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040 – Breaking through in the midst of battle

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Ye Qingyu was in the limelight yet again.

Was this not equal another cruel slap on her face?

This damn Ye Qingyu, he must be doing this on purpose, he must be doing this to show me, must be doing this deliberately to make me embarrassed. …Otherwise, even if your strength was exceptional, why did you not continue hiding it? Why must you demonstrate it?

The hatred in Jiang Xiaohan’s heart, became even greater.

The expression of Han Xiaofei beside her also darkened.

As time went on, the number of spectators grew and grew. For a battle between first years to attract around six thousand spectators, this was something that was extremely rare in the past decades in White Deer academy!

Many of the upper classmen activated their yuan qi, reinforcing there eyes. Through the layers of dust and rubble, they were able to see the battle within. Seeing this scene, the shock in their eyes was even greater.




Who would be able to win?

No one knew.

Gradually, suddenly —

“En?” A fourth year student frowned, looking strange at his companion. He said: “You…do you notice anything?”

The companion beside him was slightly taken aback. Then he was finally able to sense it, and with a blank face he said: “This is…the movement of yuan qi in Heaven and Earth…it’s gathering…it’s heading towards the practice grounds…this…”

After finishing his sentence, he was in a daze.

The place the yuan was gathering, was namely the centre of the battle. It was gathering around the figures of the two still in battle.

“How is this possible?”

They were both stunned at the same time.

As fourth year students, they had long entered into the Spirit spring stage and were experts of the Xiantian stage. They were deeply experienced in the cultivation process so naturally understood what this gathering of yuan qi signified.

At this time, the movement of the air became more and more evident.

Even those students at the ordinary martial level, also began to realise something was going on.

The loose rubble on the ground, slowly floated, as if gravity did not exist, gathering towards the centre of the practice grounds. This did not make sense at all. Previously, the explosions and clashes in the centre was like a surging tsunami. It was rocks that were sent shooting away, rather than the other way around…

“Fluctuations in the yuan qi of Heaven and Earth… “

“This is evidently a sign of someone breaking through to the stage where they can control yuan qi!

“Breaking through in the midst of battle… This Qin Wushuang, definitely has incomparable talent. I fear this Ye Qingyu will not fare well!”

“How do you know its Qin Wushuang that’s breaking through and not Ye Qingyu?”

“Haha, are you a pig? Ye Qingyu only relied on the strength of his flesh, he has absolutely no idea how to control the yuan qi in Heaven and Earth. He has not yet even planted the yuan qi kindling, how can he breakthrough?”

“That’s right, to control yuan qi is no simple matter. This is the most important step of a Houtian to become a Xiantian. Without the efforts of days and months, to break the shackles of this realm is too difficult. As far as I know, Ye Qingyu has only recently broken through to the sixth stage of the ordinary martial level!”

Everyone discussed heatedly.

The upperclassmen at this time had already given a very definite answer. The two figures rapidly clashing blows in the battle making it hard to discern which was which. But according to martial theory, the gathering of yuan qi, should definitely belong to the Qin Wushuang who was already at the Spirit spring stage!

“The yuan qi gathering is now extremely obvious!”

“No, its getting more and more violent!”

“Retreat, everyone retreat…”

In less than fifteen minutes, the yuan qi of Heaven and Earth that was rushing towards the centre of the grounds became violent. The turbulent air flow was like a hurricane. It picked up countless pieces of stones and wood, and began rotating in the centre of the grounds.

Apparition of Heaven and Earth.

“Heavens, what kind of breakthrough is Qin Wushuang going through? How can the apparition be this terrifying?”

“Haha, this is too perfect. The breakthrough of senior brother Qin, means that the little trash Ye Qingyu will definitely lose!”

“A commoner scrap wants to challenge senior brother Qin. He is really looking for his own destruction!”

“Haha, this Ye Qingyu could be counted as quite capable. If he is willing to become a servant that followed senior brother Qin around, then we could perhaps let him go!”

“Haha, I hear that senior brother Qin is needing a slave!”

The noble students began laughing.

Quan Yalin and the others hearts finally returned back into their body. Senior brother Qin had never disappointed them before. To cause such an apparition and scene to appear, he could definitely crush the power that Ye Qingyu previously demonstrated.

After all, in the martial world of Heaven wasteland, the power of yuan qi, was the true power of those cultivating in the martial way. This was the only power without any limits. Even if the physical body was still strong, there were still limits of the body that could not be passed.

The other side.

The commoner students to some extent, were concerned.

In these days, Ye Qingyu did not grow close with any of the other commoners, causing them to be dissatisfied. However, even if so, from the perspective of their backgrounds, they would forever be of the same level. The outbreak of Ye Qingyu today; destroying the arena, challenging Qin Wushuang was in many people’s eyes, representative of the commoners challenging the nobles!

From this angle, all the commoner students to some extent hoped that Ye Qingyu would be the last man standing.

But it looks like, the situation was not favourable!

Yan Xingtian remained silent as usual.

