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060 – Heavens won’t forgive them!


When someone is pleased with themselves, someone else is disappointed.

In the split second that ordinary red silk banner appeared, in a simple and brutal manner, it had divided these students, who lived and studied in the same school, into two different kinds of life entirely.

At the moment when Wu Man and friends were celebrating their admittance into university, they inadvertently saw a tearful Li Shinian smiling and comforting Li Muyang. They stared blankly for a moment, then instantly realised what had happened.

Li Muyang had failed!

Li Muyang is not qualified to be on the heroes list!

Wu Man was delighted, he pointed at Li Muyang and said to his friends around him: “Look, look, we kindly reminded him, told him not to squeeze in front and its better for him to hide at home and not go out—–In the end? He did not listen and shamelessly rushed to the front. You can see much more clearly in front, but isn’t the impact of the failure much heavier? Dog biting Lu Dongbin, he doesn’t even recognize our kind-intention, even went as far as hitting us——-What was the result? It was as we said? He really has failed.”

“Wu Man, where are we going to celebrate? Osmanthus Flower Lane? I’m paying today—–”

“If Osmantus Flower Lane then why not Champion Lane—-Starting from today, we are all students of famous schools, Just like the champions in the ancient times——If we celebrate, of course, we have to find a fitting place. Tonight at Champion lane, everything you eat and drink are on me—–”


Originally Li Shinian’s heart was filled with fury, while crying and sobbing. Hearing their words she flew into a rage, clenching her fist she rushed over and yelled in an angry voice: “Who did you say is the dog? You are a dog, your whole family is a dog, you dog things——-”

Li Muyang grabbed Li Shinian, then said with a smile: “Come on, we should go back. Mum and dad are waiting at home, if we go back later they will be worried. ”

“They called you—–” Li Shinian was unable to calm down her anger, still wanting to rush forward to beat them up.
“I know that.” Li Muyang nodded and said: “So I broke his nose just now.”

“These assholes—–” Li Shinian clenches her teeth, furiously glaring at Wu Man and the others, and said: “Don’t ever let me see your faces again, if I see you I’ll hit you again.” “這些混蛋—–”李思念銀牙緊咬,惡狠狠地盯著吳漫等人,說道:“別再讓我看到你們,見一次我打一次。”

“Hahaha, Li Shinian don’t worry, other than your trash brother, no one will see you again—-We will soon leave Jiangnan and study in other provinces. Only your useless brother is guarding Jiangnan, refusing to leave, and also can’t leave—–”

Li Shinian eyes were blood-red; she stretched out her hand to pull out a brick from the steps of the heroes’ stage, then aimed at Wu Man’s head.

Wu Man hurriedly tried to escape; he had already experienced Li Shinian’s power before.

Li Shinian was unwilling to let the matter drop, seeing Wu Man wanting to run away, she threw the brick in her hand towards Wu Man’s head.


“Ahhh—–” Wu Man let out a miserable scream, and then clutched his head before falling to the ground.

The brick smashed right onto his head, causing a big opening in the back of his head and his black hair was quickly dyed red with blood.

“Help me, someone’s killing—–help—–” Wu Man’s condition was like a pig howling for dear life. While lying on the ground he was screaming and shouting loudly.

The commotion over there naturally alarmed the other students and the headmaster Lin Zhengyin who was close by.

“Go look at what is going on over there?” Lin Zhengyin wrinkled her brows and yelled at the guards around her

Every year, the day of the announcement of the heroes list is a sacred and festive time for the school; a fight had never happened before in front of the heroes’ stage.

The guards don’t dare to disobey the headmaster’s order. They quickly separated the crowd and then surrounded Wu Man who was lying on the floor wailing loudly.

Lin Zhengyin briskly walked over, kicked Wu Man who was lying on the ground, and shouted in an imposing manner: “In front of the heroes stage, why are you weeping endlessly? Get up to speak. ”

The guards supported Wu Man up and said aloud: “The headmaster is asking a question, quickly answer.”

Wu Man’s head was bleeding, and the cloth stuffed inside his nostrils had disappeared, so his nose also began to bleed.

He was bleeding in front and also bleeding behind, it was practically a tragic sight from all angles.

“Headmaster—–” Wu Man pointing at Li Muyang and said: “He hit my head with a brick—-”

Wu Man was smart; he knows that because Li Shinian is a girl, even if she is guilty, it is likely the school won’t do much. Besides this girl is pretty and her grades are good, he also heard that some of the teachers in the school treat her like a baby. Encountering a matter like this, would the schools give justice to him?

So, he simply pushed the blame to Li Muyang.

Did Li Muyang not want to re-take a year and sit the exams again? I’m sorry, but today I’ll block this path. Go back to the farms and sell baked sweet potatoes, forever stay on the farmland and not be able to lift your head again. This is the life you should have.

Lin Zhengyin shifted her attention to Li Muyang’s face and asked in a deep voice: “You hit him with a brick?”

Headmaster, they’re blaming my brother.” Li Shinian’s little face turned red, she pointed at Wu Man and said: “The person who hit your head with a brick was me, are you blind? ”

“Headmaster, they can be my witness.” Wu Man pointed to his friends by the side.

“Yes, I saw it with my own eyes, he used a brick to hit Wu Man’s head—–”

“Because he failed, so he’s jealous—-”

“Headmaster, is a student like him who failed the exams still a student of the school? A student like him can disregard the law and do anything he wants?”


Wu Man used one hand to cover his nose and his other hand to cover his head.

Later, he felt that his pose was far too comedic so he only used one hand to cover his nose. This left the wound at the back of his head to flow unhindered.

