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047 – Petty Uncle!


Chapter 47: Petty Uncle!

Inside the deep and serene courtyard, branches from the Jacaranda tree piled high up as if was hiding the sky and covering the earth. Bunches of flowers flourishing with excitement looked like they were a beautiful picture hand-painted by masters of the country.

A young maiden wearing a white dresses sat below the Jacaranda tree with a pot of green tea and an ancient scroll in her hands. Leisurely passing the beautiful holiday.

‘History of Tiandu’ written by the historian Mr Sima Jian described the sequence of events happening in the capital of the West Wind kingdom. It includes political changes, economic development, interesting stories and even some ancient traditions—–for example the scissors of Wang Mazi, Li Xiaodong’s blacksmith, three bowls of strong alcoholic drink, as well as the red braised pork of Pin Xiang Lou.

Because there’s a wide range of topics and the content is considerably mixed, it had became well-known. Some people find it new and some find it unusual. While some people look at it as a gourmet food travel map and some even study it carefully to see if there are any hidden meanings.

Cui Xiaoxin simply does not care about all of these things, she purely just read for reading. To people who read, it is needless for them to look into the past and to ponder over the future, but to just enjoy the meaning of the words expressed or the story behind the words. This is the most relaxing thing for them.

“Xiaoxin, have some fruits.” Wearing a white Chinese-style dress, aunt Cui Xinci carried a bowl of fruit over to the table.

Although she’s originally a Northern woman, she fell in love with the style of clothing in the South. She especially liked this dress; when she wears it, she displays a unique charm and beauty.

“Thank you aunt.” Cui Xiaoxin stood up to greet her.

“Sit down. Sit down.” Cui Xinci said. “Xiaoxin, it’s not that I want to say this to you, but in the courtyard there’s only us two and no outsiders are here. Moreover, even if there are outsiders so what? In other words, we are both woman of the Cui family, the same blood flows within our body, we are a real family—–why are you always so polite your auntie here? This way it looks like we’re not close, I don’t like it.”

Cui Xiaoxin chuckled out loud and said:  “Fine, in the future when aunt brings me food to eat and drink, I will act indifferent and won’t rise to greet you. Instead I’ll pick it up and eat, lift it and drink. I will order you about like an old servant.”

“If you were like that, I will be delighted. Yan Xiangma treats me like this and do I still not regard him as my son? ” Cui Xinci gracefully sat down at the seat opposite Cui Xiaoxin and said: “Xiaoxin, you’re reading again?”

“‘History of Tiandu’.” Cui Xiaoxin placed down the book onto the table and said: “To understand the local conditions and customs of Tiandu. It’s been several years since I left, so I feel somewhat unfamiliar to the city. But thinking carefully, even before in Tiandu what did I know about the city? I always thought that by living in the city, I can tour around all the time; however, the more it is within reach, the more you’re unfamiliar with it and the more you’re not even willing to understand it. Thinking about it, I indeed know nothing about it at all. ”

Cui Xinci face was filled with distress as she said: “Xiaoxin, in a few days, you will return to Tiandu. Aunt really can’t bear it. If it’s possible, I really hope you can stay in Jiangnan, stay by aunt’s side. Tiandu is great and the Cui family household is also big, but life isn’t as comfortable and relaxing as it is over here. It is a like a giant whirlpool over there, everyday many people are engulfed into it, aunt is scared that you may also be swept in—-“

“Aunt—-” Cui Xiaoxin held Cui Xinci’s white and soft hand tightly and said: “I also want to stay in Jiangnan, I want to stay here with aunt, these past years in Jiangnan was the most happy and relaxing time of my life. But, you know Tiandu better than me and you understand the Cui family more than me—–Would I be allowed to stay?”

“Ahh, being born in a wealthy family will always need to bear various responsibilities. This time aunt can’t come with you to the capital, I’m sure you can take good care of yourself. Yesterday uncle said that to let Xiangma come with you to the capital and ask brother to help arrange a job for him, he said he’s always loafing around in Jiangan. This is not the right path- for him—-your temper is good, you’re quiet and calm, and you don’t stir up trouble everywhere. But Xiangma makes people headaches, when he goes to Tiandu, who know how much trouble he will cause?”

