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009 – Risking life and limb!



The sound of the sharp blade cutting the flesh was crisp and melodic, just like the sound of wind turning a piece of paper.

Crow is an assassin, and a skilled one too. That’s why he had never failed.

A foot-long fruit knife stabbed into the flesh, and continued to move forward without stopping until the handle was in the way.

The knife pierced through Li Muyang’s palm.

[That motherfucker—–] Crow scolded in his heart: [How did I pierce through this charcoal’s palm? ]

He was annoyed with it. It was difficult for him to accept the result.

He had been hit with a fruit tray on the head; according to his estimation, that guy should be beaten down.

The target of his knife was Cui Xiaoxin’s neck, because she’s the only one worthy for assassin Crow to personally deal with. Ordinary people’s blood would taint his hands and clothes.

He was a fussy assassin!

However, why did the fruit knife in his hand pierce into the trash young man? This wasn’t the happiness he wanted.

Muscles ruptured, fresh blood flowed down the edges of the blade.

Only until he saw the crimson red blood dripping in front of his eyes, did Li Muyang confirmed he blocked the blade.

He opened his mouth smiled and proudly said: “I’ve blocked it—“

He didn’t feel any pain; he was drowning in the joy of blocking the blade and saving Cui Xiaoxin by exchanging his own life.

He did not how he did that, just like how Crow did not know how the knife pierced into his palm.

He did not hesitate to plunge himself forward to grab the dagger that Crow had in his hand.

And then, the dagger came into his hands.

No, it’s his palm.

Li Muyang did not know how critical this issue was; however, Crow knew.

As he had observed before, Li Muyang is just an ordinary teenager. He’s a useless guy that sweated and panted rapidly when his emotions are slightly excited.

However, he is Crow, the King of birds, and an assassin in the top twenty of the kingdom. According to his own defined positions, he should at least be in the top ten of the strongest men.
The move he used was a ‘cherry cut ‘, throw the knife out and it will spin like a cherry blossom petal, and then carve out a cherry blossom flower above the target’s body.

At those times, because his actions were too fast and too agile, the opposite party will not even feel any pain in their body. Until blood exudes from the wound, then the cherry blossom flower will bloom.

He had high confidence in his cherry blossom; he had even more confidence in the speed of his attack.

But how did the hand of a good-for-nothing juvenile get caught in the knife?

“I’m blocked it.”

Hearing Li Muyang’s words, Crow thought he was provoking him. This was the biggest disgrace in his assassin career.
“You can’t block it.”

As he spoke, he had already pulled out the fruit knife from Li Muyang’s palm.


At the same time of the blade pulling out, a large volume of blood also spurted out.

At this moment, Li Muyang finally voiced out his pain.

In the middle of his palm, a hole can be seen. That hole was like a black hole releasing voices of agony from swallowing his whole body into the suffering of hell.

Because it was too painful, Li Muyang’s body was twitching.


Crow once again aimed his knife at Cui Xiaoxin’s neck and pierced through it. He still used his favorite and most aesthetic ‘cherry blossom cut ‘.


Li Muyang once again plunged his body forward, and once again the blade in Crow’s hand was caught in his palm.

Crow’s heart skipped a beat, his pupils expanded and his face was full of horror as he stared at Li Muyang.

If the first time was luck, was a coincidence. Then what about the second time?

This time, Crow deliberately speeded up as a precaution against Li Muyang, but Li Muyang managed to destroy his cherry blossoms petal and used his palm to block Crow’s dagger—–although he was stupid to use his hand to block the sharp blade.

However, this is enough for Crow to suspect: this guy can’t be a reclusive master, right? Or a disciple of a reclusive master?

He had heard that Jiangnan City of the Kingdom had been established for thousands of years, and has always been maintained as a lively, prosperous and flourishing place. Hidden dragons and crouching tigers — talented men still remained in concealment, rich in culture. Don’t say—-he just accidently came across one of the talents?