“Headmaster, you have to be a judge of this—-My nose was hit by him, and my head was also hit by him—-” Wu man said while weeping.

“Ridiculous.” Lin Zhengyin is enraged, her eyes staring coldly at Li Muyang as she said: “Do you think that because the entrance examinations are finished, I can’t manage you? Even if you failed this time, do you think you are forbid to take the exams again? Do you want me to give notice to deny you the right to sit the exams forever—–”

“Headmaster, it wasn’t my brother—-It was me—-” Li Shinian’s eyes reddened once again. She felt sad, why does these people always bully her big brother and always make life difficult for her brother?

Why? Just because my brother’s skin is dark? Because my brother is weak? Because my brother does not have the strength to resist? So their bullying became much worse? So they act without the slightest scruple?

“Headmaster—-” Li Muyang calmly looked at Lin Zhengyin and said: “I admit it, he was wounded by me.”

“Brother, are you crazy—-” Li Shinian pulled Li Muyang’s arms to stop him. “It wasn’t you, it was obviously me? I obviously hit him? I broke his nose and I hit him with bricks, because he called you—–”

Li Muyang used his body to block the front of Li Shinian; at this moment his figure was tall and straight, and his face was cool and calm, like a sturdy strong pine tree.

“However, I did it for a reason. They had always bullied me and called me a pig. Many students in the school know of this. If headmaster asks around you will be able to find out. Today they repeatedly insulted me and said I should not appear on the heroes stage and instead I should hide at home to avoid the impact of failing the exams—-” Li Muyang glanced over at Wu Man, then said: “Most importantly, he asked me to hit him.”

“How is that possible?” Wu Man yelled loudly. “Why would I tell him to hit me? Why would anyone in the world say this? Do you think I’m an idiot?”

“Exactly. How in the world would there be such a thing?” Zhang Chen squeezed through the crowd and said while looking at Lin Zhengyin: “Headmaster, I’ve been standing at the side all along, I saw the whole thing. I did not hear Wu Man classmate say anything like that, I just saw Li Muyang classmate hit him without saying a word—-I can understand that he failed so he may not be in a good mood, but this is not a reason to hit brothers of the same school —-”

“You dare to swear on your parents’ integrity and reputation that this is true?” Li Muyang said while looking at Zhang Chen. “

“I—-I dare to swear on my parents’ integrity and reputation, Wu Man did not tell you to hit him. If he did say that, then my parents and family will die tragically—”

“——” Li Muyang’s eyes wided watching Zhang Chen. He didn’t think he could just say such malicious asseveration so easily, like he’s drinking a cup of cold water or eating two pieces of cake.

That’s his parents and his loved ones, he could curse them like that—-for them to die tragically?

Asseveration is sometimes too worthless, in the eyes of some people it is merely just used to hide their crimes.

“Also, previously Li Muyang was criticised by the teacher for cheating—-” Zhang Chen continue to add onto the list of crimes.

“Yes, he was in our class. He was bitter that the teacher said he cheated—–”

“He skipped school for a long time, we thought he wouldn’t come back?”

“It turns out he is someone who cheats, you really can’t judge someone by their face—–”


Everyone added in, the tides of the situation began leaning to one side.
Because of Zhang Chen and Wu Man, two influential figures of the school. Who were taking the lead, and in addition to the group of friends around them agreeing along, they had created an extremely negative image of Li Muyang.

They intended to make Li Muyang as someone who cheats, fights, and sleep all day long, giving him the image of a bad student, therefore affecting headmaster Lin Zhengyin’s judgment.

They wanted to ruin Li Muyang!

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Lin Zhengen looked at Li Muyang, her eyes were filled with hostility; a student like him should long have been kicked out from the school.

“It’s not like that. It’s not that.” Li Shinian pointed to the people around and shouted in desperation while weeping, tears running down her face: “My brother did not cheat, my brother did not hit anyone, you can’t say that about my brother, you can’t wrongly accuse him—-”

These people are crazy!

How can they say something like that?

Do they have any shame? Is there even a little sense of justice in their hearts?

Li Shinian clenches her hand, gathering qi in her lower abdomen.

Waiting to throw out ‘breaking fist’ after accumulating enough power!

She is going to rush over; she is about to knock down all those who used words to harm her brother like knives and arrows.

She wants them to die!

She swears she would not allow them to exist under the heavens!

“Li Shinian—–” Li Muyang grabbed Li Shinian’s arm.

Li Shinian desperately struggled, but was still unable to throw off the hold of Li Muyang’s strong hand.

Li Muyang now possesses matchless strength, manpower alone absolutely cannot contend against him.

His eyes had already turned blood red, and were wrapped in red fog.

Black scales resurfaced on the back of his hand once again, the scales were just like black ink, pitch-black and hidden in depth, with sounds of wind and thunder echoing underneath.

“Don’t be impulsive.” Li Muyang said each word slowly to Li Shinian. His voice was hoarse and imposing.

Li Shinian must not be impulsive, because she still has to go to school and she still has to continue to be a good student of the school. If she were to hit someone in the presence of so many students and in front of the headmaster, there is no way anyone could do anything to cover up. As a result her future will likely be ruined.

“Brother—–” Seeing her brother’s red eyes, Li Shinian said with her eyes gleaming with tears: “Brother, don’t get angry, it’s fine, it’s fine—-Let’s go home. We should go home. Mum and dad is waiting for us at home, they will be worried——”

Li Muyang did not move, his blood red eyes swept across the surroundings, just like an arrogant king looking down at the sentient beings.

“Bullying people is the same as bullying the heavens, the heavens won’t forgive them.”


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