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053 – The Ye mansion

As he neared, Ye Qingyu could clearly see the writings on the banner.

A thought passed through his mind.

During his time at the Grievance hall, he had heard about this from the little loli. The Azure Phoenix students had set up sparring arenas throughout the first, second, third and fourth year areas respectively. They had defeated many strong opponents of White Deer academy, becoming more and more arrogant as time went on. Ye Qingyu did not think that it  had progressed to such an extent.

These two banners, were erected by the Azure Phoenix academy.

Just from looking at this phrase, one was able to know the extent of how conceited the people at Azure Phoenix academy were. Placing such a banner within the practice grounds of White Deer academy was not only a provocation; it was a fierce slap in the face.

But since the banner was able to be erected for such a long time without it being taken down, very evidently no one was able to stand up within White Deer academy and defeat the students of Azure Phoenix academy.

The ring was surrounded by a considerable number of White Deer academy students. Their expressions were all filled with fury, but not one of them entered to challenge.

Some people saw that Ye Qingyu had appeared, instantly cheering.

A large number of students of White Deer academy remembered the incident that had happened in front of the entrance of the library a few days ago. In an instant, their hearts filled with expectation. If Demon King Ye was willing to act, then these two humiliating banners on the ring, could definitely be trashed!

But very quickly, they were disappointed.

Because Demon King Ye was only passing by. He only had a glance from far away, then walked away uninterestedly. There was not the slightest indication that he would act out in the sparring arena, his figure quickly disappearing into the trees far off…

“He left just like that?”

“Could it be that even Demon King Ye is afraid?”

“This is too disappointing.”

“Disappointing your fart. Demon King Ye not acting  out is extremely normal. Haha, the so called number one person of the first years, Qin Wushuang why does he not act? He is usually famous and showered with compliments, but he does not act in key moments. That is what is truly hateful!”

“ That’s right!”

“Hehe, these noble students, normally would slander and vilify Demon King Ye in a hundred ways. Now that they need his strength, this kind of countenance is really unsightly…”

Within the crowd, another topic of discussion was argued back and forth.


Administration area。

Applying for skipping a year was much more simpler than Ye Qingyu had imagined.

Originally he had thought there would be a lengthy application process and strength determination testing. Who would have thought the entire process would be so simple? After filling in a simple a simple form, the sleepy white haired head of administration only casually glanced at ye Qingyu. With a flick of her brush, she accepted the application.

“From tomorrow onwards, you can go to the second year area for training. You don’t have to worry about the things that will occur afterwards, everything will be handled for you.”

The white haired head of administration took Ye Qingyu’s nameplate back. A light in her palm flashed, the information in the nameplate being changed and rewritten. Throwing it back, she waved her hand, kicking Ye Qingyu out.

Demon King Ye was slightly confused as he walked out of the administration area.

This was a little too smooth.

Could it be that the people in the administration area, had long known that he would come here to apply to jump a year, so they had already prepared beforehand?

Ye Qingyu guessed in his heart.

He did not know, that from the beginning of the academy to the present day, they had already developed a very complete system in these decades. In the past years, every year there would be a genius that had a cultivation speed far outstripping their peers, so jumping a year was not such a rare incident.

The white haired administration head had strength that was unfathomable. Just through one glance, she was able to discern a student’s cultivation, and as long as their cultivation was at the required level, skipping a year was an easy thing to do.

Ye Qingyu examined the new name plate in his hands. After a moment of observation, a triumph spread throughout his heart.

“Jumping a year is successful, from now on I can enter and leave as I please from White Deer academy.”

After some consideration, he did not return to the dormitory. Instead, he headed straight for the entrance of the White Deer academy. He had already been in the academy for five months straight; truly, he was impatient to take a wander out in Deer city.

In truth, Demon King Ye was a young man that liked action and liveliness from the depths of his bones.


Two hours later.

Ye Qingyu appeared in front of his parents’ graves.

Although only five months had passed, but the grave was already overgrown with wild weeds, somewhat in a decline. The graves were completely covered with grass, and after several torrential rainstorms, the graveyard was scoured thoroughly, the gravestones at a slant and nearly falling…

Ye Qingyu respectfully kneeled and bowed in front of the grave, then began the process of tidying it.

After spending a hour of time, the graveyard was once again returned to its clean and tidy state.

Ye Qingyu sat in front of the grave and took out a piece of paper from his chest.

On it, was a dense list of things he needed to do.

His gaze landed on the first row of characters.

“To revive the Ye family, first I must take back the Ye ancestral home, and return the memorial tablets of my mother and father to their place…”

Ye Qingyu clenched his fists.

This day, had finally arrived.


Deer city.

North district.

With less than five kilometres from the poor district, there was an area for the wealthy and the nobles. Stately mansions were located in this area, with fresh and clean air, tree lined streets, spacious and tidy, birds chirping, butterfly fluttering. A beautiful scenery.

This was the wealthy district of the Northern part of the city.