Besides him, he was surrounded by ten commoner students.

And ten metres away, the little loli Song Xiaojun tightly clenched her fist. From the very beginning, she was in this position. There were hints of worry in her stance, but in her eyes an expectation was present. She tightly pressed her lips together, as if she was waiting for something…

The yuan qi whirlwind around the battle, became more and more intense.

The surrounding students who were not yet at the Spirit spring stage had to retreat until they were a thousand metres away to avoid being caught in the tornado. Otherwise, they would be easily dragged into the whirlwind!

At this time—-


A majestic yuan qi, suddenly exploded in the centre of the battlefield.

The figures were blown apart.

The stormy sea of gravel and dust, rushed in all directions as if it were a tsunami. It struck the yuan qi barrier, causing a deep rumble as if there was an earthquake.

“The battle has ended!”

“Who won?”

The spectators all widened their eyes.

The only thing that could be seen, was the surging yuan qi hurricane transforming into a pillar of wind. As if it was a divine dragon, it was over hundreds of metres high, connecting the sky and the earth. As the winding and rotation of the pillar continues, a figure was whizzed into the pillar of wind!

There was a terrifying amount of  yuan qi gathered in the hurricane wind pillar.

The expressions of the spectators all changed.

“This is bad…they’ve lost control? The energy contained in this pillar of wind is too terrible. If this explodes, it is enough to destroy the entire practice grounds!” The expressions of the teacher in charge of maintaining order were all alarmed.

“Retreat, quickly retreat!” Another teacher shouted in panic.

At this time —

Within the air, a figure appeared.

The great teacher of the first years, Hon Kong, who was spectating turned into a beam of light. In an instant, he entered into the centre of the battle. The next instant, he rushed outwards, carrying a figure in his right hand and setting him down outside!

“Qin…senior brother Qin?”

When Qu Yalin and the others saw this, they all began shouting.

The one who was rescued by Hon Kong, was namely Qin Wushuang. The white robe on his body was in tatters and his hair had also became dishevelled. He did not possess his normal demeanour, his complexion frightened and angry, looking like a sorry sight.

The surrounding students after seeing this, also started shouting in surprise.

The one who was dragged out, was Qin Wushuang. Then the person who was in the yuan qi hurricane pillar, was naturally Ye Qingyu.

“Senior brother Qin, are you fine?” The noble first year students all began crowding around.

“How could senior brother Qin be not fine? Are you blind? Did you not see senior brother Qin’s awe-inspiring performance? Breaking through in the midst of battle, and causing Ye Qingyu to be drawn into the hurricane wind pillar. Nine deaths one life*. Haha, senior brother Qin has won…” Quan Yalin laughed loudly, impatiently shouting.

“Right, right, right, senior brother Qin has won!” The others quickly coordinated with the cheers.

No matter what, a good tone must be first be set. In the end, there must be a winner and a loser.



The face of Qin Wushuang suddenly went white. A spurt of blood came out of his mouth, his stature wobbling and shivering.

“Senior brother Qin…” Quan Yalin was dumfounded, then shortly was extremely shaken.

Qin Wushuang had a malicious expression on his face, coldly glaring at him. He did not say a word, the yuan qi around his body in total chaos. He looked at the yuan qi wind pillar far off in the distance with a complicated expression. Retrieving the Great Zhou sword, he turned and left promptly.

The crowd automatically parted, allowing a passage for Qin Wushuang.

Quan Yalin and the others finally realised something. They dejectedly followed behind Qin Wushuang, departing in a panic.

This scene, caused many people to realise something.

Could it be…

Qin Wushaung, he…actually lost?

Qin Wushuang lost?

This idea, almost in an instant, appeared in everyone’s hearts.

And nearly every first year student, had a feeling like the entire world was collapsing. They could not accept this. The previous month…No, it could be said, that in the previous years, the name of Qin Wushuang was famed throughout. After entering White Deer academy, Qin Wushuang was naturally recognised as the number one expert for the first years.

But at this time….

He had been defeated?

The next second, the gazes that were looking at the disappearing figure of Qin Wushuang finally shifted. And when these gazes turned towards the yuan qi wind pillar, what was in their eyes was not simply shock anymore. It was a type of emotion that could not be described by language or even by any expression.

Therefore, the person breaking through was not Qin Wushaung, but Ye Qingyu?

Ye Qingyu broke past the ordinary martial level in the midst of battle?

He had started controlling the yuan qi of Heaven and Earth?

But why did breaking through for the first time, controlling yuan qi for the first time, cause such a large apparition and scene?

“The battle has already finished. Everyone disperse.”

Within the air, the bland but commanding voice of great teacher Hon Kong sounded. There was an unquestionable authority behind his words.

The spectating students, after hearing these words, could only leave.

When they turned their heads to look at the violently rotating hurricane wind pillar, they silently estimated in their hearts. The Ye Qingyu after he has broken through, his strength, what kind of terrifying level has it reached ?



*Chinese idiom for the chance of survival. Most likely dead, a small chance of being alive.


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