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068 – A heavy reward can kill!


Others may not be aware of the history of Starry Sky Academy, but as a descendant of a notable family of Tiadu, how would Yan Bolai not know?

Someone had said Starry Sky Academy was founded thousand years ago, while others said that Starry Sky Academy had already been established when writing was invented. Also it has been said that the first principal of Starry Sky Academy was a cultivator at the Dragon Slayer stage, and who later on became a celestial being. It existed alongside the sun and moon, the same age as the world.

Over so many centuries there has been too many rumours. The records of Starry Sky Academy in the history books are also fairly vague, with very little details. It seemed as if the human race was hiding an enormous secret.

But Yan Bolai knows clearly, several strong men who are widely known throughout the divine continent had graduated from Starry Sky Academy.

For example thousands of years ago , there were many such people. Like the Ximen Hongying who broke past Luo Shui with he and his sword alone, like the Daoqi Qingniu who intruded into the frontiers of the desert and slaughtered the merciless tyrant Zhang Gaoren who commanded ten thousand calvalry, and the Wangying Qiangu who established the Peacok Empire with a bunch of brothers that competed equally with the martial court of West Wind—

People only know that the background and cultivation of these familiar names are mysterious and impressive, every one of them is a moon or a star of that era, and a hero of the entire divine continent.

But Yan Bolai knows they have one thing in common; they were all from Starry Sky Academy.

For the last thousand of years the divine continent has been peaceful, and the competition between countries remained in good balance. Recently, there was not any news heard of any impressive people from Starry Sky, but this does not mean Starry Sky Academy has been forgotten.

No one dared to forget.

A school like that, who would not want to send their grandchildren there for further study?

From the royal families to noble clans, who would not devote all their attention and care in order to send their most outstanding youngsters over there?

The main person that the Yan family tried to push forward was precisely Yan Bolai; in the end Yan Bolai was rejected by Star Sky Academy, without giving any reasons at all. Starry Sky Academy never gave any explanations.

After Yan Bolai became a high official, the lord of Jiangnan city, he then tried his best to send Yan Xiangma over there—-Of course, this time his family was once rejected again. Because the Cui family wanted to send someone else, and also because Yan Xiangma’s qualifications and cultivation differed greatly from this youngster they wanted to send.

The youngster was rejected by Starry Sky Academy ultimately however. In a fury he entered the demon town and swore to reach the withered glory stage. Unwilling to give up, Yan Bolai once again tried to send his son over. In the end, as expected, Yan Xiangma also failed. Starry Sky Academy rejected him and did not give any explanation for his rejection just like back then.

Their Yan clan had always desired to enter into Starry Sky Academy; in order to send their outstanding younger generation over there they had invested a great deal of time and energy, including money and several other things. In the end, without any exception, they all failed.

Now someone comes over and say to him that Li Muyang is admitted into Starry Sky Academy—–And also that guy from the school who regarded everyone as beneath him came with a crane all the way down to Jiangnan and travelled over thousands of miles just to deliver the notice of enrolment.

This guy was someone whom he had never paid any attention to; what kind of ability and charm does he have after all?

Even a trash like him could enter Starry Sky Academy, so he and his son, Yan Xiangma’s failure—–Did this not become even more harsh?

Thinking that himself, the well-respected lord of the city, who is at the higher stages of the free clouds, can’t even be compared to an ordinary youngster, even with Yan Bolai’s temperament, it is still difficult for him to achieve a calm peaceful state of mind. Yan family’s ‘raging flames technique’ was originally a firm and forceful technique, to completely suppress his emotions is indeed too difficult.

“First in the exam.” The man in a black robe said. “Li Muyang is said to be the second person to obtain the first place in the exams and be admitted into Starry Sky Academy.”

“The first person was Li Qiubai?” Yan Bolai said in a cold voice. This was not a question; the answer to this question had always stayed in his mind. Li Qiubai, who travelled down Liangshan on a small boat and killed hundreds and thousands of pirates, obtained first place in the exam. In addition, he has a love for poetry; he is also one of the most well respected poets in the entire divine continent.

The man in black robe did not answer; he knows the lord already has a clear answer in his mind.

“Jiangnan City is warm and comfortable, prosperous and peaceful, but it’s also the land of tigers and dragons. But I really didn’t expect that a baby tiger would be lying right in front of my nose—-Li Muyang was able kill Crow with his bare hands, obtained first place in the exams, how could someone like him be a mediocre youngster? The group of geniuses over there in Tiandu is not even as dazzling as him, right?”

“Those genius youngsters won’t admit defeat.” The man in black robe knows clearly what sort of answers the lord wants to hear.

“That’s natural. Born and grown up in Tiandu, their field of vision and ambition will naturally be higher than people from other parts of the world—-From the net last time, did you fish out any small fish or shrimps?”

“No”. The black-robed man’s face displayed a puzzled expression as he said: “After our Xiangma young master killed Crow, we intentionally exposed Li Muyang to the sun—-In the end no suspicious person came into contact with him, nor did anyone came to spy on or assassinate, it’s as if he’d became an invisible person. This is really too strange.”

