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019 – Old stories!


Disobedient children can be found everywhere, but a mother who doesn’t love her child is rarely seen.

Li Yan understood his wife’s feelings, he reached out, patted her on the shoulder and calmed her down: “You treat Muyang as your child, do you think I don’t treat him as my son? Even after we had Li Shinian, did our affection towards him drifted away at all? At that time, we were worried that Muyang would feel isolated, so we treated him much better than before. Muyang and Shinian, in our hearts is there no difference between biological and adopted?”

“But you also know, Muyang has the blood of the Lu family running through his veins. During that time, they thought Muyang was struck by lightning and wouldn’t have a chance of surviving. They were worried he would be deformed; thus they staged the drama of substituting the prince. In order to avoid the incident being known, they forced us two to leave Tiandu that night and move to Jiangnan. At that time you also was unwilling to swap the children, who would want to give their newly born daughter to someone else? But in the end, did we not have to comply? ”

“Later, they found out that Li Muyang was still alive, they then focused their attention on him. When Muyang was five years old, a nameless monk came to visit unannounced; did the Lu family not invite him? If not, then how could he possibly find his way here? Who would know that in our family there is a child with chronic illness? If the unknown monk did not treat him with his remedies for so many years, it’s uncertain if Muyang would be able to survive up to now –you’re aware of his physical condition at that time, during those times we were terrified everyday, and were awakened by nightmares over and over again, fearing that Muyang’s heart would suddenly stop beating. He was too fragile and too weak, it seemed he would leave us anytime.”

“The nameless monk stayed in Jiangnan for six years, until Muyang’s body was stable and began to recover then he left. When the nameless monk left, was the Lu family’s sight was also cut off? It can’t be. I’m afraid the Lu family is still keeping an eye on the growth of Muyang, it’s just that right now Muyang”s physical condition is still worrying, and he hasn’t showed any outstanding achievements, that’s why didn’t they haven’t came to take him away.”

“Of course, there is no way to take him back now. If they brought Muyang back to the Lu family, what position would they give him? Distant relatives? Illegitimate child? Or –abandoned eldest grandson? Isn’t that hitting their own face? Lu’s family grandfather is a person with great reputation; it’s impossible for him to do such unwise things.”

Luo Qi understood her husband’s analysis was reasonable. She whispered: “Now that the Lu family are unable to collect him, Muyang will remain our son, what else do you have to worry about?”

Li Yan laughed bitterly, his resolute face showed a trace of suffering and said: “I say let everything happen naturally. Lu family is unwilling to collect him; Muyang will always be our son. Although the days with us are plain and ordinary, but there’s also ease and contentment. There wouldn’t be constant scheming and fighting like the nobles in Tiandu.”

“They are ruthless and cold-blooded.” Luo Qi said coldly. “What would they not do?”

Li Yan smiled at his wife; he knew that Luo Qi possessed pent-up hatred towards the Lu family.

“However, what if the Lu family wanted to take him back? Lu’s family master is aging year by year, wouldn’t he want to see his grandson before he dies? Lu Qingming is now already the provincial governor, historic government officer, His power within the Lu family is growing, would he not want to take back his own son? Most importantly there’s Miss Gongsun–Miss did not understood what happened back then, that doesn’t mean she won’t understand later?”

“If it happens, if the Lu family wanted to take him back, that’s the logical thing. At that time, do we have the strength to resist? Besides the fact that the Lu family is a powerful and rich family, they are also at the top of the list of the most influential within West Wind Kingdom. There’s also Miss Gongsun. Miss Gongsun cherishes her child, after so many years she’ll surely still can’t get rid off her worries – if she comes to take him, would you let her or not?”

This time, Luo Qi was silent.

She was hostile to the Lu family, she felt that all the men in the Lu family were cold-hearted and cruel, and would resort to anything to achieve their goals. 她敵視陸家,覺得陸家的那些男人冷酷殘忍,為達目的不擇手段。

But she didn’t hate Gongsun Yu, she knew if Gongsun Yu knew the truth she’ll feel 10 times or 100 times the pain that she felt herself.

Moreover, she was Miss Gongsun’s maid. Miss Gongsun also helped to reverse the verdict of her parent’s injustice. Otherwise, she was afraid she would have fallen into the enemy’s hands.

And because of this, she, who was an outstanding student of the Kingdom Academy of fine arts, was willing to serve Miss Gongsun Yu for a lifetime. Miss Gongsun Yu was the most gentle and kind woman she had ever seen, but—

“Lady has a cruel fate.” Luo Qi said in a low voice.

“Yes, lady has a cruel fate, our life is also bitter. However, none of us can be compared to Muyang’s sad fate– look at what kind of days he had lived since birth till the present day? From a young age, he was almost brought up inside a medicine pot. When he just started drinking milk, he needed to drink medicine. For more than 10 years, everyday he had to drink three big bowls–his appearance is not good, everywhere he went he would always be ridiculed. As a result of his illness, his intelligence is not even one-tenth of a normal child. Although his body slightly improved over the years, and his intelligence has slowly regained, but what’s most worrying is–”

Li Yan face showed a gently expression as he looked at Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian laughing at Li Muyang, and said: “For a big kid like him, this is the time when his self-esteem is the most sensitive. When he was still young being called ugly by others, he can treat it as nothing, or he may even don’t know what’s happening. But now can he shrug it off like before? If he likes a girl, will the girl like someone like Muyang?”

