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004 – Tears too salty!

Zhang Chen vomited until his heart tore and his lungs cracked; he felt as if his liver and guts were cut into pieces. He even vomited the breakfast he ate the day before yesterday.

At first he bent over then he fell on one knee on the ground, when he could no longer throw up, his body went limp and he lied flat on the ground.

All his energy was drained; right now he looked like a cripple.

Zhang Chen had snot flowing from his nose and residues of the liquid on the corner of his mouth; he looked miserable.

“Are–are you okay?” Li Shinian face was full of worry, her eyes were red as if about to cry.” How could it be? The soup that I made whole heartedly, did it really taste that bad?”

Zhang Chen lifted his head to look at the little cabbage in front of him, he wanted to give her a comforting smile but instead his smile was uglier than him crying. His voice was coarse and weak as he asked: “What–what did you put in the soup?”

“What I added?” Li Shinian had an innocent expression as she thought carefully and said: “Ribs, Female Ginseng, Chinese Yam, Liquorice, Chameleon Plant, Bat faeces, Wulingzhi–”

“Wulingzhi?” Zhang Chen felt his stomach convulsing again. He began to retch, clutching his throat he angrily said: “that’s–that’s faeces from a complex-toothed flying squirrel, you– you added faeces in the soup?”

“Wulingzhi is a traditional Chinese medicine, it stops bleeding and disperse blood stasis. For example, a lady’s uterus can bleed a lot during her period, which can cause a lot of purple bruises; it can reduce lower abdominal pain. You like playing basketball, your body will inevitably have bumps. I am using Wulingzhi to help your blood circulation, whats wrong with that?”


Zhang Chen pointed his trembling finger at Li Shinian but couldn’t say a word.

Seeing their idol throwing up to such extent, other cheerleaders all crowded over.

“Little Chen-Chen, are you okay? My heart aches.”

“Zhang Chen, what’s the matter? Are you sick?”

“Hey! Who are you? What did you give our Zhang Chen to drink?”


These reinforcements were already jealous of Li Shinian beauty that emanates from the inside to the outside, and her spirited temperament made her extremely attractive.

Seeing the special attention and care Zhang Chen give Li Shinian, even rejecting their mineral water and soft drinks, caused them to be extremely upset. They didn’t think that after drinking her soup Zhang Chen would vomit wildly. Of course they had to take advantage of this moment to stand up and accuse Li Shinian.

“I just–” Li Shinian showed a timid expression then suddenly raised her voice and said: ” I just gave him a cup of fecal soup.”

“What did you say?” The girls were enraged, getting ready to come forward.

Li Shinian picked up the soup mug by her feet that Zhang Chen threw to the ground.

She looked regretfully at the cartoon stickers of Paul Frank on the mug and sighed: ” This is my favourite thermos flask but it was wasted by a pig.”

She applied some force onto her fingers that were holding the mug, only to hear the “Ka Cha” sound. The special materials of the thermos flask were shattered into numerous pieces.


The girls who gathered around retreated like the tides.

Li Shinian threw the remaining of the mug onto Zhang Chen, took out a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped the soup stains carefully on her hands.

Her handkerchief was white but her hands were whiter than the handkerchief.

Then, under the attention of everyone, Li Shinian raised her head and left.

Just as she reached the door of the hall, Li Shinian suddenly turned around, and with a face full of sweet smiles she said in a soft voice: “Be good now, don’t bully my brother again.”

“Who is your big brother?” Someone asked.

“Li Muyang.”





Zhang Chen slammed his palm on the table and angrily shouted: “Li Muyang, stand up.”

Li Muyang was still sleeping sweetly and showed no reaction at all.

Zhang Chen knew Li Muyang’s habit, and so used even more force to slam the table.


Right now it was noon-break. Seeing Zhang Chen with a group of people rushing towards Li Muyang, the gaze of the whole class all shifted towards them.

Cui Xiaoxin was absorbed in reading an economics journal, but she heard the loud noise of slamming she glanced over at the commotion, with her brows knitted slightly.

Not because she had the intention of helping Li Muyang but because she did not like being disturbed.

