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020 – Direct confrontation

It was said that in yesterday’s afternoon class, that Liu Lei had already injured a commoner student during sparring. Thankfully, the instructor present at the time managed to stop him, before more damage could be done.

The student from a common background, needed to rest for one month before he could recover.

The burly teacher admired Ye Qingyu and did not want him to get injured.

“Eh? Teacher Wen, what are you saying? Liu Lei let out a laugh and  said, “The last thirty minutes of a lesson, hasn’t the academy always encourage students to spar with each other?”

He said this while looking at Ye Qingyu.

In his glance, there was evident mockery and contempt. Liu Lei laughed: “Haha, what about it? Causing such a big scene at the selection, aren’t you very cocky? Why have you now turned into a turtle? Not even daring to accept such a ordinary sparring match, and hiding behind the backs of others…”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything, instead looking at the Liu Ye who was hidden inside the crowd.

Liu Ye was standing behind Liu Lei, his face showing a poisonous and devious smile.

It was an expression that said his plan had work.

This time, although he was slightly afraid, he did not avoid Ye Qingyu’s gaze. On the contrary, he returned the gaze challenging him, soundlessly mouthing something.

But from the shape of the mouth, one could obviously tell that it said six words, “You are definitely going to die!”

Ye Qingyu understood.

This was definitely not a coincidence.

Liu Ye had definitely done something behind the scenes, to make the hook nose youth cause trouble with himself…That’s right, they had the same family name, they should be relatives.

It looks like that he was too light last time, this idiot didn’t have a good memory!

He wanted to borrow someone’s else sword to kill someone?

But I’m afraid your sword is not sharp enough!

After thinking this thought, Ye Qingyu looked at the fist imprint on the steel pillar. He had already calculated the power in that fist.

The lips of Ye Qingyu curled in a smile.

He looked Liu Lei up and down and said with a laugh: “A spar? Fine but I fear that your body is too thin, it’s so similar to a thin gibbon. I’m afraid that you won’t be able withstand my strike, and I might accidentally kill you with one punch!”

“What?” Liu Lei was slightly taken aback, then laughed as if he had heard the greatest joke in the world. He said: “You…kill me? Haha, hahahaha…”

Liu Lei along with several youngsters that he came with all started laughing.

“I’m laughing to death, he said to would be able to injure senior brother Liu Lei….”

“Does he even know how many people that senior brother Liu Lei has beaten to death before?”

“The retard yesterday also said similar words, and the result?  Right now he is still lying on his bed, the doctor saying that he would need a month before he could walk again…”

“Hahaha, arrogant, too arrogant!”

Liu Ye and the others laughed.

“Good, I originally didn’t have much of an interest in you, but who would have thought you are so arrogant.” Liu Lei laughed like a madman, licking his lips. “A commoner as conceited as you is so rare…If you have the abilities, even if you kill me, I can guarantee that the Liu family will not take any action.”

“Since you are looking to die, then come…”

Ye Qingyu slowly walked to an unoccupied area of the practice grounds.

The burly teacher was anxious, wanting to stop this but he saw Ye Qingyu shaking his head.

In Liu Lei’s eyes there was a dangerous glare like that of a snake about to swallow its prey. Step by step, he walked till he was ten metres apart from Ye Qingyu.

“I’m about to …start!”

Before the last word, ‘start’ had already been finished, Liu Lei had already taken action.

His footwork was extremely agile, and in nearly a blink had close the gap between him and Ye Qingyu, striking his fist out.

The air exploded like thunder.

The air moved violently, currents of wind blowing.

This entire process was as fist as lightning.

The bystanders gasped with unsuppressed shock.

Too quick!

It was so quick that it was impossible to react to.

Ye Qingyu in that instant he was about to be hit, suddenly moved. It seemed like it was just luck or he had calculated the trajectory of the punch, but he avoided the strike by a hair’s distance.


Liu Ye’s wrist moved, his punch becoming a claw. There was a faint red glow on the fingertips, as it was a red hot steel claw, relentlessly clawing at Ye Qingyu’s shoulder.

This time is was even quicker.

“This is … battle technique!” Someone shouted with shock.

“This is not fair, Liu Lei has already learnt how to use techniques while senior brother Qingyu has only begun to train…”

“This is bad, both the [Serpentine form] and the [Bear form] are methods to train one’s body and not techniques used in battle. They don’t have any practical use…senior brother Qingyu is in danger!”

Within these exclamations, Ye Qingyu looked as if he was extremely lucky once again, narrowly avoiding Liu Lei’s second move.

The face of the burly teacher was also anxious, breathing quickly. When Ye Qingyu could not endure it anymore, he would stop this match no matter what.


Liu Lei once against missed his strike, hitting the ground.

The ground slowly cracked, spreading out in a spiderweb pattern on the stone tiles. The centre of the stone tiles had already been turned into smithereens. One could imagine, if that strike had landed on a person, what the consequences would be.

Liu Lei evidently was looking to kill!

The group of teenagers were covering their mouths, with those who were afraid covering their eyes.

