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037 – Detoxifying concoction!


One problem after another!

As he’s about to leave the house he encountered Crow, and after getting rid of Crow he came across Xiangma. After much difficulty he finally arrived at the door of the entrance exam, but then two guards stopped him and won’t let him through—–

Li Muyang feels his life was full of difficulties; in his previous life did he anger the gods? There were many twists and turns along the way and he was almost killed.

Just as Li Muyang was about to beg the two guards to let him in, he heard a voice shouting from behind: “What did you say? ”

Li Muyang turned around and saw Zhao Mingzhu wearing all black and with serious expression as she walked rapidly towards his direction.

Zhao Mingzhu angrily stomped in front of Li Muyang, looked at him with a biting cold glare and said: “Li Muyang, do you even have a little sense of time? What day is it today? Today is the day of the exams, it is the day when thousands of horses and men cross over the bridge by themselves, a dividing line that will determine your future life——you’re late on the first day of the exam, what are you thinking? Have you ever thought about taking responsibility for your own future?”

“Miss Zhao—–” Li Muyang’s fist clenched tight, and his face revealed a distressed expression. He can’t explain what he had experienced to others, but this does not mean that there is no resentment in his heart.

As long as there is a chance, he does not wish to miss it. Just as he’s aware that he doesn’t have to sleep constantly every day, just as he discovered that he is capable of studying, he worked harder than anyone else and desperately put in more effort than anyone else. He gets up at five o’clock in the morning to study, and looks through exam paper till 12 o’clock at night. Apart from his three meals a day and his short time of sleep, he devoted all his time into studying.

However, in the eyes of Zhao Mingzhu, was he just a bad student who doesn’t care about his own life?

When you had tried your best, when you had exerted your mind and achieved some success, but people just merely glance at you contemptuously and say ‘that’s nothing’—that feeling is much more difficult to bear than being poured a bucket of cold water in the winter.

Freezing coldness that penetrates to the bone!

“Li Muyang—–” Zhao Mingzhu pushed up the glasses on her nose, and her eyes looked pensively at the student in front of her. Since he had last packed his bags and left, this is the first time Zhao Mingzhu saw him. She does not understand this student, there’s a discrepancy between him now and what she knew of him before. “I know you want to prove yourself, I also know you work extremely hard—–your mother had came to school looking for me, she told me how much time you spend on studying every day. I admit it, because of your laziness and your habit of sleeping in class I was prejudiced against you. But this time, make sure you do a good job—-make us drop our eyes in astonishment, make each person that knows you look at you with a new level of respect.”

“Miss Zhao—–” Li Muyang relaxed his fist, eased his muscles and looked at Zhao Mingzhu with a surprise and grateful expression. He had no idea that he would see Zhao Mingzhu at this place and time, and he even more did not expect that Zhao Mingzhu would come over and say this to him.

His heart felt soft and his body was filled with warmth, this feeling of being recognised—-is indeed happy.

Zhao Mingzhu turned around to face the two guards and said: “Open the door for this candidate.”

“No, we have rules, after this time we cannot let people in—–”

Zhao Mingzhu pulled out a black identification from her pocket and said to the two guards: “I’m a member of Jiangnan City’s Executive Committee of the University Entrance Examination, I will complain to the Committee that the two of you are deliberately making things difficult for this student, which will affect the student’s mood for the exam and also destroy this student’s future—–”

“We have not done such a thing?”

“Do you still deny that? I just heard you making cutting remarks about this student, you ridicule him that he won’t be accepted into a good school, and you advised him to give up as soon as possible—–”

The two guards looked at each other, the tall and thin guard was quick-witted and hurriedly ran over to unlock the door and said smilingly: “Let the child go and sit his exam, we can slowly clear up the misunderstanding we have on this side, but the exams doesn’t not wait for anyone, we don’t dare to waste this student’s valuable time—–”

Zhao Mingzhu took a glance at Li Muyang and then gestured him to hurry inside.

Li Muyang bowed at Zhao Mingzhu and said: “Miss Zhao, thank you.”
Zhao Mingzhu waved, but did not say anything else.

“This student is one of your students?” The tall and thin guard said to please her: “One glance and you know he’s a good student. He must be able to pass the exams with outstanding results.”

Zhao Mingzhu raised her head and looked at the distant running silhouette of Li Muyang and said: “Every student who’s hard-working and unwilling to give up, are all good students.”

When Li Muyang arrived at the examination room, many students are already half way through their exam paper.

The invigilator looked at him with his eyebrows twitched and an unsatisfied expression, but still pulled out an exam paper from the platform and handed it to Li Muyang.

Li Muyang smiled at the invigilator, and then walked towards his exam table in light steps.

Li Muyang flipped open the paper, but did not immediately answer.

He opened his pencil case and tidied his papers and pens while calming himself down.

If it wasn’t for what he had experienced, then most likely he won’t even have looked forward to the exams at all.

