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054 – I’m not stupid anymore!


The Sun was shining brightly, and Spring was in the air.

The proud youngsters trotted through the middle of the street on their horses, as if the crowd on the streets was a river that naturally split into two for them.
They looked very imposing, like they were in the centre of the world, as if they were the people blessed by the heavens.

They are domineering, but not annoying; instead people admired them and even wished to become one of them.

The youngster with the sword who’s talking was called Chu Xun, a member of the West Wind Kingdom Royal family. His father was a prince who did not do much, but an idle prince is still a prince. Therefore, among all the people present here, his status is the most respected.

“However, that Gao Qiu is too annoying, if sister Qiji don’t hit him, I would have beat him up——” A cute girl with an oval faced chuckled. “However, if I whip him it won’t be as mighty and intimidating as sister Qiji. She did not even respond to one word he said. Seeing his hateful face, she flayed him with her whip—–until he cried and fell on his knees, begging for mercy. ”

“Xiaoxing, it’s the difference in temperament—-Qiji is one of the three bright moons of the kingdom, you are one of the three pets of the kingdom, how could there be the same effect?” A bulky youngster wearing green said teasingly. It seemed like he liked this Xiaoxing girl; when he looked at her as he spoke, his eyes were filled with joy.

“Liu Long, you’re the pet, you’re a big black horse, big stupid bull—-so annoying.” Xiaoxing did not like others calling her a pet, she said these words with evident discontent as she argued back. “

Although many people have gathered together, Chu Xun’s mind was entirely on the maiden in white, Lu Qiji.

He looked straight ahead, one hand holding the reins and the other hand holding a sword, keeping a cautious attitude.

“Qiji, Grandfather Lu is fighting for the position of left government minister. It’s in the bag, right?” Chu Xun said with a smile.

Hearing Chu Xun asking this question, everyone all turned silent, waiting to hear the gossip not known to anyone. It should be said that all the people present here are children of officials; from being exposed to politics from a young age, they more or less understand the current political situation. Lu Xingkong fighting for the left government minister position is now the matter that’s everyone is most concerned about in Tiandu, or perhaps even the entire Kingdoms’s social class is paying special attention to it. If Lu Xingkong, the leader of the military, is successful in the role of left government minister, then with both the military and political powers in his hand, just how powerful will the Lu family become?

As someone who enjoys the benefits of the country, if they were able to bring back some important news for their family or parents, is that not a great merit in itself?

“If Prince Han is willing to come forward and support him, then it is in the bag.” Lu Qiji said without any expression.

Chu Xun smiled wryly and said: “My father will naturally support Lu grandfather, but he also have some unavoidable difficulties himself. Lu grandfather wants to fight for the left government minister position, then of course the Cui family would be obstructing in every possible ways. But the most critical person is the old grandpa of the Song family, don’t know why but he never liked Lu grandfather, even giving him the name ‘Sand Eagle’—–such a graceless title. Many people have said the old grandpa might not be able to persist for too long, but the royal family still majorly values his opinion. If the royal family attaches so much importance to his opinion, in that case there would be some bias. My father by himself is weak and powerless, he can’t influence the emperor’s final decision”

“The Cui family is obstructing, the Song family hates him and the royal family dislikes him, yet you say my grandfather’s attack for government minister position is in the bag? Chu Xun, what is your intention?” The girl in white words were sharp and she said this with disdain.

Chu Xun paused, then shrugged charmingly and said: “Look, Qiji is grabbing onto my mistakes again and mercilessly piercing me with a blade. People, do pay particular attention when you speak with Qiji. We’re not worried of rigid knives, but your soft spoken words can kill.

The crowd burst into loud laughter, immediately dissolving the embarrassment of Chu Xun.

“Never mind, let’s not mention the affairs of the nation. Although these matters are not that distant from us now, but we are still young and weak, and won’t have the power to affect any plans. Let’s talk about school instead; entrance examination results will be out soon. Qiji, you’ve decided to go to West Wind University, right? ”

“In this world, is there even one thing you can be certain of?” Lu Qiji pondered then said: “That person of the Cui family is coming back soon, right? ”

“I heard that Cui Xiaoxin enrolled to West Wind University, with her academic achievements this is definitely not a problem. Calculating the time, she should be coming back within a month? When she comes back, Tiandu will be even more lively—“A youngster wearing bright clothes matched with jade said with a flushed face.

