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050 – Is he not afraid that I’ll break the legs of his dogs?

Ye Qingyu was released.

This news was as if it had grown wings, spreading quickly throughout the entire first year area of White Deer academy. Until today, very many still remembered what happened three months ago.

That day, a person that was not in the top fifty as all, using two spears, pierced through the high up geniuses in the list of ten. He destroyed six arenas, defeated Qin Wushuang and broke past the ordinary martial stage…

The things that happened on that day was like a legend.

Many people, when they thought back to the events of that day, they were still incomparably shocked, the blood in their bodies boiling.

And today, the person who created this legend would end his solitary confinement and emerge.

Three months had already passed, how strong would he have gotten?

In an instant, many students of White Deer academy began intentionally gathering near the entrance of the Grievance hall, hoping to get a glance of something…


The black door with runes and formations on it began to open.

Numerous eyes turned to gaze at this.

Under the sunlight, the bearded youth walked out, with his black hair hanging down to his thighs. The one metre and a bit long spear holster hung from his back. He seemed more haggard and skinny, and the unbridled recklessness evident in his expression seemed to have been moderated.

“He’s come out!”

“It’s Ye Qingyu!”

“It seems he’s slightly gaunt and exhausted!”

“He’s been confined for three months, with an entire ninety days without any teachings or cultivation resources. I estimate, that Ye Qingyu’s strength has not improved that much!”

“That’s’ right, the Grievance hall is not that suitable for traiing.”

“Wah wah, quickly look. Qin Wushaung’s people has appeared, with Quan Yalin leading…Through my estimation, the second part of this story, is about to begin!”

The students all discussed heatedly.

Unknowingly, many people had already placed Ye Qingyu as one of their focal points. From the moment that Ye Qingyu stepped out from the Grievance hall, gazes could not help but be gathered onto him.

But they only looked from afar.

He had offended the entire noble organisation in the academy and was a thorn in countless people’s eyes. The brighter and more radiant Ye Qingyu was, meant that less and less people would want to be his friend. The waves he had caused, after three months, how peaceful could it have gotten?

No one knew.

There were even some students that were itching to act against Ye Qingyu. In these three months, their strengths had increased explosively. With such a good opportunity to prove themselves, if they were able to defeat ye Qingyu, this was a chance to become close to the noble organisation and be famed throughout. Was this not fame and fortune both at once?

Within the crowd, only one person was different —

“Brother Qingyu!!”

The little loli Song Xiaojun came bouncing and cheering,  charging straight at Ye Qingyu.

She did not have the slightest care or restraint, and was only acting on her impulses from the bottom of her heart. She was like a little deer that had finally met her old friend, with an undisguised joy and delight.

“Brother Qingyu you’ve finally been released!” The little loli grabbed Ye Qingyu’s hands, jumping up and down, wantonly cheering.

Ye Qingyu patted the little loli on the head, being infected by her happiness. A smile appeared on his face.

The people nearby had complicated feelings when they saw this scene.

The little loli Song Xiaojun was different from the ‘cold and haughty’ Ye Qingyu. She was a simple and innocent little girl, and as cute as if she was a jade doll. No matter who she faced, she was passionate and happy to help without any malicious intentions, able to make many friends in the year.

And furthermore, she was one of the people that head teacher Wang Yan had high expectations for. Her hidden talent was extremely exceptional. In the four months that she had been in the academy, she gradually emerged with her strength growing rapidly. This attracted the attention of many organisations and caused her to have great relationships within the entire first year.

But many people knew, that even though Song Xiaojun had many friends, she only had one best friend—

Ye Qingyu.

The Ye Qingyu who had no friend apart from her in the entire class of two thousand.

Many people did not understand how Ye Qingyu and Song Xiaojun were able to become friends. No matter considering aura, the way they did things, or their cultivation, they were all different. They had nothing in common at all.

Some people was envious of Ye Qingyu because he was able to obtain the true friendship of such an innocent and naïve little girl, Song Xiaojun.

And some people were envious of Song Xiaojun because she was able to obtain the true friendship of someone as tyrannical and with a terrifying strength, the Demon king Ye Qingyu.

For Ye Qingyu, Song Xiaojun did not care about wasting her precious academic points to obtain the right to enter the Grievance hall.

And for Song Xiaojun, Ye Qingyu was furious and completely destroyed the entire noble organisation in first year using his spears. The high and mighty Qin Wushuang, son of the city leader was also stamped under his feet…

Such a friendship, was the object of envy for numerous students.

It was a pity that many people could only be envious, because they would never ever be able to obtain such a friendship.

From the crowd, Song Qingluo also looked upon this scene enviously.

She was one of the only students to retain her position in the list of ten within the challenging matches. Song Qingluo’s gorgeous appearance, exceptional talent and her wealthy background made her become the goddess of countless male students in first year.

She was also a person many people admired.

But at this moment, Song Qingluo was envious of her innocent and silly little cousin.

A complicated expression flashed past Song Qingluo’s beautiful face. She finally  grew serious, as if making some sort of decision. Her red lips opened, crying out Song Xiaojun’s name…

From far away.

The Song Xiaojun who was laughing like a lark, hearing Song Qingluo’s voice was as if she had instantly turned into a fossil. Her expression instantly turned lonely and she lightly let go of Ye Qingyu’s arm…

She turned around and saw, her cousin’s strict expression with an unquestionable authority.

