Crow’s body floated in the air like a bird with broken wings.

He waved his black robe about, trying to maintain his balance, but it was too late.


Crow’s body heavily pounded against the ground, and his back pressed into the solid bluestone walls.

Although he had already used his ‘wave breaking thousand sails’ technique to push forward his own body and to avoid taking a direct hit—- but Li Muyang’s punch was too abrupt and too heavy, it was not something that the force of his wave could contend against.

The pain he felt was as if his back was being torn apart. His bones also seemed to snap into two.

Crow’s strength was much superior to Li Muyang’s, so much that before Li Muyang’s entered his berserk state, he only needed to reach out and extend his fingers to press him to death. However, Li Muyang’s body was strong, his skin and flesh solid and tough. Also his ability to repair himself was something that cultivators could not match up to.

He experienced a shortness of breath, his right hand that held onto the sword twitched, and his gut overturned as if it’s about to jump out of his chest.

He felt a sweet taste in his throat, and then he forcibly restrained himself from vomiting out qi and blood

However, the more he endured the more uncomfortable it was; the urge to vomit became increasingly intense.


With his mouth wide open, he spurted out large mouthfuls of blood in front of Li Muyang.

Then he hurriedly lifted his head, and noticed that he was surrounded by a dense black fog. Since it is difficult to see anything at all, it reassured him that Li Muyang wouldn’t see his pitiful state.

It then came to mind that Li Muyang may have possibly heard the sound of him vomiting blood, and his heart could not help but became somewhat worried once again.

Even the assassination of an ordinary person did not go smoothly. Just when will the assassination school be genuinely ashamed of him and use his success stories as teaching materials for the younger generation and as an object of worship?

Crows have always felt that he is a model assassin of the school; he possesses a majestic dream and a goal beneath his skin.

“Kill him.” Crow thought in his mind: “Kill him and what happened today would not exist. His injuries, vomiting blood—-including the matter of his right hand giving a cold coin to his left hand. All will be like snow in the sun, instantly melting into a puddle of ice water making and becoming difficult to distinguish it with what it was before.”

“You finally show your true self now?” Said Crow as he glared at Li Muyang who was gasping for air in the fog. He was able to see Li Muyang’s location, he was able to see Li Muyang’s facial expression- it was a ferocious expression of violence. It’s difficult for him to imagine, how such an expression could appear on the face of this boy—-just as it was is difficult for him to believe that this boy managed to block his cherry blossoms cut over and over again that time at the cafe. “Your current state is your true face? Who are you really?”

Seeing that Li Muyang red pupils was wrapped in fresh blood, Crow could not help but ask a question that had puzzled him for a long time: “You’re a monster? ”

“You deserve to die.” Li Muyang walked towards Crow one step at a time.

Crow suddenly felt a sense of oppression.

He felt the danger.

An assassin’s instinct is very sensitive; from Li Muyang’s body he felt a dangerous atmosphere.

Just now Li Muyang had exploded his ‘snake spirit sword’ into pieces with just his fist. Although it is said that the snake spirit sword can’t be compared to the list of the Hundred Weapons, but within the land of the West Wind, it enjoyed the reputation of being a prestigious weapon. He stole the snake spirit sword from a sword master when he assassinated him, but he didn’t think that today it would be destroyed in the hands of a nameless boy.

This was utterly hateful!

Crow reached out and wiped the bloodstain on his lips, and then stood up by holding onto the wall.

“You think you can kill me like that?” Crow sneered. “Extremely foolish.”

Crow stretched out both his hands, then vast amount of black smoke emanated from his body.

His left hand formed a complicated ‘triple arch of a ram’s horn’ seal, and his right hand frequently waved about in the air.

A door flashing with red light appeared out of nowhere in the courtyard. The border of the door was burning with red flames, as if it had just been pulled out from hell itself.

Large quantities of black crows came flapping toward the direction of Li Muyang; they were silent and fierce.

“I’ll let you have a taste of the power of flesh-eating blood crows.” Crow said with a proud face. “They will suck every last drop of your blood, devour each and every piece of your flesh. Even your bones, they won’t leave any behind——wait until after the blood crows leave, you will disappear from this world. As if you had never existed.”

Crow did not intend to use such a powerful killing move, because it would deplete his qi and energy. Moreover, these dark things cannot be frequently summoned because each time they must be fed fully.

If they rushed out but didn’t receive any food, they will treat the person who called them as their target and food. The assistants who were helping him seconds ago would into some maniac killers that he can’t even ward off – this was a situation that no owners would want to see.

Crow is the owner of the blood crows. When Crow began to train them, he indeed had to feed them with his own blood.

Last time he also summoned them in the café, the purpose was so Li Muyang and that maiden of the Cui family can serve as food for these crows.

