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070 – Purple haired demon girl!


Just as Cui Xiaoxin was pondering deeply and Yan Xiangmaon was pointing his fingers and criticising the flowers in the courtyard with a posture that seems as if he’s a little professional gardener, the voice of mother talking to someone could be heard outside.

“Xiaoxin, this child likes quiet, there’s so many rooms in the front yard but she insists on having the most remote area. What young girl doesn’t like lively and bustling places, I’m just worried that if she lived here for too long she would develop an antisocial personality—–”

“I also like quiet.” A young voice said. Even from a distance, it still gave people an ice-cold and conceited feeling. As if her words did not carry any emotions at all.

Cui Xiaoxin can’t help but secretly chuckle to herself. The Lu family sent over an arrogant girl who doesn’t know how to talk to visit her, what deep meaning are they trying to convey?

It’s obvious that mother is not used to dealing with girls of this nature.

After a moment of silence, a very exaggerated laughter then followed: “Haha, I had no idea that young children of today likes quiet, this is completely different from when we were young——Now that Xiaoxin is back and since you two are of a similar age and will both study in West Wind, you should visit each other more often in the future, so you two won’t be lonely.”

“I have lot of friends.” Lu Qiji said.


“But I am very happy to be friends with older sister Xiaoxin.” Lu Qiji said aloud.

Cui mother really can’t stand this style of speech, ice-cold and tough, every word was like a sword suddenly being unsheathed.

As a noble of Tiandu, shouldn’t we compliment and flatter each other, and despite any backstabbing, maintain grace and act calm on the outside?

This Lu family’s young lady is not playing the usual cards, making it difficult for a perfect example of an upper-class woman to receive the cards normally.

It’s obvious that Cui mother significantly increased her walking pace, after bringing Lu Qiji over to Cui Xiaoxin’s small courtyard door, she shouted: “Xiaoxin, Xiaoxin, Lu family’s young lady is here to see you—-”

Cui Xiaoxin was already waiting inside the courtyard, hearing her mother’s voice she immediately came to the entrance of the courtyard. Taking a glance at the ‘purple-haired demon girl’ Lu Qiji in front of her, known as one of the three bright moons of the kingdom, she can’t help but have a breathtaking feeling.

Although she had seen Lu Qiji before but that was when they were still young, their faces and bodies had not developed yet. At that time she already thought she was cute and must be a beauty when she grows up.

But now, after seeing her in person she realised the word ‘beauty’ can hardly describe her good looks? This really is a devastatingly beautiful face.

Cui Xiaoxin had always thought high of herself, although she and the Lu family’s Lu Qiji, Song family’s Song Chenxi are all known as the three bright moons of the kingdom, but she simply laughed off these rumours because she felt she is different from other people—–that is, deep in her heart she considers herself to be more outstanding, more beautiful and much more intelligent than them.

But now seeing the captivating and gorgeous young woman wearing a long white robe, there is a feeling of shame.

This beautiful woman is not only the bright moon, she’s clearly a fiery sun.

Lu Qiji waited for quite some time but Cui Xiaoxin did not say anything to her and instead just stared at her in astonishment, as if this is the first time she laid her eyes on a treasured object.

This sizing up made her extremely unhappy, with her brows slightly raised, she broke the silence by saying: “I heard Xiaoxin sister was attacked in Jiangnan, we had been worried incessantly at Tiandu. I know that sister came back a few days ago, so I wanted to come and visit. I picked out a few small gifts that I hope Xiaoxin sister will like.”

The maid following behind Lu Qiji walked in front holding a box, delivering it over to Cui Xiaoxin.

“Thank you Qiji little sister, I like it very much.” Cui Xiaoxin also knows she’s was too rude just now, what reason is there to just abruptly stare at the guest without saying a single word? She did not open the presents on the spot and merely beckoned to the servant, instructing her to take the gifts back to her room. “Qiji sister should just come to visit, there is no need to be so polite.”

“It’s just some little gifts, as long as sister likes it.” Lu Qiji said indifferently. She was also sizing up Cui Xiaoxin; a beauty, her manners are also very good, she’s gentle and intelligent, a completely different style to her.

Yan Xiangma wiped away his saliva, flipped open his fan and gently waved it in front of his chest, displaying the look of a fine noble son, then with a bright and cheerful he said aloud: “My little sister is right, you only need to come visit, no need to bring gifts. Xiaoxin little sister, isn’t that right?”

“This is?” Lu Qiji stared at Yan Xiangma with an annoyed face and asked aloud. This idiot was just staring at her attentively with a flushing face, his saliva is splashing across and yet he’s still unaware of it. If she weren’t a guest at someone else home, she would have kicked him out already.

