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018 – Suspected Puppy love!


Li Muyang left.

He proved to all the students in the class that he did not cheat, Zhao Mingzhu also apologised to him before he left.

“I don’t accept it.”

This was his counterattack, his roar of unwillingness to back down.

He wanted an apology, because only an apology indicated that she was wrong.

However, he was unable to accept this apology—–he carried hopes and dreams, wanting to put up a good performance in front of his own teacher and the students who often mocked him. He wanted to tell them that he can also put in effort, that he is not a natural waste, He also wanted to learn, he could also learn like others—

In the end, the result he received was this kind of treatment?

Accused of cheating!

Just as he had said, this was the same as killing him.

How many innocent and simple boys, after hearing one word from their teacher led them to take the wrong path in their life?

Li Muyang had left a long time ago, but the classroom was still dead-quiet.

From Zhao Mingzhu’s face, water can be squeezed out; she stared at the direction where Li Muyang left and stayed silent for a long time.

This student’s behavior was like a violent slap to her, but at the same time it also gave her an important lesson in her life. A never forgotten lesson in a blood-drenched life.

When she looked at the door, the eyes of all the students in the classroom were focused on her.

Their feelings were very complex, some sympathised with Li Muyang, while others were on Zhao Mingzhu’s side—-Miss Zhao had apologised, why is Li Muyang unwilling to forgive her?

They felt they had learnt something, but when they seriously thought about it, the idea is like a cunning fish entering the boundless mind, making it difficult to trace by everyone.
Years later, when they recalled the past, when this scene appeared in their mind again, that’s the time when they will truly understand what they witnessed during their ordinary days.

It will be a gorgeous transformation, as if the inner heart has been reborn.

When Zhao Mingzhu turned around to look at classroom, all students panicked and lowered their head pretending to answer.

However, the fluctuation in their moods was not able to subside.

Zhao Mingzhu opens her mouth wanting to say something, but the words only reached her lips as if they were blocked by something.

“Answer well. “Zhao Mingzhu told the students.

Cui Xiaoxin tidied her pens into her pencil case, carried her papers and walked towards the platform.

Zhao Mingzhu face was filled with a smile as she looked at Cui XIaoxin. She said with a smile: “Have you reviewed it? You can’t be careless. ”
“I’ve checked it over. “Cui Xiaoxin answered, turned and walked towards the outside of the classroom.

Her body was thin; under the bright sunshine her snow-white skin looked almost transparent.

“Cui Xiaoxin—” Zhao Mingzhu urgently shouted. “You forgot to write your name. ”

Cui Xiaoxin did not turn around and said: “Miss Zhao, write the name of whoever you felt answered those papers. ”



The time was perfect, the sun shone fiercely.

Li Muyang and Cui Xiaoxin walked side by side under the shade of a tree on the campus, cicadas noises came and go, just like the accompaniment to the pace of both of them.
“You should not have come out.” Li Muyang said aloud, breaking the silence between them. “University entrance examinations are approaching, everyone is entering the final sprinting stage—-”

“I’ve said before, I’m all ready.” Cui Xiaoxing said in a clear voice.

“Always good to learn more, during this time the teacher definitely will constantly repeat the key points for the exams, and if you’re not there, then you will missed those questions? If it’s because of my situation that affects your exam—-”

“Impossible.” Cui Xiaoxng bluntly interrupted Li Muyang and said: “I will definitely attend West Wind University.”

Li Muyang opened his mouth and smiled. He was genuinely happy for his friend and said: “You’re so confident, it seems you are ready.”

“I don’t like cramming for exams, because there’s too much uncertainty, this makes me feel very insecure—-,” said Cui Xiaoxin. She paused for a moment and turned to face Li Muyang who was walking next to her, “However, you’re an exception.”

“Huh? ”

“Li Muyang, you must know your progress is incredible. When I was tutoring you I was also astonished. Today, Miss Zhao’s suspicion was expected—–but I still don’t like the way she acts. And her words were really mean.”

