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038 – Sharing the limelight

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At this time, the students had finally recovered from their shock. Instantly, the crowd heated up. The statue like students abruptly turned into a scene of chaos, with some screaming and with others retreating backwards rapidly….

This scene was like a hornet’s nest that had been struck.

On the face of Yan Xingtian and the others, astonishment was present.

Qin Wushuang was already an expert of one Spirit spring. This news made some people dejected; those who thought their strength was comparable to Qin Wushuang instantly became depressed.

And there were also some people who realised another implication of this. Qin Wushuang was so terrifying, then the Ye Qingyu who could match blows with him, was he also at the stage of one Spirit spring?

At this time—

“Everyone evacuate!”

Wen Wan’s strict shout sounded.

Within the air, figures appeared. Great teacher Hon Kong’s elegant figure appeared from nowhere. He floated ten metres above the ground, bring a slight pressure with him. His palms were held open, four streams of light flying out from his hands and heading towards all sides.

Within the movement of yuan qi, a new rune formation was formed.

In the pale silver barrier, ripples drifted and flicker, glowing with a strange light. It completely enveloped the area of five hundred metres where Ye Qingyu and Qin Wushuang were in. This was done to prevent the battle causing harm to the surrounding students or the buildings.

In a gesture, Hon Kong was able to create a yuan qi formation of such scale and strength. The strength of the great teacher, was definitely unfathomable.

And his actions, was equal to allowing the battle between Qin Wushuang and Ye Qingyu.

The stunned students retreated silently, till they were outside the area of yuan qi formation.

An atmosphere of nervousness spread.

The air was as if it was solidified.

“Previously you have always hidden yourself, as if you stood aloof from worldly affairs. Now you have stood out. Your strength, is really not bad.” Qin Wushuang reached above, grabbing the floating [Great Zhou sword] above his head. He flicked the blade of the sword, a metallic ring emitting from it. He coldly said: “What made you change the way you do things?”

Ye Qingyu smiled and said: “It’s all thanks to your hired thug, Quan Yalin. It’s only through his provocation, that made me realise, constantly running away and hiding from conflict is not good. In this world, only fierce people have the capacity to have a footing. Only then will no one irritate or provoke him. My martial heart, is the killing Asura idol. Withdrawing, is not one of my choices.”

Qin Wushuang nodded his head, saying: “It looks like you have finally realised this point. Haha, it’s not too late. Your strength, truly makes one impressed. It’s only a pity, that you should never, ever, have chosen to be my opponent.”

“Words are no use, there is only battle left.”

Ye Qingyu did not want to converse anymore.

In his eyes, a will to do battle like a flame was burning.


The long spear stabbed outwards. A thousand pound boulder behind him was lifted in a split second. As if it was a meteorite, it headed towards Qin Wushuang.

The battle begun.


Qin Wushuang shouted, the [Great Zhou] sword striking out.


The sword shattered the boulder into pieces.

Within the rubble and dust, there were stills tens of boulders flying towards Qin Wushuang.

These boulders were from the collapse ruins of the arena. Under the herculean strength of Ye Qingyu, the boulders were a streak, as if they were really nine meteors shooting through the sky. The friction of the air with the boulders caused a red glow to appear on the surface. Every impact, was at least the force of ten thousand pounds.

Qin Wushuang, with his unparalleled strength, at this instant was also taken aback.

“Great Zhou sword first stance… Seal!”

He shouted, and under the direction of his sword move, yuan qi funnelling into the [Great Zhou sword]. Around the sword, layers and layers of yuan qi formation appeared, like a silver disc forming a strange light wall blocking in front of him.


Accompanied with the sound of thunder, the flaming boulders struck upon the light shield, shattering into pieces.

Dust covered the air.


A cold light shined.

Ye Qingyu’s body was like a dragon, the inexorable spear like a solo star among the dark sky, striking out to kill.


The instant the spear point touched the barrier, the formation was pierced. It broke apart, shattering in the air.

Qin Wushuang’s facial expression did not change at all. Holding his sword with two hands, he struck out.


The blade of the sword collided with the spear tip.

The two figures faintly paused, then was jolted backwards.

“Great Zhou sword style… ten thousand kill!”

Ye Qingyu had always been the one to act first. Between Ye Qingyu’s brows, a killing intent was obvious. Qin Wushuang began using his profound sword technique, the ancient sword floating above his chest. In a flash, images upon images of swords appeared around him, surrounding his entire body.


The sword move was activated. Thousands upon thousands of sword images struck out.

It was as if there were only swords in Heaven and Earth. Everywhere it pass, it destroyed.

Ye Qingyu laughed loudly, holding the inexorable spear in his hands. With a bang he jumped over tens of metres, landing next to an arena that was entirely unharmed. With another bang, the spear stabbed into the bottom part of the arena.

At this time, no one understood, what Ye Qingyu was going to do.

But the next instant, the eyes of everyone widened.


Ye Qingyu shouted loudly, his voice like a God or a Devil’s cry.

His muscles were seen to be bulging, a tremor spreading throughout the ground. Through the vibration, one could see the ring over ten metres in diameter, through his terrifying strength, slowly being lifted.

One spear could pick up an entire arena?

Everyone felt that their mental capacity was not great enough to process what was happening.

The shock of this, was like an ant lifting up a mountain. The stark contrast between the arena and the small figures of the spear and the person, made it even more shocking.

