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042 – The failure of the yuan qi kindling?

A translucent crystal like the world’s highest class jade, floated above the world. It was slowly beginning to fall…

“This is…inner vision?”

After getting over his shock, was a huge excitement.

Ye Qingyu suddenly realised that the scene he was seeing, was the desert world within his dantian.

This type of situation was namely the rumoured inner vision.

Being able to observe inside yourself, represented that the process of [planting yuan] was successful. Both of your feet had stepped into the Xiantian stage, because only someone of the Xiantian said was able to possess inner vision。

And the translucent jade like crystal that was glowing with radiance, was the [yuan qi kindling] that he had been forming.

This was an seed of hope that had been formed from compressing vast quantities of yuan qi.

Through his inner vision, the yuan qi kindling gradually drop onto the sands, and slowly buried deeper and deeper. It sunk to the lowest level of the sands, and in a speed that could not be discerned by the human eye, burrowed itself deeper into the steel like rocky layer.

“This is exactly as described by the scrolls. The yuan qi kindling will bury itself deep within the desert, then slowly germinate. Bit by bit, it will grow and in the end turn into the eye of a Spirit spring…”

A prideful feeling was stirred up in Ye Qingyu’s heart.

The first step on the path of the yuan qi, was finally made.

The world in the dantian contained endless possibilities and was the foundation of the yuan qi martial path. People who had not cultivated, their dantian was just a piece of desert. Only through continuous cultivation and gathering of yuan qi of Heaven and Earth into your body could you begin to change this piece of desert, causing life to appear. Only through this could the human race control the power of Heaven and Earth, exceeding the limits of this world.

This yuan qi kindling, was a seed that could change this entire desert.

It was a seed that belong to Ye Qingyu.

Retreating from his state of inner vision, Ye Qingyu’s sight returned to normal. The things that he could see, was still the rubble of the arena, in the centre of the practice grounds.

The wind pillar had already disappeared and the air streams were becoming less turbulent.

Gravel and dust were everywhere.

Within the air, yuan qi was still extremely concentrated.

The inexorable spear was stabbed one metre into the grounds next to him.

Ye Qingyu stood up and felt as if there was an incomparable energy in his body. It was as if every muscle, every bone, every blood vessel and every cell possessed a limitless energy that was boiling over.

He had a sensation that if he punched, he could crack open the earth and break apart the skies!

“This is the power a Xiantian lifeform can possess?”

Ye Qingyu closed his eyes to better experience this profound transformation.

He was extremely confident. If right now, he had faced Qin Wushuang again, he would definitely dominate and defeat him in less than ten moves.

Ye Qingyu could clearly feel, that there was an additional kind of energy within his body. This was the yuan qi of Heaven and Earth that was currently nourishing his entire body. The next step in his transformation was an incomparably long and protracted process. The peak of cultivation was to transform your flesh into energy, turning into the legendary Emperor deity state where you became indestructible and immortal.

Apart from his strength increasing, Ye Qingyu could also clearly feel that his vision, hearing, smell, sense of touch, all five of his senses were extremely sensitive.

This sensation, was like a person who had always been blindfolded, finally taking off the blindfold. The entire world in front of him, became unprecedentedly bright and clear.

He could not hold in his laughter.

With a wave of his hands, he grabbed the two parts of the inexorable spear in his hands. Ye Qingyu looked around the destroyed and chaotic practice grounds, feeling a shred of regret. This time he had caused a little too much disturbance, if the academy forced him to repay the damages than it would really be troublesome.

The long spear in his hands shook, stabbing out.


The sound of the spear broke through the air.

The surrounding yuan qi turbulence that was still around, was sliced apart by the strike of this spear, immediately settling down. The gravel and rubble that was still floating in the air dropped to the ground, the dust disappearing. The chaotic practice grounds instantly quietened down.

Ye Qingyu strode out of the ruins of the arena.

“Eh? Where’s the surrounding people? They’ve already left?” Ye Qingyu was surprised to discover that the students spectating had already dispersed. There was not one single person on the vast grounds.

He felt slightly disappointed in his heart.

He had displayed his magnificence and defeated Qin Wushaung, and broke through during battle. After doing so many flashy and formidable actions, who would have thought these people would leave after watching only half of it. They really didn’t give him any face…

Originally, Ye Qingyu wanted to enjoy the gazes of admiration and shock. He had already thought on what kind of stance and attitude he should have at that time, who would have thought that the people had all left!

A gust of wind blew past, causing his entire body to feel slightly cold.

Ye Qingyu was slightly taken aback, then looked down. He only realised at this time, that he was only a wearing a pair of shorts. His other items of clothing, had already been ripped apart during the course of his battle with Qin Wushuang. He was practically naked.

“Luckily there’s no one around to witness me…”

He wiped away his cold sweat, and as if he was flying, rushed back in the general direction of the dormitory.

The most important thing was to first find a set of clothing he could wear.

Acting and basking in the limelight could temporarily wait.


