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036 – My heart is too soft!


If unexpected things happen, there must be a demon behind it. If a person acted unexpectedly, there must be a dagger behind them.

Li Muyang naturally did not believe in Yan Xiangma. Likewise, Yan Xiangma did not believe Li Muyang could kill Crow alone.

Li Muyang knew that Yan Xiangma does not really like him. For a toad to think of eating a swan’s meat – what would the swan’s family think?

Therefore, when Yan Xiangma asked him whether to believe or not, without hesitation he replied “I don’t believe you.”

Yan Xiangma is feeling embarrassed and angry. As the eldest son of the Yan family, he has never been so shamefully rejected before?

Yan Xiangma pressed his lips together, his face full of mockery as he say : “You are just like a dog biting a good man because it does not realise his kind intentions.I saw you are indecisive so I suggested ways to help you out, for you to complete your examinations … since you are not willing to accept my favours, then just forget what i said.”

He glanced around and noticed there were Luo Qi, Li Yan and Li Shinian lying behind him. Then he said: “Then you stay beside them and protect them well. About the test today…it does not really matter whether you take it or not as it won’t make a difference, isn’t that right?”

Li Muyang fell silent for a while, then scanned and evaluated Yan Xiangma’s face from left to right. He finally opened his mouth to ask: “Are you really willing … help me to look after my family?”

“Now I am not willing. “Yan Xiangma proudly said. I am not a servant from your family, Why should I look after your family for you?

Li Muyang became silent for a moment once more, then looked at Yan Xiangma intensively and said: “I’d really like to participate in this examination, you don’t know what it represents to me……..”

‘…..” Yan Xiangma leisurely fanned himself. Beg me, beg me. Maybe I would say yes if you beg me….

“You just said that the Cui and Yan families owed me a favor right?” Li Muyang said in a hoarse voice.

Yan Xiangma had a bad premonition, but he could not deny what he had just said, so he unashamedly said: “I did say that previously.”

“ Then, is it possible…for you to repay this favor now? Li Muyang looked at Yan Xiangma with sincerity, and said: “Based on the fact that I have aided the Cui and the Yan family, could you help me to look after my family? I only need you to do this for a brief moment, I shall come straight back once my examination is over.”

“Li Muyang…..”Yan Xiangma wanted to get angry but did not understand the reason behind this emotion. Was this not the way that I originally wanted to negotiate with him?

“You don’t agree ?”

“It is not that I don’t agree…” Yan Xiangma said “It is just…”

“So the effort and contribution of killing Crow can’t even exchange for such a small request ?”

“…..Fine then. “ Yan Xiangma said it with a bitter voice.

Li Muyang carried Li Shinian back to the living room, and carried mother Luo Qi, back in too.

When he went back out to help father Li Yan, he had already opened his eyes as he regained consciousness. His body was badly wounded, he could not regain his energy in such a short time.

“Muyang, are you ok? Li Yan asked swiftly

“Dad, I am ok…” Li Muyang’s lips wanted to form a grim, but when he laughed with his face covered in blood, he was like an Asura from hell.

“ Your mother, and Shinian…are they ok?”

“Dad, don’t worry, they are fine—–” Li Muyang pointed to the bodies lying not far from here, his mother Luo Qi and his sister Shinian then said:” They are temporarily unconscious because of the poisonous smoke, they will regain consciousness soon.”

“That is great.” Li Yan could only relax at that moment. His eyes were red as he looked at Li Muyang and said: I am useless, I caused your all sufferings.”

“Dad, we are okay. As long as the whole family is safe, then all is well.”

“En. As long as everyone is safe.” Li Yan patted Li Muyang’ shoulder, then it suddenly dawned on him. He rushed to ask “Muyang, it is your high school examinations today…go quickly, you must not be late.”

“Dad, I’m prepared to——“

”It has most likely already started right now. Don’t say anymore, quickly go run.”

“But how about you all…”

“I’ve already awoken, nothing will happen. “Li Yan knows how crucial this examination was to his son, and he had already witness his son studying diligently days and nights for the last month. He continued on: “Muyang, don’t delay now. Otherwise, when your mother awakes, it would really upset her. You know how much she cares about you doing this examination.”

“Dad, I”ve already asked…..”Li Muyang glanced at Yan Xiangma who was standing in the living room, browsing the surroundings, then said :”I have already asked cousin Xiangma to help to look after you all, he is the cousin of Xiaoxin. I will come straight back after the test.”

“Everything is fine, go.” Li Yan kept rushing him.
When Li Muyang was about to leave, Yan Xiangma coldly glanced at him, and said: “If I was you, I would go to wash myself first and changed to a clean clothes first, otherwise, with the look on you now, it will be impossible for you to enter the examination hall——”

Li Muyang agreed with this statement in his heart. If he goes to the school in the state he was in right now without washing and changing, people would think that he had not come to sit the test, but rather come and cause troubles.

Li Muyang dashed upstairs, rushing into the bathroom to wash his face. He also changed into a clean set of clothes, then ran to pick up the school bag from where he had dropped it in the yard, then rushed away towards the outside.

