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065 – Journey with Wise men


After experiencing so many shocks so frequently, everyone became too lazy to even move.

After being surprised so often, everyone became too lazy to say anything.

Li Muyang if you have any other moves then show it all at once. They had already long treated today as celebrating Chinese new year in advance—-

“I got first?”

Li Muyang revealed a look of astonishment across his face. Others were in disbelief, Li Muyang also didn’t believe it at all.

He had spent little time studying and his knowledge is very limited. Fortunately, in his mind there was a familiar feeling that helped him, otherwise many major questions and problems he wouldn’t be able to figure them out.

He just wanted to do his utmost, his best. He just wanted to try his best to do a good job, because only then he will have a chance to go to West Wind University.

However, he achieved first in the exams?

Li Muyang widened his eyes, thinking that this world is quite absurd——This sort of thing happening to him is the same as a beautiful woman with big chest and milky-white skin coming up to him and say ‘Li Muyang you’re so handsome, I love you’.

“Brother, you’re so cool, I love you so much.” Li Shinian threw herself into Li Muyang’s arms, her head leaning on his chest as she said: “You’re the first place in the entire West Wind, you’re the first in the kingdom—–Heavens, you’re too amazing. Brother, I’m going to go back and tell mum and dad, they will definitely be very glad—-”

Li Shinian was extremely happy, even happier than if she were admitted to West Wind University her.

Because if she was admitted into West Wind University it’s very normal, but Li Muyang achieving first place in the exam is not normal at all. Would someone find it strange that Cui Xiaoxin occupied the top of the heroes list and was admitted to West Wind University?

She had always done her best to take care of and defend her big brother, the pitch-black and weak brother who was always bullied. However once he’s serious he could unleash such ability and could achieve such dazzling achievements, this is indeed too stunning, too crazy.

Li Muyang was able to feel the joy of Li Shinian. When you achieve some results, people who really care about you will be happier than you yourself.

Li Muyang’s held Li Shinian’s hand tightly, then said with a smile: “I didn’t expect this at all—–”

“This is absolutely true. This can’t be fake.” Xie Wuyou glanced over at the excited sibling Li Muyang and Li Shinian, smiled and said: “The good news has been delivered, I have to go back and report. I hope that student Muyang will be punctual on your first day at school and not make us wait.”

“Thank you senior Wuyou .” Li Muyang once again bowed to express his gratitude.

“Don’t mention it.” Xie Wuyou waved his hand.

“Little Ugly.” Xie Wuyou drew his hand and the white crane little ugly soared into the air, with a loud cry.

Xie Wuyou took a last glimpse at Li Muyang and soon after his body rose steeply from the ground, his robe stretching out with the strong wind and his feet firmly on top of the crane’s back.

One man and one crane ride the wind, in a flash they had already disappeared into the depths of the clouds.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

His means of transport was really too cool, who wouldn’t want to be a crane-riding youngster?

What kind of school was able to nurture such a student? Don’t tell me that later Li Muyang—–would also be like this Xie Wuyou, riding down to Jiangnan on a crane?

Thinking of the scene of Li Muyang’s returning home in the future, many people present here were full of yearning and envy.

This is life!

Lin Zhengyin walked over to Li Muyang’s side, looked at him happily and said: “Congratulations, Li Muyang. First place in the exams, this is the glory our school had never received before. Even in the entire Jiangnan, only the genius youngster Du Ruofu achieved such a special glory twelve years ago—–”

“Thank you, principal.” Li Muyang said with a smile: “And I would also like to thank the school teacher’s for teaching me.”

Zhao Mingzhu’s face revealed an embarrassed look as she said: “Although I really want to receive some of the glory of the first place in the kingdom, but talking about this I still feel ashamed—–On the first day I came to this school I already had some conflict with Muyang student, afterwards I had always been hostile to Li Muyang student, I always felt Li Muyang was deliberately opposing the teachers and was not showing any interest in learning.”

