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015 – Cheating in the test!

“This guy is an idiot.”

This was what everyone thought.

Regarding Li Muyang’s school grades, the brutal answer has already been demonstrated through countless tests and exams.

He was first in the class, first in the whole year; of course this was all counted from the last place.

He did not pass in any subjects, even in foreign language, which had the most multiple-choice questions, he did not pass. Apparently, even the god of fate isn’t willing to stand on his side because he’s afraid his bad luck might affect him.

However, such a guy even threw a textbook and said ‘test me, quickly test me,’ If he’s not an idiot then what is?

Otherwise, normal people would not do such a thing?

Zhang Chen also had the same thought. He initially widened his eyes and stared at Li Muyang, shocked that he would do such a stupid thing. Then he laughed loudly, swaying back and forth as he laughed.

Zhang Chen’s friends around him also laughed, the whole class also laughed along.

Cui XIaoxing also laughed, but her laugh was lighter, with a more profound meaning.

Zhang Chen pointed at Li Muyang and said: “Li Muyang, I heard you were sick during the past few days, was your brain damaged from the fever? If your brain is fine, why would you suggest such a crazy thing? Test your knowledge? What should I test you? What do you know? It was fine before, why suggest such a thing to humiliate yourself with?”

“Chen bro, since this guy Li Muyang wants you to test him, then you should test him well. We’re all classmates, why would you not give him face?”

“That’s right, as classmates we should help each other, so we can all improve together. Chen bro ask Li Muyang some simple questions, maybe he would be able to correctly guess it?”

Zhang Chen’s underlings all started to jeer.

Li Muyang also sneered coldly within, thinking that he would soon use his vast knowledge and wonderful answers to blind their dog eyes.

Zhang Chen lifted the book, looked at Li Muyang suspiciously and asked: “You really want me to test you?”

“Go on.” Li Muyang said to him seriously, and showed a carefree expression, as if he was sitting on a river bank fishing, with light winds and calm clouds.

Although it looked like that Li Muyang had casually threw any book, but this was the book that he felt he had the deepest understanding with- “History of the West Wind Kingdom.” These past few days, Cui Xiaoxin had thoroughly went through it once with him, she also repeatedly explained and confirmed a number of important points.

Li Muyang felt he was not stupid anymore!

Zhang Chen opened the book, flipped through the pages and asked aloud: “The name of the first Emperor appeared in what page and what paragraph?”

Li Muyang expression was slightly stiff, then he said in protest: “Does this even count as a question?”

“Of course. You said so, you told me to casually ask any questions.” “Zhang Chen’s smiled wretchedly and continued to ask: “Known as the ‘holy saint’ Song Annan was born in what year and what day? Died in what year and what day?

“Those types of questions won’t come up in the exams at all, alright?”“

“Who knows? What if this year’s teacher writes these questions? You’re not the teacher, how do you know this question won’t be asked?” “Zhang Chen said with a look of disdain: “The kingdoms’s general Feiyang killed how many people when he participated in the ‘battle of the clear lake’? What’s the name of those people? ”

Li Muyang’s black face was angered to the point of twitching, his body was shivering, he pointed and Zhang Chen and scolded: “You are deliberately making things difficult, you have no learning attitude at all–Among all the classmates, how could there be someone who is as cheap and shallow as you are? I’m ashamed for you.”

Zhang Chen felt proud, looked to his left, and said with a huge laughter: “Everyone look, he forced me to ask him but when I really asked him questions, he was unable to answer any of them ——-”

Everyone began to laugh endlessly.

Zhang Chen threw the textbook onto the desk, looked at Li Muyang and said:” Li Muyang, as a human, it’s best to be content with what they have. Everyone should do the things they are good at, you like to sleep and you excel at sleeping then you should just sleep. Entrance examinations are only a couple of days away, but you suddenly jump up and display an image of ‘I love learning.’ Everyone will be uncomfortable. Am I right? “

“You—–” Li Muyang’s black face turned purple, purple face turned red. “You are pushing me too far. ”

The smile on Zhang Chen’s face froze, he tilt his head over, his eyes kept staring at Li Muyang and said: “Li Muyang, I’m bullying you, so what? Do you think you still have hope of being rescued? There is only one month left, one month later, we will all attend our desired universities, what about you? You must be going back and bake cake with your mother? But that’s pretty good—-life should also very easy for the owner of a little cake shop, right?

“Zhang Chen, I definitely will do better than you—–”

“Nonsense. “Zhang Chen rudely interrupted Li Muyang and said: “Just relax and enjoy it, these moments are the last time you can be together with us as students. After a month, you are nothing–”

Zhao Mingzhu came in holding a stack of papers, seeing the conflict in the classroom between Li Muyang and Zhang Chen, she shouted: “What’s happening? What happened this time? Zhang Chen, Li Muyang, what are you two doing?”

Zhang Chen turned and faced Zhao Mingzhu, and said with a smiling face to explain: “Miss Zhao, Li Muyang told me to test him, after I asked he couldn’t even answer one question. He is now currently ashamed and angry, making trouble for me.”

