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027 – Bronze book

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It was not an endowment bone.

Under the sunlight, it gleamed with a bronze glow. This was different from what Ye Qingyu had imagined. This was not an [endowment bone], but it was a bronze object. It was rectangular in appearance, six by three inches and was less than two inches thick…

“This is…a bronze book?”

Ye Qingyu examined it in length and discovered that this object really was a very finely crafted bronze coloured book. The outside appearance was extremely miniature, about the size of a palm but the weight was definitely significant. It weighed at least five hundred pounds and was made from an unknown material since it was definitely not bronze if it was that heavy.

Of course, the most peculiar point was that it from the shell of a clam. How was it possible that a clam could produce such an object?

This was really strange.

Ye Qingyu began to feel that this was really too coincidental. If the dragon python did not dive into the river and swallow the clam, there was no way that he could have entered and obtained this object.

And as for where the golden clam had obtained the bronze book, this was even harder to guess.

He thought for a while, then returned the shell of the golden clam back into the turbulent waters. Then using the fastest of speed, he finished dissecting the dragon python. Carefully erasing all traces of the battle and hints about the golden clam, he then left.

After ten breaths of time.

Ye Qingyu returned to the cavern within the strange stone forest.

He blocked the two entrances of the cavern using boulders to prevent wild beasts from entering. He then took out the strange bronze book, and using the cracks of light from the blocked entrance, began examining it in detail.

The book was about the size of a grown adult’s palm, and the book did not have any patterns or inscriptions. On the cover, there were five strange, ancient characters engraved. It did not seem like it was the writing of the Snow country, and Ye Qingyu was not able to recognise what language the writing was.

When Ye Qingyu was about to open the bronze book, he discovered that the book was like a solid block of metal. It could not be opened at all.

After trying for several times, he gave up.

“Can it be a divine book?”Ye Qingyu said with a laugh.

When he was small, he had heard his parents tell him stories about divine books. It was rumoured that a divine book knew everything five thousand years in the future and five thousand years in the past. A divine book was born from Heaven and Earth. But it was only a passing thought,  the possibility of it being a divine book was not high

Ye Qingyu stored away the bronze book. He decided that he would investigate the five characters when he returned to White Deer academy before deciding on anything.

He took the blood of the dragon python, and along with the [Dragon form], started to try to break through to the consummate fifth stage of the ordinary martial level.

The application of the dragon python’s blood was to ingest it through the mouth.

The purest dragon python’s blood smelled bloody but once it entered the mouth, it gave off a sweet fragrance. After, a strange warm energy began to flow down the esophagus and throughout all four limbs.

Ye Qingyu sat in a meditative stance.

The [dragon form] was different from the [serpentine form] or the [bear form]. It was not trained through stances, or movement but was instead cultivated through an internal manner. It needed a special way of breathing that vibrated the blood within the body, and through these vibrations, it refined and strengthened the bone marrow.

In reality, when one reached the fifth or sixth stage of the ordinary martial level, training changed from refining your externalities to your internal body. It focused on the internal power, and only through doing this could you when you reached the peak of the ordinary martial level, sense and activate the Xiantian energy within you. This would allow you to comprehend a higher level of spirit power.

As Ye Qingyu breathed in and out, an indistinct low growling sound seemed to emit from his body. It was as if it was the roar of a dragon that cried unceasingly, bringing it with an aura of might and power that made it seem as if there really was a dragon hidden within his body.

This was the [Dragon form].

Time passed second by second.

Outside the cavern, the sun had already set and a sea of fog had descended throughout the plains.

The dragon’s roar within Ye Qingyu’s body began to become clearer and clearer.

His thick black hair started shifting without any gusts of wind. Strand by strand, it slowly floated. Occasionally there would be small pebbles and debris that would fall from the roof of the cavern, but when it was a foot away from Ye Qingyu, it would rebound away like it had encountered an invisible barrier!



As the loudest dragon’s roar so far sounded, Ye Qingyu’s body trembled once. Then a series of sounds akin to beans popping began. There were droplets of black impurities that began to emit from the pores of his skin, his body slowly being cleansed…

Ye Qingyu opened his eyes.

His face had a smile that was filled with satisfaction.

“Haha, the blood of the dragon python is definitely not ordinary. It has helped me reach the consummate stages of the fifth stage. I already have one foot in the sixth stage! Haha, if someone with a strength similar to that of Liu Lei encountered me again, I could destroy them with only one of my hand!”

Ye Qingyu’s confidence was greatly boosted.

His current strength could be said to have explosively grown by passing through a small stage in the ordinary martial level. Just through using his fists, he could easily defeat anyone of the sixth stage in the ordinary martial level. If he used the [Inexorable spear], then he could even fight with someone at the Spirit spring stage.

“Before the end of the wilderness training, there are still three more days. I have to hurry and achieve some success in the sixth stage before returning to White Deer academy — if I’m at the Organ stage, then in the upcoming monthly examination, I will definitely have a chance!”

Ye Qingyu calculated in his mind.

Of the [eight divine forms], the [Tuo** form] was the training method most suited for refining and training the six major organs in the human body. A Tuo, according to legend, was a creature that was similar to a tortoise and an alligator. It was born in the ocean and had an extremely long lifespan, and had the best method to care for and protect its internal organs. It was said that this type of creature, even if it did not move and turned into a fossil, the internal organs would still be functioning!

