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052 – White Deer without talent has lost his antlers, the Azure Phoenix intends to subdue the Heavens

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This kind of strength, was too terrifying.

In such a tiny White Deer academy, there was such a monster?

From his appearance, his age was not high, only about thirteen or fourteen years old. He should be a first year student of White Deer academy…this was even more frightening.

If senior brother Xu Ge faced him, would he be able to win?

The four was completely silent. This was the first time they did not have absolute confidence in their talented senior brother.

At the same time, the White Deer academy students, also began cheering below the platform.

“Haha, we’ve finally vented our anger, this is too soothing!”

“Demon King Ye is really Demon King Ye. This is absolute dominance. Haha, he only stood there and let that person hit him. The result was that person’s fist and arm was shattered into pieces. Domineering, he is truly domineering!”

“How about it? Do you accept defeat? This is the strength of White Deer academy!”

“From now on, Demon King Ye is my idol!”

“That’s right, he is a true man. Hmph, Qin Wushuang is known as the number one person in first year, normally high and mighty. But since Azure Phoenix academy has arrived, I have never seen him do anything for us!”

The White Deer academy students cheered jubilantly.

They stood tall and pound, entering the library with their chests held out.

This time, the four people of Azure Phoenix academy, did not block them.


Ye Qingyu entered the martial library.

He was already extremely familiar with this place, and knew where the information he needed regarding cultivation was situated. He headed directly for the third floor.

Just when Ye Qingyu stepped onto the third floor, a white clothed, black hair, handsome teenager passed by him.

The skin of this youth was like jade, possessed a clear and fair face, wealthy and had a spiritual air with slightly curled lips. He had an severity that did not come from anger, his entire aura like that of a deep pool, extremely profound. In his hands was a white fan, walking slowly down the stairs.

Ye Qingyu could not help but take a second glance.

He had never seen this teenager before. Judging from his clothing, he should be a student of the Azure Phoenix academy, of a similar age as him. But his strength was extremely powerful, definitely having long entered the Spirit Spring stage, much more powerful then the Qin Wushuang who he had fought previously…could he be the Xu Ge in the mouth of the Azure Phoenix academy?

At the time Ye Qingyu turned his head to have a second glance, the white cloth handsome teenager also turned back to look.

Their eyes met.

It was as if sparks had appeared in the air.

In the gaze of the white clothed teenager, there was a surprise and fighting will. But it only fleetingly passed by, and he controlled his emotions very well, turning and leaving.

Ye Qingyu was also slightly surprised.

At that moment, he was able to feel the inner yuan in his dantian trembling. It was as it was directed by some kind of energy, nearly causing him to want to fight a battle.

The white clothed teenager left.

Ye Qingyu also turned away.

He continued to search for the information he needed, not spending much more attention on thinking about useless things.

The things that had happened just then, for him, was just a small bump in the road.



“Then from your words, Dianyi and the others have crossed blows with him?” The white clothed youth had his arms behind his back, unhurriedly walking in the stone tiles. His gaze flitted with no focus to the scenery around.

“Yes senior brother Xu.”The Azure Phoenix student with small eyes, Dianyi carefully followed behind, his attitude displaying utmost respect.

Of course the people who followed also included the other three Azure Phoenix students.

“Do you know the background of this White Deer academy student?” The white clothed teenager said blandly.

“I’ve asked, that person is called Ye Qingyu, he is only a poor commoner. But I’ve heard that his talent is exceptional, with herculean strength, and the way he does things is direct and without fear of the consequences. Hence, he has been called Demon King Ye by many students of the White Deer academy.”

Dianyi quickly answered.

In a short amount of time, he had already investigated most of the information about Ye Qingyu. This Dianyi, although his strength was not high, but he was extremely clever and devious. This was why the rising star of the first year Xu Ge, had allowed him to constantly accompany him.

“Demon King Ye?” The white clothed youth stopped walking, considering. A faint smile appeared on his lips. “Quite interesting, to be able to cause a reaction in my inner qi, he is quite strong…Hehe, who would have thought, that the White Deer academy ranked last in the ten great academies ranking in its twilight years and gradually dying, would be able to produce such an interesting seedling!”

“Senior brother Xu, about what had happened…” Dianyi carefully probed, wanting to say something.

Xu Ge lightly waved his hands. “I know what you want to say, but I advise you to eliminate that thought. That person is not something you are able to provoke, and I currently don’t want to oppose him…This time in our visit to White Deer academy, we have important things to do. Don’t go aggravating everyone, otherwise if elder Chen passes down the blame, no one can withstand it.”

Dianyi quickly nodded his head, not daring to say anything more.

Originally he did have some intentions, wanting to regain his face. But after hearing Xu Ge say that he did not want to oppose Demon King Ye, it seemed like this opponent was even more frightening than what he had imagined. He would temporarily eliminate his ideas of revenge.

In the coming days, he would have to restrain himself. This was their territory, after all. If he was to irritate some fierce people, the person who would lose out in the end would be him. Even if White Deer academy was generally weak, but to  able to produce one or two fierce people was still possible for them.

Xu Ge stood stared blankly at the fake mountain fountain far off in the distance, thinking of something, remaining silent for a while.

Dianyi and the other stood waiting quietly.

After ten minutes, he seemed to have thought something through.

