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013 – Kingdom’s bright moon!


If it didn’t happen right in front of her eyes, Cui Xiaoxin would have found it difficult to believe.

A good-for-nothing youth has turned into a genius in just a few days?

If all his behaviour in the past was all real, then his ability to learn is incredibly frightening. Even geniuses with photographic memory will only remember what they see and nothing more. They will find it difficult to deduce solutions from one method and comprehend new things by deduction alone.

If everything he did before was merely a facade, was to conceal, then, what is his motive?

Li Muyang’s pitch-black skin was like the dark abyss that withheld secrets deep inside, luring people in who can’t resist to investigate deeper.

Cui Xiaoxin felt frustration deep inside, she looked at Li Muyang with her beautiful little face, eyes relaxed and asked with suspicion: “The solutions were figured out by you? Or did you see it somewhere?”

“I figured it out myself.” Li Muyang said aloud.

He was deep in thought for a moment, then shook his head and said: “It seems I’ve seen it somewhere. But where? Even I find it strange—-how did I solve such an obscure topic? Not only that but I also found so many different methods to solve it?”

“The question I gave you belongs to a puzzle problem. I know the most famous mathematics in the Kingdom Master Li Keyan knows seven different solutions, one of my elders have been studying this for years and knows nine solutions. Among the eleven solutions you showed me there are a number of them that I have not heard of, even I cannot determine if it is wrong or right—-those solutions seem to originate from other countries, maybe the distant Xi Si Kingdom? Li Muyang, have you been to other countries? Or have you read some secret academic books that weren’t passed on?”

“No.” Li Muyang shook his head again and said: “I haven’t been to any other countries; I have not seen those secret books. You’re aware of my previous situation, if I were that good, how—–why would I be scolded ‘trash’ for so many years?” Li Muyang showed a bitter smile. “Even a man with little pride would not be willing to be pointed at the nose and called ‘pig’?”

“This is what I find the most strange.” Cui Xiaoxin said: “I heard someone became a state scholar overnight, perhaps you were suddenly enlightened—–if you can maintain this learning speed, even if there’s little time, perhaps, you will also be admitted to a very good school.”

The expression in Li Muyang eyes emitted a radiant light, his face was full of hope as he looked at Cui Xiaoxin and asked, “Really? I can enter a good University?”

“Of course.” Cui Xiaoxin said. There were some other words she did not say out loud: You don’t know how impressive you are right now? If there was mathematic madman knew what he had been researching for a lifetime was easily solved by a high school student, it was most likely that he would cut off his own ear?

Li Muyang was filled with excitement as he said: “If there really is hope for me, then I will work even harder, and then I could attend West Wind University with you, so we can watch the sunset together at Weiming Lake.”

This was a request, and also a promise.

Seeing the expression in Li Muyang’eyes, Cui Xiaoxin pondered for a moment, nodded and said: “Lets meet at Weiming lake.”

“Great.” Li Muyang was unable to control his excitement. In his whole life this was the first time he could see light, hope that could melt the human body and the heart. “It’s still early, we could study for a little longer. Give me a few more questions again to test me, it would be best if you focus on the exam topics.”

Cui Xiaoxin understand Li Muyang’s mentality, she instantly dropped her guard. “In my spare time I like to look at the examinations over the past decade, I’ll select the questions that appears the most frequently for you to answer—–”

“Quickly, quickly, as much as possible——” At this moment, school loser Li Muyang’s was very eager to learn.

Cui Xiaoxin glanced at Li Muyang, pushing away the hair in front of her forehead, and began writing down questions once again.

Delicate and elegant words appeared on the papers, giving off a refreshing feeling.

Because of frequent interactions, Cui Xiaoxin and Li Muyang became closer. In addition to Li Shinian attacking with initiative, the two quickly became close sisters.

Cui Xiaoxin also have met Li Muyang’s parents who seemed to be very nice people. Also, Li Muyang’s mother is a very beautiful lady, even in Jiangnan where beauties are as plentiful as the clouds in the sky; she’s still very eye-catching.

