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024 – The first trip outside

The details of what groups the first years would be split into,  was already written on the stone mirror in the number one practice grounds.

By the time Ye Qingyu arrived, the practice grounds were packed fill with students, all busy checking their groupings.

When they saw Ye Qingyu, their expressions were a little strange.

This made Ye Qingyu slightly baffled.

But after he discovered his group, he finally understood why people would look at him with such strange expressions. He was in the same group as the mover and shakers of the first years – Qin Wushuang, Yan Xingtian and Song Xingluo.

“I’ve actually been placed in the number one Heaven group?”

This was a little peculiar.

Even though his performance in the examination was outstanding, but his basic foundations were still too little. In the previous twenty days, he did not have much interaction with any of these people.

Qin Wushuang was already half a step in the Spirit Spring stage, and was about to enter the Xiantian stage.

According to the rules of the White Deer academy, the grouping for the Wilderness test was not done according to your potential, but rather to your strength. Differing strength levels would be assigned to different areas in the wilderness.

“Does the teachers really think I have a strength comparable with Qin Wushuang and the others right now? Or is it because…”

Ye Qingyu’s gaze landed on one of the name in this group.

Liu Lei!

That madman, was in the same group as him?


Or did someone arrange this?

After being so heavily injured by him, with his entire right arm nearly being shattered, he was still able to participate in the Wilderness test. Was his injuries already fully recovered?

Ye Qingyu remembered the information written on the piece of paper the little loli had left him last night. His lips curled in an imperceptible smile.

He did not stay around the practice grounds, instead leaving straight for the group meeting point specified on the stone mirror.

Every group had twenty people in it, and each group was supervised by a teacher.

The number one Heaven group’s meeting place was very noticeable and was easily found. It was located at the periphery of the practice grounds, under an almond yellow flag fluttering in the winds. Under the flag, there were already a group of people gathered. The group was clearly split into two further sub-groups, each led by Qin Wushuang and Yan Xingtian.

These were the members of the number one Heaven group.

The arrival of Ye Qingyu attracted the gazes of many members in the group.

Especially the spears that he carried on his back. This attracted the speculations of many people, everyone curious to know what kind of weapon the person who had caused so many incidents would use.

Liu Lei was also within the group.

He was in the same sub-group as Qin Wushuang, staring steadily at Ye Qingyu. His gaze was so calm that it was slightly strange; it was as if he had already forgotten the episode that had occurred previously or as if he was staring at a dead person.

At the same time, Ye Qingyu also observed the group.

He did not see the figure of the little loli, Song Xiaojun. Within the list of ten, seven were evidently not within this group. It seemed like the criteria for dividing students into group were not based purely on one attribute.

At this time—

“Ah…achoo, the people have finally already arrived? I’m so bored already, lets just set off.”

A young man with sky blue hair walked over, yawning and looking as if he still hadn’t woken up properly yet.

The young man looked to be around twenty years of age, with a tall figure. He had a golden hairband around his head, with a jade pendant hanging from his waist. He also had a sword with a jaded, golden hilt. The demeanour of the young man was extremely lazy, and he was filled with a noble aura, handsome and full of elegance.

“Let me introduce myself. I am the supervisor for the survival training this time around. I am called Blue Sky, the girls within this group can call me brother Sky.” The young man smiled lecherously, showing off his white teeth. He seemed to have a very amiable personality.

So this lazy and lecherous fellow was the supervisor for the number one Heaven group. He seems… slightly unreliable.

At this time, everyone member of the number one Heaven group felt slightly apprehensive.

“Lets go!” Blue Sky lifted his hand, waving the almond yellow coloured flag in the air. He led the way towards a teleportation rune formation.

For security reasons, the airspace around Deer city was out of limits. No matter what form of flight it was, be it human or flying machines, it was strictly forbidden.

Therefore the students needed to first pass through a specific teleportation formation first to outside the city, then travel towards the training spot.

A buzzing could be heard as soon as one stepped on the teleportation formation.

Ye Qingyu and the other members felt there vision going blurry. After a number of seconds, everyone was transferred to a place hundreds of miles away, already outside the city.

“Haha, after being bored in the city for so long, I was nearly ill from it. I finally have an opportunity to come out…” The supervisor, Blue Sky, had an excited expression. He looked more and more unreliable with every second that passed.


He lifted his hand, and a strange silver light shined from his palm to the yellow coloured banner.

A mysterious transformation began happening.

The banner slowly expanded, with complicated runes glowing and activating. In the end, it became over tens of feet wide. As if it was a ship, it carried the twenty members of the group and headed towards the deep areas of the wilderness, quickly becoming a blur of light.

Not long after the group of people had left, another light appeared. It was another person.

