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057 – Fatty, be gentler

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The second day.

By the time Ye Qingyu had ended his training at dawn, Qin Lan had already ordered people to prepare a sumptuous breakfast for him.

Changing into a new pair of clothing, Ye Qingyu sat and ate with a smile together with Qin Lan and her daughter. The little girl hesitated, then had a hungry glance at the food, excitedly sitting next to Ye Qingyu. Qin Lan insisted on standing at the side.

“Aunt Lan, from now on we are family, there is no need to be so estranged. My parents have passed away, I wish that my family can eat breakfast together with me. A family needs to be joyous and harmonious.” Ye Qingyu said with a laugh.

Qin Lan heard this and considered, finally sitting on the other side of Ye Qingyu.

Midway through the meal, Qin Lan wavered slightly and said probingly: “Young master Yu, I want to discuss something with you. I want to sever half of the servants in this house…”

Ye Qingyu drank some fresh shrimp congee*, and said with a smile: “Ding Kaixuan’s remaining people have already been expelled. Now the current servants do not number more than thirty, to take care of this mansion is just barely enough. Why would aunt Lan want to do this?”

“This……”On Qin Lan’s face, a pained expression was evident. Finally she spoke the truth: “Young master Yu still has to return to return to White Deer academy and expenses cannot be spared for your cultivation. This family does not have any method to earn money, and in the short term there is no way to expand upon our financial resources. The only way is to think of a method to cut our expenses!”

Ye Qingyu grew silent after hearing this and Qin Lan seeing this, thought even he did not have a solution. Qin Lan quickly rushed to reassure him: “But there is no need to worry young master Yu. Sooner or later, a way will be found, the Ye family can definitely continue on.”

As she said this, the main steward, Tang San knocked and entered.

Evidently this fair faced youth did not have a good night’s sleep, with blood shot eyes, and the cuffs of his sleeves was wet with dew. It was a mystery where he went so early in the morning but he was in rare spirits; his entire face filled with excitement. From a low class servant to become the number three man of the Ye family overnight, caused Tang San to be so charged up that he was hardly able  to sleep.

“Master, the things you’ve asked me inquire about, I’ve already completely investigated clearly!” Tang San said with respect and deference.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

Seeing this, a slight confusion was in Qin Lan’s heart. She did not know what young master Yu had asked Tang San to inquire about, but since young master Yu did not elaborate, she did not ask.

“You only just came back? You have not eaten breakfast yet? Sit, lets eat together.” Ye Qingyu looked at Tang San, pointing at a seat.

“Hehe, this is great, hearing master words, I am really a little hungry.” Tang San said with a laugh then sat down promptly, grabbing a bun and began eating, not hesitating in the slightest.

Qin Lan on one side kept giving meaningful looks at Tang San, but Tang San pretended not to see.

Ye Qingyu could not help but smile.

This Tang San did not care about the small details and was quick witted, and had a temperament similar to him. In the future, as long as he was carefully cultivated, he could become one of his trusted people. At least in the future, managing this mansion was not an issue.

After finishing breakfast, Ye Qingyu wiped his mouth. Patting Little Grass on the head he said smilingly: “Little girl, do you want to go out and have a walk. Brother Little Yu will bring you out to play.”

“Good, good!”Little Grass began jumping up and down in excitement.

Between twelve and thirteen years old, was namely the most brilliant part of childhood. Previously she had always been trapped within the mansion, every day and night doing rough and menial labour. Every moment she had to fear for the fierce whip of the steward. Once she heard that she was able to go out and have a look, Little Grass was so happy she was about to float in the air.

Qin Lan originally wanted to say something, but seeing the joyous face of her daughter, her heart constricted, not saying anything to prevent her in the end.

Looking at young master Yu holding her daughter’s hand and accompanied by Tang San leaving the entrance, Qin Lan prayed in her heart. No matter what happens in the future, young master Little Yu, you must be able to bear it!

Everything about the Ye family, right now needed this youth who had not yet grown up to support it.


“Ah,an extremely beautiful little windmill!”

“This clay doll is so cute, it’s as if it was alive.”

“Heavens, that old grandfather is really amazing, to be able to balance such a long pole on his head!”

“Hehe, that uncle can change his appearance, and he can breath fire!”

Little Grass bounced up and down, her excitement so great it was as if she was a skylark that was just released from its cage. The smile on her face was the bloom of a flower, sometimes turning her head to look at things that way and sometimes running to another side, her laughter spilling everywhere.

After exiting the Ye family mansion was the wealthy district, and very quickly after that was a concentrated commerce area. The sides of the street was lined with shops and also stalls that were managed from people from outside the city, creating bustling streets, very lively.

Tang San followed beside Ye Qingyu, his back held very straight.

In truth he was also a young man, and had rarely ever came to such a lively place. He was the same as Little Grass, he could not help but feel excited. He could not wait to rush around and have a proper look but he was clear in his heart, that he had only just received young master Yu’s appreciation. The way he did things, he needed to have propriety, so he endured and silently followed behind Ye Qingyu.

Within Tang San’s heart, he had the urge to cry.

Only when he followed behind young master Yu could he be like a normal person. He could hold his back straight, without the need to bow his head to everyone, nor the need to carefully observe everyone’s body language in order not to offend them. When people saw them coming, it was them that lowered their heads and parted!

This time walking on the streets, Tang San felt that he had finally regained his dignity as a human.

The further they went, the closer they were to the flourishing and prosperous areas.

