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IGE – 061 – Little Shang sword

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The power groups within Deer city, apart from the army of the Snow country, there were also the noble organisation, White Deer academy and also several large commerce companies. Societies were also a significant power within these groups.

The Two River group was one of the many societies.

Within the northern district, the power of the Two River group was enough to rank in the top ten. The leader of this society’s name was Lang Zhong, and it was said that he was an expert in the Spirit spring stage since a long time ago. He had many experts under his command, with high influence especially in the areas around Heavenly fragrance restaurant. This location was under the control of the Two River group.

“Excuse me, are you Ye Qingyu, young master Ye?”

One of the men in violet seeing Ye Qingyu come out, clasped his hands together and said politely.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

“Greetings young master Ye.” The violet man bowed again, then beckoned to the people beside him.

His four companions brought a mahogany box around one metre and sixty centimetres long and fifty centimetres wide towards Ye Qingu. Seeing them slowly walking with careful steps, the weight of this box was definitely not light. Evidently, the four men each possessing above average strength still felt a strain lifting it and this was reflected in their heavy footsteps.

The leading violet clothed man pointed at the wooden box, saying humbly, “Young master Ye, this is the present our society leader Lang has given you, please accept it.”

“Lang Zhong has given me a present?”

Ye Qingyu frowned.

Many thoughts and guesses passed through his mind in an instant.

It is said that destiny will make enemies meet. This leader of the Two River society, was one of the people that Ye Qingyu had prepared to face.

Because the person who had taken away the only Spirit weapon of the Ye family, was namely Lang Zhong.

This person was different from Luo Jin and the others. Not only did he have strong influence, he himself was already a person who had long entered the Spirit Spring stage. Ye Qingyu through many fortuitous events had also broken through to the Spirit spring stage, but he was only someone with one Spirit spring. There was no guarantee he was the opponent of Lang Zhong.

Therefore after this, Ye Qingyu had indeed acted against Luo Jin and the others but he did not go out of his way to look for Lang Zhong of the Two Rivers group.

Who would have that the Lang Zhong would have such a good information network, finding Ye Qingyu’s location so quickly and even instructing people to give him a gift.

It seems this Lang Zhong already knew what had happened, including the incidents that had occurred in the Ye family and here,

This leader of the Two River group, seemed to be a bit more difficult to deal with than what Ye Qingyu had imagined.

But this Lang Zhong had sent him a present, what intention did he have?

Ye Qingyu hesitated for a moment, then lifted his hand, inner yuan activating.

The four violet clothed men only felt the heaviness in their arms disappearing, and when they looked again, they only saw the scarlet red box was grabbed through the air by Ye Qingyu. Only using one hand, he firmly lifted up the box.

The violet clothed men stared at each other, everyone able to see each others astonishment.

They were the elite of their society yet when the four people lifted this wooden box, still felt it was heavy. Who would have thought that this youth would be able to carry it so easily. His strength was far above theirs.

Opposite them.

Ye Qingyu felt that this scarlet red wooden box was extremely weighty, definitely not under five thousand pounds. He could not guess what was contained within. His right hand held the lid, lightly unboxing it.

A cold light appeared, an icy and chilling air released from the box.

This breath-taking sight, was as if a moon suddenly appearing in the dark skies.

Ye Qingyu looked inside, and could not help but be dumbfounded.

Within the huge wooden box, was a gigantic sword, thirteen inches wide and five feet long. The blade of the sword was as pure as a pool of limpid autumn waters, clear and flawless. The sword did not have any ridges nor any markings.    A radiance stirred, as if it was moving quicksilver, the hilt about the thickness of a duck’s egg. On the handles, veins and patterns carved, and it was an azure blue,  splitting into three layers each intricately linked, spitting out the blade of the sword.

The style of this sword, was simple and unadorned but held a gorgeous beauty. One glance of it was enough to cause someone to have affection for this weapon.

“This is…the Little Shang sword!”

Ye Qingyu nearly cried out in shock.

This sword, was namely the Little Shang sword that had once belonged to the Ye family, which was taken away by the Two River group. When Ye Qingyu was small, he had seen his father wielding this sword. This was deeply etched onto his memory so he could not possibly be mistaken.

Today, Lang Zhong would return this spirit weapon in such a light and easy fashion?

This was something Ye Qingyu had never thought would happen.

After thinking for a moment, he once again covered the wooden box. One hand holding the box, one hand holding Little Grass, he did not say anything in response to the gift. Passing by the violet clothed men, step by step he disappeared in a street far off…

At the same time.

Approximately three hundred metres away from Heavenly fragrance restaurant.

On the road, the white haired old doctor, Li Shizen took care of his horse and rolled up his coarse sign made of cloth. Slowly rising, he and his granddaughter took away their medicinal boxes, the pair walking away…

A young person wearing rich violet clothing, respectfully watched the two leave.



One hour later.

Ye Qingyu returned to the Ye mansion.

The signboard in the entrance had already been changed, with the large words ‘Ye mansion’ shining under the light, emanating a special vitality.

Qin Lan had stood there at the entrance looking out since they left.

Only after seeing Ye Qingyu and Little Grass returning unharmed, could she let out a breath of relief. She hurriedly ordered the servants to see to their return.

Ye Qingyu did not linger in the main hall for too long. Speaking a few words, he impatiently returned to his room, wanting to carefully examine the Spirit weapon, Little Shang sword.

