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062 – Cry of a crane from the high riverbank


A teacher is someone who transmits wisdom, imparts knowledge and resolves doubts.

Teachers are characterized by high moral qualities, conduct and are of a noble nature.

Thank you, teacher!

These four words were said to Lin Zhengyin and also to Zhao Mingzhu. And to all the good teachers in the world.

Lin Zhengyin does not follow blindly, nor make arbitrary judgements; instead she used her intelligence to interpret the scheme and resolved a student’s difficulties, making Li Muyang extremely grateful to her and calling her a teacher.

Zhao Mingzhu realised her mistakes and tried to amend it. She placed down the dignity of an elder and the respect of a teacher at this critical time to publicly apologise in front of the mass crowd. This was also something to be admired.

“Thank you for what?” Lin Zhengyin waved her hand and said:” if we were able to teach the students well, everyone would be well-mannered and help each other out, then something so ridiculous would not have happened? ”

Hearing Lin Zhengyin’s words, those students who kept their heads down and remained silent all along finally can’t stand it any longer.

“Principal, we did not see Li Muyang hit anyone——”

“Zhang Chen often bullied Li Muyang at school——-”
“Wu Man also forced Li Muyang to give him a ride on his back——”


Every candidate jumped out to complain, complaining about Zhang Chen, Wu Man and the others’ usual bad behaviour.

“You assholes——” Zhang Chen was extremely angry. But just like the tactic he used against Li Muyang, the voices of many people can confuse right with wrong, he can’t deny or argue against this at all.

Moreover, what everyone said was all true.

Lin Zhengyin stared at Zhang Chen and Wu Man: “You two have now graduated from this school, as the principal of this school, there is a limit to the punishment I can give you. But I will write your conducts and behaviour into a report and add it to your record. This will follow you, along with your other data, to the school you will soon enter——I think at that time when they see this, they will make a fair judgement.”

“Principal, you must not——-” Zhang Chen was extremely terrified, he said with a pleading face: “Principal, you can’t destroy us like that. Ten years of strenuous studies, and finally after much difficulty we managed to get into university, if you do this it will completely ruin our future———”

“Principal, I was wrong. I would like to apologise to Li Muyang, I would like to apologise to Li Shinian——–” Wu Man was even more anxious, tears began to flow down his face, but he still repeatedly said: “Principal, I admit it, I always bullied Li Muyang, I deliberately insulted Li Muyang I used a brick to smash my own head and broke my nose by myself, it has nothing to do with Li Muyang———”

Lin Zhengyin simply ignored Zhang Chen and Wu Man. They ran in front of Li Muyang instead.

“Li Muyang, we are classmates, why don’t we put this behind us? What do you say? I’m willing to apologise to you.” Desperately trying to please Li Muyang, Zhang Chen said with a smiling expression. This is the first time he spoke to Li Muyang in such a tone.

“Yes, Li Muyang, can you say a few words for us? As you know, we usually like to joke with you——-not bully you, and it’s because you’re popular——Li Muyang, you’re also very kind-hearted, this time you also won’t blame us, right?” Wu Man hurriedly ran over and said while pulling at Li Muyang’s sleeve.

“I’m not going to speak for you.” Li Muyang looked at Zhang Chen and Wu Man: “you were not joking with me. Not before, nor today. I can see very clearly, when you tried to ruin me you really were going to ruin me——-ruin everything I have.”

“Li Muyang—–”

“You’re very angry?” At the corner of Li Muyang’s mouth, there was a smear of a sneer that emerged : “On what grounds? What rights do you have to get angry? You bullied me for so many years, and today you wanted to completely ruin me——If I had begged for mercy, would you let me go? ”

“———-” Zhang Chen and Wu Man was speechless.

“You won’t, and neither will I. ”


Lin Zhengyin waved her hand and said: “Go, go, everyone go. Today was an important day, but now everything is in a tremendous mess and the joyful atmosphere is ruined by you.”

Zhao Mingzhu walked in front of Li Muyang and said: “Li Muyang, don’t be dispirited just because you failed the exams this time, as long as you are willing to learn, you will always have the opportunity. Next year you will definitely be on the top of the heroes list, and set an example of how someone can change to the junior students.”

“Okay.” Li Muyang said with a smile: “I will definitely work hard.”

Li Muyang turned and looked at Li Shinian, then asked: “Are you alright? “

Li Shinian wiped the tears in the corner of her eyes, her eyes misted over as she said: “I’m fine——As long as you’re fine, then I’m fine.”

Li Muyang reached out to stroke her hair and said with a smile: “Come on. Let’s go home.”

“Okay. Let’s go home.” Li Shinian said.


A sharp and clear cry of a bird pierces across the horizon from deep within the clouds.

Above the heroes stage came a sudden clamour, everyone looked up at the sky.

The sky was clear and the clouds were calm, not one living creature was within sight.


