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036 – Continuous victory

“I…” He opened his mouth to say something, then spurted out blood. With a wobble, he fainted.

There was a deathly silence all around.

This was the Nie Yan who was famed for his incomparable strength!

One must be aware, that previously within the first years, there were very few people who could withstand even a casual strike from him. And yet today, Nie Yan lost in his strongest speciality—

The full power strike of Nie Yan was casually blocked by a swing of Ye Qingyu’s spear. It even sent his sword flying, the impact injuring his arm and internal organs, spurting blood out and fainting!

Quan Yalin was both angry and frightened when he saw this scene. It was as if he was being viciously slapped in the face again. He was quivering with anger, but there was nothing he could do!

He suddenly felt, that today he had made an idiotic decision.

The noble students beside him were all livid but right now, their faces were white with fear. This kind of power, not only did they have no way to stand against it, but it was outside their realms of imagination!

Why was it that such an invincible person would emerge from within the commoners?

This was a question that puzzled many people.

Amidst another moment of silence, Ye Qingyu jumped off the ring. He headed for the third ring.

He had no expression on his face, dragging the spear in one hand. The blade of the spear rubbed against the stones tiles, producing a terrifying noise and a series of sparks!

“This…cannot be allowed to continue, or else…” Quan Yalin shouted. If today he really allowed Ye Qingyu to drag all the noble students down then it signified that the entire noble population of first years, could no longer lift up their heads.

“Quickly go get a teacher!”

“After defeating the ring master, then you are the ring master. You can’t be allowed to challenge …He…He is breaking the rules!”

“Too arrogant! He’s disregarding the rules and is out of control!”

The noble students cried out in panic.

At this time, Ye Qingyu had already entered onto the third stage. The master of this ring was a white robed youth that looked extremely agile. Holding two swords in his hands, he looked at Ye Qingyu and said: “Haha, commoner scraps are really such brutes that don’t even know the rules. You only rely on your brute strength…if you have guts then lets compete on sword techniques!”

Ye Qingyu: “Haha!”

The next second.

The winds of his fist, as if it was a surging tsunami, completely submerged the teenager that thought he was so clever!

Under the ring.

“Lost…Lost again?”

“The one with the reputation as being the strongest swordsmans, Tong Wei, has also lost!”

“Ye Qingyu’s strength is really too terrifying. Using strength to overcome technique. Even the most intricate swordsmanship, in front of that terrifying avalanche like power, is useless….”

“That damn brute!”

“Demon king!”

The students discussed heatedly.

The noble students were all filled with righteous anger but was helpless. Delight filled the faces of every commoner student. Although in the past days, they did not have much interaction with Ye Qingyu but his actions that was akin to slapping the noble students in the face, made them feel extremely satisfied!

“Where is the teacher? Why has no one come out to stop this trash…”

“This is subverting the order of the challenging matches, why does no one care?”

“What does this little trash want to do? Does he want to turn head teacher Wang Yan’s list of ten into a joke?”

Quan Yalin and the others were like frightened rabbits, crying out loudly.

The people who they had sent for reinforcements had not yet arrived. And for some unknown reason, the teachers responsible for maintaining order only stood around the stages. They did not move to stop Ye Qingyu’s actions.


From far away.

Within the air.

An invisible barrier prevented the students from sensing their existence. Therefore they could not see, above the practice grounds, five figures looking down and observing everything that had happened!

“This little fellow is really making trouble…”

The white robed old man, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, shook his head slightly. He looked to be around a hundred years old, every inch of his hair snowy white,  with long white eyebrows that grew to his shoulder!

“Dean, should we really let him do as he pleases?” A black clothed, square faced middle aged man said without any expression.

“Haha, the things about first years, let little Yan take care of herself.” The old man shook his head, white light shimmering around him, then disappearing.

The black robed man nodded thoughtfully.

The next instant, he also disappeared.

Within the air, only the head teacher of the first years, Wang Yan, the great teacher Hon Kong and the burly teacher Wen Wan was left.

“I suddenly feel, the things that this little bastard does, is very similar to what I’ve done when I was young.” Wen Wan said with a pleased smile. “No wonder he is a disciple that your father, I, taught.”

“The little scoundrel really take the tyrannical from [Tyrant] and demonstrates it fully.” Hon Kong also had a pleased smile. “I’ve already said, his martial idol is the killing Asura god. With such a personality, how can he possibly endure their provocations. Haha, of course he follows his character. I like this.”

