult at the best of times. I know I’ve not been giving IGE the attention it deserves and that’s unfair for the readers. So when I discovered another group translating IGE, at first I felt shock, and then outrage – IGE is the novel that I’ve spent thousands of hours translating, and it’s hard not to grow attached even though the novels belongs to no one but the authors. However when I thought about it some more, I had to admit to myself – it probably is in better hands, with someone that can dedicate the time to translate chapters weekly. Ever since I’ve graduated, I’ve really struggled with keeping up to the commitment of translating day in day out. Do I have really have the time to translate IGE properly? Can I really commit myself to a regular schedule? We all need to learn to let go, and the time is now.

With that, and careful reflection, I will bid farewell to Imperial God Emperor – It’s been a good year and a bit, but thank you for all the support and for all the readers along the way. Who knows what the future holds – but for now, I will say goodbye to IGE. I wish the new translators the best of luck and I offer a hand to lend them any help they may need.

On other, more happy, news, IDS will still be translated by Selda – and since I’m free now, expect the rate of chapters to be released to increase as I can help up more. Honestly, this story is just about to pick up pace and steam big time – it’s one of the stories I look forward to reading new chapters every day. If you guys can read up to chapter 600, I am sure you would agree with me that it’s a fantastic story.


With that being said – here’s 10 chapters of IDS. With that, we should have roughly caught up with our scehdule of 3 a week, since we’ve missed a couple of weeks. 😀


Chapter 144

Chapter 145

Chapter 146

Chapter 147

Chapter 148

Chapter 149

Chapter 150

Chapter 151

Chapter 152

Chapter 153

 Chapter 154


More to come,




IDS 141 – 143

Here we go friends, another three chapters of IDS 🙂


I know some people have donated – sorry there are some technical issues with the donation bar. When I get it fixed/figure what wrong with it, I will definitely update the list. Sorry!


Chapter 141 

Chapter 142

Chapter 143


IDS – 135 – 140

Here we go, as promised three chapters per day till we catch up to the original released schedule. (since I didn’t have an opportunity to upload yesterday, here’s six).


Chapter 135

Chapter 136

Chapter 137

Chapter 138

Chapter 139 

Chapter 140


Enjoy! ;D


IDS 132 – 134

Hey guys, its been a really long while. Something quite bad happened to me in the last month that rendered me unable to make any updates – life came knocking and I had to answer. Hopefully the worst is over with now, so I can concentrate on producing more updates. Thank you guys for the concerned messages.


Here’s some missed chapters of IDS – IGE to follow shortly.


Chapter 132

Chapter 133

Chapter 134


Good news: IDS will be released at a rate of 3 chapters a day until we get caught up with the weeks we’ve missed (so till around chapter 150).





IDS – 131

Here we go, third and final chapter of the week for IDS!

Enjoy everyone 🙂

Chapter 131


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