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016 – Killing words!



Anyone who had an understanding of Li Muyang previous grades would have the same thought when they take a look at this paper.

The Li Muyang before, apart from guessing the multiple-choice questions, the other parts were almost blank. However, this time the paper he handed in was near completed, but what’s worse is that all his answers were correct.

You must know, before Zhao Mingzhu had mentioned this type of question is not difficult, and has been covered in class, but in her heart she’s very clear that this mock test is quite challenging. She had even set a few common traps of university entrance examination questions in it.

Li Muyang even perfectly answered the trap questions. The answers that he wrote were even more accurate than her ideal answer.

If this is not cheating, then what is? The ignorant and incompetent Li Muyang has more profound knowledge than his veteran teacher who has more than twenty years of experience?

It was still exam time; most of the students were sti racing against time to answer the questions on their desks. Except from the moment Li Muyang handed in his paper and they looked up to let out a snorting sound from their nostril, all their time has been focused on their own test paper. Right now, they don’t even have the time to mock Li Muyang.

This time the questions were difficult. There were a number of questions, other than the two Li Muyang gave up on, they wouldn’t be able to completely answer in the given time easily.

Even the first in the class Cui XIaoxin had only just finished answering the last question, placing down her pen on the table and checking through the papers.

After hearing the growl of Zhao Mingzhu, everyone lifted their head and looked at the platform in astonishment.


Zhao Mingzhu pushed the chair out of the way with her butt, grabbed Li Muyang’s papers and stood up. She stared viciously at Li Muyang and shouted: “Li Muyang, explain to me, what is going on? ”

Hearing the questioning of Zhao Mingzhu, the eyes of everyone shifted towards Li Muyang’s face.

Their faces were gloatin. All of us knows your grade——-no, the whole Renaissance High school is aware of your grades. Cheating at this time- just what is the point?

Moreover, twenty points and thirty points -what’s the difference between these two scores.

Cui Xiaoxin was the only one that was leisurely checking her papers, and did not take a glance at this hilarious scene. She had already expected to see this scene.

Li Muyang had already returned to his seat, he looked up at Zhao Mingzhu and said: “Miss Zhao, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t you understand? “Zhao Mingzhu sneered aloud. “How can you not know? You answered all the questions correctly, give me an explanation of what’s going on here? ”

“All correct?” A happy smile appeared on the Li Muyang’s face, the large rock in his heart was released. There were several questions that he felt he had seen before when he was answering, but it was a very distant blurred memory, he wasn’t sure if he answered correctly—-now that Zhao Mingzhu teacher said it’s all correct, then that proved it was possible for him to achieve a very good result.

“Li Muyang—–” Zhao Mingzhu grabbed the blackboard eraser, wanting to slam the board on the platform. But then she remembered the previous incident of breaking the eraser, she was forced to refrain from barbaric acts like this. She really did not want her name to be associated with Li Muyang. “I asked you to give me an explanation; do you think by avoiding the question I’ll let you go? ”

“Miss—“The smile on Li Muyang’s face gradually faded away and said: “I just answered the questions correctly, why do I need to explain it to you? Explain what? Because I tried really hard so I got it right? ”


Zhao Mingzhu slammed her hand on the desk and shouted in a harsh voice: “Li Muyang, do you think we’re all stupid? The questions were chosen by me, I am more aware of the difficulty than anyone else—-you handed in your paper an hour early, and also 95% of the questions were correct, the answers to all the questions were right.”

Zhao Mingzhu scanned the class with one eye, and mockingly asked: “Can you all believe it? Anyways, I can’t believe it.”


The audience was in an uproar!

“Impossible? Li Muyang has answered more than 95% of the questions? I did not relax even for a moment, but I have not answered half of it—–”

“All correct? Who is he fooling? With his results how can that happen?”

