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023 – Xiangma and Muyang

He who comes is surely ill-intentioned!

It was not that Li Muyang had the ability to see right through the heart. But deep down in his heart he felt that, for such a handsome and dashing man there was not a reason for him to take the initiative to come forward and a have little conversation with him, right?

There must be an ulterior motive.

You see, Li Muyang student was a modest and insecure cute little boy.

Li Muyang eyes widened as they stared at each other. The man was dressed in a black silk gown, holding a paper fan, and revealed a very friendly smile on his face.

Li Muyang began to like him in that short while, and said: “I don’t think so. ”

Yan Xiangma’s face showed little expression, then with a ‘poof ‘, the paper fan closed. He began tapping the fan lightly against his palm. His eyes was full of interest as he looked at Li Muyang and said: “Reading broadens your horizons, your heart also expands, the things you want increase, and the heart also becomes more greedy–if it’s like this then, isn’t this a dangerous things to do?”

“Reading can also be for understanding the way, learning benevolent behaviour and cultivating your righteousness. “Li Muyang refuted his argument. “In the land of the wild, why does killing never stop? Why is the frontier desert still at war? Because those barbarians and herdsmen read too little, there is no way for them to understand the way and learn benevolent behaviour. If they were all reading, where would they find time to kill?”

Yan Xiangma shook his head, seemed to be lost in thought as he looked at Li Muyang and said: “That’s wrong. ”

“What’s wrong? ”

“I have ordered someone to find out, and everyone says you’re an idiotl. “Yan Xiangma shook his head and said: “But I don’t think you’re stupid. Instead, you’re smarter than a lot of people I’ve seen. ”

“I am an idiot. “Li Muyang said: “In every test I’ve done, I was last place in the whole school. ”

“No, no, no, there must be some other reason for this. “Yan Xiangma denied the argument that Li Muyang is a fool. “But smart people are good, I like interacting with smart people, they know and understand the meaning behind words and situations, don’t you think? ”

Li Muyang knows that this man was finally getting to the main reason of his conversation. He casually flipped through the book of ‘Strengthening Soldiers Theory’ in his hand and said: “That would depends on the words and on the situation.”

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself–” Yan Xiangma ‘ snapped ‘ open his folding fan and said to Li Muyang: “Yan Xiangma, Cui Xiaoxin’s older cousin.”

Li Muyang immediately became enthusiastic, closing the books in his hands, bowed and shouted: “Cousin, that was you? Go go go, follow me to my house for tea, my house is in front of the alley, walk a few steps and you’ll arrive–” 李

As he spoke, he grabbed Yan Xiangma sleeve, ready to haul him home.

“Wait wait wait—” Yan Xiangma flung Li Muyang’s pulling hand and said angrily: “What are you doing? Who’s familiar with you? ”

“Cousin, do you not know, me and Cui Xiaoxin are classmates, and also very good friends. Cui Xiaoxin’ older cousin is also naturally my cousin. Since cousin you have already came to our doorstep, if I don’t invite you for a cup of tea, then Xiaoxin will be angry if she knew. My parents will also blame me for not knowing etiquette– cousin, come with me. The days are hot, in my house there’s well water chilled watermelon to quench your thirst.”

As he talked, Li Muyang once again reached out and pulled Yan Xiangma by the wrist.

” Presumptuous. “Yan Xiangma hurriedly said: ” I’m telling you, don’t grab my hands or feet, I hate people pulling my clothes—-let go of me, I said let go of me-”

Li family. Li Muyang and Yan Xiangma sat under the vines in the yard while eating watermelon.

Watermelon that had been chilled in cold water from the well for a good couple of hours. From the inside to the outside, a refreshing chill can be felt. In this dry-hot summer, a sensation that every hair had stood up can be felt after eating.

Yan Xiangma ate three large slice of watermelon in one bite, Li Muyang brought over the fourth slice when he finally gestured with his hand. From his pocket he pulled out his handkerchief, wiped his mouth, and said: “I won’t eat anymore, if I continue then my stomach will be filled to the point of bursting. ”

Li Muyang had also ate three slices of watermelon, but he did not have the habit of carrying a handkerchief. He had no other choice but to fetch a bucket of water to wash his hands.

Li Muyang did not brew tea; eating chilled watermelon and immediately drinking hot tea afterwards was not good for your health.

He sat opposite on the bench opposite of Yan Xiangma, smiled and said: “Cousin why are you at Hubu lane? Is there something you need to take care of?”

“No, I came for you. “Yan Xiangma’s face was full of content. Li Muyang’s watermelon made him extremely satisfied; he had never eaten such a sweet watermelon before.

“Cousin, how can I help you?” Li Muyang asked.

