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007 – Indirectly saving the country!


Right now it was class time. Two students wearing Renaissance High’s uniform appearing at a cafe was rather distinctive.

And so, customers that came to enjoy a cup of coffee and to read half a novel in the afternoon to kill time, all directed their gazes on to Li Muyang and Cui Xiaoxin.

Furthermore, a pretty girl like Cui Xiaoxin sitting together with Li Muyang, a dark ugly boy, they wanted to know the deep reason behind this.

Turns out, it’s just another couple doing silly things.

“Its a typical drama of ‘toad trying to swallow a swan’. The boy might confess. At times when the women is in control and the man is submissive, the man must absolutely not open his mouth so easily—-”

“Oh, the girl is angry—”

“The girl is leaving but was called back by the boy—–What’s the girl called? Cui Xiaoxin? A good name. However, the boy is persuading her to stay, stubborn guy this one-”
“What?” He said what? Her ponytail looks pretty—-I did not expect it, can’t believe he is such an expert in this field–”

Cui Xiaoxin blinked her eyes, one hand holding the brass knob, but her footsteps stopped and she did not push the glass door open.

She saw that Li Muyang’s showed an expression of confusion, eyes of panic, and trying to open his mouth and speak, but don’t know what to say, was he going to confess?
However, even if that’s the case, she won’t accept it.

He’s asking for a rejection!

“I just forgot to say–your ponytail, looks very nice.” Li Muyang said to Cui Xiaoxin. Because he was nervous, he was stuttering.

This made him a little annoyed, he’s worried that his stuttering undermined the effect of that sentence. Li Shinian had always told him to say it casually to not let people feel that it is forced praise.
His performance today –should not make people feel very endearing, right?

Cui Xiaoxin stood at the doorway for a moment, turned around and walked toward Li Muyang.

This surprised many of the guests in the café; they had never thought that the charcoal boy had this sort of ability. One word from him is enough to make a girl in a state of anger to surrender.

She now returned and sat on a sofa in front of Li Muyang, just like nothing happened.

The waiter brought the matcha latte that she ordered, and she nodded at the waiter to express her thanks. She had used the standard noble etiquette of the kingdom but she herself failed to notice this little detail.
Instead, Li Muyang couldn’t understand the immediate situation, standing there not knowing what his next step should be.

Cui Xiaoxin took a sip of her latte, and said to Li Muyang: “You try it too, but its a slightly too sweet and deviated from the silky bitter taste that latte is supposed to have, but this is the style of Jiangnan—considering that, it is already quite a good latte.”

Li Muyang sat down obediently. He picked up the coffee and took a sip. He nodded and said: “it is very good.

He mostly drank herbal medicine tea; coffee is a contraband item in his house because the old monk said that it would stimulate his heart.

So, as long as it is better than the herbal drink he was already very satisfied.

Cui Xiaoxin laid her eyes on the heart-shaped flower in her coffee cup, and softly asked: “This is the first time you said such thing to a girl right?”

Li Muyang’s black face turned slightly red.

Of course, because his face was too dark, even if he blushed, it is still black-red.

“I’ve said it to my sister. ” Li Muyang sheepishly said: “Every time I angered her, as long as I praised how beautiful she is, praised how her eyes look like pearls of the Southern sea, praised that her skin is like the the Northern snow of the kingdom, praise that the clothes she wore all matched perfectly and can lead Jiangnan fashion wave, She would dispel all previous arguments and pull my sleeves asking if its really true—-”

“She told me this technique is called ‘indirectly saving the country’. When a girl is angry of something, do not continue with this matter or try to explain yourself. You can find a better way to communicate. This is what she taught me. ”

Cui Xiaoxin lifted her head and examined the facial expression of Li Muyang seriously.

At the moment when Li Muyang was talking about his sister, his voice seemed as if a thick layer of honey was added and a substance made out of happiness would drip down from his face.

It is easy to tell that their relationship was very good.

Cui Xiaoxin’s emotions were stirred, she recalled a day in Tiandu, a tall but inarticulate boy would stand in front of her when there is danger. She softly asked: “You love your sister, don’t you? ”

“Yes.” Li Muyang replied while nodding.” But I feel she loves me more.”