It was a middle aged teacher with a strict face.

“Ah ah ah, damn that Blue Sky! He stole my supervising banner and dared to pose as me. Where has he brought the children of the number one Heaven group?  This trouble making bastard, when he returns I will definitely thrash him!”

The middle aged teacher shouted in rage, but there was nothing he could do.

After a long while, he bitterly shook his head. “Fine, that Blue Sky, although he is a little bastard, but his power is definitely terrifying. To protect those little fellow shouldn’t be much of a problem for him…I only hope that he treats this seriously!”

The middle aged teacher shook his head, returning to the city.



The Heaven Wasteland domain had been excavated for less than a hundred years.

Compared to the thousands of worlds and domains, the Heaven Wasteland domain was still far too young. There was a still a very large area of Heaven Wasteland that was in chaos and was shrouded in fog.

Throughout these years, there were countless crazy pioneers that tried to go through the chaotic mist, trying to constantly discover new areas. But even through their efforts, it only expanded the safe area of Heaven Wasteland by less than a hundred thousand miles!

However, these newly developed regions were only comparatively safe.

From the perspective of the human race, the only truly safe place was the inhabited cities.

But even so, occasionally there would be tragic news of demonic beasts or alien races conquering one of the inhabited cities. Along with mountains of bones and rivers of bloods, the cities that immeasurable effort had been put in, would turn into ruins.

Deer city could be counted as the largest inhabited city for tens of thousands of miles. It was also one of the more important strategic points for the Northern plains of Snow country.

Because of the existence of Deer city, the number of safe areas that could be used for survival training was rather wide. With the accompaniment of supervisors, everywhere within five thousand miles could be used as a training area.

Within such areas, students would do battle with strong wild beasts, acquiring practical battle experience. After killing the beasts and obtaining their endowment bones, this could be exchanged for academic points when they returned to the academy.

This was the entire contents of the practical wilderness training.


The almond coloured banner was like an arrow, tearing through space.

A extremely bright layer of energy enveloped the entire flag, including Ye Qingyu and the others, causing them not to be affected by the wind. It was an extremely stable ride.

This was the first time that Ye Qingyu had experienced flying through the sky.

Two clouds zipped past them. The wasteland below was like a chessboard, making people feel as if they were at the apex of the world from viewing the entire Heaven and Earth at once.

“Little freshmen, let’s have a discussion about where we should hold our wilderness training?”

The fake teacher Blue Sky smiled at the students behind him.

The impostor Blue Sky wore a white robe, standing at the very forefront of the banner. His blue hair blew back in the wind like a waterfall, hanging down to his waist. There was an indescribable aura of romance and confidence that surrounded him, but the lazy and lecherous tone that he had, spoiled this image entirely.

Without waiting for people to give him a reply, the fake instructor continued speaking: “Since no one has any opinions, then let me make the decision for you, hahahaha”

Black lines appeared on everyone’s head.

Shameless person, at least give us the time to reply.

“The wilderness training area for first years can be split into four classifications: B, C, D and T. With T being the area with the least amount of difficult and B being the one with the highest…I’ve decided, we are going to area B9! Haha, the difficulty of that place is the highest and so is the mortality rate, it’s the one most suitable for the prodigies of the freshmen to play around in!”

The fake teacher became excited as he spoke.

The almond yellow coloured banner seemed as if it was replying to him, buzzing and vibrating to his words. Using the fastest speed, it set off towards the designated area like wind and lightning.

The hardest area?

Ye Qingyu was also excited.

It was the place that he also wanted to go the most.

The other members also became excited. To be part of number one Heaven group, one had to have exceptional talent. Those teenagers with confidence and even a little bit of arrogance, naturally wanted to challenge the area with the highest difficult.

The choice of Blue Sky naturally suited the dispositions of these teenagers.

Within the crowd, only Liu Lei frowned slightly but he did not say anything.



An hour later.

The almond yellow banner landed on a strange rock in a hilly area.

Blue sky beckoned his arm, the banner returning to its original size and landing in his hand.

The fake supervisor shouted with a laugh: “We’ve finally arrived at our destination! Everywhere within a hundred miles is a part of the wilderness training area. As long as you don’t step out of this area, you can do what you want and play around. If you encounter danger you can’t handle, then shout for help… wahaha, I finally have a rare free moment, I’m going to play around too!”

Before he had finished speaking.

The fake teacher was like a released wild dog, turning into a stream of light that headed towards the sky, disappearing without a trace.

Everyone looked at each other.

Roars of beasts came from all directions. There was a unique wild atmosphere coming from all around them, causing a looming feeling of danger.

Before even ten seconds of time had passed since the teenagers arrived, the dangers of the wilderness were already baring its sinister teeth.


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