“Master, we’re here.” On the crossroads was a three storied restaurant, Tang San reminded.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

This restaurant had an ancient and classic appearance, constructed from mahogany wood  and bricks. From far away, the tempting fragrance of the dishes wafted over. Those who entered the restaurant, was either wealthy or rich, wearing illustrious garments. Evidently this was a high class place.

Heavenly fragrance restaurant.

It was one of the previous properties of the Ye family.

This three storied structure, was the result of the consolidated efforts of Ye Qingyu’s father. Located in the most prosperous area, every year it allowed a significant inflow of money to the Ye family, and was one of the three most important properties of the Ye family.

After the Ye husband and wife had died in battle, this was too taken away through trickery.

The one who invaded this place, was someone that was once indebted to Ye Qingyu’s father. When Ye Qingyu’s father was here, he did everything possible to please but after he had died in battle, he immediately changed his stance, using some trickery behind the scenes to take over this restaurant.

Ye Qingyu back then was still young, without any possible way of resisting. He had always endured.

Today, it was finally time for the Heavenly fragrance restaurant to return to the Ye family.

To Qin Lan’s worries and questions, Ye Qingyu had long  thought of the answer. Naturally once the ancestral home of the Ye family was taken back, then the properties of the Ye family also needed to be taken back. Only doing this, did they have the ability to sustain and feed so  many people.

“Have you passed my words?”Ye Qingyu walked towards the restaurant.。

“It has already been given since early morning. I believe that Luo Jin is currently waiting for master you.” Tang San quickly answered.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

At the entrance to the restaurant.

“Ah,this lord you look unfamiliar, is this your first time coming to Heavenly fragrance restaurant? Just order whatever you want to eat, we are not bragging, but this Heavenly fragrance restaurant guarantees your satisfaction…” A very capable server came forward.

“I’m called Ye Qingyu, I’m here for Luo Jin.” Ye Qingyu said simply.

The server’s expression instantly changed, as if facing an enemy. Carefully examining him up and down, with an icy tone and expression: “Boss is at the third floor, follow me.”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything else, entering the Heavenly fragrance restaurant.

The area of the first floor was the largest, able to accommodate hundreds of people. Mahogany tables and chairs were laid out, a very spacious and stylish environment. It was only early in the morning, but the number of customers had already exceeded Tang San’s expectation; it was nearly completely full.

“So many people, business must be good.” Tang San mumbled.

Ye Qingyu heard, but only gave a slight smile.

By the time they had reached the second floor, Tang San instantly quivered. Because in this floor that was able to accommodate around fifty people, apart from some tens of fierce looking wanderers  for guests, there were around thirty or so soldiers with spears and swords, emitting an ominous atmosphere.

“Master, this…” Tang San quickly alerted in a small voice.

It was as if Ye Qingyu did not hear his warning, nor saw those people. He continued walking on towards the third floor.

Tang San could only summon his courage and follow on.

After entering the third floor, the light suddenly brightened up.

Golden sunlight came through the window frames, the mahogany flooring was as if it was shining with its own lights. The scarlet red screens that was like flames was particularly intricate, dividing the entire third floor into five separate yet connected areas, appearing irregular but still looking charming.

Compared to the second floor and the first floor , the decoration of the third floor was much more sophisticated and elegant , filled with a rich and comfortable atmosphere.

This place was also full.

“Hahaha, nephew Ye,I heard that you wanted to come here early. Your Luo uncle I have already been waiting for an hour, quickly come have a seat.” In the loud laughter, a middle aged man with an sophisticated atmosphere stood up, smiling and waving at Ye Qingyu.

This person looked to be around forty years old, without any hair on his face. Presumably when he was young, he was a rare handsome young man. He had a long robe on him, using the most famous fabric of Deer city, the fabric from [Li Embroidery]. He  possessed a tall figure and emitted a sense of trustworthiness.

This person, was Luo Jin.

A person that was indebted to Ye Qingyu’s father, but after he died, immediately became a traitor that forgot everything, someone who had kicked his benefactor in the teeth.

At this moment, it was as if nothing of the sorts had happened. He laughingly greeted Ye Qingyu, still acting like an elder.

Ye Qingyu only stared at him with a faint smile, not saying anything.

His gaze passed from Luo Jin’s figure into the surrounding people on the tables around. Ye Qingyu nodded his head with satisfaction saying, : “Jin Shiren from the Lianfeng smithery, Wang Youde from the Murong shop, Dong Mingtong from the Miao Yu temple, Nie Yin from the  from the Yin Taoxuan pavilion… these coyetes that have the guts to carve a part of the Ye family’s properties are all here. This is too perfect, it saves me the trouble of finding you one by one.”

Before he had finished.


A fatty wearing the top half of a leather armour slapped his palm on towards the table. He abruptly stood up, his face filled with malicious intent. He said angrily: “Little brat, the Ye family only has a little seed left. If you don’t want the Ye family to lose all their descendants, then obediently return to stare at the graves. Wanting to make me vomit something that your father I have already swallowed, you don’t have the requirements to do so!”

Tang San was frightened by this.

This fatty, entire body was covered with blubber. When he abruptly stood up, his entire body fat started quivering, as if it was a mountain made of fat that was shaking, the armour barely holding together. This was Jin Shiren, the manager of the [Lianfeng smithery], the largest smithery nearby. This person was famed for being rude and having an explosive temper.

Ye Qingyu did not react with anger, only had a slight grin on his face. “Fatty Jin, be gentler. Everything of Heavenly fragrance restaurant belongs to the Ye family. This table also belongs to the Ye family, if you break it, then you will have to pay for it.”




*Congee, rice porridge.


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