He had entered into the Spirit spring stage for a considerable but he still did not possess a Spirit weapon that belonged to him. When facing ordinary martial artists, this was not a big issue but when facing experts that had Spirit weapons, he would be placed in an absolute disadvantage.

Even though after entering second year, he would begin to learn more skills such as rune formations, casting tools, collecting herbs, distinguishing ores, polishing and grinding. But to create a Spirit weapon, not only was a skilled  and practiced technique needed, it also required a high amount of resources. The amount of Spirit ore that was needed, this was not something that Ye Qingyu could support in such a short time frame.

Therefore, in this type of situation, the Little Shang came at the perfect time.

Little Shang sword was something his father had inadvertently picked up. Although it was not famous, nor was it a weapon that could enter the rankings, but it was truly a real Spirit weapon. At least in the foreseeable future, it could satisfy Ye Qingyu’s short term needs.

After refining the Little Shang sword, Ye Qingyu’s power would rise to another level.


“You said, young master Ye went to Heavenly fragrance restaurant today?” Qin Lan asked, incomparably astonished.

She was in the main tall, conversing with her daughter. Only through a spur of the moment, did she inquire about what had happened today. Little Grass vividly repeated all that she saw to her mother.

Qin Lan was completely stunned.

Luo Jin, Wang Youde, Nie Yin and the others were the people who had carved up the Ye family. These were the people that Qin Lan had hated the most but she did not have any power to retaliate against. Ever since Ye Qingyu had appeared again and retook the Ye family, Qin Lan had always worried that if these people find out the things that had happened here, another incident would occur.

Qin Lan worried that Ye Qingyu lacked experience, and had the brashness of a youth, and would do something impulsive. This would cause Luo Jin and the others, these old foxes that ate people without spitting out bones, to fall into their traps that they had created. Young master Ye would not be able to hurt the tiger but rather be injured by it.

She had originally planned to find a time today, to persuade Ye Qingyu, to take his time in making a decision.

Who would have thought……

In Qin Lan’s eyes, the most terrifying opponents, was casually solved by master Ye.

“It looks like I’m really getting old…” Qin Lan was both overjoyed and deeply moved. The growth of Ye Qingyu had greatly exceeded her imagination. This also made this loyal woman realise, that she and young master Ye, was no longer people of the same world.

Very quickly, Tang San came back along with a large variety of contracts and seals.

“Haha its all resolved, I have done something to be proud of…” Tang San was incomparably excited, after greeting Qin Lan, he asked again: “Where is young master Ye?”

“Brother Ye has confined himself in isolation. He said that the matters of the family, brother Tang San you can just discuss it with mother and make a decision.” Little Grass said crisply.

She had swapped into silk garments fitting for a young lady, making Little Grass even prettier, as if a little jade doll. It was only that she had been malnourished for a significant period of time, causing her to be too thin and skinny.

Tang San and Qin Lan then quickly discussed the matters regarding the retaken property.

For the Ye family to grow prosperous again, there were too many things to take care of. Both of them had the same determination, to construct a stable family for young master Ye, so he could do whatever he wanted without any worries.

The things that had happened made the two people realise, that Ye Qingyu was a crouching dragon. Today, he was still slumbering but sooner or later, he would soar in the sky, ascending throughout the clouds and leaving them behind. The Ye family could not always rely on him.


Ye mansion.

Determination garden.

Ye Qingyu stood with his legs apart, within the courtyard.

There was an invisible air flow surrounding his entire body, the inner yuan of his body being activated to its fullest. Strong qi rushed throughout his four limbs, and the three metre space around him was as if air had solidified. Vortexes of air appeared around him…

The Little Shang sword floated above his head, and spun around in a high rotational speed not discernible by the human eye. On the handle of the sword, there was a pale silver rune inscripted upon it that emitted an azure blue radiance, as if it was alive, slowly wriggling.

This line emitting a blue glow, was namely the rune formation.

A spirit weapon, was a weapon made from many different and rare materials. But the most important thing was, inside the weapon and on the surface of the weapon, there would be scriptures that could or could not be seen, personally made by rune masters.

These rune formations, through the activation of the martial artists inner yuan, could give birth to a strange kind of energy. It allowed the martial artist’s offensive or defensive power to greatly increase and some special Spirit weapons, through the coordination of the martial artist,  was able to display formidable power similar to high class yuan techniques.

In general, martial artists possessing spirit weapons could easily withstand and kill three or four martial artists who did not possess Spirit weapons.

On the previous battle, if Qin Wushuang had refined and submerged the [Great Zhou sword], and made the sword truly his, turning the [Great Zhou sword] into his life Spirit weapon then Ye Qingyu would not have a chance.

It was a pity that the Qin Wushuang then, had not entered the Spirit spring stage for long so his foundation was still unstable. He did not have complete control of the [Great Zhou sword] and could not fully utilise the full power of that Spirit weapon, and in the end was defeated by Ye Qingyu’s herculean strength.

“So this is why Spirit weapons are so fantastic and astonishing……”

Ye Qingyu activated his inner yuan all around him, streams and streams of yuan qi like stands of light, travelling throughout his entire body. Finaly, it transformed and appeared on his arms, as it was tiny bolts of minute lightning, spreading throughout his entire body. It was like a lightning shackle, wrapping around the Little Shang sword.


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