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051 – Azure phoenix academy, is merely this

Ye Qingyu was able to sense, that the atmosphere of the academy was slightly strange. An air of nervousness pervaded throughout the entire academy, as if the students were about to face a great opponent.

He returned to the dormitory to wash and change his clothes.

His original idea was to go and find Wen Wan and ask him several questions about cultivation. However, since Wen Wan had already left the academy, Ye Qingyu did not know what his next step would be.

He stayed in the dormitory to train in the nameless breathing technique for half the morning, then it was lunch.

After Ye Qingyu considered, he decided that he would first convert all the resources he had gained during the wilderness training into academic points. Then, he would think of a way to obtain a Spirit weapon. After entering the Spirit spring stage, he must find a spirit weapon and submerged it within the spring in his dantian for it to become truly his. Only by cultivating together with his weapon, could it be counted as the true path of the yuan qi formation way.

Of course, there was also the issue of skipping a year.

Ye Qingyu wrote down a list of what he needed to do, to order his thoughts.

Noon, the temperature could not be said as hot.

After Ye Qingyu had finished eating in the canteen, he went to the commerce area of the first year area to have a look. Within the weapon shops, there was Spirit weapons but the price was extremely high and the majority of it was low class weapons that did not match Ye Qingyu’s needs.

The first life spirit weapon, for a martial artist of the Spirit spring stage, was extremely important. Ye Qingyu did not want to lower his standards.

He also attempted to add runes to the inexorable spear, to make it become a Spirit weapon. But after consulting several rune masters in the commerce area, he knew this was not possible.

The first reason was because the material of the inexorable spear was special, and it could not work well with runes and formations. And furthermore the spear was too large, even if a high class rune master was willing to do work upon it, it would expend a great deal of resources and attention on engraving rune on the spear. It was not worth it.

After walking around the commerce area entirely, Ye Qingyu eliminated the idea of turning the inexorable spear into a spirit weapon.

He understood, that although the power of the inexorable spear was great, but it could not become his long term weapon. He needed a weapon that grew strong along with him – the inexorable spear could no longer match his needs.

With many thoughts in his head, he followed the path. Unknowingly, he had already left the commerce area.

Trees cast mottled shadows, slanting towards the east.

The time was now afternoon.

Ye Qingyu went to the administration office, and exchanged all the resources he had obtained during the first practical battle training into academic points. After obtaining twenty academic points, he followed the path leading to the largest library in the first year area.

These days he had been training as if he was blindfolded. There were many slight problems and issues that had cropped up, that he hoped he would be able to find the answer to in the library.

But when he reached the entrance of the library, he found that the atmosphere there was slightly wrong.

Tens of first year students angrily stood below the platform, with people questioning loudly. And on the top of the platform there were several teenagers wearing a bright blue robe. From their outer appearance, these were not students of White Deer academy.

“This is the library of White Deer academy, why can’t we enter?”

“That’s right, the Azure Phoenix academy is too unreasonable. The guest has become the host!”

“To think that you would monopolise the library and not allow us to enter, can you be anymore unreasonable?”

The students of White Deer academy were all filled with righteous indignation, their faces and neck flushed red. Evidently, they had been angered by something. There were also some with bruises in their faces, and traces of blood in their lips. They had obviously come to blows but came out the worse.

On the platform, the four students of the Azure phoenix academy, had an arrogant air, looking at the crowd gathered below with contemptuous disdain.

“Senior brother Xu Ge is here to consult some scriptures, that is akin to giving face to the entire White Deer academy. Don’t mistake our good intentions. A crowd of trash, chattering and buzzing. If you don’t have the strength to back up your actions, then scram!” An Azure Phoenix student with small eyes coldly sneered.

“You guys are too arrogant, this is in the end, White Deer academy’s territory.” The White Deer academy student with his eyes swollen like a rotten peach said angrily.

“And what about it? Before using this library, we had the permission of one of the elders of your academy.” An Azure phoenix student said with his chest out.

“Even if the elder agreed to you consulting the writings, but he did not allow you to block the entrance and not allow White Deer academy students to enter….” Another White Deer academy said furiously.

“Haha, what status is senior brother Xu Ge? He is right now quietly studying the books, and is not allowed to be disturbed. Naturally we cannot allow scraps with weak strength but does not recognise it to enter…” The Azure phoenix student with small eyes said haughtily.

“You…can you speak some reason?” A White Deer academy student said angrily.

“Reason? Haha, speak some reason?” The other Azure phoenix students as if they had heard the most funny joke in the world, all began laughing in contempt.

The small eyes Azure phoenix student shook his head, his eyes filled with pity as he looked at the White Deer academy students. With a mocking tone, he said: “A bunch of pitiful, idiotic, innocent trash. I don’t know what the White Deer academy teaches you…Remember, only parties with equal strength will discuss reason with each other. Your strength are too weak, have you ever seen a dragon speaking reason with an ant?”

The White Deer academy students were so infuriated that their bodies were quivering, but they did not know what to say.