“Miss Zhao, this is in the past. At that time I was wrong, but it wasn’t intentional, just that my body—-was not too well.” Li Muyang said comfortingly.

“Yes. This is in the past, let’s all not keep this in mind.” Lin Zhengyin tried to smooth things over. “Muyang student can you come to my study? I would like to have a chat with you.”

“The pleasure is all mine.”His did not dare to refuse his elder’s invitation.. Li Muyang readily agreed.

Lin Zhengyin glanced over at Li Shinian who was clutching the corner of Li Muyang’s sleeve refusing to let go, She then said with a smile: “This little girl can also come.”

“Thank you, principal.” Li Shinian smiled sweetly.

“Ms Zhao should also come along. Muyang is a brilliant student of yours, surely you want to have a chat with him. When Muyang leaves for Starry Sky Academy, such opportunities will be rare.”

“Thank you, principal.” Zhao Mingzhu said with a look of delight.

Lin Zhengyin’s study is a small independent building in the northeast corner of the school; a wooden structure, classic and elegant, full of literary taste.

Lin Zhengyin invited the guests to sit, while a server promptly brought tea over.

“Muyang, try the Longjing tea, the leaves are picked before pure brightness; it’s a specialty of the lion mountain, the tea is not expensive, but what’s good is its fresh and clean flavour.” Lin Zhengyin made an inviting gesture.

“Principal, please go ahead.” Li Muyang held the teacup with both his hands, slowly savouring the tea.

Li Shinian did not drink the tea, but just sat at the side smiling like a happy little fool.

Lin Zhengyin glanced over at Li Shinian with a puzzled expression and asked: “What is this little girl laughing about?”

“I’m extremely happy.” The smile on Li Shinian’s face became even stronger. “I never thought that one day the principal would ask my brother to drink tea with her.”

“There are ups and downs in life and life changes unpredictably. No one knows what kind of things will happen in the future. However, I firmly believe that a precious jade will emit bright rays of light in the end.” Lin Zhengyin said with a sigh. A bad student became the first place in the kingdom’s exam; this student’s fate will change tremendously as a result. The fate of the school would also be the same.

“Principal is right, my brother is a precious jade.” Li Shinian nodded. “Stones can’t shine no matter what.”


Zhao Mingzhu looked at Li Muyang with a serious expression and asked him for guidance: “Muyang, can you tell teacher your secret to success? What is your learning style? How long do you spend studying every day? What about your resting time? Is there a unique technique to rapidly improve your grades? I’m just asking for your junior schoolmates, I hope they can be like you and amaze the world as the kingdom’s most dazzling presence——”

This question truly baffled Li Muyang, does sleeping all day count as a unique technique? Being struck by lightning is a secret to success?

“I think—–” Li Muyang said embarrassingly, his glance evading hers: “Just never give up and you will have the opportunity.”

Li Muyang suddenly remembered Cui Xiaoxin, because she’s the first one to tell Li Muyang to never give up: ‘As long as you never give up there will be an opportunity’. She also did not feel troubled to tutor Li Muyang everyday, she even explained utterly simple questions over and over again to him.

If she knew about his results, if she knew that he achieved the first place in the exams in the entire kingdom, she will definitely feel happy for him, right?

Lin Zhengyin made a gesture with her hand and said: “Teach according to the student’s ability, how could there be a universal law for success?”

“Principal is right, I was too pressing.” Zhao Mingzhu nodded in agreement.

Lin Zhengyin looked at Muyang with a kind face and said with a smile: “Muyang has achieved first place in the exams out of the entire kingdom, this is the greatest glory our school had received in hundred of years, this is also the greatest glory I, Lin Zhengyin, has achieved in my whole life—–To obtain the first place among all the famous schools in the kingdom is indeed incredibly difficult. It’s almost something unimaginable.”