A smile emerged on Cui Xiaoxin’s lips and said: “You must spoil her?”

Li Muyang shook his head and sighed: “It should have been like that, an older brother taking care of his little sister, spoiling her with delicious food, letting her play with everything first, protecting her if anyone bullies her, and helping her out if she’s bullying someone—-It’s quite obvious, I’m not a good brother. Most of the time, it’s always my sister taking care of me.”

“She’s smarter than me, and she excels at everything. From a young age, she would already claim to protect me, and so, she had always worked hard. At times when my school grades were at the bottom, she would easily take the first place of the school. She would tell others with a lofty tone that her brother is not stupid, he just don’t want to learn it. When she saw I was pushed to the ground, she followed an old monk to learn type of kung fu called ‘art of breaking air’, she would train throughout the winter and summer, and practiced consecutively for 365 days a year ”

At times when the old taoist monk came to treat Li Muyang, Li Shinian would pull his greasy sleeve and request him to teach her own kung fu.

The old monk’s attitude towards Li Shinian was much more affectionate compared to Li Muyang, every time he visited he brought her delicious food, when he saw Li Shinian return from school, he would smile happily and his laughter lines appear much prominent.

He didn’t have the heart to refuse any request of Li Shinian, and after discussing with Li Muyang’s parents, he officially took in Li Shinian as his disciple.

Later, Li Muyang personally witness Li Shinian using her fist to break a tree with the thickness of a bowl in the yard.

Li Muyang also wanted to learn, he suppressed his disgust of the old monk’s robe and pulled his sleeve, begging him to take him in as a disciple.

He copied his sister tone and said: “Taoist grandpa, grandpa taoist—- teach me————–”

“Talk properly.” The old taoist monk would fling his sleeve and say in a serious tone. “

Li Shinian would roll on the floor and laugh.

“Art of breaking air? “Cui Xiaoxin thought for a moment, smiled and said:” It seems familiar. ”

“A jianghu herbalist taught her. It was probably named casually.””Li Muyang said with a smile. “If someone is mocking my IQ, she would taunt them back with her scores. If someone is bullying me because I’m weak and powerless, she would fight back with her martial arts——-As a brother I’m a failure, right?”

Cui Xiaoxin shook her head and said: “On the contrary, you are a very successful brother–because you have a sister who loves you.”

“So, before you, she is the only girl who would treat me like this–” Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin’s crystal-clear eyes and said: “although I don’t want to see you clash with Miss Zhao because of a trash student like me, but what you did–I really appreciate it. I have walked out of the classroom alone several times. When I heard those rapid footsteps behind me, I really hoped that it was coming because of me– ”

Cui Xiaoxin was once again touched by Li Muyang’s words; she felt that this guy has the talent for acting in a melodrama– if he put on a mask.

“Do you know why I turned around and came back?” Cui Xiaoxin asked casually as she played with a silver spoon with her beautiful fingers.

“I don’t know.” Li Muyang shook his head.

“Because I have never seen a boy praise someone as poorly as you.” Cui Xiaoxin said bluntly.”

Li Muyang’s face turned red, he stammered again while trying to explain: “I don’t have much experience–This sort of thing, isn’t it very difficult? ”

“Indeed it isn’t easy.” Cui Xiaoxin said. “However, boys always like to challenge their weakness—If you challenge your weakness many times, then you would be able to pull it off naturally- practice makes perfect.”

“————” “———–”

“So, tell me your story.” Seeing Li Muyang dumbfounded expression, Cui Xiaoxin eyes smiled and said:” tell me the story of you struck by lightning, I am very curious about it. After all, not everyone in the Kingdom is able to experience such a thing. If you’re not pressed for time.”


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    1. Link- The immortal cultivator of Hyrule

      June 8, 2016 at 11:39 pm

      Uh-huh. I’m not liking our heroine so much right now. Logic has taken leave on her…

      • Many novels have illogical heroines

        • I’m not saying that all women is like that, but in general, Men lean more to thinking rasionally, while women lean more to thinking with their heart. So when they are being illogical, it’s quite normal. In general that is.

    2. The whole series is missing some logic .. not the heroine…

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