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082 – The blood pool of the dragon’s den

【Abyss whirlpool】

It was the most dangerous area in such a level of [Boundary canyon battlefield] and was also the most terrifying place in the entire battlefield. This was the place with the highest risk.

Ye Qingyu followed the flow of the Quicksand river in order to reach this place.

This wide and expansive river, roiled turbulently and swept up countless sand. It was an extremely magnificent sight.

And as the river finally came to its end, there were dozens of gigantic whirlpools rapidly rotating. From far away, the large yellow river was like the enormous and hideous mouth of a yellow dragon. The head of this dragon was buried under the roiling vortexes, entering into the mysterious ground below. The floating water vapour above these whirlpools were like clouds, enigmatic and frightening.

“According to the information within the booklet, at the end of the [Quicksand river] there lives a dragon.”

Ye Qingyu once again brought up the information within the booklet, reminding himself constantly of this fact. Finally, he did not hesitate anymore. Jumping and diving downwards, he went into the terrifying vortex. A giant tearing force was instantly upon his body, as if he was being torn apart by numerous ancient beasts, enough to rip anyone to shreds in a split second.

Ye Qingyu activated his inner yuan to its fullest. Only then, was he able to barely withstand such a pressure.

In the time of a breath, he had gone down several hundred metres.

When ten breaths had passed—-

“It should be around this time.”

Ye Qingyu loudly cried, the Inexorable spear in his hands shooting out.

The power of the [Banner of Heaven and Earth] broke apart the layer of water in the Northern direction. And nearly at the same time, the other half of the Inexorable spear also pierced out, the cold light of the spear tearing through the water and causing a vacuum to be formed within the endless waters. The [Fierce dragon pierce], part of the four moves of the golden armoured king, had been completed.

The power of these consecutive techniques blossomed.

Ye Qingyu’s body flew out, breaking apart the water layer of the vortex.

In an instant, he travelled over a thousand metres.

Then, he came out from the endless waters.

Ye Qingyu discovered that he was standing in front of a giant cave on a cliff.

Turning his head backwards to look, he could see that a hundred metres away, accompanied with the sound of the roaring waters, was a silver-yellow waterfall a thousand metres wide falling from the sky into the endless void below. The scene shook him to his core. The waterfall was as if it came from thin air, and disappeared into the endless space like a river flowing through the vast and boundless void of space.

The location that Ye Qingyu was currently in was at the entrance of a cave on a cliff, a hundred metres away from this awe inspiring waterfall.

The whistling astral wind, came from deep within the cave.

Within the astral wave, there was a faint smell of blood. If one was not careful and deeply breathed in such an air, it was enough to make one dizzy as if they had ingested poison or as if they were completely submerged in sticky blood.

“It seems like this is the dragon’s den.”

Ye Qingyu understood this in a split second.

That’s right, he had came here to slay a dragon.

A dragon, was a terrifying existence.

According to the information Ye Qingyu was able to gather in the various public libraries, in the wild and desolate wastelands that had been reclaimed in the Heaven Wasteland domain, the ancient life form known as the ‘dragon’ had not yet been discovered. And at the same time, within the other domains, it was rumoured that the dragon race had nearly gone extinct, with thousands of years gone past without a single sighting.

The existence of a dragon was a pronoun for power and terror. The Dragon race formed the three great golden races along with the Divine race and the Devil race. Slaying a dragon was only a beautiful legend. It was impossible for it to happen.

But within the [Boundary canyon battlefield], everything was created by the laws of the runes and formation. It was said that the Formation Emperor Luoso had once done battle with these divine dragons, and was able to understand their power and bloodline. Using the power of runes and formations, to be able to create a rune dragon, was not something impossible for him. According to the information contained within the booklet, at the very end of the [Quicksand river] beneath the swirling whirlpools, was a dragon’s den.

And within the dragon’s den, there was the existence of a rune dragon.

