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056 – Sunset Farewell!


Yan Xiangma strolled closely behind Li Shinian, with a sweet smile on his face he asked: “Shinian little sister, where are we going?”

“Shopping.” Li Shinian walked swiftly along the street and answered him snappily.

“Hey, so we are on a date? Although we are developing a little too fast, but extraordinary people behaves more extraordinarily, both you and I are not ordinary people; if you want to hold my hand or kiss me in the middle of the street I also don’t mind.” Yan Xiangma said with a face willing to would do anything for love.

“Hold hands? Your left hand can hold your right hand. I pulled you out here shopping because there are many people on the street so you can’t make any advances towards me—-Who would want to stay alone with you in the yard? Do you think I’m stupid?”

Yan Xiangma stood still looking stunned, a pained expression like he’s been struck by a bolt of lightning: “You—-you doubted my character? How dare you insult— a young master’s integrity?

“I’m not even familiar with you, why can’t I doubt your character? If I believe you have integrity, I must have saw a ghost—-”

“Li Shinian, I can tell you, as Jiangnan city’s famous hedonistic young master, there’s nothing I can’t do. You insulted me, aren’t you afraid that I want revenge? ”

“What do you want? “Li Shinian glared at Yan Xiangma warily; if this bastard dares to mess around she’s already prepared to throw out her fist and then cover her chest screaming ‘sexual harassment’—–Hmm, should her shirt collar be loosened a little? Would that be too shameless? She is a decent girl after all.

Yan Xiangma’s eyes ferociously stared at Li Shinian, swallowing saliva several times. Just as Li Shinian was worried if he would be full to the point of bursting with his own saliva, he finally said in a angry and harsh tone: “I seriously warn you, don’t do it again. ”

“Idiot. ”

“Shinian——” Yan Xiangma once again pulled out his handsome and kind face, smilingly said: “Actually the reason for me to come over was—–”

“What kind of person is Cui Xiaoxin?” Li Shinian asked aloud, interrupting Yan Xiangma.

“What?” “Yan Xiangma was taken aback for a moment. He was still thinking about how to express his feelings, but the topic had changed far too fast, making the situation somewhat unsuitable for him to do so.

“I want to ask you what kind of person is Xiaoxin sister?” Li Shinian asked aloud: “I know her background is not that simple, right? ”

“Yes.” Yan Xiangma nodded and answered.

Of course it’s not that simple, the Cui family is a clan that had a lot of weight within the political and government circle in the kingdom. Besides the Song family who has been standing for thousands of year and is known as the ‘family of imperial officials of West Wind’, that can suppress them, only the Lu family, the family of military generals for several generations could contend with them. Cui Xiaoxin, a direct line of descent of the Cui family and also as one the most outstanding woman of that family, how can her background be so simple? Even as his older cousin, he has to take good care of her and show consideration for her in every possible way. When his father talks to her he also has to treat her like a special person—-and not simply as a junior of the Yan family.

“Who is she?” Li Shinian’s footsteps came to a halt, blinked her big sweet eyes looking at Yan Xiangma, and asked with a nosy face.

“Why should I tell you? “Yan Xiangma said aloud. “This is our family secret, I can’t just tell others as they please. What kind of person do you think I, Yan Xiangma is? Don’t think that because of your beauty I would easily tell you? Try and see if I, Yan Xiangma is a spineless person—-”

“Xiangma brother, I beg you, tell me please—–” Stamping her feet softly, Li Shinian said imploringly.

“I told you I can’t say it——” Yan Xiangma once again swallowed saliva several times then continued: “Actually even if I didn’t say it you would still be able to guess. Xiaoxin cousin is from the Cui family of Tiandu—–”

“Cui Hongyan? ” Li Shinian spoke out a name that would resonate throughout the kingdom anywhere.

“That’s Xiaoxin’s great grandpa. ”


A bitter sad expression surfaced on Li Shinian’s little face, as if she had heard some grievous news.

“Shinian, what’s wrong?” Yan Xiangma asked aloud.

“My brother—-has no chance at all, right?” Li Shinian asked.

Yan Xiangma let out a light sigh and said: “Actually from my standpoint, I support Muyang and Xiaoxin cousin together, although Muyang is ugly but he is very kind, and also he is deeply in love with Xiaoxin cousin—–”

“You’re the ugly one, my brother is one hundred times more handsome than you.” Li Shinian said in an extremely discontent tone interrupting Yan Xiangma’s statement of his standpoint: “Answer my question. Is there any hope between my brother and Xioaxin sister? ”

“No”. Yan Xiangma said bluntly.

“Not even a little—-a trace of hope? ”

“Shinian, you must know that if one of these days, Muyang really does have a little or a trace of hope, that situation would instead be much dangerous.” Yan Xiangma said with a serious face: “Why is your brother still safe now and why no one came to his door to find him? Because everyone knows that it is impossible for them to be together and they have no hope of being together at all. If Li Muyang’s existence makes people detect danger—-do you think he would still be alive? ”


Li Shinian felt bitter agony in her heart, felt aggrieved for his brother.

