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020 – Buyout debt of gratitude!


The car drove through the executive boulevard, passed through the Su causeway, and over a bridge, then finally stopped in front of a mansion house with a white door that is hidden by trees and red flowers.

Ancient bronze doors opened on both sides, an old man wearing a grey uniform stood at the door to welcome them.

The car drove towards the yard; the old man came forward, helped open the door and said kindly: “Miss Cui, you’re back? The lady and young master are just waiting for you for dinner.”

Cui Xiaoxin expressed thanks to the elderly and said: “Yan elder, you’re too formal. Im a junior, I’ll manage by myself. ”

The old man laughed and said: “That’s not important, I’m used to it.”

The green-robed man got off the car, and assisted the elderly man in walking towards the backyard. Facing the elderly who’s been serving the Yan family for decades, Ning Xinhai didn’t dare to neglect him.

With the accompany of Elder Yan, Cui Xiaoxin walked towards the hall.

The living room lights shined brightly, an elegant lady wearing a purple dress was playing chess with a handsome young man wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

“Mum, I can’t let you out this time, you just said that your bishop can cross the river, your cannon can turn, now you’re saying that my queen is a traitor and going to use my queen to defeat my general— mum, even if I’m your son, you can’t bully me? ”

The beautiful woman glanced at her son with one eye; she had the special atrributes that only young women possessed.

“You’re my son, I gave birth to you for what? Naturally when I’m upset I can bully you and vent my anger. ”

“Mum, who is bullying you? You say a name, and tomorrow I will bring people to break his legs—“The young man said as he pretended to be angry, his eyes revealed a smiling expression.

“Yan Balai.” Said the woman.

The young man held his glasses and said with a wry smile: “Mum, can you change the target? That one to me is like a piece of iron board, I’m afraid if I kick it my foot will get hurt –”

“No changes. Him.” The woman face was filled with anger as she condemned the man’s atrocity. She said: “Three years ago, he promised to take us to the ancient battlefield of the dragon slayer, but stood me up. A year ago, he promised me to come back to Tiandu for the Spring Festival, and in the end he had to work, leaving us two celebrating Spring Festival by ourselves. Half a month ago promised to take me shopping in Westport, but then he said an officer is coming down for inspection work and he needs accompany him—Putting the incident of you breaking a finger aside, how many times in a month had he came home for dinner? How many times he said a few words to us? Such a person needs a good lesson right? Are you not a famous hedonistic son of rich parents in Jiangnan? Everyone says how great you are, how vicious you are when bullying, as your mum I’m very happy, feel very proud –you help me get revenge, then mum owes you a favour, alright? ”

The handsome man was full of smiles as he said: “Us pleasure seeking young masters are also intelligent. Otherwise people will laugh that I have no sophistication and vision and lose face within our social circle. You think about it, the resentment the public has towards us is already strong, we have to keep a low profile, isn’t that right? The person you mentioned I’ll remember, when there’s a chance I’ll help you and ruthlessly stab him with a knife?”

“Hmph, I know you’re the type to bite the hand that feeds you. You should think which woman gave birth to you.” The lady was enraged, pointing at the boy’s forehead.


Cui Xiaoxin laughed charmingly, walked towards the woman and said: “Aunt, you’re making things difficult for my cousin. To make him bully his own father, even if he had 100 times the courage he still wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, Xiaoxin is back. “The woman was delighted to see Cui Xiaoxin, she waved at her and said:” Come, come, let aunt take a look at you – where did our Xiaoxin go play today? Did you have fun? Did anyone bully you? If there’s anyone who doesn’t open their eyes and looking for trouble you can tell aunt, I will tell your cousin to bully him. Your cousin sits around doing nothing all day, you must give him something to do. ”

Cui Xiaoxin sat down in front of the woman, and let her grab her hand and said: “Aunt, I’m fine. I just went out for a walk.”

Yan Xiangma placed a cup of tea in front of Cui Xiaoxin He grinned, revealing two rows of teeth and smilingly asked: “I heard Cui Xiaoxin has been helping students with homework?”

The smile on Cui Xiaoxin’s face was delayed slightly, but she instantly rebounded and said: “Yes. University entrance examination is near, a student’s academic performance is not very good so I tried to give him a push.”

Cui Xinci affectionately looked at Cui Xiaoxin and said: “Our Xiaoxin is kind. Well, she’s tall, pretty, patient and has a good upbringing. In the future what boys are worthy of our Xiaoxin? Lucky that Tiandu is full of talents and heroes. When the time comes, the Cui family will naturally find someone who matches with you. When aunt remembers that you’ll go back to Tiandu in half a year, it’s as if a piece of my heart is being taken away. You’ve lived here with aunt for five years, I, your aunt, has always treated you as my own daughter, when you’re gone—”

“Mum, have you finished? Everyday you would act out a bitter play, even if you’re not bored of it, Xiaoxin would be tired of it. If you continue like that, the more eager Xiaoxin is to hurry back – Xiaoxin, isn’t that right? “Yan Xiangma was somewhat helpless as he looked at her best actress-level mum and spoke aloud.

“How could it be? “Cui Xiaoxin smiled, held her aunt’s hand and said: “I also will miss aunt. Living in Jiangnan has been lots of fun, if it wasn’t for university, I also don’t want to leave. ”

“Xiaoxin is considerate, not as heartless as those surnamed Yan. “Cui Xinci said with a pleased face. “Xiaoxin, let’s have dinner. ”

“Okay.” Cui Xioaixn followed and stood up.

