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005 – Morals are declining!

Li Muyang was a kind-hearted person. He had never bullied anyone when he was growing up.

In his memory, he had not done this sort of thing before.

Furthermore, by being bullied, just how much juvenile crime did he manage to alleviate for the kingdom?

If these energetic and impulsive youths didn’t spend all their time insulting and venting their anger on him, more awful things could have happened to other people.

And so, Li Muyang can’t help but think about that question–he’s like an angel, why was he struck by lightning?

The incident of being struck by lightning had always troubled Li Muyang. From deep within he feels a strong sense of inferiority.

Think about it, the heavens have sent you to this world but also regretted it and tried to take you back. Anyone that had gone through this experience would feel insulted?

It is precisely because he was struck by lightning that caused Li Muyang’s body to be in such a bad state since he was born.

Other kids grew up in honey pots but Li Muyang grew up in medicinal pots.

He just remembered- his family often went to see an old taoist monk.

He wore a dirty threadbare cassock for years; his sleeves were extremely greasy as if he hid a roasted chicken inside. Every time he came over, he would be holding a big box of medicinal herbs and head straight into the kitchen. Then you would see a bowl filled with medicine more disgusting than his sleeves, and Li Muyang was forced to drink it.

Initially Li Muyang would refuse, the old monk also didn’t force him. After playing with his fingers for a little bit, Li Muyang would foolishly drink it by himself.

Li Muyang always felt that his actions did not leave a good taste, but he was too young to find suitable words to express his feelings at the time.

Afterwards, he unintentionally discovered a term that made his body feel numb all over: “Masochist!”

When Li Muyang was eleven years old, the old taoist monk touched around his body and said to Li Muyang’s parents with a face filled with relieve: “This old monk did not fail to accomplish his mission and managed to preserve the life of young master. Being strike by lightning, it is a miracle that the weak body of a mortal was able to survive. Young master would have great luck and a long life; I do not need to say that he would be rich in the future. Although his life is preserved but his body and qualities are significantly different from others and so learning martial arts and sword training is impossible. And his brain–”

“His brain is damaged?” Li Muyang’s father asked anxiously.

“About that, no.” The old monk shook his head and told Li Yan not to panic “Because of the lightning, he suffered a huge impact to his brain. There’s a possibility that he may become stupid–maybe as he grows older and with his luck, he will recover day by day.”

“His brain is damaged.” Li Yan’s face became ashen. “Master, Is there nothing you can do?” This child has an unfortunate life, since birth he had encountered so many hardships. Can you see if there’s anything you can do?” You’ve been in Jiangnan for years, I can guarantee you have good wine and food each day–no, we pledge to make you live comfortably. Please?”

“Do your best, listen to destiny.” The monk refused with a smile and said: “I have a tribulation coming up that I need to prepare for. We will meet again.”

Ever since the old taoist monk left, Li Muyang had missed him.

This was because he was the only one that would call a the taxi driver’s son as ‘young master’. Li Muyang likes title a lot. Unfortunately no one had called him by this title ever since.

Many people call him by ‘little charcoal’ instead.

Anything you do for three years is enough for you to become an expert in that field. Li Muyang had eaten Traditional Chinese Medicine for ten years and so was able to easily identify all the pungent herbal medicine from Zhang Chen’s fart.

“Public morals are degenerating with each passing day, human hearts are not what they were in the past. Zhang Chen, I did not think you would malicious methods to get back at me. Each time you took the initiative to bully me first, how can you blame me for what happened by the lake? You ran over to hit me, I just blocked for a moment and you flew off. Can you blame me?”

Li Muyang could not continue talking because he realised that Zhang Chen had started crying.

He really was crying. Tears were dripping down, just like someone had taken him out and abused him over a thousand times.

Li Muyang was stunned. He whispered: “What’s going on with you?”

“Don’t say anymore–” Zhang Chen wiped his tears and said: “Please, don’t say anymore–”

Li Muyang had a wary expression as he asked: “Are you intentionally playing the sympathy card?”

“Li Muyang–” Zhang Chen clutched his stomach, he couldn’t even stand straight anymore. “Nobody has ever bullied someone to death like you before.”
Li Muyang glanced around and saw the attention of the whole class was on both of them.