Under the anticipation of the whole class, Li Muyang finally woke up. He lifted his head up from behind a pile of books, looked at Zhang Chen who was standing in front of him and said: “You’re here to bully me again?”

“——” Zhang Chen’s eye turned red, almost bursting into tears.

Just who is bullying whom here? I am here to bully you—- Do I look like someone who is here to bully someone right now?

He tried to quell his anger, staring aggressively at Li Muyang and asked:” Li Muyang, why are you so despicable?”

“Despicable? “Li Muyang scratched his ruffled bed hair, wanting to make them slightly more docile. However the hair hasd a strong personality; no matter how hard Li Muyang tried they refused to bow down.

Li Muyang used one hand to compress his hair, over time it would naturally be flattened. He adopted a funny posture while lifting up his head and said:” Everyday I’m either sleeping or preparing to sleep. The only value I have is some ornamental value from being bullied by you guys; all the other times I don’t even have a sense of belonging. How do you have the nerve to use that kind of word to describe me?”

“Li Muyang, you despicable human, you two-faced three knives[1], you pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger–” The more Zhang Chen thought about it the more angry he got. Added to his violent stomach muscle convulsions, he felt he was about to go insane. “You obviously had some skills but yet you pretended to be a weakling that can’t even stand in the wind. If you really are what you portrayed, then that time at the lake-how did that punch–why was that punch so powerful? In addition to all this, you let your sister—- you let your sister to lay a trap to harm me by making me drink soup.—-“

“Li Shinian?” Li Muyang frowned, stared at Zhang Chen and asked: “What did you do with her?”

Although the little girl wanted to protect him from when she was young and she was hundred times better than him at everything, she is still just a girl and also his sister. If Zhang Chen dared to lay his fingers on her, Li Muyang will definitely rush into a conflict with Zhang Chen.

“What did I do to her?” Why don’t you ask what she did to me? Zhang Chen burst into a rage. Before he was able to jump up, he clutched his stomach once again and quickly squatted down.


After a loud farting sound came from his lower body, his stomach felt a lot better.

However, when his stomach felt better, he himself did not feel any better.

Seeing the whole class staring at him with wide eyes, people covering their nose and fanning the air, Zhang Chen felt an impulse to find a hole to crawl into.

From a young age until now, he was brought up in flowers and praises, when was he subjected to such humiliation?

“Brothers, beat him up.” Zhang Chen yelled angrily.

The basketball players behind Zhang Chen immediately surrounded Li Muyang, preparing to teach him a lesson to vent their captain’s anger.

Li Muyang extended his arm, punching the air and looked at Zhang Chen: “You were sent flying by me with one punch.”


Those who witnessed Li Muyang sending Zhang Chen flying with just one punch immediately retreated, those that did not witness the scene also backed off after seeing the others retreating.

Everyone retreated; it must have been very powerful.

Thus, except for Zhang Chen who was still standing next to Li Muyang, everyone else had fled far away.

Li Muyang covered his nose with one hand and used the other hand to fan the air with a textbook. He angrily said to Zhang Chen:” I can smell Chamelion plant, Bat faeces, and Wulingzhi—- There is poison contained within your fart. Why don’t you let everyone else judge, just who is the despicable one?”

Zhang Chen’s nose turned sour and large drops of tears started to flow down.

He was crying.



[1]double-dealing and back-stabbing


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    1. Link- The immortal cultivator of Hyrule

      June 8, 2016 at 11:22 pm

      LOL! I see why the chapter is named this way. But I wonder when the real action is coming in. Within the 20 chapters? ‘hopefull face’ Thanks for the chapters!

    2. Poisonous farts! Shameless!

    3. This is so funny 😂

    4. Thanks for the chapter.

    5. Bat faeces is alright but Wulingzhi not? And crying really? Why would he even wake him? If he was such a bully wouldn’t he hit him while asleep? Wasn’t this series tagged as Mature? Mature? And a Highschooler start’s crying in class because of a comment?

    6. I can’t believe i didn’t read this novel until now just because of bad comments on NU smh . This is just too good ♠♠♠

    7. I actually kinda pity this guy now. Whatever, Fighting little sis!

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