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080 – Turtle Drake protecting it’s master


Cui Zhaoren extremely liked this folk song, which is widely known throughout the kingdom: hate is like a gust of wind, it will leave after cutting through everything. By using this sort of pace, who would not be helpless.

After killing Li Muyang in one strike, he would pin him with the crime of colluding with the enemy. Nobody would be able to reverse his verdict.

He already took it to heart when Li Muyang challenged his authority, now that he knows Li Muyang is enrolled into Starry Sky Academy, he could no longer restrain himself.

Cui Zhaoren knows clearly about the special existence of Starry Sky Academy. Li Muyang was admitted with the results of the first place in the imperial exam, with some time, he probably would also become a famous person of the divine continent just like Li Qiubai.

Even if that possibility is next to nothing, he still absolutely cannot stand aside and allow him to become stronger.

Get rid of the weed before it’s too late; eliminate the worm while it’s still small.

If he waited till Li Muyang entered Starry Sky Academy, waited till he had some accomplishment or met a major person, it would be too late at that time.

So, that’s why he suddenly attacked.

Cui Zhaoren had already stepped into the higher stages of the Free Clouds realm. If he diligently practices, sharpens his skills, with a lucky chance, he may also reach the Withering Glory stage, and be able to decide life and death with just one thought.

Entering the state of Withering Glory at this age, how many people in the entire West Wind Kingdom would be able to compare to him?

With the power of the high level of the free clouds to kill a frail scholar who achieved first in the exam, the result is obvious.

Others were unguarded, but Li Muyang was on the alert all along.

From the very first moment he laid his eyes on Cui Zhaoren, Li Muyang felt danger.

This man’s facial features is difficult to get annoyed by, even if he’d always put on a serious face and his smile also ice-cold—-but at those times he’s still considered as a handsome guy, right?

This is a world that only takes notice of someone’s face. No matter what bad things a good-looking person does, it’s always easier to accept. If some ugly person were involved in a scandal, there’s no reason to forgive them.

However, Li Muyang sensed a dark aura from his body.

Like rotting corpse inside ancient tombs or vipers hiding in the grass, those who met his gaze would instantly think of death or a feeling of despair would come to mind.

Li Muyang could clearly feel the hostility he has towards himself, although he does not know where this hostility came from exactly.

He did not show his desire to kill but from his smile, Li Muyang was able to feel his murderous intent.

So, Li Muyang has been secretly keeping his guard up.

Accumulating qi in his dantian, gathering power.

This is the foundation of the ‘Art of Breaking Body’.

Quietly waiting.

Just as Cui Zhaoren drew out his sword without any warning, Li Muyang also punched out.

This is the punch he has long prepared.

This was the explosive punch he waited to throw out after having stored up power.

With one punch out, all living things would be annihilated.

Breaking fist!

Biting-cold, penetrating, distressing, this was the sword.

Domineering, powerful, blast of heat, this was the punch.

Long sword against heavy fist; intentionally mounting a sneak attack versus vigilant counterattack.

The aura from the sword flashed across the sky, much more dazzling that the rays of light from the scorching sun shining upon the earth.

The heavy punch was like clap of thunder, rumbling loudly, its vibration causing immense pain in the eardrum that’s difficult to return back to usual.

There were hundreds of people on the deck, but no one could see what was happening.

Except for the two parties.

Before their eyes was only a cloud of white light, a vast expanse of whiteness.

As if a fireball suddenly exploded in front of them.


The fist and sword collided against each other.

Like a landslide and tsunami, a source of violent energy vigorously engulfed everything.

Cui Zhaoren can no longer withstand this force, his body stumbled back again and again. As his legs lurch back his heels exerted strength to try and firmly remain on the plank to stop his momentum from declining, unfortunately that force was indeed too strong, pieces of plank flew into the air while Cui Zhaoren’s body continuously fall back to the edge of the vessel.


The railing fractured; the part struck by his body plummeted into Fowl Crying Lake.

Li Muyang was even worse off.

Although he has been painstakingly practicing ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’ for several months, but according to the growth ring of the cultivators in the vast Starry Sky he does not even have the qualification to get started, he can’t even state the true meaning of ‘start’.

What position do you stand? Where are you heading to? What is your path? You have to go through which method to arrive there?

Li Muyang does not even know how to answer a single one of these questions, how could he talk about getting started?

He just relied on the original scroll, a little basic knowledge from Li Shinian’s memory and the method of training that’s hidden deep inside his mind to conduct a series of reasoning and systematically formulate a suitable method for himself to practice——-

There was nobody to tell him whether his ways of practice was in the right direction.

Of course, Li Shinian did praise him several times that he’s smart.

His mind is adequately prepared but his body was caught off guard.

A trash youngster who had only trained for merely less than a year, the moment he made his move he encountered a famous genius swordsman who’d already set foot on the high level of the free clouds——-

The answer really has no suspense.