Although it was not a true dragon, but if he was really able to kill such an existence, not only would he receive an astronomical quantity of yuan qi as reward but there would also be inconceivable benefits and advantages.

The mysterious writer of the booklet, pointed ou that very few people knew of this secret. This was due to the fact that the location of the dragon’s den was extremely hidden. Furthermore many people had the notion that jumping into the [Abyss whirlpool] would cause a true death to occur. So many years had passed, yet very little people would enter deeply within to investigate the secrets of the dragon’s den. The writer of the booklet had advised Ye Qingyu to venture into the dragon’s den, perhaps he would be able to harvest an unexpected prize.

At least from the present, the things recorded down within the booklet was correct so far.

Ye Qingyu had truly found the entrance to the dragon’s den.

“Perhaps what is waiting for me, is a horrendous and difficult battle. Therefore…”

After considering for a moment, Ye Qingyu retrieved a drop of the [Blood of the yuan qi giant], and stored it within his mouth making preparations so that at any time so he would be able to restore his inner yuan. Then he activated his inner yuan to its fullest, a dazzling brightness shining in his eyes. His gaze pierced through the darkness, able to clearly discern anything within ten metres of him. Both hands grasping the Inexorable spear, he entered step by step into the dragon’s den.

Inside the cavern, the path was extremely craggy and rugged.

On the way, shattered rocks was everywhere below his feet.

Ye Qingyu squatted down to carefully investigate.

“This is……it seems like it is the vestiges left behind by the friction of the abdomen of some kind of organism as it walked.”

He discovered, that the exterior of these rocks was extremely smooth, as if it had been polished by something like the surface of a mirror.  There was even a small quantity of powder upon it that glowed faintly in the dark. And between these pieces of shattered rocks, were the white bones of the dead dispersed between. Faintly discernible, there were also white phosphorous will-o-wisp in the air,  like stars in the pitch black night, fluctuating up and down along with the drift of the air.

As he went even deeper, the bloody smell and poisonous air was even more concentrated.

In the cavern, the scattered white bones had become more and more.  They were all the disseminated remains of unknown creatures.

There were some skeletons that had been preserved completely, and one was able to tell the terror and struggle in them before they had died. But in the end they were not able to evade the scythe of the dead death god. Some skeletons had already died for who knows how many years, and was as translucent and smooth as jade, but when Ye Qingyu only lightly touched it, it immediately crumbled into dust. With a bang, it smashed into pieces and scattered everywhere, greenish black smoke dispersing in the air…..

As he went even deeper, the scattered skeletons became piles of mountains.

On the ground, there was already not a path. Everywhere step that Ye Qingyu took, was done by stepping on the piles of bone.

Ka-Cha. Ka-Cha.

The sounds of the white bones snapping, in this deathly silent cavern seemed incomparably abrupt and horrifying.

“Some of these skeletons, when they were alive must have been extremely powerful. Although their flesh body has decayed, but after so many years the skeletons of these corpses are still as tough and rigid as steel…En, the majority of these bones seems to be from the demon race and is not humanoid.” Ye Qingyu carefully maintained his caution, and investigated slowly at the same time. “If my guess is not wrong, then these lifeforms should be captured here and eaten as food by the dragon within this cavern.”

As if ascending a snow mountain, he stepped on the snowy white skeletons. Constantly climbing, he was surrounded by the flicker of the will-o-wisps.

The space within the cavern, turned more and more expansive.

Suddenly, Ye Qingyu’s figure quivered, as if realising something.

“That’s not right. Within the [Boundary canyon battlefield], every living organism is constructed using runes and formation. After dying for a while, the corpses will transform back into the laws that govern this realm and disappear from this world. But then why would there be so many skeletons, so many livings things here? Could it be that these are not existences that belongs to the [Boundary canyon battlefield], so therefore it will remain here even after it has died?”

Realising this, Ye Qingyu’s figure shivered with cold.

