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031 – Human Shaped Cushion!


The courtyard is deep and hidden; the tall walls of the private courtyard that Li Yan and Luo Qi had bought when they just came to Jiangnan city has now became a natural barrier isolating them from the rest of the world.

For many people, it is still a quiet and peaceful morning, but for the Li family it is a nightmare.

The attack of an assassin was something they had never even considered before.

Who would have imagined, a good-for-nothing youth could have attracted the attack of a high-level assassin such as Crow —and even to the extent of using an absurd reason that his right hand gave a gold coin to his left hand as payment?

At the time of danger, Li Shinian was always the first one to rush in front of Li Muyang.

In her mind, Li Muyang was frail and weak, just like when he was young and needed protection and care,

“A deal?” Crow looked at the calm little girl across, he felt a truly fantastic feeling.” Little girl, do you know what you are doing? You want to make a deal with an assassin? If assassins are able to casually negotiate a transaction–then can they even claim to be an assassin? ”

“I’ll give you the ‘Art of Breaking Body’. ” Li Shinian said in a clear voice.

Just now, when she punched out, she noticed that the assassin’s face was filled with astonishment.

She remembered his expression, so she could conclude that the martial arts her shifu taught her is likely to be powerful.

Li Shinian was a clever person, and in addition to this, she’s also fairly composed.

If other girls were to encounter this kind of situation, they would have already hid behind their parents crying incessantly or even collapsing to the floor.

However, Li Shinian took the place of her brother and parents in negotiating with an assassin.

“Shinian–” Li Yan urgently shouted. He knew that the yellow-robed Taoist doted on her; he also knew that when he left, he gave a yellow-coloured book to Li Shinian and repeatedly told her to take care of it, and not to lose it or let other people know.

Right now his daughter is going to use it to exchange, is that not going against the wish of the man who gave her the book?

However, his daughter is going to use the secret book to exchange for his son’s life. He could not say words to stop her no matter what.

Li Shinian stared at assassin Crow without blinking, then explained to her father: “Father, I remember shifu’s words, but this is a critical moment, I can’t worry about that now—I will explain it to shifu. If there is punishment, I will take full responsibility.”

Seeing the silent and unimpressed expression on Crow’s face, Li Shinian then tried again and said: “The person you want to kill is my brother, but look at his condition—his body is weak and pitch-black. He was struck by lightning when he was born, even until now he‘s still in a lethargic state, unable to do anything–Is a trash like him really worth the effort to kill yourself? If others know of this, would that not attract the laughter of everyone? ”

“Rich and powerful, generals of the kingdom, women and children, rich young ladies– as long as someone is willing to pay, there is no one we won’t kill. Whether he’s a trash or not—” Crow glanced at Li Muyang, then a cold smile emerged on his lips as he said: “Little girl, I’m afraid you don’t know even what kind of a monster you’re protecting, right? ”

Of course Li Shinian doesn’t know what kind of monster Li Muyang is, since she was already certain that he’s a weak man who can’t protect himself.

“No one actually paid for my brother’s life, right? ”

“He spoiled my good work, I have to kill him.”

“Let my brother go, and I’ll give you the ‘Art of Breaking Body’. As for the matter of your own right hand giving your left hand a gold coin, no one will know–”

Crow is tempted by the ‘Art of Breaking Body’. The ‘Art of Breaking Body’ is a secret book of Taoism, a very high level of Taoism. Apart from the senior Taoists and the seven wandering Taoist spiritual masters, no one is qualified to give it away.

Ziyang Taoist is one of the seven spiritual masters. Many years ago it has been said that his powers had reached the Withering Glory stage, able to decide life and death with just one thought. Crow does not dare to mess with Ziyang Taoist, but he still had the nerve to bully one of his disciples.

The person he’s going to kill is Li Muyang, and not his disciple Li Shinian.

“After killing you, I can also get a hold of the ‘Art of Breaking Body’.” Crow sneered aloud.

“Kill me, and you get nothing.” said Li Shinian. “The ‘Art of Breaking Body’ is in my mind.”

“Are you kidding me? “Crow face turned gloomy. He could tell that this little girl is very intelligent, and also slippery. Kids are this precocious these days? They even can negotiate business so skillfully? Nowadays, they are able to negotiate transactions with assassinations. Don’t tell me that they teach this in school? In that case, the business of the assassination school that he graduated from is bound to be affected strongly.

The Kingdom’s economy is in a slump; every profession is competing intensely against each other. The assassination business was also the same.

Crow is worried about his alma mater; written on the school gate back in his years was the ancient teaching: ‘ Today I am proud of the school, tomorrow the school is ashamed of me’. He had always kept this in mind, and he wholeheartedly aimed to be famous in order for the school to be ashamed of his excellent assassination achievements.
“I hope the school stay strong, it must not close down easily.” He silently prayed.