“This little brat, why do I feel he has a thief’s head and a rat’s brain*…” Within the air, the Wen Wan who had seen everything shook his head.

“He looks like a weasel that is stealing chickens!” Hon Kong added in.

Both of them had already ended their respective battle an hour ago. Whether they won or loss was still unknown, but from their outer appearances, they did not suffer any injuries.

“Spending over four hours to form his yuan. I’m extremely curious, what kind of yuan kindling did this little brat manage to create.” Wen Wan said, rubbing his jaw with his right hand.

“It should not be simple! The concentration of yuan qi when this little kid underwent the process of [Forming yuan] is something that I have never seen before. His potential is unlimited!” Hon Kong said with a proud smile.

Wang Yan did not say anything.

In her hands, was the four almond yellow coloured flags that she had just retrieved. With a flash of light, it entered back into her body. For the entire process, she had been safeguarding Ye Qingyu.

“There will be many upcoming troublesome events.” Wang Yan gave the two men beside her a glare. “You two violent people, do you really like fighting that much? I believe that you will very quickly be satisfied.”

“Hehe, in this case, it suits my intentions perfectly. After so many years of enduring, my fist is starting to get itchy…”  Wen Wan said triumphantly.

Only Hon Kong had both of his hands clasped behind his back, the sleeves of his hands lightly flapping about. He had an indifferent expression, saying “How am I violent? I am the type of person that is elegant and graceful, cultured and handsome and separated from worldly affairs. I am not they type of brute that he is, I only made a mistake by accident this time by being slightly too heavy handed. In reality, I am very benevolent and gentle…”

Wen Wan gave him a look of disdain, saying? “Elegant and cultured? I peh**!  Made a mistake? I peh! Every time your opponent either has broken hands, broken legs or broken arms. You can cover their entire body in blood, and you dare say that you made a mistake by accident? How did your nickname of [Blood Killer] come to be…”

Hon Kong: “Lets…go, and find a place to have a long discussion.”

Wen Wan: “I’m busy.”



The next three days, the atmosphere of the entire first year was slightly strange.

The noble students, who were in the past flashy and conceited, exercised restraint.

Furthermore, the commoners who were led by Yan Xingtian also remained strangely silent.

The originally active first year, became a puddle of still water. The battle of Ye Qingyu had caused many people to lose their will to compete, shocking every student into depression.

Within the academy, when people saw Ye Qingyu’s figure, they were all fearful and respectful. There would not be many people that would dare greet him.

It was as if Ye Qingyu had transformed into a god of misfortune.

And as for Ye Qingyu’s roommates, they had already consecutively not returned to the dormitory to sleep for three nights – they had not even appeared once in these three days.

Many types of rumours passed through the students.

It was said that the academy was currently considering how to punish Ye Qingyu.

Not only because he defeated Qin Wushuang. Not only because he had ruined the challenging matches for the list of ten. Not only because he had destroyed at least six arenas that had been reinforced by rune formations. Not only because his actions had severely violated the regulations of the academy…

These were all excuses.

But the biggest reason, was the noble student organisation and the forces behind them. They did not wish for the existence of a commoner student that was able to completely dominate his year group and was able to oppose the noble student organisation.

On the surface of the calm winds and still water, hid the upcoming storm.

From any angle, it seemed that Ye Qingyu would encounter trouble in the future.

It was rumoured that as a result of this incident, the teachers of the academy were split into two groups.

One group firmly insisted that such a horse that brought trouble to its herd*** should be expelled from the academy. Otherwise, if every student followed in his example, then would not the entire academy be in chaos? How then, could they teach? They must kill the chicken to warn the monkey****.

The other group said that Ye Qingyu’s talents were exceptional and was a rare genius. He only needed to be punished lightly and in the future needed to be carefully cultivated. Little kids, when they were young, who had never been naughty. What matter if a few rings were destroyed, as what the White Deer academy had was money…

Within these three days, the two groups argued incessantly.

It was even said that the city leader and the four military leaders, had also discussed this incident. The organisations within Deer city, whether through hidden discussions or open announcements, all decided on which side they would take.

And as the main party involved, Ye Qingyu acted as if he was unconscious of what was happening behind the scenes.

These three days, he continued to eat and then train, train and then eat. It was as if nothing whatsoever had ever occurred.

Finally, by the fourth day, the dust finally settled.

Concerning Ye Qingyu’s punishment, it was finally announced in the stone mirrors of the practice grounds. When the punishment was displayed, it instantly invoked a myriad of discussions.

“Quickly look, quickly look! What does it say on the stone mirror?”

“Hereby the first year student Ye Qingyu…is erased from the rankings…not recognising the results of the challenging matches…forced to stay in the Grievance Hall for three months…” People endlessly recited the words on the stone mirror. Before they had finish reciting, their jaws were wide open.

A look of astonishment was on every member of the crowd.



*Chinese idiom for someone acting suspicious


***Chinese idiom for black sheep

****Punish an individual as an example to the others.



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