If this continued on, within ten moves, Ye Qingyu definitely could not avoid any longer.

“Haha, aren’t you very cocky? Why are you evading…”

“Little trash, you don’t dare to receive one of my moves?”

“Haha, look at you, what is the difference between you and a frightened mouse…”

“Don’t run, you’re like a dog, so shameful. Quickly let me kill you with one of my punches…Hehehe!”

Liu Lei became more and more crazy.

His footwork became more and more bizarre, his hand constantly changing from a fist to a claw. He was evidently utilising an impressive battle technique that utilised his entire power with terrifying results. The air around them exploded with the unceasing sound of thunder, and the wind around them was like a stormy sea breeze.

Ye Qingyu’s figure also kept changing his position with difficulty.

Every time he would nearly be hit, and be sent flying.

But every time he manage to avoid at the last second, as if he had the most ridiculous luck in the world. He mysteriously avoided these life threatening strikes, managing to survive.

Astonishment slowly began to appear in the burly teacher’s eyes.

And those students who had covered the eyes had already opened them again.

“This…It looks like the [Serpentine form]”

“Senior brother is using the [Serpentine form] to evade…how is this possible, can the [Serpentine form] be used in this way?”

“How can a technique used for basic body training, be used in a real battle?”

Gradually, the students began to secret of how Ye Qingyu was able to evade.

They would never have thought, that the basic body refining technique [Serpentine form], could be used in battle. Ye Qingyu’s body was like a snake, incomparably agile and flexible as if he had no bones in his body. He utilised the [Serpent form] to its fullest, and the brutal strikes of the battle technique of Liu Lei could not even harm Ye Qingyu in that slightest.

Was this what a genius was?

Even the worst techniques, in his hand, could bloom with such incredible brilliance?

“Time to end this.” Ye Qingyu moved his body, using the [Teng snake in the mists] stance, appearing four or five metres away. Widening the distance, he said: “You’re technique I have already entirely seen through. There is nine punches and six claws, there is no need to compete anymore. Next, I will defeat you in one strike!”

“Defeat me in one strike? Hahaha, little trash, I will kill you in one strike!”

Not being able to hit his target, Liu was already mad but hearing this made him even more furious.

When had he been treated with such disregard?

Slamming his foot into the ground explosively, Liu Lei was like an eagle catching his prey, as fast as lightning. His left hand was a claw and his right hand was a fist, striking a killing blow against Ye Qingyu.

Using claw and punch at the same time!

It was his strongest technique!

Ye Qingyu did not move from his position, a bright light appearing in his eyes.

As the body was about to land onto him, he ducked rapidly. Liu Lei’s claw and fist both impossibly missed and went past him and in that instant, Ye Qingyu’s shoulder moved upwards like lightning.

This move, was part of the [Bear form]’s keywords, the ‘knock’.

Simple and unpretentious.

But at this instant, Liu Lei was as if he was facing the most frightening technique in the world. Because, he found that he could not avoid this move at all.

An indescribable ability to grasp the opportunity.


The Liu Lei who was in mid-air seemed to stop for an instant, then it was like he was attacked by a battering ram. Letting out a smothered grunt, he flew away.

Gasps of shock could be heard.

Liu Lei staggered about, looking flush. He fiercely bit his lips together, managing to not spurt out blood, his chest heaving …

This strike, was like a mountain had fell on him. There was a huge pain in his chest, as if he had broken several ribs. This type of strength and impact was enough to make him feel frightened.

In reality, even Liu Lei did not understand how he was defeated in a instant.

Because he had practiced in both the [Serpentine form] and [Bear form], and having mastered it entirely, he had completely disregarded it. But in Ye Qingyu’s hand, it became incomparably unfamiliar, even his [Nine moves of soul stealing talon and fist] could not withstand it!

At this time, Liu Ye and his friends were all dumbfounded.

They could not believe what had happened in front of their eyes.

Liu Lei was…sent flying?!

He was defeated by such a simple stance in the [Bear form]?

Was this a joke?

“Haha, hahahaha…” Liu Lei also began laughing, his eyes shining with the dangerous light of a wounded best. “You’ve actually injured me, actually injured me…This is not over until one of us dies, haha, I will definitely tear you to pieces?”

“Eh?” Ye Qingyu laughed. “Wasn’t this just a spar? How did it turn into a fight to the death?”

“Fuck your mother, who’s sparring with you, I’m going to beat you to death today…” Liu Lei crazily laughed, tears appearing in his eyes. “I’m going to beat you till you die…”

This person had gone crazy!

“Pretending to be crazy after being injured slight, his personality is really poor…” Ye Qingyu provocatively waved his finger. “You’ve really scared me to death, come then, beat me to death!”

“You motherfucker…you scumbag trash, if you dare than don’t avoid me!”

Liu Lei could feel that he was being made fun of, swinging his fists with his entire strength.

This fist, after being enraged with anger, was definitely stronger. Sounds of thunder could be heard and one could vaguely make out air currents being warped around the fist. Compared to the first that had indented the steel pillar, this was more terrifying many times over!


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