From behind, Yan Xiangma retrieved a box and passed it along. Li Muyang did not receive it and asked: “What is this? ”

Yan Xiangma placed the box on top of the stone table and gently pushed it towards the direction of where Li Muyang is sitting. He said: “Open it and take a look. ”

Li Muyang was unwilling to reach out to touch the delicate box built in a classical fashion. He smiled and shook his head and said: “I can’t receive any reward without achievements or contributions. Cousin and I have only met for the first time; I don’t understand why cousin would give me such a gift? ”

“My mother had asked me to thank you for risking your life to save Xiaoxin cousin. ” Yan Xiangma said with a smiling face. Li Muyang did not touch the jewellery he offered, he did not even open it to take a glance and let out a surprise expression. He glanced carefully around the Li’s house; although it did not look poor, but it definitely was not rich. Their family opened a small bakery which was only enough earn their family’s basic living expenses. Children who grew up in this family, could it be that they’re different from other ordinary people that desire money?

“At the time of my cousin being attacked in the cafe, thankfully Li Muyang student was there to save her. If it wasn’t for you stopping the killer temporarily, I fear that the family servants probably couldn’t call for help in time ––we do not have the habit of oweing people. So please, do accept this gift. ”

Li Muyang shook his head and said: “Since cousin you have said it like that, then I must not take this gift even more. ”

Yan Xiangma gently waved the fan and said: “Oh, really? What is the reason? Let me hear it. ”

“Xiaoxin classmate is your cousin, but also my classmate and friend. When we appeared in the café together, it was because I was being bullied and Xiaoxin upheld justice and righteousness. Under her anger, she followed me and left the school. ”

“And then, at the time at the café the things we discussed were related to tutoring me. University entrance examinations are approaching, at such a critical time Xiaoxin is still willing to put aside her revision and help me with my studies; I will remember this kindness for a lifetime-”

“At the time of the attack by the assassin, it all happened suddenly, I also had no time to prepare. However, no matter whether as the classmate of Xiaoxin or as his friend, or as the only male companion around her at that time, I had the duty to rush forward to protect her. Therefore, I cannot accept this gift; I just did what I had to do. ”

Yan Xiangma all along held a smiling expression on his face that was similar to the gentle winds and light clouds. He stared at Li Muyang’s eyes without blinking.

His remarks, and the expression in his eyes did not shift about at all. There was also no trace of fear and guilt. If the person was not a big crafty evil guy, then it proves that the words he said is indeed from his heart.

“Hearing what you have just said, I also think that this gift is indeed too common. Unbearably tacky. “Yan Xingma shook his head and sighed.

“Cousin, you can’t say it like that. “Li Muyang was anxious to stop him and said: “From a glance I can tell cousin you were born into an elite family; you guys have family rules and a family pride. You send gifts to thank me alredy indicates that you know how to repay a favour. But in my position, I must not accept this gift.”

“Well. If you don’t want to accept it, then don’t accept it. “Yan Xiangma took the box back into his arms. “In that case, we’ll continue to talk about the matter after. ”

“Cousin, please go ahead. ”

“I just saw you at the bookstore buying books, how are revision these days? “Yan Xiangma asked with a smiling face. He only just smiled but his smile was very nice. It was truly easy to make people have a favourable impression of him.

“Efforts are being made. “Li Muyang answered seriously:”As long as I grasp more knowledge, then there’s more hope. ”

“You didn’t answer my question. “Yan Xiangma said. “I’ll change to a more direct method of asking–Do you think you have the potential of being admitted to an elite school? ”

“I’ll try my best. Regarding whether I can be admitted to an elite school, I can only leave it for the heaven to decide. ”

“There’s too little insurance. It is too unsafe. Listening to your tone, I dare say you don’t have much confidence in your grades. I inquired about your grade; there is still somewhat a distance between you and the famous universities. “Yan Xiangma looked at Li Muyang with a look of sincerity and said:” How about this? I’ll promise you the admission into a famous university, are you willing to accept this?”

LI Muyangs’s long eyelashes blinked and said: “is this for real? ”

“Of course. Go and find out, when have I, Yan Xiangma ever lied before? ”

“What price do I need to pay for this? ”

“You won’t need to pay anything. ”

“Then I first must thank cousin. “Li Muyang said happily: “You can guarantee that I’ll be admitted into West Wind University? ”

Yan Xiangma’s facial expression finally sunk down. For the first time, a kind of cold and fierce expression was displayed in front of Li Muyang.

“No. “Yan Xiangma said coldly. “First, it’s impossible for you to attend West Wind University. For your own safety, I would advise you to not go to Tiandu. Tiadu’s rice is expensive, I’m afraid you can’t feed yourself there. Second, I can help you get admitted into Jiangnan University, I can let you select the subjects yourself yourself —-Jiangnan University is one of the best institution of the kingdom, I also graduated from Jiangnan. You won’t look down on it, right? ”

“But-” Yan Xiangma eyes were shining as stared at Li Muyang and said: “Since you’re already guaranteed to be admitted into Jiangnan University, then cousin won’t need to waste time and effort to tutor you, right?”


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