Could it be really as the rumour said? Dying here, did it represent a true death?

Ye Qingyu suddenly realised that the secrets within this [Boundary canyon battlefield] were not something that even the White Deer teachers specialising in studying this realm knew fully. It even far exceeded the information he had read from the booklet. Everything was not as simple as what it seemed on the surface.

But since things had developed to such a stage, he had no path of retreat.

According to the information in the booklet, only after slaying the dragon could you truly leave.

Ye Qingyu walked step by step forward.

He climbed to the top of the mountain of bones.

The sight in front of him suddenly cleared, and a corridor of white bones appeared in front of him.

The passage was constructed from an unknown gigantic skeleton, every bone being tens of metres wide, like pillars of stone. The path below him, was also constructed from bones throughout the entire skeleton. Perhaps it was just a mistaken sensation, but beneath the bones, Ye Qingyu could seem to hear blood surging, like that of a gigantic red ocean.

This passageway of bones extended over a thousand metres.

The space of the dragon’s den had finally reached it’s end.

A colossal pool of blood, appeared in Ye Qingyu’s eyes.

The steaming blood like boiling water, gurgled and bubbled.

Scarlet red mist enveloped this entire space, the scene bizarre and terrifying. The floor and walls of this room were also constructed from bones and these bones were as translucent and as smooth as jade. The entire pool of blood was around six metres by ten metres, with an unknown depth. The red blood completely crammed the pit of white bones, and there was constantly blood red mists steaming up…

Ye Qingyu examined his surroundings.

“Eh? Why is it like this? Where is the dragon?”

The last space of this cavern was extremely expansive, but apart from a single boiling blood red pool, there was no hint of an existence of a dragon —-there was not even a single dragon scale to be seen. This large space was made from the white bones, and everywhere will-o-wisps- were floating, brightening the entire space. Everything could be clearly observed.

Not to mention the dragon, there was not even a hint of any dragon’s egg or a dragon scale.

Could it be that he had came to the wrong location?

Or the dragon had gone out hunting?

Ye Qingyu carefully approached the blood pool.

A scorching hot heat, emitted from within the blood pool.

After observing again, and confirming there were no signs of any danger, Ye Qingyu gradually reached the edges of the pool of blood. Then, using the already crippled Inexorable spear, he slowly stabbed it deep under the pool of blood. After swirling it around, no signs of any abnormality appeared.

When he retrieved the body of the spear, the blood stain on the spear was translucent. Drop by drop, it fell to the ground of white bones below.

“What kind of blood is this? Why it is boiling and steaming?”

He slowly crouched down, wanting to examine this drop of blood in detail.

But at this time, something he did not expected, happened. The scarlet red drop of blood lying on the blood, as if it was alive, gradually moved along the ground like a freely moving blood snake. Without any obstacles or blockages, it once again returned to the pool of blood.

“Could it be that the blood is alive?”

Ye Qingyu was astounded.

And when he turned his head towards the inexorable spear, his shock was even greater.

Because the spear that had been deeply plunged to investigate the pool of blood, had undergone a change — Who knows when, from an inky black the spear had transformed scarlet red, without any shred of any impurities in the colour. Like a divine blood jade, it issued a faint radiance, tinted with a dream like colour.

The pool of blood had changed the inexorable spear?

Just what kind of existence was the blood pool?

And in the time Ye Qingyu was pondering, a faint fragrance wafted without any signs from the pool of blood. This slightly sweet fragrance, was as if it was made from the combination of various Spirit herbs. With Ye Qingyu’s strength and caution, without any signs or warning, this scent entered straight into his nostrils. Only then, did he realise what had happened.

“Not good……”

A spell of dizziness and faintness came over Ye Qingyu. Silent cursing in his heart, his head fell below his feet. With a splash, him along with the two parts of the inexorable spear, entered at the same time into this mysterious and steaming pool of blood, causing a metre tall splash of blood.


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