But suddenly the ‘Buddha is born everywhere’ move appeared out of nowhere. This move can be classified as a light technique of Buddhism, it is the natural enemy of such filthy things. If these blood crows were not incinerated by ‘Buddha is born everywhere’, then it is likely that few people in the coffee shop could have survived.

The flesh-eating blood crows extend their sharp claws, open their sharp beaks, and rushed towards Li Muyang’s location, as if they are hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Some flocked towards to where Li Shinian and Li Muyang’s parents were on the ground, in that place they could see their prey.

It seemed that Li Muyang did not hear Crow’s words, his eyes was covered with redness as he marched forward in big strides.
When he saw the black crows wanting to block his path, Li Muyang once again violently punched out.


Numerous crows were sent into flying and scattered everywhere. The countless number of crows resembled countless black marbles being shot out and then hitting the walls and the door, then tumbling to the ground.

Seeing that some blood crows were about to bite his younger sister, Li Muyang’s eyes were about to crack and he forcefully punched out.


The blood crows that came into contact with Li Muyang’s overbearingly powerful fist exploded into pieces.

Black-coloured blood splattered in the sky, as if black raindrops had fell into the little courtyard.

Li Muyang squatted down, lifted up his sister’s body from the ground, and then walked towards where mother and father were lying.

He lay them down together, and then he stood straight up with his back in front of them.

As long as he’s here, nobody can hurt them.

As long as he’s alive, nobody can hurt them.

Just like how they protected him just now.

The flesh-eating blood crows that scattered with his punch, instantly gathered together again. They prefered to flock together to attack.

Under Crow’s control, they opened wide their eyes wide, revealing their blood-red eyes as they rushed towards Li Muyang.

No matter what, they were about to tear Li Muyang into pieces, and then devour him into their stomach.


Li Muyang threw out his fist with explosive force.

Blood crows were dispelled, but then gathered again.


Li Muyang once again violently threw out his fist.

The death and injuries of blood crows rose drastically; however, even more blood crows are still being summoned from the nether gate.

The number of crows became increasingly more, almost filling up the whole courtyard.

This is the reason for Crow to set up his puzzling obstruction of darkness in the courtyard right before his assassination. If there isn’t such a barrier concealing them from the outside world, then most likely what happened here would have already spread across half of Jiangnan city.




Li Muyang’s punched out one after another, as if he would never knew what fatigue is.

Countless blood crows had been exploded or killed by his fist, around his feet were large volumes of black-coloured blood, and on the ground vast quantities of bird carcasses accumulated.

Li Muyang became a professional bird-killing machine!

Li Muyang’s performance was remarkable, too remarkable that it made him feel frightened.

However, it is because of this fear that the savage nature of Crow was stimulated.

He must destroy Li Muyang, the better Li Muyang’s performance is, the more he wants to use the most brutal method to destroy this powerful guy.

The sense of achievement in killing an ordinary person and killing a genius differs vastly.

“Carry on killing, use extra effort in killing——-” Crow thought to himself: “I have an endless number of flesh-eating blood crows, as long as I can keep the nether gate open, then I can continue to summon a steady flow of blood crows to serve me——-Wait until you’ve drained all your strength, that is precisely my time to kill you in one strike.”

“Human is not like the high mountains or the wide river, how would they not be tired?”

Crow awaited his opportunity. A chance that he thinks will soon appear.

Li Muyang is impatient!

He can’t stand the killing.

These stupid birds, these filthy things, dare to challenge him——even though he can kill them easily, but Li Muyang still feel insulted.

Not like that!

Fighting should not be like this !

They should use a fiercer and stronger method; he wanted to rapidly settle this dissatisfying battle.

His vicious tendency rose dramatically. The scales on the back of Li Muyang’s hand changed into a snowy white colour, and then it looked as if sparkling and translucent diamonds were embedded within his flesh.

While Li Muyang once again attack with his fist, breaking up apart flocks of blood crows, his blood-red eyes glared at the location of Crow.

Crow has a bad feeling.

He rapidly changed his handprint seal; all of the blood crows in the sky flapped towards his body and crowded him.

Crow and the flesh-eating blood crows merged together, becoming a gigantic monster that also emitted toxic air.

The monster headed towards Li Muyang; it walked silently, but it was extremely disturbing.

“These tiny flying insects.” Li Muyang bit his lips, the corner of his lips was dripping with blood. His voice was hoarse and changed greatly but also showed a dignified dominance. “Go to hell.”

Li Muyang clenched his right hand into a tight fist and then punched out forcefully.

The blood crows felt danger, fluttered its wings trying to escape.

Crow also felt danger, changed his body size to enter into the nether gate.

Unfortunately, there is a strong suction restricting their body movements, making them unable to budge at all.


Lightning flashes across, a sudden clap of thunder sounded, and the giant black monster resembled a fragile wall collapsing to the ground.


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