Li Muyang sighed and said: “Perhaps because of my appearance, I was never liked by anyone. Originally I wanted perform well and changed the way Miss Zhao look at me. She would pat me on the shoulder in front of the whole class and say Li Muyang ‘well done’—-the students in the class will smile at me, and then say “Li Muyang, I didn’t know you were so capable.” I just wanted to let them know, I’m just like them, I’m not an idiot, and also not the sleeping pig—-”

Cui Xiaoxin stayed silent and didn’t say a word.

She understood Li Muyang’s feelings at that moment.

After all, he is only a child, and also a ‘poor’ child. He envied other students who had beautiful clothes and fun toys. He finally waited for this day, carrying his new toys to show off in front of the other students, wanting to tell them that he also have toys. If all the other people accused him that his toys were stolen, the child must be hurt, right?

After a long time of silence, Cui Xiaoxin asked aloud: “Then, what are you going to do?”

“I’m about to head home and study.” Li Muyang said. “I’ve thought about it, even in the classroom, there is no way to learn more things. Today, Miss Zhao suspected me of cheating, then next time wouldn’t teacher Chen and teacher Jiang have the same suspicion? In that case, it’s better to stay at home and study until the exams and then I’ll go back to school.”

“Good. I’ll accompany you.”Cui Xiaoxin said aloud.


“I admit, your ability to learn amazing. However, how to learn and what to learn, you still need someone to help and direct you—-your foundation is too weak, wanting to build up the knowledge of all the topics we’ve learnt is impossible. With one month’s time I can only teach you what you should learn and what can be put to one side for the time being. It’s only through this way that you will be able to focus on the most important things with the limited amount of time.”

“Classmate Cui Xiaoxin—–”

“Don’t be too moved.” Cui Xiaoxin said. Her feet stood on the rays of light on the ground, her white canvas shoes looked as if were infected with countless twinkling stars. “I’m doing this for a reason.”


“It’s just that hopefully next time when I invite you to a movie, you won’t be so cruel and refuse. The corner of Cui Xiaoxin’s mouth raised slightly, showing a charming and radiant smile.


Li Yan, Li Muyang’s came to the school to ask for leave for Li Muyang. For whatever reason, the school easily approved

Li Muyang stayed at home and revised. Cui Xiaoxin came every day to the Li family’s courtyard for a one-to-one tutoring.

Li Shinian was the happiest, as soon as she came back from school she would stand next to their table with a plate of fruit or potato seeds and eat non-stop.

She was discontented with Li Muyang for choosing another girl over his sister, because in the past she had drained her mind to help and tutor Li Muyang, wanting to help her brother to improve his grades. But each time when she talked until her mouth was dry she would hear a snoring sound from Li Muyang.

The things she failed to do, Cui Xiaoxin easily did it. It made her doubt her own charms, several times she had looked at her face and body in the bathroom mirror——her breasts were not small.

Every time Li Muyangs’s mother, Luo Qi returned back from the bakery, she brought back all kinds of pastries for Cui Xiaoxin. Seeing what Cui Xiaoxin likes to eat, she would bring more of that the next time.

Luo Qi was cooking in the kitchen when her husband Li Yan walked in.

“You’re back?” Luo Qi greeted her husband, and looked through the kitchen window at the two children studying, her eyes showed a strong intractable gentle smile.

“Yes.” “Li Yan looked out of the window and said: “That girl again? This can’t be love, right?”

“Puppy love is good.” Luo Qi sighed and said: “Good girl, tall and beautiful aside, what’s rare is that her temperament is good, she studies well, her personality is good, and has a good upbringing. She come here daily to help Muyang, but has never stayed in our house to eat a simple meal with us——such a good girl if we don’t get her early, I’m afraid that in the future she would have nothing to do with our Muyang?”

“But this kind of thing can’t be decided by us, Muyang is, after all——” Li Yan said aloud.

“Shut up.” Luo Qi stared back at her husband with mean eyes, just like a wolf protecting her cubs. “Li Muyang is my son in the past, and is also my son in the future. Before, they didn’t want him; in the future don’t think that they can take him away from me.”

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