Li Muyang’s body was sent flying into the air. The moment the force of his breaking fist collided against Cui Zhaoren’s ‘Sword of Tribulation’, the two extreme brutal powers exploded and he lost consciousness.

His body was blown away with a blast, he hovered in the air for a long time before he plunged into the river of Fowl Crying Lake.

Once he came into contact with the water he immediately plummeted to the riverbed.

Like a falling rock, all the nearby fish, prawns and insects were all frightened off at once.

The river water was muddy and the currents were flowing rapidly, Li Muyang’s body was mixed in with silt.

And then he was washed by the river current and completely covered by water plants, which tightly wrapped around him not allowing him to be flushed away again, though his body surfaced once again.

Unable to see light in the water, it’s also difficult to be aware of the time.

The body, which still remains fresh, was bundled with water plants, but very soon it will began to smell bad and turn into rotten meat. This sort of meat, are what fish and prawns like to eat the most.

After they crowded around and devoured till they’re satisfied, only several white bones would remain down there.

The same ending as the countless people who had drowned.

For many people, this signifies the end of life.

The moment Li Muyang fell into water, his sudden large movement scared away all the fish and prawns nearby.

After some time, those fish and prawns once again gathered together, wanting to take a glimpse at what startled them.

They wanted to know the truth but did not dare to be the first to come close.

Fear is the nature of each species.

Moreover, this ‘something’ gave off a dangerous odour that makes people hoped to become stronger.

Eventually, a small herring waiting impatiently could not resist the urge any longer; he was the first to flex his body and tail back and forth, pushing through the water towards Li Muyang.

He bit Li Muyang’s arm, kissed Li Muyang’s face, yet Li Muyang still did not made any movements at all.

“Mum, it’s a monster.” The small herring blew bubbles as he shouted to his mother.

“Kid run, monsters like to eat fish——-” Mama fish hurriedly swayed her tail, desperately making eye contact with her child to warn him to stay out of danger. As you age, the sense of smell is also more keen and sharp. She sensed that this ‘monster’ is dangerous, even if there isn’t any movement, they still can’t provoke it without thinking.

“Look it’s not scary at all. Mum, can I have a bite? It looks delicious.”

“Silly boy, it doesn’t taste good now, let it rot for a while——–”

“Mum, then lets bring the monster home——–”

He opened his mouth to tear through the water plants, trying to save Li Muyang from the weeds.

But there were too many plants that were also too tough. Relying solely on one’s strength it is hard to accomplish.

While the small herring was having difficulty, another small herring swam over.

Then, more and more fishes and prawns gathered, they used their mouth to nip, their claws to tear, getting rid of all the water plants wrapped around Li Muyang, trying their best to help him escape.


The currents at the river bottom suddenly began to sweep violently.

Whenever there was this sound of activity, it indicated a giant of the water have came to hunt.

Fish and prawns escaped in panic, in the blink of an eye everyone vanished.

With a muscular flat head, protruding mouth and stubby limbs, a gigantic turtle dragon of several hundred metres long slowly swam over.

It was not impatient at all, instead approached gently and warily.

Just as it swam over to Li Muyang and were no more than ten meters away, it glanced cautiously left and right, and then circled around him four more times.

The moment it sensed no danger, it leisurely swam over to Li Muyang.

Its sharp snout slowly moved close to Li Muyang’s face, before it greedily took a whiff of him.

Its skin were armoured with embedded bony plates making it look ugly and savage. As long as it opens its mouth, it seemed it could swallow Li Muyang, together with all the water plants, in one gulp.

Before, this kind of thing was what he enjoyed the most.

However, this time he did not do so, and also did not dare to do so.

He dived down under Li Muyang’s body and used his broad strong back to slowly bring Li Muyang to the surface of the water.

At first glance, the thousand-year-old turtle dragon of several hundred meters long became Li Muyang’s horse.

It seems that the turtle dragon king of this water district is not here to feast on Li Muyang, but to save Li Muyang. All those fishes that hid and escape into the distance once again crowded around, they joyfully followed behind the alligator. They seemed like guards escorting the Emperor.

“Puu——” Only after Cui Zhaoren spurted out a mouthful of blood, did he feel a lot better.

This blow made him extremely shocked, even until now he still can’t calm himself.

This guy whom he couldn’t sense anything turned out to be a hidden expert?

Fortunately his attack just now wasn’t too careless, if he struck him treating him as an ordinary person, then most likely he would be the person who’s dead right now———

This feeling of almost suffering a defeat made Cui Zhaoren unable to suppress his fury, he turned around, swept his eyes over the river and commanded in a cold voice: “Deploy staff to search the river, bring him here, dead or alive.”

“Yes.” The group of men of the Monitor Division replied loudly.

Just then, someone suddenly pointed and shouted at the same time: “Hurry look, what the hell is that?”

Everybody was awakened by this cry, and then in front of them was a shocking sight.

The river water tumbling down while wading birds rocket into the sky, as a giant alligator of hundreds meters long held his head high, circling above the river.

On top of its head was Li Muyang, sitting upright like a king.


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