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059 – Not a hero!

“Big brother Wu Man, you can’t say that—-Maybe Li Muyang will also be on the heroes list too? Right?”

“Exactly, at that time when Li Muyang soars into the sky it will certainly blind our eyes—-”

“Hey, how can you bully Li Muyang classmate? You want him to be on the heroes list, isn’t that more difficult than seeing a pig climbing a tree? Li Muyang, don’t listen to them, I’m certain you won’t make it to the list—-”


Li Shinian stomped in front of Li Muyang, glaring fiercely at Wu Man: “asshole, you want to get beaten again? ”

Wu Man was indeed somewhat afraid of Li Shinian; after they bullied Li Muyang last time, on the way home from school, Li Shinian intercepted the same group of boys. They were in high spirits, smug and were immensely proud of themselves, a similar feeling of joy to when a little rabbit throws herself into a wolf’s mouth.

In the end the group of wolves was beat up by the little rabbit. For quite some time after that they did not dare to appear in front of Li Muyang.

“Li Shinian, I can tell you, this is the school grounds, if you use violence, the school won’t let you off—-” Wu Man stared at Li Shinian.

Then he laid his eyes on Li Muyang’s face and said: “Li Muyang, you need a woman to protect you all your life?”

Li Shinian wanted to beat them up once again but was intercepted by Li Muyang.

Li Muyang looked at Wu Man and said: “She is my sister, it’s only right that she defends me.”

Wu man burst into loud laughter: “Li Muyang, how can you say such a shameless thing?”

“If she’s being bullied, I will also do the same thing.” Li Muyang glanced over at Li Shinian and said with a smile. Li Shinian returned a sweet and pretty smile.

“This is even more funny. Li Muyang, you can’t even protect yourself, how can you say you will protect others?” Wu Man said with a look of disdain.

“I’ve become very strong now.” Li Muyang said with a serious expression.

“Idiot.” Wu Man thought he saw a lunatic. What kind of people would say they had became very powerful? “If you’re that powerful then try and punch me?”


Li Muyang punched Wu Man right on his nose.


Snapping sounds coming from his nose and blood flowing rapidly down his face.

Wu Man was foolish; Wu Man’s friends are also foolish.

They had no idea that Li Muyang would really hit him, it should be said that last time when they knocked him to the ground and had ridden him like a sheep, he had showed no resistance at all—-

“Li Muyang—–” Wu Man finally reacted, reaching out his hands to cover his nose, with blood still flooding out between his fingers he angrily shouted: “How dare you hit me?”

Li Muyang shrugged, looked at Wu Man and said: “you told me to—–”

“I told you to hit me and you hit me?”

“Although you bullied me before, but I still have to respect what you say.”

“Brothers, beat him up—–”

Li Shinian was one step ahead of them. She used her body to shield in front of Li Muyang, then shouted: “Who dares move?”

Everyone took a step back, staring warily at Li Shinian who is likely to attack any second.

“Everyone stay calm—–” A guy said.

“Exactly, how can you casually hit someone?” The other guy added.

“That’s too barbaric, this is the school gate, a disgrace to the educated class——” The third guy was scornful of this violent behaviour.


“Idiot.” Li Shinian smiled coldly.

Just then, the crowd suddenly becomes noisy.

Under the protection of the security guards, the headmaster Lin Zhengyin walked towards the hero stage in big strides.

Everyone already knows, the heroes’ list was about to be announced.

“I know you all are looking forward to this; just like everyone, I look also forward to it. You should be proud of yourself, I’m also proud of you, the school is proud of you.” Headmaster Lin Zhengyin stood high above on the stage shouting loudly: “I sincerely hope that every candidate will achieve good results and become successful.”


The atmosphere became much more lively, countless students and parents applauded while excitedly await the announcement of the heroes’ list.

Lin Zhengyin gestured with his hand and shouted: “Announce the results.”


A giant red silk banner more than ten meters long was carried over and then hung on the enormous black wall.

By the time the heroes’ list was set rigidly in place, everyone’s attention was locked onto the top of the list.

At the top position was West Wind University’s admission list: Cui Xiaoxin, Li Haoming, and Zhang Bi.

Cui Xiaoxin was always one of the top students in the school, and had never obtained any test results that wasn’t the first place. She dominated the list for many years, almost no one was able to make her move from her position.

Seeing Cui Xiaoxin’s name at the top, Li Muyang sincerely felt happy for her.

Although everyone knew she should be in this ranking and plus she had repeatedly said she would certainly attend West Wind University—-but everything being set in place by the heroes list, is still a very good thing.

Li Haoming was always the second best student of the year; everyone expected him to attend West Wind University.

The name Zhang Bi seems a little unfamiliar, but Li Muyang knows she is a gentle and quiet girl, in the past her exam results never entered the top ten. Being able to achieve such a result she was a little dark horse. During the exams she should have did frighteningly well, in the end she amazed the world with her extraordinary academic performance.

“Oh, I am admitted into West Wind—-I’m going to West Wind—–”

“Oh, I’m in Jiangnan University——”

“I’m Shiling College—–”


Wu Man’s eyes lit up, he found his name on the heroes list.

At the moment he noticed his name was in the middle of the list, he was unable to deal with his bleeding nose anymore, he waved his arms while shouting and screaming: “I’m going to Southeast College, I am admitted into Southeast College——-”

Southeast University is also quite a good school, it seems Wu Man performed quite well in the entrance examinations.

People around were all screaming continuously and glad to be admitted into their dream school. There were also some people wailing aloud, who were deeply hurt that they failed the kingdoms examination.

Li Muyang’s eyes were glued to the top of the list all along, he wanted to go to West Wind University, but his name is not on West Wind University enrolment list.

In other words, he can’t go; he can’t attend West Wind University.

Li Muyang’s eyes lost his luster and his face grew pale.

“I failed to keep the promise.” Li Muyang muttered to himself.

“Brother, don’t worry——” Li Shinian was extremely anxious, she tried to comfort Li Muyang while quickly finding Li Muyang’s name in the huge list above. “It’s okay, even if you don’t go to West Wind University, you can still go to other schools. You worked so hard, you will get into a good school, you can still go to Tiandu, and can still find Xiaoxin sister——”

Li Muyang gently shook his head, smiled and said: “Never mind, I also thought this would happen——-”

Li Muyang knew he couldn’t get upset, because if he gets upset, those who really care about him would be even more upset. Li Shinian will be sad, his parents will be even more sad.

He rubbed his nose with his finger, making an expression of indifference, smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter if I don’t pass this time, anyway I now have the ability to learn, I’ll just sit the exams next year——Didn’t you say? If I study properly for one year, next year I could attend West Wind University with you. What do you think? ”

“Good.” Li Shinian’s eyes redden, streams of tears flowing down her cheeks. She knows that although her brother is saying these words, he is extremely upset inside.

He was always like that, from a young age till now so he was always worried that he would become the family’s burden, and he was very reluctant to give his family’s any troubles.

When he was bullied by his classmates he never once mentioned one word at home.

When he was badly beaten, he just told them he had accidentally knocked into the wall.

He felt that he was born a burden, so he wants to make his family less worried about himself as much as possible.

He worked so hard just to attend West Wind University, but in the end he still failed.

And to make matters worse, Li Shinian searched the entire heroes’ list but was not able to find Li Muyang’s name.

In other words, Li Muyang has not been admitted to any school in the kingdom.


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    1. I really hate his family, why does his grandpa have such a hate bone for him and why is his dad such a spineless incompetent. My one splice is his birth mom isn’t going to take that laying down. She keeps getting disappointed.

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      April 26, 2018 at 3:07 am

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