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029 – Please let me speak!

On the horizon, a marble white colour is revealed in the dawn sky. A few stars stayed stubbornly still in their original position, refusing to depart.

The cool wind blew across, morning dew rippling and there was a myriad of living things growing. As if the whole world was trying to win the favour of Li Muyang who had just woken up.

Li Muyang stood in front of the window stretching his muscles and bones, and then came out of his room practicing the ‘art of breaking body’. Li Muyang realised that one has to have a good body to be able to have good grades. If he was like how he was before, constantly in a dazed state, then he won’t achieve anything–other than sleeping.

In the early historical period, a great man once said: health is the foundation of our body.

After running until he was soaked with sweat, he then went into the bathroom for a shower, and changed into the new clothes that his mother had prepared for him.

Glancing into the mirror he noticed that he is much paler than he was in the past. Before he was as pitch-black as ink, but now he’s emitting a bright glossy bronze colour.

“Is this not the kingdom’s idol: Gu Tianyue? “Li Muyang said to the mirror.

He blinked his eyes, opened his mouth and smiled.

The smile quickly disappeared, then he scolded himself: “Shameless.”

It was still early, but Li Muyang had no plans to flip open his books and revise.

He opened his pencil case to check, to see if there were any leaking pens or any that were unable to write. Then he checked his examination identification that his father had brought back from the school a few days ago, checking to see if there are any errors or omissions. Although on the day that his identification was brought home, his mother had already repeatedly checked over this document.

After tidying up properly, he sat at the table looking at the flowers and potted plants in the yard. He watched the starry sky, the rolling black clouds, and the white clouds concealing the sky.

The dawn sky turned into a marble white colour, and the white turning into a yellow colour, then the round-red sun with a shy expression slowly emerges from the eastern sky.

If this was a month ago, Li Muyang had completely nothing to worry about.

Sitting exams or not, what does it have to do with him?

He would have slept until he woke up naturally as usual, then grab two buns, run to the examination site and then escape after a while or he would just take a nap there.

Other people would answer their exam papers, he would hand in his exam papers; others went home and he also went home.

There’s no hope, so there wouldn’t be any expectations whatsoever.

With less than a month’s time, he only just started preparing for the University entrance exam. He will fight against students who had been studying for years, to battle, to compete for the scarce opportunity for promotion.

Looking back, he also does not recognise his current self.

When the crying of chickens and barking of dogs were heard, the yard also began to be noisy and lively.
Mother got up to wash and father got up to practice. Li Shinian also surprisingly woke up, standing by the window and reading ancient poems.

“Li Muyang–” Li Shinian cried aloud in her room.

“Shinian, don’t call your brother, let him sleep a little longer. “Mother Luo Qi said in a low voice.

“Mum, I’m up already.” Li Muyang’s stretched his head out of the window and said smilingly: “I got up a while ago.”

“Mum, I know brother is awake. Examination is today; he can’t sleep at ease. “Li Shinian proudly said: “Li Muyang, are you ready?”

“What needs to be prepared is prepared. “Li Muyang said with a smile: “Now I can only leave it to fate.”

“Haha, you will do well. ”


“Because I made a wish for you before going to bed last night. “Li Shinian showed a proud face. “My wish always comes true. I said to make you stand up and now you’re standing up. I said you’ll turn smart, and you have gotten smarter. I said to not let you grow prettier than me and you’ve grown into a charcoal—-“

“—–” Li Muyang often suspected that his sister is not biological, otherwise why did she always verbally attack him?

“Oh, brother—” Li Shinian suddenly exclaimed aloud.

“What’s wrong? “Li Muyang asked in a surprised tone.

“Brother, why are you paler? “Li Shinian’s windowsill was at an angle to Li Muyang’s windowsill, standing in her position she is able to see Li Muyang bathing in the rising sun. His lashes were long, facial features are deep, his silhouette is defined, and his skin is as delicate as celadon. His back is straight, and his smile is warm and confident.

He was no longer timid, no longer with a wretched appearance, and also does not look as thin as before that seemed like he would be blown easily away by the wind.

His body gave off a layer of gentle light, just like a celestial being walking out from a myriad of light.


“You’ve really turned paler.” Li Shinian danced happily and said: “If you don’t believe me then ask mum and dad—Did you secretly use my face cream? ”


Luo Qi had prepared breakfast; for the purpose of following the old proverb so her son has good luck for the examinations, she especially cooked two eggs and a deep-fried dough stick for Li Muyang.

Seeing the eggs and deep-fried dough stick in Li Muyang’s bowl, Li Shinian looked at mother Luo Qi with a mischievous expression and said: “Mum, you prepared two eggs and deep fried dough stick so that brother gets 100 percent in the exam? ”

“Yes. “Luo Qi smiled and nodded. “You also have a portion.”