“My mum knows that Xiaoxin likes to eat fish, so she specially asked someone to sent over buckets of rockfish from Taishan. These rockfish grows between the stones of springs, their meat is tender and does not stink. When placed on top of a stone in the scorching sun it will melt.” Yan Xiangma ladled the soup into bowls for his mum and Xiaoxin as he continued to explain: “Using this type of fish for soup, the whole fish just melts in the soup. Even a fish scale can’t be found. But when you drink the soup—it’s as if a small fish is swimming in the mouth, it is delicious. ”

“You only know how to flatter people.” Cui Xinci scolded her son.

“I only flatter you, mum.” Yan Xiangma said smilingly: “I only said that so Xiaoxin cousin knows your feelings. ”

“Well, feelings should be from your heart, it has no meaning if you say it out loud. “ Cui Xinci shook her head and said: “You and your father are the same; you have a complex way of thinking. Are you not tired?”

“Fine. No problem. I won’t speak then? I won’t speak?” Yan Xiangma repeatedly begged for mercy.

Cui Xinci and Cui Xiaoxin smiled at each other. Cui Xinci told Cui Xiaoxin to drink the soup: “Hot soup is delicious; when it’s cold it has a fishy smell. Xiaoxin quickly try it. If it’s too salty or tasteless tell aunt, I will take it to the kitchen and improve on it.”

Cui Xiaoxin tried a mouthful with a spoon; her mouth was filled with a concentrated flavour of freshness. She applauded and said: “It’s very tasty. The seasoning is balanced perfectly. It’s just right.”

“That’s good.” Cui Xinci lowered her head and drank the soup.

“Oh Xiaoxin –” Yan Xiangma looked at Cui Xiaoxin and said with a smile: “The classmate you’re tutoring is he the one who saved your life at the coffee shop?”

Cui Xiaoxin eyebrows twitched, looked up at Yan Xiangma and said: “Yes cousin, he’s a very nice person, but his grades isn’t that good, there are only ten days or so till the university entrance exams, I want to do something to help him. After all, if it weren’t for him, Ning Uncle wouldn’t have time to call rescue—”

“Hmph, that assassin Crow, sooner or later he’ll die without being buried.” A taint of undisguised evil tendency appeared on the face of Yan Xiangma. Because of his suitable performance, that evil tendency turned into anger against injustice. “There has already been action from Tiandu’s side, experts of the Cui family and Yan family are in pursuit of the whereabouts of Crows, Jiangnan city’s side had also launched a sky net-like search, all the experts of the mansion had also been sent out by father—-Xiaoxin you should feel reassured, Crow won’t dare to come again. Even if he’s here, Ning Uncle and others will wrap him like a zongzi[1], destroying him into pieces.”

“Thanks for your trouble, cousin and uncle.” Cui Xiaoxin said thank you in a deep voice.

“Thanks? We’re family, you’re my sister.” Yan Xiangma said with a smile. “However, it would be better if cousin you kept a little distant from that student–”

Cui Xiaoxin looked at Yan Xiangma with a calm expression and said: “What does cousin mean by that? ”

“Think about it, your classmate is an ordinary person, ordinary people and our world differ too much–that time Ning Uncle appeared at the right moment, that’s why Crow was intercepted in time. If there were a next time, would your classmate have such good luck again? I know you intended to help your classmate, but if anything happens, your classmates will get hurt or suffer a more serious injury–with your temperament, afraid you may feel guilty for the rest of your life if it happens?”

The expression in Cui Xiaoxin’ eyes became sharp, as she said: “Cousin are you warning me? ”

“I’m just advising you, how can that be a warning? I only said it in consideration for you and your classmate, don’t you think? If, cousin, you feel that I shouldn’t say such things, then I won’t. Cousin is smart, these matters you can clearly understand yourself.”

“I have thought about it.” Cui Xiaoxin said.

Cui Xinci looked at her son, then looked at Cui Xiaoxin and said aloud: “Xiaoxin, your classmate had helped you after all, our family will remember this favour–you say his grades is poor, then let your uncle help him clear the path, let Jiangnan University grant him a special arrangement. Although Jiangnan is not as good as West Wind University, it is still considered as a prestigious school in the kingdom. He can select for himself what he wants to specialise in, what do you think?”

Cui Xiaoxin emotions were stirred. The joint of her finger that held the spoon was suffused with white.

She understood her aunt’s meaning, to buy out Li Muyang’s kindness of saving her life.

However, can a debt of gratitude be bought out just like that?


[1] Dumpling wrapped tightly in leaves


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    1. Link- The immortal cultivator of Hyrule

      June 9, 2016 at 2:34 am

      Ugh, her family gives me a nasty kind of feeling. Especailly the aunt and son duo; they basically were evil and felt proud of it. But at least their words towards the heroine and the mc were reasonable, to a rich person’s perspective I mean. And yes, graditude can be bought. Thanks for the chapter!

    2. Derp…………………………….

    3. What a trashy family just as bad as his own

    4. They’re just looking after him, think rationally if she was almost assassinated once why couldn’t she be again? But sher is right debts of life should be repaid with life.

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