“Principal, I just——”

Lin Zhengyin waved her hand and said: “Muyang no need to be modest. I also have been a student; I understand the hardship and difficulty. Although I’m unsure of the background of Starry Sky Academy but it must be a great college—–Only with the results of the first place in the exams could be admitted into this school. It’s already clear that this is not an ordinary school, after you enter Starry Sky you must continue to try your best and achieve remarkable results.”

“Thank you principal for your teaching.”

“I think your senor is not an ordinary person, but more like those cultivator celestial beings from the legends, perhaps your fate from here will also be uncertain—–Regardless whether you seek a career or longevity, the key lies in the heart. No matter what you want you should go chase after it. We definitely will support you.”

“Thank you principal for your advice”. Li Muyang just kept nodding.

“Each year when the heroes list is announced, the school will give out major rewards. This year, Cui Xiaoxin is at the top of the list, she should receive an award. Today I made a decision on my own; I will reward you and Cui Xiaoxin student equally. Wait until the list of the kingdoms’s exam results are issued to each city and town, the governor and city’s lord will certainly reward greatly—–” “

“Thank you—-“

Lin Zhengyin waved her hand, indicating Li Muyang need not to thank her anymore.
She looked at Li Muyang and said: “Muyang, your name will be engraved on a school’s plate, together with your incredible milestone, so that other students will follow you as an example and everyone will strive to achieve the honour of being the first place in the kingdom—-I know you will soon be leaving to study, you may wish to take this opportunity to inscribe a few words for your junior schoolmates, I will tell people to engrave it on the motto stone in front of the school’s gate. So we can admire it each day and encourage ourselves to improve and learn. What do you think?”

“Lin principal, I don’t think that’s necessary?” Li Muyang quickly refused: “I’m not used to this.”

“Muyang, you can’t refuse this sort of thing.” Lin Zhengyin said with a serious face: “it’s for me, for the school but also for your junior schoolmates, how about it?”

“Brother, do it.” Li Shinian said agitatedly: “When I go to school I can see your words every day, just how intimate would that be?” “

“Yes Muyang, engraving the stone is a major event. You gain so much glory for the school we should let everyone know your credits.” Zhao Mingzhu said comfortingly beside him.

“But I really don’t know what to write.”

“It’s okay, take your time to think.” Lin Zhengyin said patiently: “You can think while drinking tea.”

And then shouted at the people behind: “Come, bring pen and ink.”

Li Muyang knows he can’t refuse anymore, he got up and said: “Then I’ll embarrass myself.”

“Our thousands of students are incredibly fortunate.” Lin Zhengyin said.

Li Muyang walked over to the table, holding a brush with ink in his hand, he gazed for a long time in silence.

Everyone surrounded him as they looked forward to his words with a smiling face.

After a long while, Li Muyang’s finally began to write, on the white blank paper he wrote a line of words: Journey with wise men!

“Good, good words.” Lin Zhengyin was full of praise. “The words are good, the meaning is even better. Journey with wise men, and then you will definitely gain something, increase your knowledge and open up new horizons. Muyang’s insight is not ordinary at all, worthy of celebration.”

“The next line?” Zhao Mingzhu asked with a smile. “Muyang, quickly write down the next line. I can’t wait.” “

“There’s no second line.” Li Muyang placed down the brush and said while shaking his head.

“How can you not have a next line?” Lin Zhengyin was also anxious, she said: “Muyang, you got off to an amazing start, it needs a perfect ending. Otherwise, it will be a lifelong regret—–”

“But principal, I really didn’t think of a second line.”

“Think again, think again, we’re in no rush, no hurry.” Lin Zhengyin said impatiently, with a look that says if you don’t write the second line you won’t walk out this door.

“Principal, then this time I really will embarrass myself.” Li Muyang put on a brave face and said.

“Not at all, not at all, not embarrassing at all. We will only be amazed and pleasantly surprised.”

“I have a hunch that this will become a famous pair of lines for centuries —–”

“Brother, just write it, don’t be modest—–”

Li Muyang once again began to write, neatly writing the next line on the huge blank paper: Rejected by retards!



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