Before leaving, the burly instructor also taught Ye Qingyu the [Tuo form].

During the leftover days, Ye Qingyu could begin training in it.

He began organising the things he had within the cavern. He had already collected over thirty one [endowment bones] that were obtained from different demonic beasts. His loot was extremely respectable, and adding to the other items that he had obtained from the demonic beasts, his interdimensional pouch was nearly full.

“I have already completed the practical battle segment of the wilderness training, and there is no longer a need to do battle. I have accumulated enough practical battle experience…” Ye Qingyu carefully considered.

He believed that until today, the other members of the group, would definitely not recklessly seek out and hunt demonic beasts like he had done. Even if they added all their battles together, it would still not compare to how many fights he had encountered.

The next three days, what he needed to do was to meditate and cultivate with the utmost care. On one hand, beginning to train in the [Tuo form] and on the other hand, to reflect upon the battles he had during the previous days.

“But before this, I should go to the river and collect water and prepare food…”Ye Qingyu was about to seclude himself in the cavern.

Under the moonlight, Ye Qingyu moved the boulder away from the entrance. Using the light of the moon, he had just exited the cavern when suddenly the sounds of footsteps travelled over.


Ye Qingyu’s heart thudded.

At this time, voices could be heard.

“Motherfucker, that little trash. Where has he ran to, we’ve searched for three days and we still can’t find him…” A loud and angry voice carried over.

It was Liu Lei’s voice.

Ye Qingyu hesitated, instantly erasing all thoughts of going out and greeting the people. He retreated further into the shadows, completely hiding his presence into the long foliage.

Song Xiaojun and Yan Xingtian had warned that Liu Lei would try to enact vengeance on Ye Qingyu during the wilderness training. It looks like this warning was true…

Ye Qingyu carefully inspected the group.

Under the moonlight, he could see three figures slowly approaching.

The one in the lead, had a tall and lanky figure, with a face filled with rage. It was Liu Lei. The two beside him, seemed to be slightly older and according to their clothing, seemed to be second year students. Why did they come to the first year training area?

Could it be?

“Young master Liu, don’t worry, there are still three days within the training for me and Yuandong. During that time, we will definitely accompany you and find Ye Qingyu. To take care of a first year freshmen, is definitely easily achieved!” The slightly chubby figured second year spoke.

“Yes, wait till we find him. I’ll personally break his four limbs! Then, you can humiliate and play with him all you want young master Liu, to take out your anger!” The second year student with short, fire red hair had a cruel smile.

“Motherfucker, I will definitely torture him, I will definitely torture him till he dies!” Liu Lei said, grinding his teeth.

Under the lighting of the moon, his young face had an indescribable sinister and malevolent quality to it. It was as if he was a spiteful ghost that had crawled from his grave for revenge.

“Haha, if young master Liu wants to play with him till he dies, isn’t it even easier than crushing an ant?” The chubby second year student started laughing loudly.

“That’s true. This is just the perfect opportunity, I’ve heard the supervisor Blue Sky has gone crazy again during these past few days. He directly went to the source of the boundless river, and turned the holy ground of the demonic beasts [Golden water palace] upside down. It even forced the golden dragon king to deal with him personally! Everyone is chasing Blue sky right now, to retrieve the treasure that he stole from the [Golden water palace]. Haha, that crazy person!”

“That’s right, I estimate that Blue Sky is fleeing right now like a dog. He definitely does not that energy or time to care about the safety of the students!” The fire-red hair student said with a smile.

Liu Lei nodded his head: “This is an opportunity sent by the heavens. I must kill Ye Qingyu this time, or I will never be able to rest!”

“As long as we do it cleanly, the academy will not be able to link this to us. Hehe!” The chubby teenager fanned the flames.

“A bunch of commoner scraps, they dared to provoke me…”Liu Lei said hatefully and resolutely. “After I’ve killed the trash, I will go to the tomb of his parents and dig it up! I will make them all turn into lonely souls!”

From far away.

After hearing this, Ye Qingyu murderous intent exploded.

No one could touch his parent’s graves.

It was you that who provoked me without reason, and said that it won’t end till one of us dies. Last time I already went easy on you, and now you are so vicious to bring people to kill me… Liu Lei, you are courting death yourself!

Ye Qingyu slowly held the two parts of the [inexorable spear].

“Haha, rest assured young master Liu. Me and Dongchen have already broken through and have one step in the Spirit spring stage. Although we have not yet established the source of a Spirit spring in our Dantian** , but we are already well qualified to deal with a little scum that only knows how to use brute strength!”

“That’s right, that’s right. When we’ve found him, we will definitely slowly torture him to death!”

The three people discussed calmly and blandly, as if they were really going to kill an ant.

At this time.

Under the moonlight, from far away, a teenager approached without fear.

“Is that really so? No need to find me. I’ve already come.” Ye Qingyu appeared, his eyes cold. Both his hands held a spear each. He was like a killing god under the moon, coming straight for them.

The three people was shocked by his sudden appearance.



*. Here’s a picture of a Tuo

**abdomen where qi resides


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