“Well, no small fish or shrimps, but there is a giant crocodile behind stirring up the wind and clouds. If there wasn’t any powerful backing, do you think the son of a baker in Jiangnan City could be admitted into Starry Sky Academy? No matter how mysterious Starry Sky Academy is, they can’t possibly place their eyes all over the world—–Think about it, an ordinary person’s son, how would he have the opportunity to set foot into Starry Sky? The man behind this must be powerful, beyond our expectations.”

“Lord, do you mean?”

“Besides the royal family, how many other families are able to push a common teenager into the Starry Sky?”

“Lord, do you mean?”

“Since Li Muyang is a candidate from Jiangnan and he also achieved the honour of first place, as the lord of the city’s, I must reward the candidates as a form of encouragement. But I also have to highly publicise his results, so that the students lagging behind would follow him as an example—-According to the usual rules, for students who obtained the first place in the cities, what are they rewarded with?”
“Reward of gold coins or other practical things.” The man in black robe said. “The chief of prefectures reward five hundred gold coins, state capitals two hundred gold coins. ”

“We’ll double that.” Within Yan Bolai’s eyes was a biting cold light, he reached out and picked up a bright red cherry tomato fruit on the table. His fingers suddenly exerted strength and the juice of the cherry tomato splattered all over the place. “No, give him ten times the usual reward. Award Li Muyang two thousand gold coins.”

“Lord, it’s against the rules.”

“Jiangnan is prosperous, other cities can’t compare with us.” Yan Bolai chuckled. “Besides, I, the lord of the city, appreciates talents, so why not greatly reward the elite youngsters?”

“Yes.” Black-robed man bowed and replied. “I will handle it well.” “

Yan Bolai waved his hand and said: “Go.”

The moment the man in black robe left, the smile on Yan Bolai’s face instantly faded away.

His eyes shifted over at the copy of the results on the desk and then slowly untied the rope securing the list of results.

He looked at the name on the top of the list, a chill emerged from the corner of his mouth as he said: “First in exams, but he’s not on this heroes list. As long as someone looks into this it is clear it’s been tampered with, and it will be obvious who is helping this sheep to graze—-Li Muyang, do you really think you can hide from me?”



Lu family. In the garden.

While admiring the surrounding scenery, Lu Xingkong was lightly exercising his arms, hands and feet.

Just moments ago he continuously met with six people, drank more than ten cups of tea. But his body is different from those of ordinary people; it’s rare for him to feel tired at all.

After coming to the garden for a breath of fresh air and to look at Tiandu’s sakura flowers blooming beautifully, he felt a lot more relaxed and refreshed.
“—-That young lady of the Cui family who went to Jiangnan to avoid the family infighting is back, it is said she will soon attend West Wind University—–” The old butler who looks much older than Lu Xingkong whispered next to him.

“Well. It’s about time she’s back. Tell Qiji to visit her and deliver over some gifts.”

“Afraid Miss Qiji won’t be willing, although she and that young lady are both known as the bright moons of the kingdom, but the relationship between the three bright moons is really not that good—-”

“Then she must go.” Lu Xingkong laughed loudly and said: “Cui family’s young lady was attacked by an assassin in Jiangnan, this matter is widely known throughout Tiandu. It’s inevitable that Lu Qiji pay her a visit. Lu Qiji has grown up; she knows my meaning. Tell her I arranged this.”

“Yes, head of the house.” Butler respectfully replied. “Also one more thing, I heard that Jiangnan’s Yan Bolai rewarded Muyang young master ten times the reward, with the status of the lord of the city to reward Li Muyang two thousand gold coins. In addition he praised him greatly and named him as ‘Jiangnan famous colt’. This matter has already spread throughout Tiandu, some youngsters in Tiandu had already began to investigate who Li Muyang actually is—–”

Lu Xingkong looked calm, not a sign of anger at all.

He reached out his hand and broke half the sprig in his hands and said in a low voice: “Yan Bolai is a talented lord, placing him in Jiangnan would bring out the best in him. But with his strong drive for success, there most likely won’t be a good ending—-“

“Head of the house, then Muyang young master——”

“As I said already, allow him to graze; why disrupt this because of a small affair?” Lu Xingkong said in a clear voice. “Go back, I have other matters to handle.”

“Yes, Master.” The butler stepped back with his head down. After Lu Xingkong turned around, he then cautiously followed his footsteps.


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    1. So is Yan Bolai completely retarded or something?
      “The academy cant have eyes all over the world”
      Thats the dumbest freaking line ive ever heard…
      Li Muyang placed first in the god damn NATIONAL EXAM one would freaking assume they check who the best in the country is every year

      • Also, normal lad? What the hell is normal about a dude that can kill the top 20 assassin in the country and places first in the national exam…
        Is personal accomplishments just such a foreign concept to this retard that he cant think outside of “he have powerful family, he powerful!”

    2. Thanks for the chapter.

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