Lee Muyang panicked slightly and hurriedly explained: “Classmates you saw what happened, he came to bully me first, I didn’t do anything–”
“You accused Zhang Chen’s of concealing poison in his farts.” Someone said in defense of Zhang Chen.

At that moment, a lot of people began to feel sympathy for Zhang Chen.

Although they did not like Zhang Chen, they always felt Zhang Chen likes to show off and often bullied students in the class.

They’ve all seen people being insulted, but never insulted to this extent.

“His farts really does have the scent of Wulingzhi, if you don’t believe me you can smell it for yourself.” Li Muyang said with a serious face. He was always a serious person, serious when sleeping and just as serious when explaining. “He doesn’t look for anyone else and just stood right next to me when he released the fart– Wasn’t this all to get revenge for that time when I embarrassed him?”


Zhang Chen felt like he was being stabbed with a knife again.


The bell rang.

The kingdom’s history teacher Zhao Mingzhu stepped inside the classroom as the bell rang. When she stood on the platform getting ready to start class, she noticed her most beloved student Zhang Chen was in tears standing next to Li Muyang. She couldn’t suppress her anger and shouted: Li Muyang, what did you do this time?”

Li Muyang saw Zhao Mingzhu’s anger was directed at him. His speculation was right, he stared at Zhang Chen coldly and said: “I knew that you were deliberately playing the sympathy card.”

Li Muyang lifted his head and looked directly at Zhao Mingzhu’s eyes and said: “Miss Zhao, I didn’t do anything.”

Zhao Mingzhu became angrier, in her ten years of teaching, she had never seen a student as lazy and as stupid as Li Muyang.

She stormed towards Li Muyang, slammed her palm onto his desk and shouted: “Li Muyang, you think I’m an idiot? If you did nothing why is Zhang Chen like this? Zhang Chen will stand in front of you and cry like that? Can you use your brain? Can you be a little more smarter than what we imagined you to be?”

“Teacher, I really didn’t do anything.” Li Muyang said with a wry smile:” Zhang Chen rushed towards me and slammed my desk, and he said I’m despicable——”

“Then that means you’re really are despicable.” Zhao Mingzhu interrupted Li Muyang’s explanation. “What type of person you are, do you think I don’t know? From the first day I met you, I knew you were an obstinate person.”

Zhao Mingzhu is a famous teacher in Jiangnan, she transferred to Renaissance High school to teach the history of the kingdom to third year. Her reason for doing so was to help the students who were already half a step into elite universities to achieve better results.

What she did not expect was that on the first day of her transfer something unpleasant happened. There was someone who dared to sleep in her class.

This was extremely disrespectful to her, and she see saw it as contempt and provocation towards her.

Zhao Mingzhu flew into a rage and shouted aloud a few times with no response, holding an eraser she slammed the eraser during the lesson until the eraser was broken into pieces———-

Zhao Mingzhu asked if Li Muyang could refrain from sleeping in her class, but to her surprise Li Muyang shook his head and said ‘ No ‘.

From then on, the more she looked at this student, the more of an eyesore it was to her. As long as she has the opportunity, she would taunt him, she treats him as a typical case of a bad student. Even the description of pig that was used to describe Li Muyang originated from her.

But no matter how she insulted Li Muyang, he would laugh it off and doze off again.

“Miss Zhao, I think you’ve misunderstood, you don’t even know the situation.”

“Misunderstood? “Zhao Mingzhu sneered again and again. She turned to look at the students behind and asked: “Did I misunderstood Li Muyang? ”

No one dared to answer her.

Everyone could tell that Zhao Mingzhu did not want to let Li Muyang go, who would be willing to stand up and defend Li Muyang and offend the demoness?

“Li Muyang, do you know who was the first emperor of the West Wind Kingdom? Do you know what year did the incident ‘ Rule of the new Moon’, which affected the whole continent, started? Do you know what two sages the words ‘Wen Cheng Wu De’ refers to? ”

“Li Muyang, you don’t know anything–All you do is eat and sleep. I find it strange, did your parents pay for you to come to school and sleep? If you enjoy sleeping so much, just go home and sleep all you want–no one will disturb you, don’t waste your parent’s money. “

“Miss Zhao–”

“Get out.”



“Teacher, you’re wrong.” A soft voice suddenly sounded out of the noisy atmosphere of the classroom.

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