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039 – Raising the arena with a single spear

A massive, massive thanks for Omnicent for sponsoring 3 chapters!!!!! I usually would only do a max of one extra chapter a day, but as a sign of deep appreciation, I’ll work hard and release all three today! 😀


Using this type of move, those who were not yet at the Spirit spring stage, was sure to die.

A cold smile finally appeared on Qin Wushuang’s face. He was about to say a few words, when suddenly he noticed something. He frowned, his eyebrows like zagged lightning, carefully examining below.



A black spear shot up towards the sky.

As if it was a black killing bolt of lighting.

This spear, came too abruptly.

The silver bottle shattered, water scattering. The cavalry struck out, birds flying!*

It was incredibly quick.

The incoming killing intent, was like a needle piercing through skin. The whole body of Qin Wushuang instantly went tense, subconsciously dodging, the spear narrowly passing by his figure…

Ye Qingyu held the spear, shooting through the sky like a rocket and passing by the figure of Qin Wushuang.

The robe on his body was shattered by the swords, shreds of it hanging above his trousers, exposing his perfect naked upper body. He was one with the spear, soaring as if he was a dragon.

“Heavens, he’s still alive!”

“This explosive strike,was like a dragon’s anger. Qin Wushuang was nearly hit…”

“This Ye Qingyu, really can’t be killed!”

“He’s not injured……Receiving such a terrifying yuan qi sword technique, how can he be unharmed ……”

The students who were deathly silent, suddenly became animated.

“Heavens, the figure of Ye Qingyu could be said to be perfect…”An infatuated female student shouted loudly. A few of her comrades of the same sex besides her, their eyes also gleamed when they saw Ye Qingyu’s muscular and supple naked torso.

His physique was different from Qin Wushuang’s slender figure. Every muscle of Ye Qingyu’s body  was filled with a masculine beauty.

And therefore in the instant the he leapt into the sky, the manliness that he displayed attracted the gazes of countless female students.

The spear stabbed the air.

Expending all of his force, Ye Qingyu heavily returned to the ground with a bang.

Qin Wushuang also slowly floated back to the ground, a tear appearing in the shoulder of his clothing, the cloth flapping in the air. This made him slightly embarrassed; although he reacted in time, the spear also managed to rip apart his clothes.


Cold sweat appeared in his back, and in his heart was extreme anger.

In this type of situation, for his clothes to be torn apart by a commoner trash that he did not regard as significant at all. For the prideful Qin Wushuang, this was an unacceptable disgrace.

What made him more even angry, was that he could vaguely sense a killing intent on Ye Qingyu that made even him fear—-

A killing intent born from experiencing countless battles.

This type of killing intent, he had only seen a few times before in the city leader’s office. Only a small minority of his father’s men had it and in the group of kamikaze warriors that his father kept.

Ye Qingyu was so young, yet his experience in fighting was already so abundant. The way he grasped at opportunities was extremely precise as if he was a warrior that had been through hundreds of battles. This made Qin Wushuang extremely stunned…why was he able to do this?

The light of the sun, landed on both fighters.

Qin Wushuang’s clothes was drifting about in the wind, his sword floating horizontally from him. He was originally extremely handsome, and at this time he looked like an elegant young master, making one humbled when they looked upon him.

And Ye Qingyu emitted an entirely different atmosphere altogether.

His upper body was entirely bare. Every inch of his body was as if it was sculpted according to the golden ratio. He had a tall body, every inch filled with an explosive and masculine beauty. The black spear was held in a strange stance. Under the golden sunlight, it was as if he was a golden killing Asura statue.

“These two people…are definitely the two walls of the White Deer academy.”

“The two best of the entire first year!”

“Too frightening!”

“A pity, a mountain cannot contain two tigers. Considering either their background or their power, they cannot be in the same side!”

At this moment, countless people sighed.

Even if it was Quan Yalin and the others, at this instant they had unwittingly regarded Ye Qingyu as an existence equal to that of Qin Wushuang. A deep fear and respect for Ye Qingyu, was engraved within their hearts during the battle.

Even the teachers in charge of maintaining order, were also deeply moved.

These two seedlings, really were the most exceptional that they have seen in recent years. Even if you considered the genius that had appeared in the last twenty years in White Deer academy, no one could compare.

In the air.

The great teacher Hon Kong had a faint smile on his face, nodding his head slowly.

His gaze passed over the crowd below. The spectating students were increasing. Not only were there first year students, there were now second, third and fourth year students, all quickly rushing here when they heard the news.

Within the crowd, the figures of Han Xiaofei and Jiang Xiaohan appeared.

The usually haughty and prideful upperclassmen, also slowly began appearing…

“This is good. Those arrogant fellows, after seeing such a battle today, a sense of urgency will be born!”



Ye Qingyu’s hands twisted, and accompanied by the sound of the mechanism, the Inexorable spear once again splitted into two parts. He dragged the two parts of the spear, walking closer to Qin Wushuang step by step.


The point of the spears rubbed against the ground, emitting bright sparks.

