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031 – Endless Title Chart

Ye Qingyu continued searching within the dictionary, finally finding some clues.

The Heaven Wasteland domain had only been in existence for a hundred or so years, and was one of the youngest in the countless domains. But it was rumoured that the history of these countless domains stretched extremely far back.

There had been historians who had categorised the past into various ages since time immemorial. These were split into the Primordial age, God Devil Age, Greater Ancient age, Far Ancient age, Upper age, Middle Age and the Near Ancient age.  In every age and period, there had been an earth shattering event large enough to change the entire history and direction of the countless worlds.

The God Devil era was said to be an age almost as far back and as  ancient as the Primordial age. From the legends, this was a period where Gods and Devils ruled for millions upon millions of years. At the time, both the Demon race and the Human race were just in their infancy, with their strength being far too small. They were just objects to be slaughtered or enslaved.

Ye Qingyu would never have thought, that the bronze book, was related to the God Devil Era.

He had originally thought that these strange characters belong to domains outside of Heaven Wasteland.

“If it is really this, then the meaning of these words using the translation from the God Devil era is… Endless…Title…Chart…Endless title chart?”

Ye Qingyu was slightly confused.

Endless title chart?

What did that mean?

Endless, did it refer to the countless domains? Then what did title means? Does it mean the titles of nobles? Or does it mean the titles of martial experts?

Ye Qingyu kept turning the name of the book over and over, but did not managed to figure out the meaning behind it.

Although he felt slightly disappointed, but Ye Qingyu felt more and more interested in the person that was able to write the [Illustrated Handbook of Strange characters]. What kind of person was able to write such a book, that they were even proficient in the words of the God Devil age?,

The next four hours, Ye Qingyu carefully read and inspected this book.

His memory was extremely potent, and nearly every word he read, he could remember.

By the time the martial library was closing and the sentry had chased Ye Qingyu away, he had already remembered the majority of the contents in the [Illustrated handbook of strange characters.]

“I suddenly feel, that to go to the martial library whenever I have free time, is a very good choice!”

Ye Qingyu stood outside the white pagoda, looking at the doors slowly closing. He abruptly felt somewhat reluctant to leave.

He suddenly realised, that previously he had neglected the significance and the uses of the martial library.

Within White Library, apart from the teachings of the instructors and your own training, the silent library was a treasure easily ignored by everyone. The riches and wealth within, could only be detected by someone with the necessary perception.

After eating his dinner at the canteen and returning to the dormitory, Ye Qingyu continued to train.

His other three roommates formed a group, with an extremely snobby attitude, not caring about Ye Qingyu in the slightest. Ye Qingyu was too lazy to bother with these so called elite students, similarly ignoring them.

In the blink of an eye, it was deep in the middle of the night.

The moonlight entered throughout the glass, turning the room into a frosty white.

Ye Qingyu who was sat on the stone bed in a meditative stance, slowly opened his eyes.

“The Tau form is indeed profound, but for some reason, I feel that it cannot be compared to the simple breathing technique my father taught me by far…” Ye Qingyu carefully considered.

These few days, his training speed was extremely rapid. He had already entered into the middle phases of sixth stage. The impurities in his organs were constantly being cleansed, and his organs were slowly becoming more and more translucent.

The purification of the organs seemed to have no direct relation to the growth of his strength. Apart from expelling the Houtian qi in his body and preparing himself for the Xiantian stage, this was a training for his mentality and mind.

A corresponding power level had to have a corresponding state of mind.

The foundations of the Ye Qingyu – especially his theoretical aspect was extremely weak. These days of training in the [Tau form] and meditating on the process of training in the ordinary martial level, had significant benefits for him.

Breathing out a breath of impure air, Ye Qingyu stood up, walking to the windowsill.

He took out the bronze book, inspecting it carefully under the moonlight.

The bronze book was only the size of his palm and yet strangely weighed about five hundred pounds. The peculiar words on the cover, under the illumination of the moonlight, gave off an indistinct and abnormal glow, emitting a sense that it had passed through countless years.

“[Endless title chart]. What does these words mean?”

Ye Qingyu mumbled to himself, repeatedly pondering.

He did not realised, that as he was constantly muttering the name of the book [Endless title chart], a change began to happen.

On the ancient and mysterious bronze book, on the cold to the touch and rough surface of the book, something began to appear. Under the shine of the moon, radiant ripples began appearing.

It was as if the words that Ye Qingyu constantly muttered, had a spell like power. Under the moonlight, his words unceasingly entered into the Bronze book.

“This is…”

Ye Qingyu finally realised the change that was happening.

Before he could react, his hand had gotten lighter. The mysterious bronze book had disappeared.

“What happened?”

Ye Qingyu was scared by what had happen.