The Azure Phoenix academy was located in one of the most wealthy districts of Snow country, with great power and unfathomable resources. In the rankings of the ten great academies of Snow country, it was ranked so much higher than the White Deer academy. The vast majority of students in Azure phoenix academy came from famous families, all with great strength, and the average skill level was higher than the White Deer academy. This was a fact.

Originally, many White Deer academy students had an admiring and aspiring attitude towards the Azure Phoenix academy. After the Azure Phoenix academy had came, many wanted to use this as an opportunity to interact with the geniuses that came from the wealthy district of Snow country, and practice and exchange ideas with each other, each helping the other.

Who would have guessed that the high and mighty Azure phoenix students did not have the White Deer academy in their eyes at all. From their gazes, it was as if a high and mighty emperor was regarding a dirty beggar by the roadside. Filled with a bored disdain and contempt, an arrogance emanating from the marrow of their bones to their soul. Not to mention exchanging cultivation experiences, even speaking to a White Deer academy was a type of humiliation for them.

This kind of arrogant attitude cruelly pierced the hearts of the White Deer academy students.

In these days, there had already been several conflicts, both large and small, between the two academies. Only through the control of teachers from both side, could they barely manage to supresss any major fireworks. But the estrangement and enmity between them, had grown ever deeper.

Today the forceful monopolisation of the library, was only a small explosion from these countless conflicts.

In the previous spars, the students of White Deer academy evidently had always been on the losing side.

In the stand off, the White Deer academy students were both fuming and angry. But their skills were lesser than that of the Azure Phoenix students. There was nothing they could do.

And at this time, a White Deer academy student inadvertently looked behind. Suddenly his eyes brightened, his expression becoming excited again.

He grabbed the person beside him, pointing backwards.

“Why are you grabbing me, you…Eh? He is…Demon King Ye Qingyu?” His companion originally was annoyed, but the instant he turned back he also realised something, also becoming excited.

“Ye Qingyu has come.”

“He is coming to the library?”

“It should be. You have to know that the Demon King Ye is a famous madman who likes to spend time in the library.”

“Then does this mean…Hehe, Demon King Ye is famed for not sparing anyone under his spear…this time these people of the Azure Phoenix academy, is about to encounter misfortune!”

The White Deer academy students all looked towards Ye Qingyu walking closer to them. Suddenly there were all excited again, whispering to each other, as if they saw a life saving herb.

Someone wanted to greet Ye Qingyu, but they lifted their hands and did not say anything. One was because they were not familiar with Ye Qingyu, and the second was because there was a fearful respect.

Ye Qingyu had noticed everything.

He nodded his heads to the White Deer academy students. Not saying anything, he continued walking to the entrance of the library.

But this action of nodding his head, had already greatly astonished those students lifting their hands in greeting. At this moment, they unexpectedly realised, that the rumoured cold and emotionless demon king Ye, was not entirely a person who could not be reasoned with.

Step by step.

The expressions of several Azure phoenix students changed.

The aura that this silent White Deer student emitted, made them feel a trace of unease and pressure. One of them looked towards his companion, then faintly nodded his head. He rushed forward suddenly, his fist striking out.

The wind from the punch spread outwards.

“This road is blocked!” He shouted. His fist was as if it was a hammer, emitting an explosion of air, striking  at the vital parts in Ye Qingyu’s chest.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

He did not even block.

His chest, under the gaze of numerous eyes, met with the fist that had the pressure of wind and lighting, striking together directly.。


The sounds of bone snapping could be heard.

Smiles appeared on the faces of the Azure phoenix students.

The White Deer academy students lost colour on all their faces.

But the next moment, Ye Qingyu took out another step. The Azure phoenix student who had struck out with his fist, cried out painfully. He feel away trembling, his right arm bending at a strange angle.

This type of situation, was as if a lance was stabbing into a copper wall and iron bastion, then it snapped off into four or five pieces…

So the thing that had broken was not Ye Qingyu’s ribs.

It was the arm of the Azure Phoenix student.

“Audacious……”The Azure Phoenix student with smalls eyes who had not spoken yet, loudly shouted: “You dare injure someone, do you know who the person you have injured is…”

Before he had finished his sentence.

Ye Qingyu directly lifted his hand and punched out.


The air seemed to explode with a swelling thunder.

The punch of the Azure Phoenix student could already be counted as extremely powerful. The winds caused by his punch, caused unending turbulence in the air, causing everyone to be astonished.

But as Ye Qingyu let out his punch, a thought suddenly gave birth in the hearts of many people:  This punch is a true punch. The previous fist of the Azure Phoenix student, was almost as if he was a child playing around.

The three Azure Phoenix student, including the person with small eyes, in front of the just the wind from this punch, felt as if they were oats in a hurricane. They were filled with insignificance and despair, quickly retreating, not daring to receive this punch at all.

Ye Qingyu laughed, stopping his fist.

The wind from the fist stopped.

“Azure phoenix academy, is merely this.”

He dragged out his words, unhurriedly entering the library step by step.

Staring at Ye Qingyu’s figure till he disappeared, the four Azure Phoenix students suddenly felt the pressure as if a mountain was on top of them disappear. Cold sweat had completely soaked their backs…

If this White Deer academy student had not stopped his fist, they would have been heavily injured.



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