Once again a loud and shrill cry of a bird resonated over once again.

“Cry of a crane from the high riverbank, its voice echoing throughout the wild. The cry of a crane from the high riverbank, its voice echoing throughout the sky.” Lin Zhengyin’s expression was serious as she said these words: “It’s a crane. It urgently flew over here from somewhere far—”

“Why would there be a crane?” Someone asked in a puzzled tone.

No one was able to answer this question; everyone just raised their head and stared at the sky, wanting to see exactly what was it that made the loud sound that vibrated throughout the high riverbank.

Without making everyone wait too long, the fog and white clouds were being tore through, then a crane with gigantic wings flew forward.

Feathers like snow, and a body like a giant eagle.

It swooped down as swift as lightning.

It seems the white crane is very intelligent, to everyone’s surprise it headed towards the direction of the heroes’ stage.

“Heavens, a great white crane——-”

“Quickly look, someone is on the crane, someone’s on the crane——-”

“Hurry kneel down, it’s a celestial being——”



The white crane brandishes its gigantic wings, drawing a graceful arc above the heroes’ stage.

The attention of the entire crowd all shifted onto the heroes’ stage, their eyes fixed on the beautiful white crane that was proudly holding its head high up, and on the handsome boy who was dressed in gorgeous clothes embroidered with a cloud pattern.

“Beautiful white crane, I also want a pet like that—–”

“The man is handsome, the most handsome man I’ve ever seen—–”

“Is he a celestial being, right? What’s he doing here? ”


Every student were discussing spiritedly in a low voice about the crane and the crane’s owner.

Because the sound of the crane was so loud and clear, many more people rushed forth towards the heroes’ stage. The students inside the school, the parents and students waiting outside, and some spectators who enjoy watching a bustling scene also crowded forward.

Lin Zhengyin cupped hands in greeting and said loudly: “Celestial being riding a crane down to Jiangnan, and ultimately landed on top of our heroes stage, what can I do for you?”

Without seeing much movement, the handsome man had already lightly dismounted to the ground like a feather from the back of the crane.

Using one hand he covered his chest, performing the standard etiquette of a noble, then said in a cheerful voice: “My journey was urgent, I alarmed everybody. I am truly sorry. Excuse me, who is student Li Muyang? ”

Li Muyang?

He is actually here to find Li Muyang?

What is the relationship between Li Muyang and the celestial being?

All eyes were gathered on Li Muyang, they don’t understand how today’s ‘main character’ could even alarm a celestial being?

Others don’t understand, Li Muyang himself also doesn’t understand.

Look at his face, look at his clothes, look at his horse, and look how classy he is; there is no way Li Muyang would have a distant cousin or relative like him—–if he did, he would have told the whole world already.

“I’m Li Muyang.” Li Muyang walked out from the middle of the crowd.

Li Shinian closely followed, her round eyes staring at the celestial being and then looking at the red-crowned crane with a curious little face.

The celestial being pursed his lips then chuckled lightly, his eyes were full of enthusiasm as he looked at Li Muyang and said: “Congratulations, Junior Muyang, you have been selected into our school.”


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    1. So if I take it right, grandpa isn’t that much of an twat as we thought and made sure that our MC could go to an even better school where he can finally hone his skills?
      I don’t know what is real anymore

      • or perhaps he wants to test Li Muyang’s true abilities, and if he’s not on par with his standards, then he might as well be humiliated and die in the academy?

      • Whether the school is amazing and has cultivation and shit or not is irrelevant. The point is it is not the school Muyang desires. My money is on that Muyang will tell this guy that he doesn’t want any of what they are selling. Plus, his grandpa trying to send him to Starry Sky Academy is ultimately selfish and probably for the purpose of keeping an eye on him so he doesn’t act against his interests, and turn him into a pawn. Muyang has no need of a cultivation teacher as his divine dragon past life knows more about that shit than any person alive. Muyang being around high level cultivators could lead to them figuring out that he is the reincarnation of a pissed of divine dragon that wants to avenge itself upon all of humanity, and would almost certainly cause them to try and kill him. Ultimately, there is just so many unnecessary demerits and pointless reasons to go to Starry Sky, and above all, Muyang does not care as it is not the school he wants to go to. West Wind is the only one he is interested in, and no one, not some pretty boy riding a giant crane, nor some selfish hard ass grandfather who is unworthy of calling himself as such, will stop him. They can at most delay him, and that is all.

    2. Something tells me Li Muyang will disappoint this guy (and his dick grandpa) by bluntly and outright refusing to attend Starry Sky Academy (probably the best cultivator school where they ride cranes for hell of it, but a dragon can fly without relying on a crane). This guy may even be pissed and try to attack Muyang out of disbelief, before getting supremely rekt. Then Muyang and sis go home to have food.

    3. Thanks for the chapter.

    4. Major huh. Can totally see that happening

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