However, this is the truth that she can’t change.

A child of an ordinary family, how could they marry a descendant of someone like the powerful Cui Hongyan who is able to move unhindered throughout the continent?

After understanding this problem, Li Shinian turned and walked back along the street.

“Ah Ah Ah—-” Yan Xiangma shouting from behind: “Li Shinian, where are you going? ”

“Home. ”

“Finished shopping? Did we not just come out? I still have something to say—-Hey, Li Shinian—–”

“Let’s talk next time. “Li Shinian did not turn her head, just half-heartedly waved to Yan Xiangma.

“Let’s talk next time?”A wry smile emerged on Yan Xiangma’s face, watching the distant figure of the delicate and pretty girl from behind, he whispered: “Silly girl, I’m afraid I won’t have an opportunity to say it next time.”



Yan Xiangma only said Cui Xiaoxin is waiting at Sunset Lake and did not specify which part of Sunset Lake Cui Xiaoxin is waiting at.

Sunset Lake meanders over hundreds of miles then enters into Lake Tai. Trying to find a girl in such a vast place, is this not the same as searching for pearls in the sandy beach?

Fortunately Li Muyang is not a fool, he directly made his way towards the location of where they had their spring excursion last time. Indeed, as expected, Cui Xiaoxin was sitting under thickets of willow trees.

“Cui Xiaoxin.” Li Muyang shouted aloud.

Cui Xiaoxin turned her head and smiled at Li Muyang.

Cui Xiaoxin merely just draw back the corners of her mouth, but Li Muyang felt that every flesh and each hair throughout his body is standing up in joy.

Just as one of the kingdom’s famous poet with the surname Guo wrote: ‘Seeing you cry, I was happy for days. Seeing you smile, I was sad for years—- ‘

No, no, no, it’s the opposite; seeing you cry, I feel sad for days. Seeing you smile, I will be happy for years.

Li Muyang felt these words truly reflects the bottom of his heart, how is a poet able to understand the will of the people and the human nature?

If you like someone, you are willing to bear all their pain and sorrow. If you like someone, you can’t help but magnify their happiness by several times. If their smiling expression stays on the tip of their brow, you already feel happy to the point of not being able to stand up straight.

Li Muyang quickly stepped over to sit down beside Cui Xiaoxin and said with a smile: “This is the place where we first met. ”
Worried that using the word ‘met’ Cui Xiaoxin wouldn’t like it, Li Muyang hurriedly added: “Although we met a long time ago, but that day was when we really got acquainted with each other? Got to know each other? ”

“Yes. This is the place where we first met.” Cui Xiaoxin looked out at the blue jade lake and said: “If it wasn’t for that conversation that day, I wouldn’t have known that within our class there is a guy who possesses such a distinct way of thinking and such sharp words.”

“Actually before I wasn’t like that at all.” Li Muyang grinned, showing two rows of sparkly white teeth then continued: “They were right to scold me, back then I was indeed a trash. ”

“I can see it.” Cui Xiaoxin said. “The you at that time and right now are very different—–”

She turned around and looked pensively at Li Muyang’s face, staring into Li Muyang’s eyes and said: “Back then your eyes were dull, lifeless and did not have any focus. Also your face just stares blankly into space but now you’re clever and confident—-In this time you really have changed so much. If I was not always by your side, it will be awfully difficult to connect the previous you and who you are now.”

“So I really am thankful.” Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin and said: “You made me motivated to learn once again, When you were tutoring me you told me not to give up at any time—–”

“Compared to you saving my life, that was nothing.” Cui Xiaoxin sighed.

“Let’s not talk about this.” Li Muyang intends to change the subject. This is the technique sister Li Shinian taught him for chasing after girls; when the conversation between you and the girl becomes more and more boring or serious it is important to change the subject quickly and find a topic that girls are interested in. “I haven’t seen you in a while, how are you these days?”

“Very well.” Cui Xiaoxin nodded. “I’ve been reading, enjoying tea and strolling under the jacaranda tree; I thought about the past and about the future. Very productive.”

“That’s good.” Li Muyang revealed a look of infinite yearning. If when Cui Xiaoxin was reading, he is able to accompany her, just like when she was tutoring him. If when Cui Xiaoxin was enjoying tea, he can fill the cup for her, just like when she was tutoring him. If when Cui Xiaoxin was walking under the jacaranda trees, he can walk side by side with her, just like a fantasy, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Cui Xiaoxin turned away, no longer looking at Li Muyang’s eyes. “I have to return to Tiandu. I’m leaving in two days.”

“Good. I’ll go back and pack to leave with you.” Li Muyang said with a smile.



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