At this moment what kind of attitude should he have to deal with this exam?

Even if he had come in, he’s merely going to hold onto the exam paper and then taking a long nap and nothing more.

However, the Li Muyang today is not the same as the previous Li Muyang.

Even though he went through so many things, even though he only has half of the examination time of others, but he is much stronger than before—–

He is no longer the same Li Muyang.

Li Muyang removed the pencil cap and wrote down his name seriously in the name column: Li Muyang.



As Li Shinian woke up, the first thing she saw was a man’s eye looking at her as if she were the flames herself.

Li Shinian jumped up and screamed aloud at the strange man: “Who are you? Where is this place? ”

“Young lady, you’re awake? This is your house, I’m Yan Xiangma.” Yan Xiangma said smilingly. He waved his hand and said: “Hurry and prepare the detoxifying decoction for the young lady. You have been poisoned, even if you’re awake now, but most likely inside your body there are still toxic residues—-and you will need a detoxifying decoction to completely eliminate all the toxins in your body. ”

“Yes.” Li Dalu answered instantly and then personally went into the kitchen and brought out a bowl of the decoction.

Li Dalu carried the herbal soup over to Li Shinian, looked at her and said: “Young lady, please drink the soup.”

Yan Xiangma gently coughed twice.

And Li Dalu quickly turned around and asked: “Young master, you’re not feeling well? Could it be that you’re also poisoned by the smoke of the puzzling darkness? ”

As he spoke, he carried the soup over and said: “Young master, you drink this bowl of decoction first, otherwise—-your body will be severely poisoned.”

Yan Xiangma had already decided secretly in his mind, later he will stuff this idiot into a sack and feed him to the beasts in the forest.

Yan Xiangma glanced ferociously at Li Dalu, then put away his fan into his sleeve and removed the bowl of decoction from the tray and said: “Miss, it’s difficult for you to move freely so let me feed you the soup—–”

“Go away.” Li Yan and Li Shinian yelled at the same time.

Li Yan shouted to Li Shinian: “Shinian, don’t drink their decoction.”

Li Shinian saw from a distance that father Li Yan was leaning back and urgently asked: “Dad, are you all right? Are you hurt? Where’s mum—-is mum alright? “

“I’m fine, mum is fine too—-don’t drink his soup.” Li Yan once again told her aloud. “This person is of a dubious background.”

“Dad, I know.” Li Shinian’s stared warily at Yan Xiangma with an adorable face that says ‘I know you’re a bad guy, you don’t need to hide it’.

“I have repeatedly explained, I am Jiangnan’s city’s lord Yan Bolai’s son Yan Xiangma, Cui Xiaoxin’s cousin, and also Li Muyang’s—–good brother. Li Muyang had entrusted me to take care of you at this critical moment; I have his utmost trust. Otherwise, how would he trust me and leave you guys in my care before heading over to the exam?” Yan Xiangma looked at Li Shinian as he earnestly explained.

“Hmmm——” Li Shinian hummed coldly, reached out her hand and clenched into a fist. Fortunately, her strength is recovering little at a time. She without delay used the transporting qi move that her shifu had taught her to settle her qi and speed up the recovery process. If the hooligans dared to attack, then she will throw out her fist—–

“You guys have been poisoned by Crow’s puzzling obstruction and must use decoction to completely remove the toxins in your body, or otherwise there will be repercussions—–I am truly doing this for your health and don’t have any bad intentions at all. You have to believe me, don’t worry and drink the decoction—-I swear on my integrity there is absolutely no poison or other drugs added. I, Yan Xiangma is a one of the five good youths of Jiangnan City, I absolutely would not do such a despicable thing—–”

“Your integrity? I don’t even know you, how do I know if you have integrity? ”

“Young lady has such intelligence at such a young age, this is something that I admire greatly—-” Yan Xiangma picked up the bowl of decoction and said: “Since young lady you don’t believe in my character, then in that case let Xiagma be an example.”

As he spoke, he raised his head and drank the whole bowl of dark decoction into his stomach.

Yan Xiangma showed the emptied bowl to Li Yan and Li Shinian and said: “Please take a look, I have drank all the decoction and I, Xiangma does not—-”


A loud and clear noise sounded from Yan Xiangma’s stomach.

Yan Xiangma turned around to face Li Dalu and said: “What you boiled is detoxifying decoction, right?”

“Young master, it is indeed detoxifying decoction.”

“My stomach feels—-somewhat uncomfortable?”

Li Dalu grinned and said: “Young master no need to panic, that is the effect of the decoction—-it is right now detoxifying young master’s body. ”


“Yes.” Li Dalu replied with a smile: “It’s a powerful detoxification. You only have to empty out all the faeces in your body —–young master, what’s going on with you? Your face doesn’t look too good.”

“Where’s the toilet?” Yan Xiangma asked while gritting his teeth.




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