“Before I heard that Wanxi likes Cui Xiaoxin—so it really is true—-Did you see how excited he was? Cui Xiaoxin isn’t back yet, wait until she comes back, would you even be able to speak to her?” Liu Long said teasingly. “

“Exactly. Cui Xiaoxin is coming back; our Tiandu will be even more lively and busy. Is Cui Xiaoxin a person or a group of people? She alone could be compared to half of the city’s population?” Xiaoxing said resentfully; she is Lu Qiji’s diehard fan girl. Among the three bright moon of the kingdom, her favourite is the cold and strong Lu Qiji, she does not even care about the other two. “If you like, then go play with her in the future.”

Wanxi scowled miserably and said: “I’m just saying, wasn’t it you who brought it to the discussion—–”

Chu Xun laughed, looked at Lu Qiji and said: “Wherever you’re going, I will be going there too.”

With the status of his father, he can choose from any elite school in the kingdom. Besides, his ability is already outstanding within his generation; whether it’s his knowledge in literature or martial arts skills, he is still a leader of the younger generation of Tiandu. No matter which school he wants to go to, that school will definitely welcome him.

What Chu Xun just said, is no different to confessing to Lu Qiji.

Wherever you go, I’ll go with you; in any case I just want to be with you.

“As you wish.” Lu Qiji’s pony tail swayed from side to side as she charmingly swept her eyes behind and said: “You guys must also come. ”

“Good, good.” Xiaoxing who looked dispirited repeatedly nodded. She naturally will follow her idol; even if Lu Qiji were not willing she would desperately fight for this chance as if her life depends on it.

The others just smiled awkwardly and did not explicitly respond to Lu Qiji

They were not fools——Lu Qiji had used them as a cover to reject Chu Xun. To them it sounded euphemistic, but to this wounded youth, what is the difference of this rejection to other words like ‘ I don’t like you ‘ and ‘ you’re a good person?’

Chu Xun smiled, and took the initiative to say to the companions: “Let’s stay together, the more the merrier. ”

The atmosphere became harmonious once again, everyone continued to talk and laugh happily and loudly.


Knock knock knock—–

Li Muyang gently knocked on the next-door neighbour’s gate.


The gate opened, Zhao auntie stood in the yard looking at Li Muyang who was standing at the door, smiled and asked: “Muyang, what is it? ”

“Auntie Zhao, my mum told me to give you some desserts to thank you for your help last time.” As Li Muyang spoke he handed over the box of desserts. “Last time, if you did not come to our house to inform us, then who knows what will happen to the shop. This kindness our family will always remember, we don’t know how to thank you, here is a box of desserts from us. Try it, if you like it, we will bring more over.”

Zhao auntie received the box happily, but pretending to be courteous she said: “Muyang, why mention it? We are neighbours; according to the old saying: a good neighbour is also a distant relative. That was nothing. If something happened to our family, you will also run over to help right? Ptui, ptui, ptui! What am I talking about, we are all perfectly fine——Yes, is your mother alright? ”

“She’s fine, we’re all fine.” Li Muyang said smilingly. “Zhao auntie, who was the uncle who came to your house to notify you last time? We also want to thank him with a box of desserts.”

“Why would I know his name——-” Zhao auntie suddenly stopped talking, then nervously said: “What uncle? I only walked past your entrance and saw what was happening, so I urgently ran to your home to notify you——-”

“Zhao auntie, don’t worry, I don’t mean anything. I just sincerely want to thank him. If it wasn’t for the uncle’s help, my family would have faced a disaster?” The expression on Li Muyang’s face was simple and honest and showed no hostility at all. “Zhao auntie, if someone sees the uncle then please tell me. It doesn’t make sense to do good deeds and get nothing in return?”

Zhao auntie’s face revealed a distressed expression, then browsed around the surroundings and said: “Muyang, it’s not that auntie is reluctant to tell you, just that auntie really does not know his name. I was working in the shop, then a man dressed in black came in. He gave me a gold coin and said there’s an accident in your shop and told me to immediately come over to your house——-”

Li Muyang smiled and nodded: “he told you to find help, then you should have went to notify my father——-From Water Willow Street to Hubu Lane you would have past my father’s workplace. Why didn’t you go find him instead? ”

“That’s what I thought at the time. But that man told me to come find you in your house, he told me to be sure to inform your——-I didn’t think about it that much, just hurriedly came over——–”

“He also instructed you to not tell others that he told you to come to my house for help, right? ”

“He did say that———” Zhao auntie nodded and said: “Muyang, how did you know? ”

Li Muyang pointed to his head and said in a sort of declaring tone: “Aunty Zhao, I’m not stupid anymore. ”



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    1. Thanks for chapter! What will Muyang do to enter his preferred school? Will he succeed? Will someone assist? Will find out soon(ish)!

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