Before Cui Xiaoxin had time to say anything, Yan Xiangma had already walked in front of Lu Qiji, bowed deeply with his hands held in front and said: “Yan Xiangma, Cui Xiaoxin’s older cousin. Of course, I regards her as my younger sister, she also sees me as her older brother—–Miss you are Lu Qiji, the fairy of Tiandu? After seeing you today, this is surely a fully justified name. As they say, you really are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Like the bright moon in the sky, like the fierce blazing sun. Everything on the earth, when in front of Miss beautiful face loses its luster. Of course, as a result my eyes lit up as a result. Because this light is too strong, I can’t even see clearly—-”

Lu Qiji’s eyes swept across him and then looked at Cui Xiaoxin and asked: “Is he crazy?”

“Not crazy.” Cui Xiaoxin covered her mouth and lightly chuckled: “Just a love-struck idiot.”

Cui Xiaoxin made an inviting gesture and said: “Little sister come inside and talk.”

“You young people can talk, I won’t bother you.” After finishing her sentence, Cui Xiaoxin’s mother hurriedly left with her maid. If this continues any longer she might choke to death from the words of the Lu family’s young lady.

They took a seat in a small but elegant living room, while the servant brought up tea and cakes.

Two unfamiliar young girls wanting to be like the adults, exchanging warm greetings and talking non stop, really isn’t easy.

Lu Qiji held a cup of tea with both her hands; Cui Xiaoxin also doesn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, Yan Xiangma who just suffered a huge blow just moment ago took the cup of tea handed over by the servants and said: “Miss Qiji likes to drink tea, right? This is fresh Lung Fu mountain birds tongue, although the first taste is light and there’s only a hint of aroma. But once the tea enters into the lungs, the delicate fragrance is much more intense.”

“Xiangma young master, this is Junshan Silver Needle, not bird’s tongue—-” The little maid next to him corrected him.


Cui Xiaoxin really cannot bear to see this idiot older cousin continue his performance, she quickly helped him out of his embarrassment: “I like to drink Longjing tea. What about Qiji sister?”

“It depends.” Lu Qiji said. She then thought this answer might be too cold and tough, she added: “As long as its tea, its fine..”

“Oh.” Cui Xiaoxin also felt exhausting dealing with her: “Sister is going to West Wind, right? We might be school mates.”

“Still not finalised.” Lu Qiji said with a gentle smile. “Saying this, it reminds me of another thing. Xiaoxin sister has just returned from Jiangnan, you should know the ‘Jiangnan famous colt ‘ Li Muyang, right? Recently many people are discussing about him, many people are eager to catch a glimpse of him. I wonder what his appearance and style are like?”

“About this—-”
“Hahahahaha—” Yan Xiangma burst into loud laughter: “What appearance and style? He’s clearly just a big piece of charcoal. If Miss Qiji would like to meet him then leave it to me, he was my good brother when I was still in Jiangnan. Although he’s ugly but his character is trustworthy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be friends with him.”

“Ugly is a bit too harsh.” Cui Xiaoxin corrected Yan Xiangma’s unintentional degrading: “He has a sense of pride in himself and he’s ambitious. Rumours are true. If he comes to Tiandu, Qiji sister will understand.”

“I’m really curious.” Lu Qiji’s eyes were twinkling brightly, she said with a smile: “He won and achieve the title, became the first in the kingdom; when he comes to Tiandu he will definitely face many criticism and challenges, right?”

“I believe Tiandu’s youngsters have a big heart.” Cui Xiaoxin answered indifferently.

“It seems—-Xiaoxin sister is trying to defend him?” Lu Qiji blinked her long eyelashes; her perfect enchanting face has a sense of oppression that makes it difficult for anyone to breathe.

Yan Xiangma immediately touched his nose, fearing that the dry weather would cause his nose to start to bleed.

“Does it?” Cui Xiaoxin smiled: “He and I are classmates, I should speak up for him. If I see my classmates being bullied, I won’t stand aside and do nothing, that’s too cold-hearted.”

“Xiaoxin sister is kind, we should learn from her.” Lu Qiji said with a smile. “I won’t disturb sister from resting, I’ll come and visit sister next time.”

After finished talking, Lu Qiji stood up and left.

Cui Xiaoxin also stood up to see her off, until the silhouette of the domineering and arrogant purple haired girl disappears into the garden.

“This Tiandu demon girl really is conceited and has an insufferably arrogant face—-Well, what’s the big deal? With her appearance, she’s not even one-thousandth of Xiaoxin cousin—–” Yan Xiangma grumbled while staring with a look of infatuation at Lu Qiji from behind.

With a face deep in thought, Cui Xiaoxin whispered: “She came for Li Muyang.”

“What?” Yan Xiangma turned around and asked.

“Don’t you think it’s strange? After she entered the room she said less than ten words to me, but more than half are directed against Li Muyang——do they know each other?”


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    1. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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      Thanks for the chapter

      • To be fair, he first liked her sister, so finding her beautiful as well isn’t that weird, lol. Because she’s the MC’s little sister’s real sister. :p

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