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063 – Not heard of it!


He came all the way to Jiangnan on a crane just to recruit Li Muyang into their school?

After hearing the news, every teacher and student standing in front of the heroes’ stage were in shock.

“What is the school that Li Muyang got admitted into? There’s the need to report the good news in such a way?”

“Isn’t that a bit extreme? Li Muyang is not even on the heroes list—–Even Cui Xiaoxin, who achieved first place, is not treated like this, right?”

“It seems like it’s a great school, and the image and manners of the man riding the crane is very admirable—–”


Others can only whisper and discuss, but Li Muyang, the person directly involved, has numerous unsolved problems and doubts.

He looked at the man riding the crane with a puzzled expression and said: “Thank you senior for coming all the way here to deliver the good news, Muyang is very grateful—–But what I don’t understand is which school am I admitted into?”

“Starry Sky Academy.” The man who rode the crane wore a white robe embroidered with clouds; he stood still on the heroes stage, then slightly moved his body to stand straight up and uttered these words with rays of light flickering in his eyes.

Anyone could see; this is his pride, this is a place he admired to the extreme.

“Starry Sky Academy?” Li Muyang became even more confused, he asked: ” I have never heard of such an institution, and also I did not enroll into this school. Why did Starry Sky Academy recruit me?”

“What kind of school is Starry Sky Academy?” Lin Zhengyin is worried her student is being deceived by some unscrupulous schools.

After all, the present society is not too good. Each year, at the time of August/September, when major colleges and universities released their results, some third class universities also blend in and grant students with admission notices. Previously, some students who usually have bad grades also received five or six notice of enrollment at the same time——However, even if Starry Sky Academy is a liar, this time the money they put into this production is not little, right? In front of them were a beautiful and proud white crane and a handsome man, which most likely can’t be hired with just three, five or ten coins, right?

However, Lin Zhengyin has been in the business for many years, she indeed had never heard of the name Starry Sky Academy.

He had sent out countless graduates but not one of his students had been admitted into Starry Sky Academy before—–

So, the background of Starry Sky Academy is very suspicious.

For students, entrance examination is one of the most important turning points in their life. The choice of school also has an important effect on any future decisions. If they were able to enter into a famous school, meet outstanding students, and take in excellent knowledge, their life would be as bright and beautiful as brocade.

However, if you accidentally entered into a third class university, then——even a good person will turn into a pheasant.

“Starry Sky Academy is simply Starry Sky Academy.” The man riding the crane said with a smiling face. He can’t answer this question and is also not willing to explain further. “Starry Sky Academy is Starry Sky Academy, there is no need to add any labels or talk about its glorious history. It’s like the sun and the moon; it existed from ancient times till now, the same age as the heaven and earth. “

Cultured and refined; his expression and each of his movements is simply perfect. Drifting clouds and flowing water, natural and smooth like a celestial being descended from the sky. Only a celestial being would have this faintly discernable qualities and elegance?

“What I meant was—–“ Lin Zhengyin brows puckered in a frown and said: “No one knows of Starry Sky Academy. Not one student from our school had ever been admitted into Starry Sky Academy—-“
“Well, maybe they are not good enough.” The man who rode the crane said with a smile and in an extremely calm voice. This remark of his almost slapped the face of every teachers and students present—–because the students you taught are not good enough, so they can’t go to the Starry Sky Academy. Because all the candidates present here are not good enough, so there is no way they would be aware of the existence of Starry Sky Academy.

However, because of the pure smile on his face and the sincere attitude when he spoke, it makes everyone think what he said is the truth.

Including the people he insulted, they also had the same thoughts——-Otherwise, why would Starry Sky Academy have such an outstanding student riding on a gigantic crane?

The man who rode the crane really stands out; his tall body stood up straight on the heroes stage, giving the feeling of a crane among a flock of chickens. Resembling a god worshipped by countless believers and an idol being chased after by numerous fans.

A person like him said these words, even if the students below has any discontent they won’t have the heart to rebel.

