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045 – On your knees! On your knees!


Thud thud—-

Shelves inside the bakery were being torn down and ovens were smashed into pieces.

“Help—-help—–sister Qi help me—-” The sales girl was struggling desperately, trying to push away the big fat face and escape the clutches of the fat man.

However, her strength is too weak. No matter how hard she tried, the big fat stinking mouth was still around her face and neck.

The two pastry masters rushed out holding rolling pins, but before they had the time to counterattack the hooligans already took action and pounded them to the ground. They’re experts in making bread; however, in fights they were completely no match for these rogues.

“Xiaoting——” Luo Qi eyes were exhausted with anger; she dashed towards the girl. She’s a pitiful girl with no father or mother. No matter what, Luo Qi can’t let these rogues destroy her innocence.

Zhang Tianyi’s sturdy body merely moved forward one step and Luo Qi’s body was blocked from the side.

“Zhang Tianyi, I’ll fight you with all my strength.” Luo Qi reached out to grab Zhang Tianyi’s face but her wrist was caught by Zhang Tianyi’s hand.

“Fight?” Zhang Tianyi eyes narrowed into a thin gap as he laughed. “If we fight here, you won’t have any advantage. But if we fight on the bed, you will have two or three tenths chance of winning——– ”

“Zhang Tianyi—-”
“Yes, keep your bold and vigorous strength. I liked it like that——-”

The coffee shop’s wooden door forcefully pushed open, Li Muyang stood at the doorway, panting heavily.

“Muayang——–” Luo Qi is extremely sensitive to anything about Li Muyang’s. Seeing him suddenly appearing at the door of the bakery, she was afraid he’ll get hurt and yelled in a sharp voice: “Muyang run, go and get your father here————-”

“Oh, that’s the little bastard in your family? Hey, let him see, young people should come into contact with the society earlier——” Zhang Tianyi’s glance swept across Li Muyang through the corner of his eye, his mood increased even more.

“Zhang Tianyi, you beast——Muyang hurry run——”

“He can’t escape.” As Zhang Tianyi spoke, a few thugs already surrounded Li Muyang.

“Zhang Tianyi——-let my son go, leave my son alone, I’ll give you money, I’ll comply with your demands and pay the management fee, I’ll give you as much money as you want——–do you know who he is? If you dare to hurt him, I’ll make you die without burial ground, I want all your family members buried——–” Luo Qi exclaimed hysterically, desperately with all her might she rushes over to Li Muyang, displaying an attitude of fighting to the last gasp.

“If you agree to my request earlier, then this wouldn’t happen, would it? Fine, you want to protect your son, right? It’s not impossible, you accompany me for a drink and both of us can have a good chat, then what problems can’t be solved? ”

Witnessing everything in front of him, Li Muyang’s dark eyes were wrapped in red clouds within seconds.

It was blood-red, like a pair of black ink pearl immersed in a pool of blood.

His expression was cold like frost; handfuls of ice water could be wrung out from his face.

His hand clenched into a fist producing rumbling noises; listening to those sounds it seems as if your bones are being crushed.

On the back of his right hand, the scales that faded away became increasingly dark, as if ink stones were embedded in his flesh.

Because the ink stones were too dark, it instead made his skin appear very white.

Li Muyang stood there gasping for breath and motionless, waiting for those scums to make a move first.

“Boy, you’re seeking your own death, you can’t blame other people——–” The pockmarked face leader said while chuckling, then grabbed Li Muyang’s shoulders.

“You shouldn’t mess with me. “Li Muyang said in a hoarse voice. His voice sounded ice-cold and ancient, it’s hard to believe that voice came from the mouth of a teenager.

“Yo, this kid has some temper. ” The pockmarked face turned to the companions by his side and laughed loudly, then said: “So what if we mess with you? Do you think we can’t? ”



Li Muyang threw out his fist.

There was a sudden rumbling roar of thunder and lightning blazing across.

Countless white light flashed in the sky, as if a bolt of lightning abruptly exploded inside the bakery.


The strong hurricane wind engulfed all the shelves and bread on the floor then swirled them up into the air and pounded them against the walls. The clattering noise lingers in their ears.

The four thugs wearing black who surrounded Li Muyang had to bear the brunt of the attack, and was the first to be blown away by the wild and powerful air.

Their bodies knocked against the wall and then sounds of bones rupturing could be heard from the inside of their body.


The four bodies landed on the ground simultaneously, and then they spurted out large mouthfuls of blood.

What’s worst is that the pockmarked face who was in front of Li Muyang, directly suffered Li Muyang’s punch. His entire chest caved in.

His body floated around in the air and then mouthfuls of blood sprayed across the air. Blood splattered and his body was fast and nimble just like the wind as it fell back down.


His body knocked against and the wooden partition breaking it into pieces and then flew straight into the baker’s kitchen.

Then there was no further movements after that. Perhaps he couldn’t bear the power of that punch and was directly beaten to death.