This was really an extremely disturbing occurrence. When he looked around, the bronze book had completely disappeared. He could not find any traces of the book, as if it had never appeared in the first place.

What had just occurred?

The next instant, there was another abnormal occurrence.

Ye Qingyu could suddenly feel in his mind, a strange warm energy moving. Before he could react, his vision blurred and an expanse of a dark sky littered with stars appeared in front of his eyes.

“What kind of ghost is this?”

Ye Qingyu’s heart was beating wildly. He vaguely knew that the things that had happened, must be related to the ancient and mysterious bronze book. The heat in his brain, and the things he had seen just now, could it be…

Could it be that the starry sky in front of him was his sea of consciousness?

Ye Qingyu vaguely guessed.

From rumours, it was said that once a martial artist reached the Xiantian stage, then he could observe inside himself, looking at the sea of Dantian* and the sea of consciousness. The existence of these two was the fundamental reason for why martial experts were strong. It was said that the majority of the sea of consciousness for martial artists  were endless starry skies.

And at the same time he was guessing, another strange thing happened —

Within his sea of consciousness, there was suddenly a strange beam of light, giving off a bronze shine. Line and lines of light shimmered in a strange fashion, forming a pattern. As if it was creating something from these light, a humongous bronze book began to appear from this pattern.

“This is the bronze book! Endless title chart!”

Under the shock of Ye Qingyu, he instantly recognised the object appearing in front of him. It was the bronze book that had strangely disappeared. But compared to the cold and dead bronze book in his hands, this bronze book seemed as if it was alive. Whether it was the strange characters or the patterns engraved upon it, they both gave off an air of vitality.

“So the bronze book really went into my sea of consciousness. But this is really strange, according to normal reasoning I haven’t entered the Spirit spring stage and hence not entered the Xiantian stage yet. I should have no way of seeing my sea of consciousness but right now…”

When there was something unusual happening, there was sure to be a demon behind it.**

At this time, Ye Qingyu could not confirm whether this occurrence was good for him. But thankfully the bronze book shone with a bright and radiant light, not looking like a demonic object of evil at all.

“I wonder if this book can be opened…”

An idea appeared in Ye Qingyu’s brain.

The next instant, as if sensing Ye Qingyu’s ideas, the first page of this humongous book began to flip open…

As if it was a hologram, an image began appearing in front of Ye Qingyu.

Not only were there words, there were also pictures.

It was a very beautiful and detailed picture. There were scenes of Gods and Devils doing battle, there were scenes of wondrous treasures appearing, there were scenes of divine weapons subduing monsters, and also scenes of living creatures soaring through the skies…

Every scene, had a strange energy that could cause a person’s soul to be submerged into it. It also had corresponding words with the scene.

Words from the God and Devil age.

“The meanings of these words…En, it also looks like an index. This [Endless Title chart] is also something akin to an encyclopaedia…and these diagrams are also from the God and Devil age, it means…”

Ye Qingyu attentively watched the book.

After reading the [Illustrated handbook of strange characters] in the martial library, he could vaguely understand the characters of the God and Devil Age. Right now, in his concentration, he could understand some of the words.

“It can be roughly divided into three catefories, being… titled Gods and Devils, titled divine weapons …and titled extraordinary objects!”

Ye Qingyu could understand some of what he read.

But these diagrams only glowed with a pale light, completely different from the bright and radiant shine of the cover of the book. What would the next page of the book hold…

Ye Qingyu thought, wanting to turn the next page of the bronze book to see the contents.

But this time, no matter how he willed, the bronze book did not automatically turn.

And when Ye Qingyu wanted to close the book, the next instant, the book closed.

It opened again.

It closed.

Ye Qingyu came to the conclusion that he could only open the first page right now, and was not able to open the following pages…was this related to his current level of strength?

Right now, Ye Qingyu could not determine exactly what the uses for this bronze book were and the power it had. But he could vaguely feel, that the mysteriousness of this bronze book far exceeded his imagination. An object from the God and Devil era, was definitely not normal or simple.

With a will of his thought, he left the sea of consciousness.

His sight returned to the scene of his room. It was as if time had stopped, and nothing had happened at all.

“Who would have thought that such a thing would happen. But the history of this bronze book is too mysterious. Since it can automatically enter the sea of consciousness, then this can be counted as a good occurrence since it will not be easily noticed by others.”

Ye Qingyu was an optimistic person, always thinking of the good side of everything.

He placed aside the things to do with the Brozne book and continued to meditate and train.

There was no difference between day and night for Ye Qingyu.


Time passed day by day.

In the blink of an eye, the time for the monthly examination had come.



*where qi is stored.

**Chinese idiom for when something strange is happening, there is definitely a reason behind it.


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