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058 – Heroes list


“The sun rises just like always, it doesn’t matter who had left.” Li Muyang said to himself.

Just as before, Li Muyang woke up early in the morning, because there is a lot on his mind he even got up earlier than he used to. At five o’clock in the morning he had already woken up.

Perhaps because he has been sleeping too much back then, Li Muyang now sleeps less and less, but he became more and more energetic. Completely different from how he was before. Back then, even with twelve hours of sleep he was still lethargic and without the vigour of youth.

After getting up, Li Muyang began training from the first stage of the ‘Art of Breaking Body’, which he had arranged himself.

Since he lacks guidance from a teacher, he can only rely his own thoughts, memories, and then to connect the two of them—-Li Muyang is not even certain if his summary is correct.

So, he still very cautiously follows the walking routine the yellow-robed monk taught Li Shinian before he left.

‘Walk’ is the first step, and also the foundation of the ‘Art of Breaking Body’. Walk to toughen bones, walk until the passages through which vital energy circulates are activated, walk to guide the flow of qi downwards and finally in one swoop, throw out breaking fist.

Of course, you can’t just randomly walk or walk around blindly but following the secret method of walking in the ‘Art of Breaking Body’.

Mood, breathing, the state of mind and techniques are all indispensable.

Thinking of Li Shinian drowsily walking around every time, bumping into the corner of tables or kicking doors several times, looking as if she has yet awaken from her dream, Li Muyang felt endless injustice for this secret skill of thousand years old—-It is indeed insulting.

Even so, Li Shinian was still able to learn ‘breaking fist’ through her long period of practice, this has given Li Muyang great confidence—-If Li Shinian can do it, he has to be better than her by thousands times?

In the process of walking, he has to keep in mind the first sentence of ‘The Art of Breaking Fist: ‘gather qi in the lower part of the abdomen, then release it in a flash’ when you begin to feel the essential qi from around the body efficiently progressing and accumulating at the sea-of-qi acupoint at the lower abdomen.
This accumulation frightens Li Muyang; the flow of qi throughout his body from every one of his hair, each muscles and bones, constantly surging towards and gathering in his lower abdomen region, it almost felt as if his dantian was exploding.

It’s hard to imagine how his weak and thin body could hide such immense power.

Even Li Muyang himself was shocked, he immediately stopped this kind of dangerous behaviour.

Although he stopped walking, Li Muyang continued to feel the burning pain in his lower abdomen, like being seared by burning red coal.

Li Muyang’s forehead was dripping with sweating, his face and ears redden, and his heart beating rapidly.

He hurried over to lie on the bed, after resting a while he finally felt much comfortable, and the feeling of discomfort also gradually disappeared.

It was still early, but Li Muyang doesn’t dare to practice walking anymore, instead decided to practice calligraphy.

Li Muyang’s calligraphy writing is getting better and better, so he was eager to practice to make it even better. The same as when someone’s face is pretty, they will tilt their head each time they talk.

Just as Li Muyang leaned forward on the table practicing writing, the door was forcefully pushed open by someone.

Without even turning his head Li Muyang knew Li Shinian had come back, when others open the door they use their hand, only Li Shinian opens the door with her feet or arms—–does she not feel pain?

Li Shinian noticed that her vigorous appearance did not attract the attention of Li Muyang, she loudly yelled: “Li Muyang, hurry, today is the day exam results are released—-”

Li Muyang immediately stopped what he’s doing, placed the brush at the edge of ink stone, got up to stretch himself, then glanced over at Li Shinian’s rosy little face: “what’s the rush? It’s still early, right? ”

“How is it early? ” Li Shinian stamping her feet anxiously. “There are two more hours until the notice, at that time it will be packed with people in front of the list of heroes, we won’t even be able to squeeze in—-”
Li Muyang grinned and said: “After they took a look at the results they will naturally scatter, would they stay in front of the list for their whole life? So let’s wait until they finish then we look at it after them.””

“You—-” Li Shinian itching to rush over to give her brother a few punches: “Why do you not care about anything? Who doesn’t want to see their grades and scores first? I heard if you can dominate the top three places, the school has great rewards.”

“I don’t want to be listed in the top three.” Li Muyang shook his head:” I just want to go to West Wind University.”

“——-” Li Shinian is infuriated by her own brother: “Oh, my good brother, if you are not able to dominate the top three place, then how are you able to get into West Wind University? West Wind University is the best University in the Kingdom and also the first choice of every model students in each school. Once you’re admitted into West Wind University, you are guaranteed a good career—-Last year how many people did West Wind University admitted from our school? Two people? Even if this year they admit one more person, you still have to finish in the top three place—-”

“It’s like that? ” Hearing what Li Shinian said, Li Muyang became a bit anxious: “We will go and take a look after we finished eating breakfast. ”


After washing his face and rinsing his mouth Li Muyang sat at the table eating a bun. The millet porridge was too hot and before he even had two spoonfuls, Li Shinian who was already sitting at the table became impatient, pulled him up and ran towards the school.