The head teacher Wang Yan helplessly massaged her head. “You two narcissists, you’ve already concealed your identity for so many years but you still don’t change your personality. I can’t stand you any more…you guys talk, I’ll leave first!”

“Ah? You’re going to leave just like that? Then what should we do, about the events today?”

Wang Yan gave the bustling events down below a glance. “What can we do? Just allow the little scoundrel to do what he wants.”

Black lines appeared on Hon Kong’s facial expression, a picture of defeat on his face. He said, “After discussing for so long, the one who spoils him the most, is really you.”

“That’s right, aren’t you afraid of spoiling him too much?” Wen Wan had a morally righteous look on his face.

Wang Yan gave the two men a glare. “Stop pretending. If I really decided to stop this little scoundrel, then the first to rush out to protect him, will definitely be you two?”

Hon Kong and Wen Wan glanced at each other, laughing embarrassingly.

Wang Yan sighed and said: “The torturous experience that this child has gone through, is not something that someone of the same age can imagine. His personality is accommodating and he has his own ideas of doing things. It looks like he is just causing trouble, but he must have deeper intentions. And in these years, the academy is divided. When the old Dean was here, he wanted to stop the conflict between the nobles and the commoners. Today, by borrowing this child’s hand to supress the arrogant and conceited nobles, a good thing can also be done. And the people in the list of ten, should also experience some setbacks. Only through knowing that there is always someone better than you, can you truly grow.  “

“But I fear through this incident, the strength of this little bastard will become evident. Liu Yuancheng, that government official, I fear he will have bad intentions again.” Wen Wan said seriously.

“Just leave this to Blue Sky. In this Deer city, even if the city leader wants to act against Blue Sky, he’ll have to carefully consider the master of that lunatic.” Wang Yan laughed.


At the same time that they were speaking, Ye Qingyu had already challenged to the seventh ring.

On these seven stages, all of the ring masters were noble students. Especially the number ten stage, it was originally held by a commoner student called Li Da. It was then taken by noble students through extended challenges, whose new ring master was extremely conceited. He was also crushed by Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu completely dominated every stage he went through.

No one was able to block one strike of his spear.

The amount of force that Ye Qingyu could produce, had completely shaken all the students.

The teachers that Quan Yalin and the others were hoping to arrive, did not appear.

It was as if the academy did not know about this incident, sending no one to take care of anything.

At this time, Ye Qingyu stood in front of the last three rings.

Qin Wushuang, Yan Xingtian and Song Qingluo were on the stages.

From the start of the challenging matches to now, no one has challenged Qin Wushuang.

Because no matter whether considering the selection results or the monthly examination results, the strength that he displayed was too strong. His strength was like a divine mountain, suppressing everyone till they can’t breathe.

The establishment of such respect and prestige was not done overnight.

Qin Wushuang was the number one expert of the first years. No matter what angle you considered him from, be it strength, talent, status or background, it was all flawless. There could be no one that could challenge his position.

There was not one student who dared face Qin Wushuang.

No matter it be it Xia Houwu, Liu Lei, dissatisfied nobles or commoners not content with their position. No one dared.

Qin Wushuang stood high up in the number one ring, observing  the surrounding students. He was like a monarch observing his citizens. Even if Ye Qingyu was able to continuously defeat the seven ring masters, it could not cause the slightest change in his facial expression.

On the other side,  Yan Xingtian had already accepted forty five challenges.

He had injuries all around his body, but still stood as firm as a rock on the ring. Even the Quan Yalin who had conceived the scheme to drag him down did not imagine that this commoner student would be so tough and tenacious, managing to retain his spot till now.

He had a solemn and stern expression. He looked at Ye Qingyu, not saying anything.

From Yan Xingtian expression, no one could guess his thoughts or emotions. There was not any joy at Ye Qingyu crushing the nobles nor was there the anger from the number two person at someone stealing his thunder.

He only stood there silently.

No one could guess what he was thinking.

It seemed that there never had been anyone who could tell when Yan Xingtian was happy, angry, sad or joyful.

While Song Qingluo’s expression was slightly uncomfortable. Ye Qingyu’s explosive actions had completely shocked her. Apart from shock, she could also clearly feel her weakness compared to him. If Ye Qingyu’s next objective was her, than unquestionably, she would not be able to retain her position.

Ye Qingyu had a faint smile on his face, walking towards the next stage.

The crowd started heating up.

“Who is it? Who is it? Ye Qingyu will choose who next?”

“It should be Song Qingluo? She is after all, part of nobles’ circle…”

“Quickly look, he is really walking towards Song Qingluo’s ring!”“



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