“This guy is stupid, even if he cheats then he should deliberately answer some few questions wrong, no combat experience at all—–”


Cui Xiaoxin finally looked up at the platform, her delicate eyebrows slightly twisted up, just like the cool breeze blowing outside the window.

She looked at Li Muyang’s expression, then lowered her head once again and carried on with her own things.

“Miss Zhao—-” Li Muyang sat on his chair, sitting straight with his dark and lean body. At this moment, the students who have ignored his appearance or had a fixed perception of him, found that Li Muyang seemed to grown a little, his body seemed to be stronger, even his skin colour isn’t as shiny black as before.

He became a spirited dignified youth, and is no longer the deformed monster that they liked to humiliate.

A withered sapling suddenly started to sprout, giving people a bright feeling.

At this moment, Li Muyang had a very serious expression, like saying this it is an important matter. For a student, being wrongly accused for cheating in exam by a teacher is in fact a huge matter.

“Your student answered the questions correctly, compared to before—-he has made a lot of progress, as his teacher, shouldn’t you feel happy for him?

“If it’s from working hard to learn, step by step making such progress and achievements, I will be happy for him. However, if this student achieved this performance through cheating, I’m disappointed in his attitude towards learning and also his character—-in my opinion, such a student is truly hopeless. I’ll feel ashamed for having such students. ”

Zhao Mingzhu had decided, had decided to kick him out. Drive him out because of this cheating incident. She doesn’t want to let him stay in the classroom, she doesn’t want the black sheep to affect the learning of the other students. There’s only a month’s time till the university entrance examinations, she and her students have to make full use of this short period of time and can no longer be agitated or waste a single second on this trash.

Get out!

After making such a decision, Zhao Mingzhu calmed down, waved her hand and said: “Li Muyang, you don’t need to say anything. Pack your stuff and go wait at the school attendance office. In a while there will be results. Currently it is still exam time, don’t bother other students’ answering their questions. ”

“Miss Zhao—–” Li Muyang’s eyes turned slightly red, even his voice became hoarse. It was anger, he was wronged – the coldness of being wronged but he could not say anything.

From he was young till now, apart from his parents and sister, no one was close to him, no one cherished him, no one would suddenly rush up to him and put their arm on his shoulder and say: ” Buddy after school let’s go to the games room.”

He was always alone, just like an isolated person. The whole world was standing opposite of him, pointing and saying at a distance: Look, it’s a monster.

He’s not a monster, he’s just a child, a young man.

He was also eager to have friends, eager to be recognised. He desired for someone who would pass him notes in class, hoped that after school someone would draped over his shoulder and eat mung bean ice with him—–even the students passing notes deliberately avoided him, as if the handwriting on the note would disappear if he touched it.

He didn’t do anything wrong, why are all these people so cruel to him? This isn’t fair to him.

“Miss Zhao—–” Li Muyang stubbornly upturned his face, not letting the collection of tears in his eyes to flow down. Otherwise, those guys seeing Li Muyang cry would say: ‘Look the charcoal in our class is crying——‘

Li Muyang never had cried, even when he was forced to the ground and they rode him like a goat he still did not cry.

This was the only moments that he was able to defend his own dignity.

“Miss Zhao, even if you suspected me cheating, should you not investigate first, and then make a conclusion? “Li Muyang faced Zhao Mingzhu and said each word slowly: “Do you have any idea, your words—— what it means to me? ”

Li Muyang’s voice choked with emotion, he’s worried that he can’t continue his sentence, he’s worried that he can’t persist: “Miss Zhao, what you’re doing is the same as killing me.”


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    1. i really am going to have to sacrifice a goat to make myself feel like a man again.

      Thanks for the chapter

    2. Lol the charcoal is crying

    3. Wow, i read many stories but i cant remember seeing a bigger b*tch than this teacher. This is so infuriating…

    4. Three teachers I had where this kind of “teacher” where you start to think why is this person even allowed to teach at all.
      All of you send your children to a good private school no matter the price, do it!

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