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072 – Shinian misses


After taking bath and thoroughly drying his body, he changed into a long white gown his mother specially prepared for him.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Li Muyang felt somewhat unfamiliar.

No, quite unfamiliar.

Li Muyang can hardly recognise himself, from the surprise in his parents’ eyes he knows exactly how much he had changed recently.

Just as Li Shinian had said: he achieved the first place in the exams of the entire kingdom and he was able to punch through a wall with merely a few months of practicing ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’. Do you know that would give me a lot of pressure?

The person who said this is precisely Li Shinian, a talented girl well known in Hubu lane. Before when Li Muyang was being ridiculed and bullied she was the secret weapon Luo Qi used to counter-attack, with just a simple sentence ‘the kid in your house is not doing so well, our Shinian said she had never seen his name on the list’, this immediately made the other side speechless and surrendered immediately.

But now even Li Shinian noticed Li Muyang’s rapid progress, then that means Li Muyang’s—–skills are really terrifying.

“Have to be low-key.” Li Muyang grinned at the mirror while patting his face and said: “Have to be stupid-cute.”

Li Muyang pushed open the door, in front of him was Li Shinian sitting in his room eating fruits.

Seeing Li Muyang’s tall and straight stature and his fluttering white gown, Li Shinian’s eyes were glistening brightly; she couldn’t finish off the apple in her hand.

“Who are you?” Li Shinian finally swallowed the piece of apple in her mouth and asked aloud.

“I’m your brother. Have you gone crazy?” Li Muyang was bewildered, this little girl doesn’t even recognise him?

“Impossible. My brother is black and ugly, people call him a charcoal—–” Li Shinian threw the apple onto the table, casually wiped her hands on Li Muyang’s quilt and ran over to stroke Li Muyang’s face and nose: “Hurry up, tell me who the hell are you? Where did you hide my brother?”

“Li Shinian—–” Li Muyang is speechless in front of his precious little sister. From when they were still little she had always bullied him. Of course, she had also protected him.

Li Shinian circled around Li Muyang, uttering sounds of amazement: “Ooohh I did not expect this—-a pheasant can also become a swan, a toad can turn into a prince. Brother, do you have any idea how handsome you are now?”

“Really?” Li Muyang flushed with excitement, then touched his face in embarrassment and said: “Maybe recently, my skin is a little whiter?” “

Li Shinian closely inspected his face and said: “You’re really much whiter, but this is not the most important. You may not have noticed yourself but your body has grown and you’re not as thin as before, now you have muscles. It feels good to touch too—–”

“Li Shinian—–” Li Muyang pushed away Li Shinian’s hand and said: “You’re a girl.”

“So I touched you. Don’t tell me you like men touching you?”


“Also you’re taller, before you were a similar height to me, although I’m not short but as a man you looked quite short. Now you’re half a head taller than me—–Also the expression on your face, you used to be constantly in a daze, like you stayed up all night stealing cattle. Now you’re energetic, spirited, and full of confidence. Oh, even your smile looks more charming—–”

Li Muyang’s heart was pleased to hear this, but his mouth deliberately tried to be modest: “I’m not as good as you say, in fact I’m not that good-looking—–”

“Don’t be so modest, you’re already very good.” Li Shinian patted Li Muyang’s shoulder. “Continue to grow more and try your best to become like me. The moon is right in front of your eyes, is that not enough motivation for you?”

“But really, if you head back to school now, you would definitely become the school’s idol, countless girls would chase after you.”

“Forget it. You can be the school’s idol.” Li Muyang said with a smile. “My goal is to be the star of the sea.”

Li Shinian pursed her lips and said: “Hey, you’re looking down on the school’s idol, you want to be the kingdom’s idol?”

“I just don’t want to compete with you.”

“Hmph, it’s not like if you want to compete with me then you can win against me.”


Luo Qi was in the kitchen cooking while Li Yan was standing at the side helping her.
“I really can’t bear to separate with him.” Luo Qi said in depressed tone. “I did not expect a day like this would come, Muyang is leaving to somewhere far. He had never been that far away from home, I don’t know if he can adjust.”

Li Yan helplessly looked at his wife. “You always worry. When you took him home, you were worrying day and night that he won’t survive. Then when his body slowly became better, you kept worrying that his IQ won’t be high enough. Now his IQ is high and he achieved first in the exams. Also he’s much stronger than before, he was able to punch a gigantic hole in the wall, but you’re worrying that he’ll be leaving——”

“Which mum isn’t worried about their kids? Now I worry that he’ll be leaving us, later we still have to worry about his wife and kids——unless I die, or I will always worry about him. ”

“You make it seems like I don’t worry about him? It’s just that I worry in my heart.” Li Yan said in a low voice: “Do you think——the Lu family did something?”