“What should we do?” Luo Qi clenched her fist, pain can be felt in her heart. “We need to find ways to help our child. Should we talk to him? Enlighten him?”

Li Yan shook his head and said: “Muyang suddenly taking school leave, it has made me wonder. When I got to the school to ask for leave for him, I deliberately asked a boy, I pulled one of the students by the classroom door and asked about Muyang—because the teacher suspected him of cheating, so he was reluctant to go to school again.”

“What?” “Luo Qi got irritated and shouted angrily: “Which teacher said that my son cheated? My son’s temperament would I not know? Every test he had done he’s ranked the last– she suspected him of cheating when he came last?”

That’s not the case. I heard that Muyang did well in the exam—”

“Then on that basis she said my son cheated? How much time and how hard Muyang tried, we as parents can see that. In his injured state, he still held on to his books and read and read all day long. One day he did well in exams then–– no, I can’t let this matter slide, I’m going to school to find their teacher. My son was bullied, as parents we can’t stupidly let him get bullied, otherwise our child would feel wronged.”

Li Yan grabbed the emotional Luo Qi and said: “Don’t be impulsive. You going to the school to noisily complain won’t help the situation, now the most important thing is the child’s entrance examinations–do you see?”

“See what? “Luo Qi asked.



“Hope. Hope on Muyang’s face.” Li Yan said. “Look at Muyang’s eyes, was he so eager to learn before?”
Luo Qi carefully looked at his son, and noticed there’s a big smile on his face, his eyes sparkled, just like the stars often seen in the night sky.

“Muyang wants to attend University.” Luo Qi said.

“Muyang don’t just want to go to university, he wants to attend West Wind University.” Li Yan said.

“How do you know?” Luo Qi face showed an astonished expression. “West Wind University is the best university of the kingdom, with Muyang’s grades–most likely it would be difficult to get into, right?”

“I overheard Shinian mentioning, she said brother will go to West Wind University first to get familiar with the surroundings, then a year later she will also attend there–” Li Yan used his chin to point at Cui Xiaoxin and said: “I heard that girl is also going to West Wind University.”

“How can this be good?” Luo Qi’s face was filled with worries. “If Miss Cui is able to attend, and Muyang failed, what would the impact be to him? He wanted to do his best in one thing, he can’t fail.”

Li Yan sighed and said: “There is nothing that can’t be achieved, this matter relies on Muyang’s own efforts. ”

Luo Qi eyes flashed, she pondered for a long time and said in a low voice: “What if, we go and beg the Lu family to help?”

Li Yan and said loudly: “Did you not want to have any contact with the Lu family? Just now you were worried that they would take away your son, now you want to take the initiative and send our son over?”

“As long as the child doesn’t suffer–” Luo Qi eyes reddened and said: “What is a little suffering to me?”


Cui Xiaoxin closed the book, and said to Li Muyang: “The history of the kingdom can temporarily stop for now, you’ve grasped this topic very well and you’re also most familiar with this subject. Starting tomorrow, we will revise international studies, this is your weakness, so we need to spend more time on it—-”

“No problem.” Li Muyang said, smiling: “I’ll listen to teacher Xiaoxin. ”

Cui Xiaoxin stood up and said: “It’s getting late, I’ll come again tomorrow. ”

Lis Shinian ran over, pulled Cui Xiaoxin’s arm, and said: “Xiaoxin sister, have dinner with us before you go?”

“No need. “Cui Xiaoxin refused and said with a smile:” My elders are waiting for me at home. I can’t let them worry.”

“Xiaoxin sister—”

Cui Xiaoxin just smiled, and did not agree to Li Shinian’s request. She had came to the Li family’s house to tutor Li Muyang everyday, but had never stayed there for a simple dinner.

Luo Qi and Li Yan also came to ask her to stay, but Cui Xiaoxin declined their good intentions, carried her bags and walked towards the door.

“Muyang-” Luo Qi grabbed his son by the ear, as he had not met her expectations, “Silly boy, what are you busy tidying? Go and accompany classmate Cui home.”

“Oh-Oh-” Li Muyang finally reacts, left the books and chased after Cui Xiaoxin.

As he rushed to the courtyard door, he saw a luxurious car with a trident on the front stopping right in front of Cui Xiaoxin.

A man in a green robe quickly came out of the car, helped open the rear door, and guarded Cui Xiaoxin’s head while she went in.

The door closed, green-robed man glanced at the direction of where Li Muyang was standing, and the black luxurious car slowly headed into the darkness.

Li Muyang stood under the dim light created by the shadow of the trees, feeling a sense of loss.

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