“But today brother has three subjects to sit. “Li Shinian showed a worried expression and said:”Do you want him to get a combined score of 100 from the three subjects? So, you need to cook six eggs for him and three pieces of fried dough sticks, then he can get 100 percent for every subject–”
“Oh? That much? “Luo Qi said with in a distressed tone: “Then I’ll go and prepare–”

Li Muyang’s mouth was stuffed full of eggs and his cheeks were bulging. After hearing Li Shinian’s words, his face turned green, he grabbed his mother by the arm and said: “Mum, you can’t listen to Shinian’s nonsense. If you give me six eggs and three dough stick, I won’t need to go to school anymore and will just die at home from eating too much—”

Luo Qi used a chopstick to hit Li Shinian’s hand, and said angrily: “This girl, you’re bullying your brother again.”

“It’s just a joke.” Li Shinian stuck her tongue out at Li Muyang, and said: “Just to brighten up the atmosphere, so brother is not so tense.”

“Whenever you speak, I’m nervous.” Li Muyang finally swallowed the eggs with much difficulty and snappily said: “Don’t talk. Even people would be scared to death by you.”

“Petty.” Li Shinian muttered to herself.

After eating breakfast, Li Muyang said goodbye to his parents and carried his bags, getting ready to head to the exam venue.

Li Yan wanted to walk Li Muyang there, but he refused. Since he had already knew the route to the examination venue, there’s no need for an adult to escort him.

Li Muyang felt completely refreshed, his footsteps were light, and did not show a trace of nervousness for the important exams ahead.

“Maybe I am too prepared. “Li Muyang said to himself.

He pondered for a while, thinking that the entrance examinations that everyone dreaded was nothing special.

He carried his bag and walked into the yard, then a man wearing a black robe suddenly fell from the sky.

“It seems I came at the right time.” The black-robed man laughed darkly, while his eyes stared intently at Li Muyang—

Kwun Tong tea house.

Rich aristocrat’s son Yan Xiangma sat near the window on the second floor drinking tea, Jiangnan city’s most famous Longjing tea from the Shifeng mountain peak. By his side was a female singer wearing a green embroidered dress playing the Chinese lute while singing. The thick and soft language of the instrument nearly melted his heart and liver.
He liked this kind of melody; this was the characteristic style of an educated hedonistic young master.

Those who had nothing to do all day long and would bring their servants to bully innocent women can only be regarded as rogues. Although he also wanted to be one of those rogues, but was worried that his father will break his leg—even if his father does not hit him then his mother definitely will.

“Young master, we have already found out, this is the route that one must pass to get to the university entrance examination—in young master’s position, you just needs to glance outside every now and then, and we will know if he pass by or not. “A middle-aged man dressed in a black mandarin vest bow back stood next to him with a face filled with flattery.

“Young master is a master, born to enjoy his life. There is a beauty in my eyes, good music in my ears, and gourmet food and fragrant tea in my hands; you dare tell to me to glance outside every now and then, causing me to be distracted. If I do two things at once, would beauty still be beauty? Is this good song still a good song? Would the gourmet food and fragrant tea taste the same? Vulgar.”

“Yes yes yes. I am wrong.” The middle-aged man apologised profusely. “Young master please continue appreciating beauty, listening to good music, and leave everything else for us to handle. I already told people to be on guard downstairs, I’ll stay with young master upstairs and keep an eye on the outside—-as long as that Li Muyang comes, then I’ll rush up to him, stuff him into a sack and carry him away.”

“You are somewhat clever.” Yan Xiangma closed his eyes and tapped his fingers gently to the beat.” Even though if that guy attended the examinations there isn’t a 100% chance he can’t be admitted to West Wind University, but nevertheless we have to be more safe. Besides, so what if he manages to get accepted? If he does manage to get accepted, I’ll tell someone to knock him out, so he can’t go to West Wind University, can’t go to the Kingdom’s capital Tiandu. At that time I’ll give him a Jiangnan University admission notice, would he accept or not?”

“Accept. Of course he’ll accept it. “The middle-aged man laughed and said: “Jiangnan University is a prestigious school, Back in the days I tried to get in for three years but still wasn’t accepted. ”

Yan Xiangma’s expression changed drastically, and said: “Even if you had 30 years, you would have still failed. A prestigious school like Jiangnan University, is it for idiots like you to enrol?”

The middle-aged man suddenly remembered the young master education background, quickly changed his tone and said: “Yes, let alone 30 years, 300 years I also can’t go—enrolling for Jiangnan University is the same as asking for humiliation. It is something that’s impossible foe me. ”

“En. Be quiet.” Yan Xiangma waved his hand and said: “Don’t spoil the mood.”

“Yes, Yes, Yes–”

“I told you to shut up.

“Yes—–” The middle-aged man clenched his mouth and didn’t dare to speak again.

Half an hour later, Yan Xiangma looked up at the sky outside, and asked with a puzzled expression: “Why isn’t that boy here yet? ”

“Young master, can I talk now?” The middle-aged man asked cautiously.

Yan Xiangma was outraged, pointed at his henchman and scolded without restraint: “Then are you shitting right now if you’re not talking? ”


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