That fat guy who refused to let go of Xiaoting actually helped Xiaoting, because just as the air was carrying everything away like a bomb had exploded, his body collided with the cashier counter.

His body heavily knocked against the mahogany counter, creaking sounds could be heard from the immense pressure on the old wooden counter.

While Xiaoting who was held in his arms, was protected by the human cushion and luckily her life was saved.

Luo Qi’s body is light; under the force of the powerful air she was blew away, falling on top of the pastry kneading board causing her whole face and body to be covered with flour.

Contrary to what one might expect, Zhang Tianyi knows a few kung fu moves. Realising that the situation is bad, he immediately used his kung fu ‘ Iron horse crossing the river’ that solidified his foundations.

He stamped his two feet on the ground and unexpectedly screeching noises echoed from the granite floor. His two feet were stuck in the stone, as if he and the granite floor had fused together.

Li Muyang was like a god descending into the world, by just reaching out his hands he can bring about such a tremendous storm.

The power of his punch, could shock the world.

Violent winds suddenly blew across in a flash and then the bakery resumed being its usual self.

No, it can’t be restored to normal.

Before Li Muyang’s arrival, Shinian bakery just looked like it had been robbed.

After Li Muyang arrived, it looks as if Shinian Bakery experienced a miniature hurricane.

Sha sha sha——-

A piece of bread paper flew across the air, then fluttering towards the ground.

All the people inside the bakery, were still alive.

Their line of sight passed through the bread paper floating in the air and then eventually landing on Li Muyang who was standing by the door.

Luo Qi looked up in the pile of flour, white flour constantly fell from her face and head.

Her face was filled with astonishment; she looked at Li Muyang with her eyes widened, not believing what she just saw.

“This——-is my son? ”

The men in black whom just vomited volumes of blood, their pupils were swollen, and for a split second they thought they were already dead.

They felt they have encountered the god of death.

Because apart from the god of death, no one had made them experience that suffocating feeling of despair from not being able to budge at all.

Although Zhang Tianyi withstood Li Muyang’s violent storm attack, but the consequences of using his body to block is that the clothes on his body looked like it had been cut countless times with a knife.

After the strong breeze, his clothes were ragged and did not differ from the clothes of the beggars on the street.

Zhang Tianyi opened his arms, as if he’s holding a large ball.

Although a gust of cold wind just breezed across, his forehead was still dripping with sweat. Beads of sweat constantly falling and sliding across his face and then onto his fat neck.

The muscles on his face twitching incessantly, looking as if a pig’s head was cooking under high heat in a pot.

His short legs were constantly trembling; this time he really felt fear.

The sort of feeling of seeing the sickle of the reaper flashing beside your neck, causing fear to permeate through from the depths of the bone marrow.


He couldn’t withstand it any longer; a sweet feeling in his throat and then he bent over spurting out large mouthfuls of blood.

Li Muyang approached him one step at a time.





Li Muyang is wearing flat shoes; as he walked on the floor he did not make too loud of a sound. But in Zhang Tianyi’s ear, each step he took sounded like thunder roaring beside his ears.

Li Muyang stood still in front of Zhang Tianyi, his blood-red eyes looked pensively at the vomiting Zhang Tianyi without any human emotions at all in his face at all.

“Big brother—–big brother, let me off this time. I was wrong; I won’t dare to come here again. I promise you, I won’t charge the bakery any management fee ever again———” Zhang Tianyi looked at Li Muyang, begging for mercy.

He found himself falling into a pit with deep water that is difficult to even see the bottom.

He is afraid of the feeling of drowning, his body has been sinking all along and he’s desperately flapping but still can’t find a piece of duckweed for him to hold onto.

“I deserve it, I am willing to apologise to Luo shop owner—–I also will pay for all the losses of the bakery——As long as you’re willing to let me off this time, I will accept any demands. Name a price, as much as you want——”

“Big brother, say something——-I——I don’t dare to do such a thing again, I’ll never be on this street demanding protection fee. I am willing to pay protection money to you, starting today you are I, Zhang Tianyi’s older brother, I will follow you, whatever you tell me do I will do it without any questions, even robbing or killing I won’t refuse at all——–”

“Down on your knees.” Li Muyang said in a commanding voice.

“What? Big brother, don’t do this——Luo shop owner, you say something for me. Your son is going to kill, he’s going to kill, quickly stop him———”

Zhang Tianyi wanted to run, but his legs were quivering. He was unable to shift them at all.

Luo Qi’s mouth was stuffed with flour, so her mouth was somewhat dry.

She opened her mouth to speak but words won’t come out.

The Li Muyang right now made her feel extremely unfamiliar and flustered.

“Down on your knees.” Li Muyang repeated himself. His voice already carried a hint of anger.

“Big Brother—”

“Down on your knees.” Li Muyang’s roared loudly in fury, blood boiling in his pupils.


Both of Zhang Tianyi’s legs and knees weakened, he then heavily fell on his knees in front of Li Muyang.


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