He held his palm out slightly, the skin on his hands as white and jade. His inner yuan activated, a pale silver light appeared between his two palms and began gathering. From the original rough and coarse appearance till at then end smooth and sleek, the silver light brightly radiating. It was as the moon was burning between his palsm.

Dianyi seeing this site, his heart was shock, greatly astonished.

“Congratilations senior brother Xu Ge. You have finally manged to master the [Full moon seal]. From now on, in the second year and under of Azure Phoenix academy, you no longer have any opponenets.” Dianyi quickly rushed to congratulate him.

He knew, Dian Yi had only studied the yuan qi battle technique, [Full moon seal] for half a year. He had previously never been able to fully understand it, who would have thought that coming to White Deer academy, he would suddenly master and grasp it.

“It is only a small success, haha.” Xu Ge could hardly hide his excitement.

He could not help but be excited.

In the [Choosing techniques ceremony] half a year ago in Azure Phoenix academy, standing his ground against the opinion of many, chose the [Full moon seal], a technique that was extremely powerful but also extremely hard to cultivate in. In reality this was taking a great risk; if he managed to master it, he would completely dominate his peers but if he failed, his competitors would leave him far far behind.

Xu Ge’s original plan, relying on his talent and cultivation resources, estimated that mastering the [Full moon seal] would not be a problem. Who would have known, that he would train for half a year without completely understanding it, nearing the edges of failure.

If not for the advice of an adept, telling him to use this opportunity of Azure Phoenix academy visiting White Deer academy, to come to White deer academy to find training notes he would still be stuck. This solved many problems associated with the bottleneck, otherwise he feared he would still be drifting between the limits of failure.

“It’s only that the [Full moon seal] is evidently an extremely deep and profound technique. Even Azure Phoenix academy does not have any cultivation writings about this skill, why does such a small White Deer academy, in the public library, would have a clue?

Xu Ge’s heart was filled with questions, and in the end he could not think it through.

But the training notes, was really incomparably insightful. He only read it once, and erased the doubts and fears in his heart, breaking through at once. Xu Ge lowered his head to look at the two moon seals between his palms, in a very good mood.


The next couple of days, the wind and waves was peaceful.

The little loli Song Xiaojun did not appear again nor did the noble organisation seek to have trouble with Ye Qingyu. Apart from training, Ye Qingyu also spent some time in the library searching on information about the cultivation resources he would need.

Wen Wan had already left, and Ye Qingyu did not have another teacher he was close to. After the incident in the challenging matches, many teachers that had come from noble families, did not have that good of a impression of Ye Qingyu. They were not too willing to pay attention to him. Even if Ye Qingyu humbly asked them, they would be indifferent.

Under a fit of rage, Ye Qingyu decided he would not ask the teachers in the academy anymore and searched for the answers to his questions within the books of the public library.

Thankfully, he had the pass that head teacher Wang Yan had previously given him. Not only could Ye Qingyu enter and leave as he pleased in the library of the first years, he could also go to the public library located in the second year area to search for the information he needed.

His memory was shocking and comprehension was monstrous. His perception was extremely abnormal. With the aid of the nameless breathing technique, there were many martial techniques that he only needed to consult the martial manuals without the need for a teacher. His progress was extremely rapid.

Ye Qingyu also preferred this method of training. This way, he would not spend his energy which was not much in the first place, to be diverted in the fights and conflict between the groups of the academy.

In the blink of the eye, ten days had passed.

This day, in the morning it was sunny.

After Ye Qingyu’s morning lesson was over, and switching to a clean martial uniform, carrying his spear holster, he headed to wards the administration area of the first year. He wanted to apply for skipping a year, directly entering the second year.

The things that he needed to learn in first year, had already been learnt entirely.

After entering second year, apart from training the inner yuan by yourself, the students could also begin to approach rune formations and rune weapons these two supernatural abilities. Even though these were supporting skills, but it was also an important part of a martial artists’s strength.

It was also something that Ye Qingyu had planned to learn.

On the road there, he encountered many White Deer academy students. Seeing Ye Qingyu, they quickly lowered their heads and rushed past. There were also some people who would meekly greet Ye Qingyu, with some commoner students gathering together as if wanting to say something, but in the end did not approach…

Within the entire first year, Ye Qingyu was definitely the most special.

In the eyes of many students, his existence was akin to that of a Demon King.

The main path of the stone tiles diverged into many smaller paths. The path towards the administration area, coincidentally also passed through the practice grounds.

Ye Qingyu turned his head to have a look.

In the previous battle, Ye Qingyu had lifted the ring with his spear. Crushed rocks filled the air, and the grounds around was completely transformed to a ruin. But the efficiency of White Deer academy in reconstruction was extremely high. Today, this place had already regained its former appearance. Spacious grounds, tall and high rings, neat and tidy.

But on the practice grounds, many figures were gathered.

On the number one arena, two banners, white and green was hung on opposite sides. Under the wind of the morning it fluttered, with each flag having two lines of word written in red ink. These characters were like swords or axes, filled with killing intent.

“White Deer without talent has lost his antlers, the Azure Phoenix intends to subdue the Heavens!”


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    Really now.. ye qinyu definitely deserve to be one of my xianxia/wuxia heroes ranking .. right now he already surpass Lin Feng (PMG)

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