“I hope you will respond as soon as possible, otherwise, if you wait until Xiaoxin sister arrives, you will most likely get nothing. I’ll give you the ‘Art of the Breaking Body’ and pretend you did not come today, how about it?”

Crow stared coldly at Li Muyang and said: “Li Muyang, do you really need a girl to stand up for you?”

Li Muyang patted his sister’s shoulder and said in a hoarse voice: “Shinian, let me–”

“Brother—” Li Shinian screamed: “Don’t try to be brave. Do you not know the condition of your body? He is deliberately luring you out, and then he’ll kill you in one strike. Don’t listen to him, and stand behind me. If he dares to lays his fingers on you, I will fight him with all my might—“


“Be quiet.”

“What a cowardly incompetent man.” Crow’s mouth twitched.

“Son, don’t listen to what others say. “Li Yan grunted aloud. The man who usually says a few words came rushing forward with his spear.

As one of the oldest member of the family and the only adult male in the family, he has the responsibility and obligation to stand in front and shelter his wife and children from the wind and rain at this critical moment.

One thrust and the spear was out, secretly stirring wind and thunder.

Crow stood still and sneered: “Lu family’s ‘Heavenly Emperor Spear’ is famous for its power, it had defeated countless number of enemies, and was named as the number one spear of West Wind ——unfortunately, you’ve only just learnt a little. ”


Crow stretched out his hand from his black robe.

As if the pike has eyes, it arrived into Crow’s hand by itself.

“You can’t even attract the wind and thunder, and yet you want to hurt me with ‘Heavenly Emperor Spear’? Even a seven-year-old of the Lu family is a hundred times stronger than you, right? “Crow grabbed hold of the pike, and said tauntingly. “It seems that you are just a lackey of the Lu family–”

Crow pondered seriously for a moment, and then said: “Interesting, interesting I just casually found a normal family for veangence, yet they happened to be related to the Kingdom’s Lu family–”

Li Yan face turned purple as he desperately tried to gather qi to resist and trying to forcibly retrieve the pike from Crow’s hand.

Unfortunately, just as Crow had said, he only learnt limited knowledge of the ‘Heavenly Emperor Spear’. He can’t even defeat a child of the Lu family—as a servant, how would he get an opportunity to understand the exquisite techniques of the genuine ‘Heavenly Emperor Spear’?

He learnt this superficial knowledge when he was the driver for Miss Gongsun Yu, from watching Lu Qingming of the Lu family practicing in the yard, and remembering it and thinking it through by himself.

“You want to snatch the pike back? “Crow smiled, then suddenly the hand holding the pike jerked forward, and both Li Yan and the pike were floating in mid-air.

“Let go of my father.” Li Muyang was enraged, yelling and rushing over to assassin Crow.

“You finally look like a man—-here you go. ”

Assassin Crow clicked his fingers and Li Yan’s body was heavily flung towards Li Muyang.

“Brother be careful-” Li Shinian reminded him as she ran over.

She was aware of Crow’s strengths. Do not underestimate his power, if not handled properly, then Li Muyang’s weak bones will be crushed into pieces.

Li Muyang couldn’t hear, his body jumped high up and held Li Yan’s heavy body in his arms.

Both of their bodies were rolling and flipping in the air, and then they were flung towards the wall.

“Muyang—” Li Yan was worried.

He was aware of his son’s poor health. If his body was behind, then he would have to suffer the impact of his own heavy body crushing him against the wall. He feared for his son’s life.

Even while in mid-air, Li Yan tried to swap positions.

He grabbed Li Muyang’s body, trying to drag him to the front, letting his own body to pound against the wall instead, trying to act as a human cushion for his son.

But he could not pull him.

Li Muyang tightly held his father’s body from behind, as if he’s holding onto the most precious thing in the world.

“Muyang—” Li Yan once again exerted force.


Li Muyang’s body smashed against the thick bluestone walls, and Li Yan’s body heavily struck against Li Muyang’s chest.

Dust scattered everywhere, and vegetation on the wall also fell down.

At the area on the wall where Li Muyang fell onto, there was an enormous human-shaped dent.

Kacha Kacha–

Fine cracks upon cracks appeared on the bluestone wall.

“Muyang—” Luo Qi cried out in sorrow as she rushed over to Li Muyang.

“Brother-” Li Shinian also changed the direction of her attack, wanting to see the condition of Li Muyang.

Li Yan’s eyes turned blood-red and were brimming with tears.

He stayed in the same posture as when he fell to the floor. He didn’t dare to move or turn around.

He feared that if he turned around, he would see that his son had been pressed into a patty.


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