Ye Qingyu could already tell, that Qin Wushuang had spent a lot of yuan qi. After continuously performing moves like the [Ten thousand kill], the yuan qi left on Qin Wushuang was too little. He could no longer continue to float in mid air.

After all, he had only formed one spirit spring within his dantian.

Truly strong experts of the Spirit spring stage, needed to open at least six spirit springs in their dantian. The springs would then overflow, in the end forming puddles, streams, rivers and lakes of spirit water. Only through this process could one enter the Bitter sea stage.

At the same time, Ye Qingyu could feel a mysterious change appearing within his body.

Under the strikes of Qin Wushuang’s yuan qi, he could vaguely feel the existence and traces of yuan qi.

Continue to battle!

As long he continued to fight, he could definitely breakthrough.

Within Ye Qingyu’s heart, his will to do battle was even greater.

He was storing energy.

With every step, this strange energy would increase by a trace.

Every step, stone would shatter under his feet.

According to logic, only martial artists who could control the yuan qi in Heaven and Earth, could you know how to store energy and how to utilise your aura. But at this time, Ye Qingyu seemed to have already begun to grasp and touch on this stage. The previous wilderness training, the constant battles between life and death, had great benefits for him.

Qin Wushuang’s expression changed.

He could feel a threat.

A terrifying threat.

The incoming Ye Qingyu, although slow, was like an ancient mountain collapsing in front of him. Although sluggish, but it was unavoidable and unblockable.

“You want to use your aura to supress me?”

Qin Wushuang shouted. Yuan qi moved all around his body, his aura not inferior in any respect to Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu’s face was calm.

He seemed to have entered into an extremely mysterious state.

And at this time his head was blank, with a barely discernible light flickering in his mind. The strange heat that had always been hidden in his body, was activated, automatically galvanising into action.

This is…

“It seems to be…the method to cultivate yuan qi?”

Ye Qingyu was slightly surprised, then instantly realised.

Some days before, the little loli had forcefully fed him the mantra for planting a yuan qi seedling inside his body. And at this time, this mantra became incomparably clear. The mysterious heat within his body, began activated according to this mantra.

What is happening?

Could it be that my own body is automatically attempting to forcefully break through?

An unprecedented desire to fight, like an unstoppable flash flood, boiled in his heart. At this time, there was nothing that Ye Qingyu wanted to do but fight.

He lifted his head, staring fixedly at Qin Wushuang.

“Take this!”

Ye Qingyu became like a gust of wind. Both spears struck out, stabbing towards Qin Wushuang.

“Good!” Qin Wushuang shouted angrily, swinging his sword to meet the spear.

He had never imagined that he would be forced into such a state today. He must defeat Ye Qingyu no matter what today, or else the status and respect that he had work so hard to establish, would all be wasted!


Violent clashes sounded in the practice grounds.

In this instant, the battle had already entered its climax.

The explosive clashes pushed the dust and rubble aside, with visible air currents radiating towards all areas. The rubble and gravel were like arrows from a crossbow, shooting through the air with a chilling whistle.

In the dust and gravel, the classes of sword and spear were emitted constantly as if gods were shouting.

The two figures, very quickly, could be faintly seen in the dust.

For every first year student, the battle that happened between their peers, had caused them to be stupefied. This was beyond their imagination. They had never thought, that the power of someone of the same age as them, would have reached such a level!

If not for the yuan qi formation great teacher Hon Kong had created, the impacts created by these clashes would have already injured them!

Xia Houwu was supported by someone, standing within the crowd.

A cold chill was within his heart. A deep disbelief, as well as a crazy fear enveloped his entire being. He understood clearly, that if they directly clashed, he would never ever be able to compare to the two.

Quan Yalin and the others, had also stopped breathing from nervousness.

Their confidence in Qin Wushuang, was for the first time, shaken. The strength of Ye Qingyu, a power like that of a God or Devil, had already been deeply imprinted into their hearts.

Song Xiaojun clenched her tiny fists tightly together, cheering for her brother Qingyu in her heart!

Within the crowd, there were some second, third and even fourth years with serious expression. The majority of them were Xiantian experts who could already control yuan qi, but when faced with the terrifying strength of Ye Qingyu, they could not help but shiver.

“Such a monster appeared in the first years!”

“Both of them are monsters!”

“Who will win?”

“I…can’t tell!”

“This type of strength, even for a second year student, they have no way of blocking>”

“Motherfucker, every time I see such a monster appearing, I will feel a deep sense of unfairness. I’ve trained hard for several years, but I still cannot compare to half a month’s training of these junior students!”

The upperclassmen sighed.

Jiang Xiaohan’s face turned green. A very crazy light flashed across her beautiful eyes.

Because of Ye Qingyu, she had suffered humiliation at the [Residence of Heaven’s Will]. Originally, she had planned to stealthily teach Ye Qingyu a lesson. But during this time, partly because she was too busy and partly because there was not a good opportunity, she did not act yet.

She would never have imagined, that she would see such a scene today.



*Don’t understand? Neither do I :P. Its probably a poetic Chinese way of expressing that the spear strike was extremely fast.



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