Li Dalu and the other who were standing at the main road saw Li Muyang carrying a school bag running towards them. Their first reaction was to block him.

They remembered their mission today, was to prevent this guy breaking through and going to sit the examination…they were ready and prepared already. They would cover him with a rucksack and take him away.

‘Let him go.” When the gang was about to take action, Yan Xiangma flipped his fan as he walked over, giving a new order.

“Young master…” Li Dalu looked bamboozled as he stared at his young master.
“He will not pass anyway.” Yan Xiangma did not like Li Dalu’s doubtful look, and hence replied in such a blunt manner.

“Yes yes yes, young master is able to devise a strategy in the blink of an eye and from thousands of miles away…….” Li Dalu waved hand to tell people to let Li Muyang pass.

Li Muyang looked at Yan Xiangma gratefully, grabbed the school bag and ran towards the school.

Yan Xiangma was looking Li Muyang’s back and sighed slightly, then said: “The more diligent you are now, the more regretful you will be afterward…The most important thing in life is that you must not fail in the areas you work the hardest in.”

“Yes yes yes, young master is right…”


Li Dalu’s head suffered from the metal hand fan

Yan Xiangma brought a group of little brothers with him back to the courtyard, then said: “ Clean up the courtyard. I hate dirtiness, and I wish for no traces to remain behind.”

“Yes, young master.” Li Dalu raised his hand, the brothers he brought back wearing black clothing began tidying up. The corpse of Crow had been buried, the blood stains had been scraped off. Even the blood stains on the wall had been cleaned thoroughly.

“ About the things that happened today, it all happened because of us. Do you all understand?” Yan Xiangma scanned around, and said with a cold voice. “If anyone of you spread a word about this, then you can ask your family to pick up your dead body from the forest.”

“Young master, you mean to say…we will take credit for this ourselves?” Li Dalu’s eyes lit up, grinning as he asked this question.

“Credit?” What do we want the credit for?”Yan Xiangma had a harsh expresssion as he scolded him. “But, this credit cannot be placed on Li Muyang’s head.”

“That’s right, we cannot let him get such a great benefit…..Crow is an important wanted criminal. The reward from the city lord’s office are three thousand gold coins.”

“Moron.” “Yan Xiangma stared at him like staring at scrap metal that could not become steel no matter what. Then he said: “Do you think I want the credit because of the money? Why don’t you use your pig brain to think it thoroughly, if this credit is given to Li Muyang, what will other people think? What kind of person is Li Muyang, I am afraid there will be lots people asking the same question ? Besides, what about the assassin organisation, and the mastermind behind Crow…Do you think they will let Li Muyang to get away? If they know Li Muyang killed Crow, his family will encounter greater danger.”

“Understood”. Li Dalu looked as if he was fully enlightened. “But, young master, did we not want to kidnap him? Why are we trying to protect him right now then?”

Yan Xiangma hesitated a little while, gently sighed then said: “Because my heart is too soft.”


Yan Xiangma returned to the living room, saw Li Shinian and Luo Qi still lying unconscious.

Li Dalu stood behind Yan Xiangma, and saw the direction in why Yan Xiangma was placing his attention. His thoughts moving like lightning, he sycophantically said: “Young master, this young lady is really beautiful, if you fancy her…”


Li Dalu’s head was struck once again.

Li Dalu realised he said the wrong thing, and quickly changed his words: “Naturally, our young master is handsome and radiant. He ertainly will not be attracted to such common and vulgar beauty…”


Li Dalu’s head was struck yet again.

Li Dalu was nearly about to cry. He said: “Young master, is this young lady beautiful or not?Can you please tell me clearly?”

“Sshh…” Yan Xiangma made a hand gesture, and said “ Don’t disturb this beautiful lady.”


Li Yan was sitting at a corner, angrily stared at those two fools gibbering rubbish.
He was holding a fist really tight with one hand, while holding a cup with the other that he had just picked up from the table. He kept staring at those two fools to see if they were up to anything, if so the cup in his hand would fly across the room to smash their brains out.


When Li Muyang arrived the examination hall, the gate was already closed with guards outside.

Countless students’ parents patiently waiting outside. They even breathed gently, in case they might disturb the examination progress.

Li Muyang showed his entrance pass to the the guards on the two side of the gate: “I am a candidate, I am late because of personal reasons, please let me in.”

“The test is already in progress, no one is allowed once the gate is closed. You had better go home.” The guard disdainfully looked at Li Muyang and said: “How can you be late for such important test, students like you cannot get any good results even if you enter. You will disturb others answering the questions if you go in —Just go home, if you come back earlier for the next exam, you might still have a chance.”

“Being absent for such an important subject’s examination, even if you get full marks on the other subjects, it is most likely that you won’t be able to attend a good school ? If I was you, I would give up right now…” The other guard said in a voice rejoicing in his predicament..

“Why do you say that?” A sharp voice came from behind Li Muyang.


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