“Brother Qingyu, I have something to do, I’ll leave first…” The little loli said, her face filled with apologies, as if she was a little white flower that had frosted over.

Ye Qingyu looked at the Song Qingluo from far away and then regarded the listless little loli. He nodded his head, saying: “Go.”

The little loli reluctantly waved goodbye.

He saw her walking far off, standing in front of her cousin sheepishly. Song Qingluo seemed to have said some words, then dragged the little loli away, without looking back….

Ye Qingyu smiled, without saying anything.

He knew why Song Qingluo  dragged the Song Xiaojun away in such a rush.

Compared to the simple and silly Song Xiaojun, Song Qingluo was more suited to become the future leader of the Qingluo merchant company. Her thoughts were cautious, and the way she did things was like thunder and wind, without wading in water or mud in the slightest*. It was only…At such a young age, to consider everything, could she really be happy?

Ye Qingyu’s gaze surveyed everywhere around him, walking towards the dormitory.

After walking a few steps…


A object pierced through the air, a gentle breeze blowing past.

Ye Qingyu lifted his hand.

The red and golden gilded challenge letter was held between his index and ring finger.

He lifted his eyebrows, looking at the noble students walking their way out of the crowd.

Quan Yalin walked out in front of the group, his expression holding a deliberate arrogance and haughtiness. He coldly sneered: “Three days, number one arena. Senior brother Wushuang challenges you, one battle to decide the victor.”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

Quan Yalin continued to coldly sneer: “What? You don’t dare? It looks like you don’t know, senior brother Wushuang’s strength has increased explosively, and he has had a fortuitous encounter. He is already a dragon soaring in the skies, and is not someone that a commoner scrap can be compared to…”

Before he had finished.


Ye Qingyu’s hand moved.

The red challenge letter was like a bolt of red lightning, tearing apart space. Brushing past Quan Yalin’s head with a sharp sound, it buried itself into an ornamental fake mountain twenty metres away

Quan Yalin’s figure stopped, his mouth wide open. The sneering smile on his face had frozen and in his eyes was a terror that was hard to control.

Cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

A light wind blew past.

Hair rustled and fail.

A large bunch of Quan Yalin’s hair, fell cleanly to the floor. It exposed his white scalp, as if the sharpest razor had passed by. His skin was not broken in the slightest, neat and tidy….

Countless eyes fell on Quan Yalin’s head and then towards the fake mountain far off.

On the ornamental mountain, there was a deep fissure.

The challenge letter was soft and gentle, and was as hard as a goose feather to impart any force into. But in Ye Qingyu’s hands, it completely entered into the boulder, only leaving a deep crack where it had passed through, as if it was cut open by a divine weapon….

In this instant, countless exclamations of shock sounded.

With a wave of his hands, Ye Qingyu had broken the courage of countless people.

Especially the people who thought in these three months, their strengths had completely exceed his. Those thinking that Ye Qingyu did not receive a systematic or complete training within Grievance Hall. Those who had wanted to treat Ye Qingyu as a stepping stone, in this moment, their ambitions that burned like fire was doused by a bucket of icy cold water. Before the flames had even begin to burn, it was completely extinguished!

No matter considering the intricate control to only cut Quan Yalin’s hair, or the strength needed to crack the boulder, this was not a power that an ordinary Spirit spring expert should be able to possess.

The power of Ye Qingyu, in these three months, had grown to what heights?

Many people were dumbfounded by this scene.

Ye Qingyu swept his gaze around the crowd.

No one dared to meet his eyes.

In these three months, Qin Wushuangs rapid growth was like a divine king, shining a light that could not be ignored. Then the Ye Qingyu who had come out from the black Grievance hall, demonstrating a destructive power similar to that of a Demon King, was also something they could not face.

A sudden blast of wind.

The black hair of Ye Qingyu began dancing wildly, as if a terrifying black flame was burning.

Step by step, he walked out of the crowd.

The students looked at his back, an undisguised fear on their faces.

“Losers, should have the self awareness of a loser.” The voice of Ye Qingyu sounded from far away the path. “Qin Wushuang wants to challenge me? Then tell him to come personally. Always telling his dogs to bark, is he not afraid that I’ll break his dogs’ legs?”

His voice sounded.

His figure disappeared.

Everyone was silent.

Quan Yalin and other noble students were as silent as if they were mourning for their deceased mother.

Half a second later.

In the eyes of some students, a light began to burn in their eyes. In a small voice, “Extremely strong…Ye Qingyu’s strength, when compared to the people of Azure phoenix academy, must not be any worse?”

These words woke countless people from their daze.

“That’s right, Ye Qingyu absolutely has the qualifications to compete with those arrogant and domineering Azure phoenix students!”

“Yes, yes! Ye Qingyu is a demon king with no scruples when he is enraged. He won’t be like those noble students, burdened by their reputation. Fearing they would lose, they hide and don’t fight!”

“If Ye Qingyu can really allow the White Deer academy to vent their anger, than from today onwards I will only follow him!”

“Standing in front of the stormy seas is the inherent character of a hero! This time, whoever stands up, is the hero!”



*Means she does things swift and decisively.


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