In the north west of the wealthy district, there was a mansion that could not be counted as extremely large. It covered a radius of less than a hundred acres, but the terrain was relatively elevated. There were streams passing through the mansion, with a large and expansive courtyard. Pavilions and porches scattered throughout, with an intricate architecture. There was a faint sense that it was tightly guarded, something contrary to its peaceful peaceful appearance.

The entrance of the mansion was from the south.

On the bright red board, the two dazzling words,  ‘Ding Family’ was written.

The mahogany doors was six feet wide, and there was two sculptures made of white marble, three feet tall Bixie* guarding the two sides of the door.

Ding Kaixuan was the current owner of this mansion.

To speak of the history of this mansion, Ding Kaixuan could not help but to feel triumphant.

He had a noble title, but within Deer city, he could only be counted as a third class noble. When compared to the true nobles of the various forces of Deer city, he was by far lacking.

However Ding Kaixuan had always been adept at looking out for his own personal gain.

This mansion, originally belonged to the Ye family. The husband and wife of the Ye family had died in the battle to safeguard the city, and only left an ignorant son. Ding Kaixuan saw his opportunity, and used some underhanded methods, nearly without expending any financial resources, and through extortion managed to obtain this mansion.

And the servants and maids that originally belonged to the Ye family, also became the resources of the Ding family.

In these years, Ding Kaixuan had grown accustomed to this mansion, finding the lifestyle here extremely comfortable. He decided that he might as well move from his original mansion; as a result he was often present here.

The things that happened till here, seemed to occur very smoothly.

But every since approximately five months ago, the only son of the Ye family, Ye Qingyu, suddenly became White Deer academy student with exceptional talent from the original idiotic retard that he was. Ding Kaixuan could not rest easy from then on.

He began to worry, if Ye Qingyu came back fully fledged and looking for trouble, and the things in the past came to light, then there would be issues.

Therefore since then, Ding Kaixuan began to plan, and make some preparations.

He expended a large amount of money to hire an expert to protect the mansion.

Ever since the morning, Ding Kaixuan had always felt his right eyebrow twitching. He was restless and agitated, as if something bad was about to happen. His mood was extremely poor.

During lunch, something finally happened.

A servant when placing the utensils on the table, accidentally dropped an silver chopstick on the ground. The silver chopstick fell to ground with a ding, attracting the attention of everyone.

The agitated Ding Kaixuan was instantly enraged, ordering the woman to be hung up and beaten without any other explanation.

“Hmph, servant scum, daring to neglect me! I see you don’t want to live…” Ding Kaixuan roared.

His unfounded anger, was all vented on this woman.

At this time, Ding Kaixuan could already recognise this forty year old woman, was namely a servant from the previous Ye family. And she should be one of the nurses of the only son of the Ye family, Ye Qingyu.

This made him inexplicably angrier.

Whip after whip was struck. The pitiful woman clothes were torn apart, fainting with pain.

“Pretending to be dead?  Hmph, continue to beat her, if you beat her to death than find a place to bury her.” Ding Kaixuan’s anger was still burning, shouting in a loud voice.

Within the courtyard, the servants were all gathered together, not daring to plead for mercy.

“Don’t, don’t! Master, I beg you, my mother did not do it intentionally, please spare my mother!” A young girl rushed out, desperately protecting the woman with her own body, begging bitterly.

The little girl seemed to be only thirteen or fourteen years of age, with features that could be called delicate and pretty. Although she wore the rough clothes of a servant girl, her appearance was somewhat striking. Currently, her tears were like rain, tightly hugging the unconscious woman and convulsing with fear as if she was a skylark scared and shivering in cold during a rainstorm.

She was the daughter of the woman, her name was Little Grass.

Seeing her mother be beaten to such a state without any reason, Little Grass had long been frightened out of her wits. She was only a pitiful little child, how could she be able to protect her mother in front of the ruthless and savage whips of the guards. Very quickly, she had endured several whips, her body stained with blood.

“Little lowly servant you dare block? Hmph, your guts is not small to not even care about my words. Come, drag her to one side, I’ll let this little lowly servant see with her own eyes her mother being beaten to death. To make me Ding Kaixuan unhappy, what the consequences of that are…”

Ding Kaixuan roared a like a mad dog, still with a unknown anger.

At this time, the pitiful woman, under the intense pain, finally awoke.

She desperately pushed her daughter away.

“Little grass, don’t pay attention to mother…You…must …live on…One day…your brother Ye will come back…” The woman was covered with blood, forcefully opening her eyes, and letting out a few weak and feeble words.

“No mother. I need you to live. If you are not here, what will I do?” Little grass began shedding tears of horror.

Her father had died in the battle to defend the city four years ago, and in these years, she and her mother relied on each other for survival. Every day was tough and arduous, but in the end they could support each other. The little girl could not imagine, if she lost her mother, in this cruel and cold world, the she without any relatives, how could she survive.

“What are you doing standing there? Beat her, cruelly beat her…” Ding Kaixuan as if he had gone mad shrieked.



*For those who are interested, its an ancient Chinese mythological creature.



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