Cui Xiaoxin patted aunt on the back of her hand and said: “Aunt, men should be determined. Uncle is just doing this to ensure his son becomes a dragon in the future. If you don’t let him out and polish up, and instead just stay around you receiving your care, then how can he accomplish anything? Did uncle not also become a general after fighting in the battlefield? And later he assumed the responsibility of being the lord of the kingdom’s Jiangnan city? ”

“Besides, cousin is not a stupid person. I really admire his courage. In Tiandu he has the care of both the Cui family and Yan family, and Jiangnan city is the prosperous area of the kingdom. As the son of the lord of Jiangnan city he has powerful backing. Is there anyone who can bully him? Think about it, it’s always cousin bullying other people, when was he ever bullied? ”

“My son is traveling a thousand miles. Of course, as a mother I will be worried. No matter what I do, I can’t stop worrying. ”

“If you are really that worried, then come back for the Spring Festival. You haven’t been back to Tiandu in a few years right? ”

“Yes. That would be good, this spring I will be back for the holidays, whether Yan Bolai agrees with it or not, I will go—-” Cui Xinci said firmly.

“Good. I’ll wait for aunt at Tiandu.” Cui Xiaoxin said with a smile.

“Yes, where did Xiangma go again? How come I haven’t seen him in the house at all today? ”

“I also haven’t seen him. He went out early in the morning, saying he’s going to visit a friend. ”

“Not to find that Li Muyang again? I find it strange, what’s so good about that Li Muyang. Before you were losing your mind over him, every day you went over there regularly. Now you’re back to normal but your cousin is not normal—-What does that kid even look like? I heard he’s incomparably hideous? ”

The corner of Cui Xiaoxin’s mouth rose slightly, revealing an attractive angle.

“Incomparably hideous is too exaggerated, it’s just that he had a severe illness as a child, so his skin is a bit darker. He looks—-very normal. ”

“Really? That’s still not good enough for our Xiaoxin.” Cui Xinci said with a faint smile: “I think that jade tree of the Song family is much better, when he was young he already received that name, after that I followed your uncle back to Jiangnan and I often heard news about him. He’s actually even more outstanding. ”

The smile on Cui Xiaoxin’s face slowly disappeared, she then said: “Aunt, about this matter—-I’m afraid no one cares about my wish? ”

“You’re not willing? ”

“I also hope that someone would ask me this question, ‘are you willing?’”

“Xiaoxin—–” Cui Xinci held Cui Xiaoxin’s hand firmly and said: “You also know about our family background. However, if you really don’t agree with it, then be sure to speak up. No matter what, aunt will always support you. ”

“My persistence and aunt’s support—–can it really change fate? ”


Perhaps Cui Xinci felt that the subject of conversation is too serious, she then smiled and said: “Let’s not talk about this, it’s still early. And you’re also going to university soon, there are still years of time. Our Xiaoxin is so excellent, you will definitely be able to find a good match. ”

Cui Xiaoxin smiled faintly without saying anything, but in fact will aunt herself not also feel guilty for saying this? Back in the days was she also not outstanding? Did the silver spear teenager that she liked not also entrust her with his heart? However, in the end, she eventually married the lord of Jiangnan city Yan Bolai?

In the end it is best to accept your fate. Just like her Cui Xinci; is she not also living happily and peacefully ?

Seeing Cui Xiaoxin’s smile, Cui Xinci knew she had seen through her mind. In front of this young lady, Cui Xinci suddenly became somewhat flustered.

“You continue reading, aunt will not disturb you anymore.” As Cui Xinci spoke, she got up and walked towards the front yard.

Cui Xiaoxin lifted her head, facing the sea of blue flowers and said with regret: “Tiandu don’t have jacaranda, but unfortunately I can’t bring you over there.”

“Miss if you like, I can just ask people to dig a few for you to take home.” Ning Xinhai came over from the corner. As if he had been waiting over there all along.

“I heard that the South’s mandarin orange isn’t as sweet anymore when moved to the North, transplanting the jacaranda plant over to the North, I fear the flowers won’t bloom as beautifully over there, right? As people who love flowers, then why make it so difficult for them? ”

The cool breeze brushed past, leaving behind vast flower petals.

Cui Xiaoxin reached out her hand; a tiny flower petal fell into her palm.

Several of these little blue elves fell onto her hair and clothes, letting off a tranquil and calm fragrance as if they were reluctant to part with this pure young lady.

“For uncle NIng to suddenly come over at this time, did something happen? ”

“Miss haven’t been out these days, but you’ve instructed me to secretly protect that classmate Li. A few days ago it was still safe and sound. Since Crow’s attack, everyday Li Muyang’s stayed in and study, I hardly ever see him go out. ”

“Unexpectedly something happened today. A group of hooligans came to Li Muyang’s mother Luo Qi’s bakery demanding the management fee for this month. This sort of thing happens, so I didn’t pay too much attention to this incident initially. ”

“Later, Li Muyang came over, and he suddenly transformed into a violent state inside the bakery and started killing wildly. It wasn’t until then that I became aware that the situation wasn’t right——-I fear that someone deliberately set up this bait for Li Muyang? ”

Cui Xiaoxin expression turned gloomy, then muttered to herself as if she understood the truth behind this. She then said with a cold smile: “My uncle really is petty.”



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