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IGE – 074 – Sentry guard

Here’s a chapter to wish Hakubruh happy birthday, and also partly for apologising for missing yesterday’s release. Enjoy 🙂


The leaving figures of the teachers stopped.

Numerous gazes focused upon the projection formation once again.

The red mole youth’s figure floated through the air, as if he was an immortal in general. He flashed throughout the battlefield where hundreds of rune soldiers and demon rune soldiers were fighting. Every time his sword stabbed out, he would definitely kill a rune soldier.

Ever since he appeared, every rune soldier that died was killed by his sword, and not by demon rune soldiers.

This represented, that every strand of yuan qi from each rune soldier, was perfectly absorbed by the red mole youth. Nothing was wasted.

During Xia Houwu’s performance, at the most he could do was to kill three out of every five deaths of a demon rune soldier. Compared to this teenager, it was like the difference between the clouds and the mud.

“Within [Boundary canyon battlefield], you must do your utmost to kill as many demon rune soldiers as possible, in order to maximise the yuan qi reward. The best method to do this, is when each demon rune soldier is about to die, to perform the last hit using your sword. This is not only the easiest method to turn the tides of battle but the final judgement will also award the kill to you. You will obtain the yuan qi energy contained within these rune soldiers…such a technique, is called the supplement strike.”

The old Dean suddenly spoke.

His voice resounded through the ears of every White Deer student present.

“Such a technique, I believe your teachers have already spoken to you before. Apart from the first year students who have not yet interacted deeply with the [Boundary canyon battlefield], the other representatives has already received specialist training. It’s a pity that this grand competition clearly shows the basics of your supplement strike, compared to the students of the Azure Phoenix, is by far lacking. You should carefully observe, the red mole teenager is only a first year student of Azure Phoenix academy, but his supplement blade technique is exceedingly brilliant. In terms of him seizing the opportunities in battle, he is near the summit. Out of all you, there is only Bai Yuqing and Han Shuangfu the two strongest of the fourth years, who are able to achieve this.”

The students of the White Deer academy lowered their heads in shame.

Within the battlefield, in every wave of assault, hundreds of demon rune soldiers and rune soldiers would do battle. The situation changed drastically every second, and in such a situation, to have a hundred percent success rate in performing the supplement strike, was too difficult.

But they could not deny, the red mole youth in the projection, only possessing the strength of a first year, yet he was able to perfectly achieve this.

“The reason I am saying this, is not to make you ashamed, or to humiliate you. I only want to remind you, to discard your muddled thoughts and observe in detail. Don’t let the rage and hatred blind you, you must learn from the opponents and improve.” The old Dean finally turned his head to regard the geniuses of White Deer academy. He suddenly smiled, with an gentle demeanour. “Therefore, don’t lower your heads. You must look carefully.”

After a moment of hesitation, the teenagers all lifted their heads, concentrating their attention on the projection above them.

Some people still fumed with rage between gritted teeth.

Some people’s vision gradually began to clear.

They all had a different power of comprehension, different temperaments and different aptitudes. With regards to the words of the old Dean, their understanding were also naturally different, and what they gained from these words were also different.

Jiang Xiaohan observed for a moment, then suddenly opened her mouth: “If Ye Qingyu did not selfishly enter the wilderness area, and instead went to one of the Northern paths, teaming up with Xia Houwu, perhaps they could suppress the red mole teenager. Even if they are not able to kill him, at least they can stabilise the situation…”

Some people subconsciously nodded their heads.

An elder who had previously scolded Ye Qingyu, hearing this nodded his head. “From the battle of the [Demon wolf valley], we can see that the battle strength of Ye Qingyu is remarkable. It is only a pity, that he has gone down the wrong path…”



Demon wolf valley.

Ye Qingyu woke up from his trance.

Within the dantian world, the second Spirit spring was bubbling and boiling with vitality. Clear spring waters jetted into the sky, like a pillar of water, completely drenching the desert thousands of metres around it, bringing with it liveliness and energy!

The second Spirit spring had been completely formed.

“I’ve finally entered into the second Spirit spring stage, I can fight in this battle now!”

Ye Qingyu stood up, the previous wounds and injuries on his body had completely disappeared. Under the nourishment of the inner yuan , not a single scar remained. He threw away the tattered clothing on his body, and changed into a tight fitting black garment, and tied his thick black hair behind his head.

The corpses of the wolf pack, had already completely disappeared.

The demonic wolves here, was in the end, life forms born from formations. A period of time after dying, they would dissolve in Heaven and Earth. After several months of time, under the special laws of the [Boundary canyon battlefield], they would appear again.

Perceiving the inner yuan raging and boiling with his body, Ye Qingyu’s mind was filled with a bottomless heroic spirit.

The domineering behaviour of Azure Phoenix had incited every White Deer academy student. To say that Ye Qingyu did not care about this, was false. In the end, what he also wore was the uniform of the White Deer academy, and on his chest was the badge of the White Deer academy. Of course Ye Qingyu wanted to reverse the situation, even if just by winning one round.

But the strength of the Azure Phoenix students, was really extremely powerful.

Ye Qingyu would not be able to completely dominate the other five people on his own. He must cooperate with his companions, but the representatives of the first years included Qin Wushuang and Xia Houwu. From the start he had given up on them – they would never cooperate with Ye Qingyu.