“Eat some more—–” Luo Qi shouted from behind.

“No more.” Li Shinian yelled loudly. “We will come back to celebrate, I want to eat meat.”

Luo Qi shook her head and sighed: “This child, what kind of girl is like this? ”

Li Yan finished his porridge in big mouthfuls, then said: “At least she still looks pretty like a girl. ”

“Only you will defend her.” Luo Qi said snappily: “Do you think the Lu family will help? ”

Li Yan suddenly lost his appetite, placed down the bowl of porridge and sat still with a blank expression on his face for a while: “From what we know about the Lu family they probably won’t help—–”

“Then Muyang won’t have—–” Luo Qi eyes redden: “not even a glimmer of hope?”

“Maybe, if Muyang can get a good grade himself—-” Even saying this, Li Yan felt guilty, eventually he couldn’t continue anymore. He is aware of his son’s grades more than anybody else. Even if he worked hard last month, and Cui Xioaxin and Li Shinian both said he improved drastically, is this enough for him to be admitted into West Wind University?

“I secretly found out from Shinian that Xiaoxin has gone back to Tiandu, it is said that she will certainly be admitted into West Wind University—-If Muyang can’t go, they won’t have a chance. Such a good girl—Also, Muyang’s always wanted to go to West Wind University, if he fails, this will be a huge blow to him, I’m afraid he won’t be able to bear it—-”

“Don’t worry.” Li Yan said firmly. “He is much braver than we think. You forgot that one night he suddenly became sick, his whole body was as hot as coal and we were both terrified, thinking that he won’t be able to hang on this time—-but he woke up in a daze, opened his eyes looking at us, stretched out to hold your hand and said: “Mum, hurry give me medicine, I don’t want to die, I want to live—-”

Hearing this incident, streams of tears flowed down Luo Qi’s face: “I just think, this kid suffer so much pain when he was young, and now he has grown up he should live comfortably —-Why does the heavens always torment him?”

Li Yan reached out and hugged his wife, secretly hating himself for being so powerless.

Just as Li Shinian had said, the school gate is indeed packed with people; the road leading to the front of the hero stage is crowded to that extent it became impenetrable.

The hero stage is a platform in front of the school gate; there are eight steps to the top of the stage, meaning students rises steadily step by step.

Behind the stage is a black wall, each year this is where the school post the list of students admitted to each university. This list is what students called the heroes list, those who made it to the list are ‘super heroes’.

“Students, please make way, make way—–” Worried about Li Shinian, Li Muyang held her hand to charge and break through the lines.

“Are you stupid? Why should I let you through? ” The student in front being forced to one side said in an unsatisfied voice. “You want to go ahead, do you think I don’t? Why don’t you fly over there if you’re so amazing?”


Li Shinian swapped placed with her brother, stretched out and patted the shoulder of the student while displaying a cute smile and said in a sweet voice: ‘Classmate, can you let us through, I want to see my result—–”

“I told you—-Ah, girl, you want to go ahead? It’s too crowded in front; you have to pay attention to your safety. Just now a silly fool wanted me to make way, so I sent him back—-Here, you stand in front of me, I can defend you from any pervert behind—–”

Li Shinian is relying on her attractiveness to rattle her way through. She triumphed in every battle and won every fight.

Very quickly, she pulled Li Muyang’s by his hand to the front row of the hero stage.

“Brother, is my makeup messed up?” Li Shinian brushed her hair, looking at Li Muyang’s face like a mirror. Then angrily kicked Li Muyang’s feet and said: “Please, why do you whiten yourself? You’ve became more and more pale, I can’t use your face to touch up my makeup anymore—-”


“Hey, isn’t that Li Muyang classmate? You also came to see the list?” A familiar voice echoed over.

The reason why this voice sounded familiar is because this voice, which carries a hint of sneering, has been deeply ingrained into Li Muynag memories.

Wu Man, Li Muyang’s classmate from the class next door.

Back then when Li Muyang walked past them, they jumped onto the weak Li Muyang, riding him like a sheep. He and his friends then jumped over Li Muyang’s head, pointing and laughing at Li Muyang’s back: ‘Doesn’t he look like a pig?’

Li Muyang had clenched his fist tightly, crushing his white teeth, but did not rush forward to fight with him.

Because he knows he can’t beat him.

In the end, Li Shinian had dashed forward and taught them a lesson.

“I have.” Li Muyang looked at Wu Man’s swollen face and said aloud.

“I say, the front position is more stressful—-why did you come over here to take the humiliation? If I were you, I would stand behind the crowd, or simply just stay at home—-Don’t tell me you think you will be on the heroes list?” Wu Man pointing and laughing at Li Muyang, as if he had just seen something very absurd.



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