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021 – The battle to defend the city

This time, Ye Qingyu did not evade.

He stood where he was, and swung his fist in a similar fashion.

The next instant, the two punches collided.

“Hahaha, direct confrontation? Fine, I despise retarded rich people like you. I’ll let you know with one fist, who’s a fucking trash!” Within Ye Qingyu’s eyes, a gaze similar to that of a violent wild beast also appeared.

Liu Lei’s heart, at that instant, suddenly constricted.

The next instant.


Blood was everywhere.

The layer of skin on Ye Qingyu’s fist suddenly broke apart, exposing the flesh and blood spurted out.

But at the same time, a series of cracking sounds emitted from Liu Lei’s arm.

One could see the arm that could warp steel suddenly curving in an unnatural manner, a shard of bone piercing out.


In the hideous scream that followed, Liu Lei was sent flying.

His right arm, in the moment of contact with Ye Qingyu’s fist, had no way to bear such a torrent of power. In an instant his bones were broken… There was a sense that his arm was being devastated.

It was a feeling that Liu Lei had never experience previously.

Without saying anything more, Liu Lei spurted out blood, landing on the floor and fainted.

There were sounds of cold inhalations from all directions.

Under the eyes of numerous stunned gazes, Ye Qingyu examined his hand. He could see the bloody right fist and the exposed white knuckles. It was slightly disconcerting.

He lightly breathed out, then attempted to move his fingers, discovering that the bones were not broken.

This kind of injury he had already calculated that he would suffer, and it was within the bounds of acceptance.

It looked like he would have to hurry and quickly finish the six stages of body refining.

His strength was higher than Liu Lei, but because of the fact that his body was still in process of refinement, he also suffered injuries in the clash.

Ye Qingyu was clear, that if he was at the sixth stage of the ordinary martial level —no, even the fifth stage of the ordinary martial level, and he had clashed with Liu Lei’s punch, something entirely different would have occurred. He would have caused Liu Lei’s right arm to burst open entirely, and not just break his bones.

But after experiencing this battle, Ye Qingyu had obtained a clear understanding of his own battle prowess.

Using his brute herculean strength, he could crush those who were at the fifth stage and compete with those on the sixth stage. However, if he encountered those like Qin Wushuang who were already half a step in the Spirit spring stage and could already sense the qi in Heaven and Earth, then there was no way he could oppose them.

It seems like there were even more secret than expected in his own body.

At the same time.

The surrounding people were dumbfounded.

“I hear he heavily injured a student yesterday? Tut tut, karma has come so quickly!” Ye Qingyu looked at the Liu Lei who had lost consciousness, and pretended to lament over his injuries. “With his injuries, I fear he will have to rest in bed for at least two or three months?”

“You…you…you…” Liu Ye recovered, pointing his finger at Ye Qingyu and stuttered. “You really dare injure senior brother Liu Lei, are you crazy? You…”

Ye Qingyu gave him a glance, and could not help laughing. Step by step, he walked closer.

“Look at you, you’re still speaking such malicious words. It looks the lesson last time, was by far not enough!”

This type of smile, in the eyes of Liu Ye, was even more frightening than a devil.

He gave out a shrill shriek. “You…What are you going to do, don’t come near, you…”

“I’ve come to spar with you.” Ye Qingyu said with a righteous laugh. “The reason you’ve come here, wasn’t it to spar with me?”

“I … No…”Liu Ye realised what was about to happen, terror evident on his face. He was about to turn and run.

“You only remembered to run now? It’s too late!”

Ye Qingyu would not be soft hearted. He moved, utilising the footwork that Liu Lei had just used, and in an instant appeared behind Liu Ye. His hand took the form of a claw, latching on to Liu Ye’s shoulder.

“Aaaaahh…” Liu Ye began squealing like a pig, feeling a pain like his body was being cut to shreds. He turned his head, about to speak…

Ye Qingyu directly gave him a slap.

He landed on the ground with a thud.

Accompanied by the gasps of the bystanders, golden stars appeared in Liu Ye’s eyes. His ears ringing, his vision went black and he directly fainted.

“Eh? He fainted? But I only beat him lightly … Er, no, that’s not right, I meant I only sparred with him lightly!”Ye Qingyu threw away Liu Ye, then gave the other teenagers who had come with Liu Lei a glance. He laughed, “I’m sorry I’ve neglected you guys, who else wants to spar with me?”

The five other teenagers gave each other a stunned glance.

They knew that this time Liu Lei had kicked a steel board. Thinking back to Ye Qingyu’s brutal actions previously, their legs began cramping. They could feel a chill travelling from their spine into their brains, as if their souls were about to depart.

“No, no, no, how could we be your opponents!”

“We only came by coincidence, and just came here for a look and not a spar…”

“This… you guys are busy, we won’t disturb you any longer…”

They smiled lightly, without any shred of fighting spirit. They ran off like dogs with tails between their legs. After running for a few steps, they thought of something, and ran back carrying the Liu Lei and Liu Ye who were both passed out. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the distance.

Birds of a feather really flock together!