Zhao Mingzhu’s mouth twitched and said sternly: ” Zhang Chen, why don’t take a look how many days till the University entrance examination? You should make use of the time to learn, but you’re wasting time on silly things. Do you want to attend West Wind University?”

“Miss Zhao, I’m wrong.” Zhang Chen apologised quickly and said to Li Muyang: “I originally thought that since we’re classmates, Li Muyang’s test results aren’t that good but we still can’t write him off as hopeless; if he has the heart to work harder then it is my duty as class president to help take care of the weaker students inside the class —-”

“Well, some people just can’t hold up the pig intestines. It’s a waste of time talking to him, even glancing at him is wasting your sight.” Zhao Mingzhu said bluntly.” Because of him, Cui Xiaoxin had chased after Li Muyang during time and even stopped attending class for a few days. She didn’t want to have any more conflict at this time with this person who was given preferential treatment by her. If it affected Cui Xiaoxin’s mood and impacted her university entrance examinations, then that would affect her own rate of promotion and the rich rewards she ould receive.

However, although she didn’t mention Li Muyang’s name this time, everyone in the class knows whom she’s directing it to.

“Wasn’t there someone who wants to test themselves? I have a test paper here, I came up with the questions last night–This paper is very simple, there are many questions that had appeared in previous exams before.” Zhao Mingzhu placed the papers in her hand onto the desk, stared coldly at Li Muyang and said: “Although this is the last mock test of the semester, I hope some people strive for a good result and do not grab hold of the last place in class, refusing to hand it over to others. Give others a chance, okay?”

Li Muyang was so ashamed he could die.

After hearing what Zhao Mingzhu said, he also felt that he had held that position for far too long. He had won the cup every time; no one else was qualified to compete with him.

The bell rang, the papers also circulated through the class.

Li Muyang composed his emotions, and then began to seriously answer.

The blocks of words that made him fall asleep previously now felt extremely close and familiar.

“Strange, this question I can solve by myself.”

“Strange, this question is so familiar.”

“Strange, this question I’ve seen it somewhere before–.”


Two hours of examination time. Li Muyang had only used one hour and ten minutes to complete the test.

Except for two questions he couldn’t answer no matter how much he thought, the paper was all answered.

After Li Muyang had finished completing the test paper, he began to look over it seriously.

Many of these questions he felt was extremely simple, as if the answer was already imprinted in his mind.

But some questions he was not sure on. He felt like he’s seen it before, but was not one hundred percent sure of the answer.

The two completely foreign questions left him with a critical awareness in his heart- with just a month to go until the University entrance examinations, no matter how hard he tried, no matter how much potential he had in learning, there was a limit to how many questions he could answer.

If the university entrance exams are full of such questions, then was there no hope whatsoever?

Li Muyang decided, for the coming days he would double his efforts yet again.

More than double!

Zhao Mingzhu sat on the platform, on the surface she appeared to be correcting students’ homework, but in reality her eyes were scanning the class like a radar. She had many years of experience in teaching; she knew every students’ movement like the back of her hand. If someone dared to make any little movements during her exams, that’s equal to seeking suicide.

When her eyes drifted to student that she’s most unwilling to lay eyes on, she could not help but pause for a moment.

That student was not answering questions like the others, but had an expression as if in deep thought.

“Putting on an act.” Zhao Mingzhu thought to herself in disdain. From the first day they met and after breaking a board eraser, a strong enmity was formed between them. She had also completely abandoned this student, the same as many the other teachers.

Thinking back to when Zhang Chen was testing him, Zhao Mingzhu decided to give him a little ‘ surprise ‘.

“Li Muyang–” Zhao Mingzhu said aloud, “You finished answering your test paper?”

“I’ve finished.” Li Muyang lifted his head and said.


Zhao Mingzhu was furious.

She thought Li Muyang would panic like before, and then with a red face, hand over a blank paper that was stained with his drool or some other substance.

Then she would harshly scold him, and write a big cross on his paper in front of the whole class.

He didn’t think Li Muyang would not play his usual cards, and instead said he ‘ finished ‘ in a normal tone.

“You’ve really finished?”

“Actually I’m not—” Li Muyang said in an embarrassed tone: “There’s two questions I can’t solve.”

Zhao Mingzhu scoffed at this. Perhaps what you mean is you only answered two questions, right?

“Bring the test papers up and let me have a look.” “Said Zhao Mingzhu.

Li Muyang placed his pen aside, and under the surprised expression of the students he handed over his papers.

Zhao Mingzhu took the papers and the smile on her face instantly froze.

He really was finished; the test paper was filled with words.

“Let’s look at the answers first. “She thought in her mind.

“This question is correct, well, he must have guessed it—–”

“This question is also correct, well, Li Muyang’s luck is pretty good–”


After reading all the answers Zhao Mingzhu’s face became ashen.


She slammed the table and shouted: “Li Muyang, you dare to cheat? ”


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    1. Pretty obvious that this would happen from the chapter title

    2. What a shitty teacher, it was just said that she was monitoring the classroom so how would he be able to cheat?

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