And Ye Qingyu at this instant, was like a devil from hell. The inexorable spear swung the entire arena, directing it towards the thousands of sword images incoming.

It was like a mountain clashing with a myriad of lightning.


In a flash, there was a frantic and violent explosion of yuan qi. The large arena shattered in the pieces, and the sword qi of the Great Zhou sword was also expended.

The sharp cries and shouts of the students could be heard.

Using one spear to send the entire arena flying. Heavens, that needed at least fifty thousand pounds of force? Was Ye Qingyu’s body made of metal? How was it possible that his body could contain such a terrifying strength?

No one had imagined, that Ye Qingyu would use this kind of method to break apart Qin Wushuangs yuan qi technique, [Ten thousand kill]. This was already beyond the limits of imagination for over ninety percent of the students.

Before this, no one had realised, that the strength of flesh and blood could be trained to such a level.

Practice grounds.

With the aid of the cover of the rubble and dust, Ye Qingyu quickly ran.

The strength of the physical body, could only be demonstrated in close combat. Therefore, he must close the distance.

The stone tiles underneath him shattered as he ran. From this, one could tell exactly how quickly his explosive run was. His figure was almost an after image.

This was done purely through the explosive power of the physical body.

The current Ye Qingyu, had not yet trained in any yuan qi techniques. He only relied on the power of his physical body to do battle. From the viewpoint of the martial stages, he was behind Qin Wushuang by one. But the power of his physical body had long exceeded the normal level of the ordinary martial stage.


The Inexorable spear stabbed out.

A point of cold first arrived, then the spear came like a pouncing dragon.

This was the highest level [Stab] of the spear technique.

The spear style that Ye Qingyu trained in was the most basic moves but it was also moves that were the hardest to react to.

Even Qin Wushuang did not dare to face it directly.

Through the stab of the spear that seemed like it could rip apart space, he could sense a power. This power was enough to make even him tremble, as if this was a power that was an existence not any lesser than that of his one Spirit spring.

He staggered, using his footwork to avoid the strike of the spear.

The spear stabbed the air. Ye Qingyu changed his stab to a swing, sweeping it out.

The three metre long spear, was like the scythe of the Death God, becoming a beam of black lightning.

Qin Wushuang avoided it again.

His figure trembled, then appeared in the air, floating.

The Spirit spring stage was part of the Xiantian stage. After getting rid of the Houtian shackles, one could use the energy within Heaven and Earth to solidify the air. Floating in the air, was one of the special abilities of the Spirit spring stage.

One spirit spring has already been formed within the dantian of Qin Wushuang. The yuan qi within his body, was already enough for him to float for fifteen minutes.

His expression was furious after avoiding Ye Qingyu’s lightning like strikes.

To be forced to such a stage by someone who he regarded as an ant.


It comes to an end now!

Qin Wushuang breathed in deeply, opening his arms as if he was hugging something. The [Great Zhou sword] suspended above his head, rotating frantically. A sound like the tearing of metal reverberated throughout the skies.

Even if you were a normal person, you were still able to see that a strange thing was occurring in the air. The currents of the air slowly began to circulate, gathering around Qin Wushuang.

This was the yuan qi in Heaven and Earth.

The world’s most terrifying force.

Qin Wushuang was gathering and storing yuan qi, to prepare for a final blow.

He lowered his head to look at Ye Qingyu. In his eyes, was both pity and disdain.

Even if your body was even stronger, so what?

In front of the power of Heaven and Earth, everything was fleeting.

His swung his arms, the sword leading the flow of qi. The [Great Zhou sword] above his head began wailing, speeding towards the ground and transforming into thousands and thousands of swords.

“Great Zhou sword — Ten thousand kill!”

This was the same as the previous move. But under the rage of Qin Wushuang, the power of it was even greater. The thousands of swords in the sky was like torrential rain, destroying everything in its path, heading straight for Ye Qingyu.


Ye Qingyu shouted, his thick hair dancing wildly. His body was as straight as a rock. The inexorable spear in his hand began spinning wildly, afterimages being formed, a black blur. It was like a black shield that let nothing pass, protecting him.


Swords upon swords landed on the shield, as if was they were punishing thunderbolts from Heaven. The terrifying sword images, covered the entire ten metre area around Ye Qingyu.

“He couldn’t avoid…”

“To directly block the yuan qi swords?”

“The [Great Zhou sword] is a spirit weapon!”

From far away, the eyes of the student were wide open as they looked at the practice grounds. Even if the body was stronger, it still couldn’t directly block strikes that were infused with yuan qi? Furthermore the weapon in Ye Qingyu’s hands was just a normal weapon.

The explosion of the sword images fell incessantly upon the ear.

Qin Wushuang stood above in the air like a god.

After a while, the swords from the [Ten thousand kill] finally stopped.

As the rubble and dust dispersed, one could vaguely see a terrifying crater in the place he was standing, as if a meteor had landed. The crater was so deep one could not see the bottom and the rocks were so fragmented it became like a desert.

The figure of Ye Qingyu, could not be seen.

“Where is he?”

“Could he be crushed into pieces?”

“It can’t be…”

Exhalations of shock were everywhere. On Qin Wushuang’s face, a trace of fatigue could be seen but it was overshadowed by indifference and haughtiness.

Everything was as he calculated.


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