Luo Qi pondered for a moment. “I think they did. Before Muyang were clamoring to attend West Wind University. I also specifically asked him, he said he only applied to West Wind University——but in the end he’s enrolled into Starry Sky Academy. Although I don’t know why the Lu family wants to send Muyang to Starry Sky Academy, but I know for sure, they must have tampered with the enrolments——Otherwise, with Muyang’s results he definitely could attend West Wind University.”

“Yes.” Li Yan let out a long sigh: “Just a while ago we were worried that Muyang won’t do well in the exams and hoped that the Lu family will help him out. Now Muyang did well, but we start to worry that the Lu family is watching Muyang closely—–Is this good or bad for Muyang?”

Luo Qi’s face was filled with worries as she said: “We should look on the good side, after all according to Shinian, Starry Sky Academy is also pretty good.”

“Yes.” Li Yan nodded. “We should think on the good side. If we really can’t deal with it, we can go and ask Miss for help. She definitely will be on our side.”
“Hmm.” Luo Qi pondered deeply then continued: “If we really can’t handle it, I’m going to Tiandu to find Miss.”

The brother and sister came over to the dining room; Luo Qi already prepared lunch.

Li Muyang tried to help wash the dishes and set the table but Luo Qi pushed him out.“You just changed into new clothes, don’t let it get dirty——Li Shinian, come over and wash the dishes.”

“Mum, I also changed into new clothes—”

“If it gets dirty you can wash it, it’s not like you don’t have any hands.”


Father and mother constantly added food to Li Muyang’s bowl, Li Muyang’s rice bowl had to be swapped for a large plate.

Very quickly his plate was also piled high up, Luo Qi then began to prepare to swap it for a pot.

“You’re biased towards the son.” Li Shinian angrily ate the green vegetables and said with a face filled with injustice.

“You——-” Luo Qi used the chopsticks to hit Li Shinian’s head. “Your brother is going away to study tomorrow, he needs energy. Boys at this age is growing a lot, so will need to eat more——-When your brother leaves, I can cook for you every day.””

“I’m jealous of you.” Li Shinian said meaningfully to Li Muyang.

“If you continue to eat like that you’ll become a fatty. When you come to find me, I won’t admit you’re my sister.”

“Li Muyang you heartless person, when others were calling you a charcoal I also did not turn my back on you ——–”

“Li Shinian, how can you say that to your brother.” Luo Qi was ready to hit her again.

“Mum, why are you so biased towards him? I wonder if I’m really your daughter?” Li Shinian reached out to cover her head and said snappily.

With the chopsticks Luo Qi hit her even harder while scolding: “You said you’re not my daughter? You said you’re not my daughter?”

“Mum don’t hit anymore, I’ll become stupid—-”


Li Muyang lowered his head to eat dinner, while feeling the warmth of home.

Father is kind, mother is loving and his little sister is so cute, he really is reluctant to leave the house.


Maple Forest Crossing, Li Muyang was getting ready to travel by ship to Tiandu.

This made Li Muyang extremely unsatisfied towards Starry Sky Academy, they sent someone on a crane to deliver the good news of enrolment. Then they can also send someone over to collect him on a crane, won’t this save some poor students a lot of money from travel expenses?

At Maple Forest Crossing, the whole family came to see Li Muyang off.

Mother Luo Qi held tightly onto Li Muyang’s hand not wanting to let go at all. On her way here, she had already secretly wiped away her tears several times.

“Muyang, take care of yourself. Have your meals regularly; if you’re cold then you have to wear more clothes, if you’re hot then wear thinner tops. Did you bring enough money? I’ll give you another one hundred gold coins——-”

“Mum——-” Li Muyang also tightly held on to his mother’s hand. “I know, I know. I’m not a baby anymore. I’ll take good care of myself. I have brought enough money, you already gave me three hundred gold coins——What students would bring so much money to study?”

Father Li Yan patted Li Muyang’s shoulder as encouragement: “Men should have huge ambition to conquer the world. Continue to learn and train, so everyone——-make everyone proud of you. ”

“Dad, I will.” Li Muyang was able to feel the strength of his father from his palm. “You should also take care your body and look after mom.”

“Don’t worry about home.” Li Yan said.

Li Muyang’s eyes shifted over to Li Shinian who was standing far away, unwilling to come over. He shouted: “Li Shinian, if you don’t come over, I’ll be boarding soon——”

“Go, go, who wants to come over?” Li Shinian stood underneath the willow tree with her back facing Li Muyang, refusing to say goodbye.

Her hand was clutching tightly onto a willow tree branch and beating the air, as she stubbornly shouted: “it’s not like you won’t come back, so why say goodbye?”

From the side where Li Muyang couldn’t see, both her eyes were red and swollen, and beads of tears were slipping down her flawless white little face.

There was a type of feeling, that before you had even gone far, called Shinian[1].




[1] Shinian means to miss.


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    1. Link- The immortal cultivator of Hyrule

      September 26, 2016 at 4:23 pm

      Pretty profound stuff… Thanks for the chapter!

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