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064 – First of West Wind!


Lin Zhengyin can no longer conceal his expression; the looks of the teachers present were also quite unsightly.

Had this kid not came on a crane, looking high and mighty and insufferably arrogant, Lin Zhengyin would want to make people rush forward to beat him up.

The announcement of the heroes list each year is a fine tradition of the school and also a huge festive day. Writing candidates names on the red silk was to allow the students to aim for high grades and to motivate those students lagging behind, so that every student could win top marks in the examinations and be proud of themselves.

Because of some words from this kid, the heroes list became a fabric an old woman used to wash her feet with—-unbearably stinky?

“You—-I did not ask your name?” Lin Zhengyin looked at the man riding a crane and asked.

“Student Xie Wuyou.” The white-robed youngster cup one fist in the other hand and answered with a smile. He did not even realise that he had just slapped many people across their faces.

“Well, Xie Wuyou student you have not answered my question. Just as Li Muyang student had mentioned, he did not apply to your Starry Sky Academy and we have never heard of Starry Sky Academy—-It’s not because we’re suspicious, but rather there are too many crooks outside enrolling new students. As the school principal, I should consider my students’ future and not allow them to be cheated of money and time.” Lin Zhengyin looked at Xie Wuyou and said: “Excuse me, do you have anything to prove the authenticity of your school?”

“Prove?” The smile on Xie Wuyou;’s face gradually disappeared, he then regained his smile and said: “You can choose to believe it or you can choose not to believe it, that is your choice—–What does it have to do with me? I’m only a messenger.”


If she hadn’t studied the etiquette of the ancient sage, Lin Zhengyin wanted to let off her rage and curse at him; would she still nicely chat to him?

You can believe it if you want, in any case I will not explain to you—-What is this attitude? What is with his attitude?

Arrogant to the extreme!
Listening to this conversation, Li Muyang instead became more interested about Xie Wuyou. He cupped his hands in salute, smiled and said: “Nice to meet you Wuyou senior.”

Towards other people Xie Wuyou is cruel and arrogant, but towards Li Muyang he’s extremely polite. He also cupped his hands in salute and said with a smile: “Muyang junior no need to be so polite. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, I started the school one year earlier than you, so of course I will clear up any confusion and clarify any doubts you may have.”

“I troubled Wuyou brother to deliberately take a trip down to Jiangnan, Muyang is really grateful.” Li Muyang said with a sincere look. “But I still have a lot of questions on this matter. I did not apply for Starry Sky Academy, why did Starry Sky Academy enrolled me into the school?”
“I do not know the details.” Xie Wuyou said with a smile. “I just followed the orders of the president of the school to come and notify a student in Jiangnan. Because today is the day of the announcement of results, so I hurriedly came all the way here. After much difficulty I finally reached Jiangnan in time, I hope I did not disappoint Muyang brother.”

“I’m not disappointed, just excited.” Li Muyang answered honestly. I thought I fell deep into the mountains; I did not expect that an academic from a school that sounds extremely impressive with just its name would come over here on a crane to deliver the good news. The ups and downs of life happen too quickly, it is indeed so exciting. “So, Starry Sky Academy is a——normal institution, right?”

“Of course.” Xie Wuyou nodded as he answered.

“How is it compared with West Wind University?”

“We don’t compare our school to others”

“So it’s just a third class institution.” Across Zhang Chen’s face, there was a mocking expression clearly written. “It sounds impressive, but nobody knows of it. There’s no name on the heroes list, even the educational system does not have its record? Only a lousy school like that will treat an idiot who failed the exam like a treasure—-Isn’t that right everyone?”

Everyone burst into laughter.

What Zhang Chen said was amusing, but after carefully listening, it indeed sounds true. Fame is like an awl inside a sack, the greater the fame, the sharper the awl. It will pierce through the bag by itself; there is no way for it to hide.

Starry Sky Academy sounds impressive but no one had ever heard of this school before, even principal Lin Zhengyin does not know—-What’s most important is that even Li Muyang said he didn’t apply for it.

Deducing from this, if this is not a diploma mill then what is?

Xie Wuyou frowned slightly, reached into his arms, pulled out a little box and said: “I’ve got an admission notice—-”

Lin Zhengyin held out her hands, but Xie Wuyou handed the box to Li Muyang instead: “It’s for Li Muyang.”

Li Shinian hurried over to receive the box, extremely happy to be able to look at the white crane at close range. She then reluctantly ran back.

Li Muyang took the box and open; inside was a leather scroll.

There is no writing on the scroll but just a very simple map painted on.

“This is the address of the academy.” Xie Wuyou explained. 。

“Thank you Wuyou brother.” Li Muyang once again expressed his gratitude.