Those who followed Liu Ye, naturally wouldn’t be any decent people.

“Yes! Victory!”

“We’ve vented our anger!”

“Senior brother Qingyu, how did you manage to produce that kind of punch? It was really too cool!”

“I have some medicine for wounds here, senior brother Qingyu quickly come bandage your injuries!”

The other teenagers began cheering, faces filled with excitement and triumph surrounding Ye Qingyu. They chattered incessantly, admiration and worship in their gazes when they looked upon Ye Qingyu.

The burly teacher also let out a sigh of relief.

“Okay, today’s lesson will end here. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the lesson.” The burly teacher clapped his hands, announcing the end of the lesson. He then pointed at Ye Qingyu, saying, “You little brat, follow me!”


After a short time.

In the secluded lakeside pavilion.

“You were a bit too heavy handed. The influence of the Liu family is not small, it’s not a good idea to aggravate them.” The burly teacher stood with both of his hands behind his back, gazing at the sparkling distance.

Ye Qingyu was stood beside him.

“What about it? It was he who forced me. That guy is a crazy dog, he wanted to have a battle to the death with me.” Ye Qingyu said with a aggrieved tone. “Do you want me to stand there and be beaten to death by him?”

The burly teacher was speechless for a moment.

“These years, the White Deer academy is decaying from the inside through these noble and wealthy families. Liu Lei only entered the academy for a few days and he is already so cocky, he does deserve to be taught a lesson.” The burly teacher sighed a little, then said: “However, the one who should teach him a lesson is not you. You don’t have any forces backing you up, and you are different from Liu Lei and Liu Ye. They are truly members of the wealthy, they will not let this go so easily!”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

After ten breaths, the burly instructor seemed to have thought of something. He said, “From the start, you’ve already judged that Liu Lei was not a match for you, isn’t that right? The strange strength in your body…then why did you fight in such a prolonged fashion with him?”

“Oh, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a fight, so I’ve been itching for one.” Ye Qingyu said with a straight face.

“You…” The burly teacher gave him a glare and then said angrily, “You have to be a little more careful, you really think I can’t see through you? You’re trying to steal his techniques right?”

Ye Qingyu laughed. “Don’t describe it so badly. I only thought the madman’s fist and claw technique was pretty interesting and wanted to try and use it for myself. I let him use it as he pleases and only observed for a bit and did my best to imitate him, hehe!”

“Although the [Nine moves of soul stealing fist and talon] is not any special high level techniques, but within the rankings of ordinary battle techniques, it can be counted as above average. Liu Lei only demonstrated the moves twice, you not only remembered it entirely but also used the most basic [Bear form] to break his technique…” The burly teacher sighed again. “Previously I did not believe, that there could be such a genius that exists in this world!”

“Hehe, don’t praise me so much, I’ll become proud.”  Ye Qingyu’s laugh was like a weasel that had managed to steal a chicken.

“Smooth talking little kid.” The burly teacher gave a small reprimand, then asked: “The [Nine moves of soul stealing fist and talon], how much did you understand?”

“Not bad I guess, around seventy to eighty percent.” Ye Qingyu casually said.

“Oh, then that means you’ve completely grasped it.” The burly instructor nodded his head saying, “You have to remember, this type of technique most important point and essence is these words ‘Advance courageously, without returning.”

Ye Qingyu had a blank stare for a moment, then realised that the burly teacher was giving him advice. He cupped his hands in thanks, saying “Thank you teacher Wen.”

Previously when Liu Lei had challenged him, he had said that this teacher was named Wen.

The burly teacher nodded his head, “You little brat, look after yourself. Apart from the Liu family, there are still many people targeting you. Who asked for your family name to be Ye…if you really encounter trouble you cannot handle, then you can come find me. I’m called Wen Wan.”

Before he had finished speaking.

The burly teacher took a step on the shining waters of the lake. In the blink of eye, he was several hundred metres away.

“In the battle to defend the city, I was fighting side by side with your parents.”

The voice of the burly teacher came from far away.

His entire figure, finally disappeared.

“Uh, why do you teachers always have to appear and disappear in such a dramatic fashion? Can’t you just walk normally? Don’t tell me that experts must be cool?” Ye Qingyu looked at the lakeside pavilion.

He originally wanted to ask, why did the burly teacher treat him so well.

But it looks like, there was no need to ask anymore.

Exactly what happened in the battle to safeguard the city, perhaps the burly teacher Wen Wan would not. But Ye Qingyu would not ask him right now; because he knew, that with his present strength, he was still not qualified to know.


The several days after this, Ye Qingyu rarely attended the theoretical lessons. Instead, he devoted his entire time and energy to practice with Wen Wan, training in the [Eight divine forms] and refining his body.

He had already reached the grandmaster level in the [Bear form], breaking firmly past the second muscle stage.

The impurities and old injuries in his body was entirely gone. The strength of muscles had improved several times over, making Ye Qingyu better able to control his herculean strength.

Of course, for Ye Qingyu, this was by far not enough.


*Chinese idiom, means made a mistake.


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