“Li Muyang—–“ Lin Zhengyin turned around and looked at Li Muyang with a face of disbelief then said: “He is the only person who is admitted to Starry Sky Academy?”

“Yes.” The man with the crane looked at Li Muyang with the same enthusiasm as before, making some of the love-struck schoolgirls below the stage extremely dissatisfied. Why don’t you take a glance at us? Why do you always look at that boy? “He is the only person who’s admitted into Starry Sky Academy.”

“You said we’re not good enough, but Li Muyang is not even on the heroes list—-what’s so good about him?” Zhang Chen yelled in a sharp voice. What happened today was practically a nightmare to him and he only just moments ago struggled out from this nightmare but now he has entered into a more terrifying dream.

Is Li Muyang not just a defective child? Is he not just a little charcoal? Is he not just a big pig?

He has been holding onto the last place of the year for such a long time. Some of the basic foundation and general knowledge questions he did not even understood. He was lucky to achieve a good score in the exam, but because he was suspected of cheating he was driven out of the school by the teacher—-Suddenly a trash like him has became a fragrant steamed bun that everyone likes?

Also, that ridiculous Starry Sky Academy—No one has ever heard of this school, there also isn’t an enrollment list for this school on the heroes list above. Suddenly a stupid fool riding a crane came out and said Li Muyang is recruited, and at the same time he also looked down at the other students who are admitted to other schools because they are not good enough. Is there any justice? Is there any law?

An act!

It must all be an act!

Maybe this is a theatrical troupe that Li Muyang paid money to invite them here. Oh, Li Muyang has no money; Cui Xiaoxin must have found this troupe to perform for Li Muyang—–Cui Xiaoxin and Li Muyang has a good relationship. Last time she publicly went against Zhao Mingzhu in front of the class because of Li Muyang. She must be worried that after failing the exams he would be laughed at, it is understandable that she did some preparations.

Otherwise, why would a third class institution suddenly come to recruit Li Muyang?

Not only Zhang Chen himself had this thought, several other students also had this thought.

When Li Muyang was bullied, they more or less felt some sympathy for him.

However, when Li Muyang soars into the sky and is about to become a person they have to look up to, their heart feels somewhat uncomfortable——What makes Li Muyang better than them? He’s just a trash who eats all day long and waiting to die, yet he unexpectedly turned out to be the best in this school?

It’s practically an enormous joke!

“Heroes list?” The man with the crane was evidently stumbled by Zhang Chen’s question. He carefully pondered over this question, then turned around to look at the names on the huge red silk, and said with a smile: “Sorry, I only know of the Riding wind list, Clear sky list and starry sky list, I had never heard of this heroes list—–Also, what’s most important is being widely known to the rest of the world and not simply writing on a red silk to show off their accomplishments.”


This guy words were far too direct.

This sentence not only slapped Zhang Chen’s white face until its purple-red, even Lin Zhengyin and Zhao Mingzhu’s face were slapped across loudly.


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      September 2, 2016 at 9:54 pm

      But, I thought he was being sent to the second place school on the list due to his father. Why this school? And thanks for the chapter!

      • I’m guessing it’s gonna be if not an assassination school. Some kinda black ops school to train promising youths into killers for the kingdom. Or some kinda bs like that. Would explain why he won’t say anything about the school other than the name. And is seemingly fanatical respect of it.

        • If it was black ops/assassin school … nobody would know that MC was recruited. He would just disappear and turn up years later. Or not even that and work from shadows under some code name in the future.

          This plainly looks like grandpa does not want MC in the city, but does not hate him or anything and understands he has potential, so he sent him to get top education. With that he can calm MC’s parents as well and maybe get some use out of MC in the future.

          • I can agree to a point, but I’m still curious what kind of place it is seeing how no one seems to know what it is. Also curious as to why the go doesn’t want him in. All they would have to do was just leave him alone. Well considering his birth mom and umm his trading places partner I guess him going to tian do would be impossible.

            • Was already explained that it existed since the start of time… So it’s a cultivation sect in the modern world why else would he be on a crane?

    3. Best school in the continent right?


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