Therefore Ye Qingyu must first raise his own strength in order to win.

Right now, after fully completing the second Spirit spring, he finally had confidence.

“By my calculations, eight hours should have already passed. On the three different paths, I estimate that the armies are about to come face to face.” Ye Qingyu estimated in his heart. The location he was in right now, reinforcing the Song sisters* in the Northern path, was the most logical choice.

He stood up, about to take action.

But at this time, an abnormality appeared.

In the sea of consciousness, the bronze ancient book, [Fiendgod titled chart] that had always been silent, suddenly vibrated. A strange stream of energy gushed out, crazily absorbing the inner yuan in Ye Qingyu’s body for the second time. The huge suction, made Ye Qingyu unable to control the flow of his inner yuan.

“Crap, it’s happening again ……”

Ye Qingyu rolled his eyes.

Thankfully, a similar thing had already happened once. Ye Qingyu knew what it was doing, so he did not struggle anymore, allowing the bronze book to freely consume his inner yuan.

Time passed by minute by minute.

In the blink of an eye, fifteen minutes had passed. The two Spirit springs within Ye Qingyu’s dantian world had dried up completely, and within his sea of consciousness, the bronze book became incomparably resplendent, blossoming with a glorious radiance.

After an abrupt quivering, pure inner yuan gushed out from the ancient bronze book. It scattered throughout Ye Qingyu’s four limbs and his hundreds of bones, nourishing his joints, meridians and acupuncture points. Like rivers leading to the sea, it returned to his dantian world, once again becoming waters in the two Spirit springs.

The [Little Shang sword] nourishing in Ye Qingyu’s first spirit spring, received an even purer inner yuan for it to be enveloped in. The sword produced waves after waves of sounds, as if it had gained intelligence, luminous and dazzling!

“So it was really the same as the first time.”

Ye Qingyu let out a breath of relief.

He suddenly realised, after the ancient bronze book had absorbed his inner yuan for the first time, the contents within this book had transformed greatly and he was able to see the four moves of the golden armoured king. And this time, would new battle techniques also appear?

Mindful of this, Ye Qingyu could not wait anymore.

He feared that the spectators of the Ascending heaven pavilion would be able to discover the secret of the ancient bronze book. This time he did not summoned the ancient bronze book in reality, but  directly entered into his sea of consciousness, and using his consciousness to peruse the ancient book.



“Eh? What’s happened? Why can we suddenly not see Ye Qingyu anymore?”

Within the Ascending heaven pavilion, some people shouted in surprise.

On the projection formation above their heads, when the image had switched to Ye Qingyu’s position, suddenly everything was inky black. Nothing could be seen.

“It’s been obscured by a fog formation!”

“Why would such a thing happen?”

“Could Ye Qingyu have died?”

“It can’t be, even if he died we would be able to see his corpse…”

“Such a situation has never occurred before.”

Even the teachers and supervisors began talking all at once. In the realm created by the Formation Emperor, [Boundary canyon battlefield], there had never been an error that had occurred before. The formation projection, above their heads, was also a part of the battlefield, and it had never been unable to observe someone on their side…this was slightly abnormal.

The old Dean and Wang Yan looked at each other, their expressions becoming serious.


A short while later.

Ye Qingyu had finished reading the bronze ancient book.

“It’s a pity, the [Titled Fiendgods] section, nothing new has appeared that could be read, there is only still the four moves of the golden armoured king…”

“The section [Titled divine weapons] is still completely pale, with no way to investigate…”

“It seems like [Titled strange objects] section will not have any changes either…Eh? That’s not right, this section has some new information that has appeared, there’s something that is shining with light…But, this thing called [Sentry guard], what uses does it have? “

The [Fiendgod title chart] was split into three major sections. When Ye Qingyu looked at the third section, [Titled strange objects], his eyes brightened. On the first page of this section, he could see a small part that was currently radiating with a pale light.

This light could be read.

Ye Qingyu carefully examined the object radiating light. What glowed seemed to be something akin to a bamboo rod, from the proportion of it, the actual object should be something that was half a metre long. On the topmost part of this pole, there was a gem that was black on the inside but white on the outside, as if it was something like an eyeball.

The name of this object, was called [Sentry guard].

What use did it have?

Ye Qingyu’s will activated, his consciousness interacting with the contents of this section. Information appeared in his mind.

Instantly, he understood the uses of the [Sentry guard].

“Hahaha, this really is when I want to sleep, someone will hand me a pillow. This is too amazing, I can completely dominate the Azure Phoenix academy now!”


On the Northern path.

Song Xiaojun and Song Qingluo were in the midst of battle.

This pair of sisters had already entered the Spirit spring stage, and in each of their dantian world, excavated one Spirit spring. The cultivation technique Song Xiaojun trained in was the flame mantra, able to control the power of flames. And as for Song Qingluo, she trained in the green wood mantra, able to control wooden attribute inner yuan.

Hundreds of rune soldiers and an equal number of demon rune soldiers slaughtered each other fiercely on the battlefield. The sound of their battle cries shuddered the Heavens, the bloody smell permeating throughout the entire canyon, the flow of blood like rivers…



*They are actually cousins, but in Chinese they can are called Song sisters


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