If Li Muyang was to inherit the good genes from his parents, he will also be a handsome man that appears once in ten thousands of people—-

Never mind, friends are all about sincerity, and one should not judge by appearance.

Li Shinian came back from school and looked at Li Muyang and Cui Xiaoxin sitting together discussing with an ambiguous smile.

She walked and stood next to Cui Xiaoxin and said sweetly: “Xiaoxin sister, you have had a busy day today, why don’t you stop and rest for a while? Are you hungry? Let’s get something to eat? ”

Cui Xiaoxin looked at the dark sky outside, placed down her pencil and said: “It’s getting late. My family is waiting for me to come home for dinner.”

Cui Xiaoxing looked at Li Muyang and said: “When I came, I asked the doctor. The doctor says your condition is much better, so you will be discharged tomorrow—-would you like to stay for a few more days to monitor your condition?”

“Monitor what? They’ve been monitoring me these past few days? “Li Muyang felt there’s too little time, he wanted to chase the stars and catch the moon. “There is only one month until the University entrance examinations, I can’t waste even a moment. Besides, in the hospital I only study, it will be better if I get discharge from the hospital earlier and find a quiet place to study. That way I can avoid the unpleasant smell of medicines, and also you have to come here everyday to help me study, it’s really inconvenient. I want to discharge from hospital tomorrow. ”

Cui Xiaoxin thought for a moment and said: “then I’ll pick you up tomorrow and we’ll go to school together. ”

“Good. “Li Muyang answered happily.

Cui Xiaoxin walked a few steps out of the hospital, and a black car silently pulled up beside her.

A man wearing a black suit jumped out and opened the car door. Cui Xiaoxin got into the back seat of the car and rested her eyes.

She had been busy tutoring all day, constantly lecturing, explaining, recalling her memory, guessing and selecting the exam questions from the last ten years of entrance examination in the Kingdom. She also had to handle all questions Li Muyang threw all her, one after another. Some questions Li Muyang asked were childish; it was just basic textbook knowledge. But some of his questions were incredibly difficult, to the extent that it was even beyond their level of study.

Cui Xiaoxin was seriously a little tired.

During their study, Cui Xiaoxin once again noticed Li Muyang’s incredible learning abilities.

The previous him was like a small hole in a dam that was being destroyed by ants, slowly releasing small volumes of water to the outside. Soon, the little hole grew bigger and bigger as the surge of water increased, the amount of released water also increased. From a small hole into a spring and from a spring into a big floodgate. The speed of it’s release increases rapidly and the surrounding areas that caved in continue to build up. When the destruction of the banks of the lake occurs and a monstrous surge of tidal wave follows, who in the world would be able to stop him?

“Uncle Ning —–” Cui Xiaoxin opened her eyes and asked: “Do you think–There is such a thing as a genius in this world? ”

“There is. Lady is a genius. ”

Cui Xiaoxin froze for a moment, and said with a chuckle: “But, even I was humiliated today. “

“What?” The man in black suit exclaimed. “This is impossible. We are fully aware of your intelligence, Within the kingdom’s Tiandu City, you can be considered as a leader of the young generation. Tiandu’s San Mingyue, Lu clan’s Lu Qiji, Song clan’s Song Chenxi, and there’s our young Miss from the Cui family—-how could it be possible that there’s someone who could humiliate you? This, old Ning find it totally unbelievable.”

“However, this is what really happened.” Cui Xiaoxin looked at the cherry trees outside, cherry blossom trees hugged together forming a large colourful wall, which looked like a fantasy of the starry sky under the shining light.

“After the University entrance examinations, Miss has to return to Tiandu.” The black suit man said in a deep voice: “When that time comes, it will truly be a showdown of the bright moon.”

Cui Xiaoxing pursed her lips as she suddenly remembered her promise with the black-faced youth.

“Let us meet in Weiming lake.”

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    1. When will we meet the MC’s real parents?

    2. So he has 2 harem members already. I bet when Li Shinian learns they arent blood siblings, she will be all over him…

    3. I’m sure he’ll be like the abandoned son.

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