“Muyang, be careful you’re being deceived.” Lin Zhengyin kindly reminded him.

“Yes, principal, I will be careful.” Li Muyang answered, happy to receive her advice.

“You said we were not good enough so we don’t deserve to know about this diploma mill—–” Zhang Chen yelled loudly: “Do you dare to tell us, what was the score that the trash Li Muyang got? That allowed him to be admitted to your third class institution?”

This sentence finally asked the critical point.

Generally those with a high score will enter into famous schools and those with low scores will study at second-rate schools. If Zhang Chen obtained a higher score than Li Muyang but did not receive admission notice, then what kind of school Starry Sky Academy is sjould be obvious?

“Slap him.” Xie Wuyou thundered. This person repeatedly insulted Starry Sky Academy as a third class institution, even if he is broad-minded, it is still difficult for him to tolerate any more.

The crane he rode here all of a sudden leaped up, circled around in the air and then nimbly flew towards the direction of Zhang Chen.

Both Zhang Chen’s mouth and eyes opened wide; before he could even react, the left wing of the crane had already attacked his head—-

This wing attack was unimportant because the force was too big and too strong, Zhang Chen was not able to dodge in time. His whole body was blown away from the ground by the strong gale and flew far into the distance—-

The crane flew over here on a long boring journey. After much difficulty the crane finally found something to play with, would he give up so easily?

The crane chased after Zhang Chen who was sent flying into the air, and then brandished its wings again—-

“Ah, ah, ah—–Help help—-Mum, I’m going to die—-”


Zhang Chen dropped down from around ten meters above; his body heavily fell onto the solid stone road.

He howled miserably a few times and then desperately tried to climb back up from the ground. But in the end he gave up, he felt as if all his bones are falling apart.
The crane returned back to the heroes stage, lifted its little head proudly while standing behind Xie Wuyou.

Everyone below the stage had no idea this crane can understand human language. Everyone exclaimed in praise, and a few students even applauded. Li Shinian was the one who clapped most enthusiastically.

“What’s the crane’s name?” Li Shinian asked aloud. “

“Little Ugly.” Xie Wuyou liked the Li Shinian with a sweet and happy face; it seems like this is an innocent little girl.

“The crane is not ugly at all.” Li Shinian stood up for the crane.

Xie Wuyou smiled and did not explain any further.

Once again, he pulled out a piece of fabric from his sleeves, stretched his hand and then flicked his fingers, the scroll lightly like a feather floated over to Lin Zhengyin.

Lin Zhengyin held out her hand and the piece of fabric fell onto her palm.

“This is the imperial readings of the list of exam results for the monarch, Li Muyang obtained first place of West Wind——-” Xie Wuyou said with a smiling expression. “If you don’t doubt the genuineness of the list, you must know its true weight.”
First in the exams?

First in West Wind?

Lin Zhengyin face flushes, the hand clenching onto the scroll trembling incessantly.

She’s been teaching for decades, but she had never taught a student who achieved first place in the entire kingdom.

Just how great a fortune was this? Just how special was this?

Perhaps in the eyes of candidates and Li Muyang, an achievement like that would be the most glorious moment of his life.

For educators, isn’t it just the same?

“Principal——” Zhao Mingzhu was too excited she couldn’t utter a word. Someone from her class achieved the first place of West Wind, and also it was the trash that was falsely accused of cheating before—–No, a charcoal teenager Li Muyang. How’s that possible? How could such a thing happen? Could it be that before he was deliberately pretending to be asleep in every class, but he had been thinking hard all along? Could it be he intentionally cheated in every examinations just so he can amaze the word today?

If that’s the case, then everything happened today is starting to make sense.

Otherwise, how could there be a student who could achieve the first place of the entire kingdom with merely a few months of study time? Unless he or she is possessed by one of the ancient sages.

Before she was a famous teacher in Jiangnan, but soon she will become a famous teacher in the kingdom—–Zhao Mingzhu was so excited she couldn’t control herself anymore.

Fortunately she was not deceived by Li Muyang’ s false appearance, during the critical moment she empathised with him and supported him. As a result, Li Muyang was able to achieve such a result so she deserves half the credit—–No less than half. No, one-third. One-sixth, yes it can’t be any less than that—–

“It’s real.” Lin Zhengyin said in a trembling voice. “This is the distinctive ancient silk fabric that only the royal family use. The writing is in Tiandu’s ancient font, and the monarch precious seal —-This can’t be faked, and no one dares to do so either. The school receives a copy every year just to file away. It has nothing to do with our school. But, unexpectedly this year, one of the students of our school is on the top of the list and scored first place——”

The old principal was moved to tears, she used her sleeve to wipe a tear away, then said with her eyes brimming with tears: “I have no more regrets in my life—–”


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