[Li Muyang—–] Cui Xiaoxin exclaimed. She grabbed the coffee cup in front of her and threw it towards Crow’s face.

Crow brushed his sleeves, and the spilled coffee stains turned into a mass of hot air and disappeared. The coffee cup was returned back with immense force of air, changing its direction as it aimed towards Cui Xiaoxin.

From the assassination until now, the scene occurred at the speed of lighting a fire with a flint. Too fast for the customers to know what had happened.

It wasn’t until the coffee cup had smashed against the wall and shattered, that the guests screamed to escape.
[Someone’s killing, someone’s killing–]

[Phone the police, go ahead and call the city army—]

[Don’t kill me, I saw nothing, I didn’t see that you have a purple mark on your mouth– ]


[Looking to die.] Crow was angered by Cui Xiaoxin’s counterattack.

His profile is inconspicuous—-well, I have to say, Li Muyang was pitch-black and very dazzling. He had felt insulted since his ‘cherry blossom’ move was intercepted twice by a trash-like guy; even his assassination target also began to make fierce resisting movements. This made it difficult for him to accept.

He’s an assassin, and also a performer.

He liked what he did, he wanted to kill his target without any pain, even at the moment of their last breath they won’t know they’re getting killed—–He hoped they maintain a smile on their face. He demanded a high level of professionalism, but today it had completely destroyed his own sense of beauty.

He regretted that he did not look at the Almanac today, otherwise he would have chosen a more appropriate time. If he had a look at it, the Kingdom’s almanac must have read: avoid killing today.

Crow said in a low voice, his waiter uniform was agitated without any wind, and there was a metre long radiant light that shot out from the small fruit knife in his hands.

The fruit knife turned into a meter-long giant sword, and he slashed the sword, aiming at Cui Xiaoxin.

One hit split the mountain!

He wanted to split Cui Xiaoxin into two halves.

If that good-for-nothing juvenile dared to intercept again, he would also split the idiot boy into two halves.

This time, he looked forward to Li Muyang jumping out.

One slash killing two people, this would be like giving a free gift along with the death of a rich young lady.

Otherwise, no one will care whether a guy like that should live or die.

He is simply not worthy to die by his own sword.

“You can’t kill her.” Li Muyang growled.
His eyes were blood-red, his pupil was wrapped in red clouds once again.

His right hand once again produced scale-like object above, except it was much clearer and thicker than at that time at the sunset lake. At the sunset lake it was transparent, if not carefully observed then it can’t even be seen. But this time it became translucent, with grey pigments, and small clouds and electrical lines can be seen dancing and galloping above the scales.
Li Muyang felt a surge of violent atmosphere inside his heart, just like somebody has stolen the things most precious to him.

He wanted to vent out his anger. He wanted to destroy.

Wanted to destroy this vile little man.

Li Muyang threw out his fist.

His fist aimed towards the meter-long sword.
Ooh —-

Blinking white light, the air of the sword diffused.

The whole café was strongly impacted by a violent turbulents. Customers’ cups were sent flying, the four legs of the tables collapsed. Cups and beer on the bar shelf fell onto the ground broken, all kinds of fresh fruits in the basket were dumped to the ground, rolling and jumping around.


Crow’s body was flung towards the solid oak cabinets at the bar. He coughed and spewed out a mouthful of bright red blood.
“You fucking—–” He pointed at Li Muyang who was in a violent state and shouted: “Are you one hundred percent sure you’re empty handed when you received that blade?”


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      June 8, 2016 at 11:47 pm

      Why is he asking the mc? …

    2. Couldn’t he just make it become a sword in the beginning?

      • Again the assassin is weird neat freak that wanted it to be perfect to the point the target didn’t even know how she died. Its easier for him to poison the fruit for crying out loud.

    3. Whoa the translation is bad… hopefully the translator get’s better in the coming chapters ~

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